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Judges bible study questions and answers

  • Judges concentrate Jud CH 1v1 what did Israel ask God ? who will go fight against Canaanites?What did God answer ? Judah shall go up V6 what did they do to king Adonibezek? cut off thumbs and great toesV7 What did Adonibezek said ? as I have done so God has requited me v26 who build the city Luz ? the men helped Israel find entrance of city of Bethel what was ancient name for bethel ? Luz

  • jud CH 2V8 how old was Joshua when he died ? 110v14 what did God do when Israel served Baal ? He delivered them i to hand spoilers So that ? they could not stand before their enemies v15 wherever they went out ? the hand of the Lord was against themfor evil Jo CH 3 v35 who did God leave in the land to prove Israel ?philistines, canaanites, hivitesV4 they were to ? prove Israel whether? they would hearken to the commandments of the Lord V6 what did Israel do ? serve their gods

  • V8 therefore ? the anger if the Lord was hot against Israeland He ? sold them into the hand of Chuhanrishathaim king of Mesopotamia they'served him how many years ? 8 years v19 who did God raise up to deliver Israel? otniel Who was he ? Caleb s younger brother v11 the land had rest ? 40 years and Otniel died v12 Who did God send because Israel did evil again ? Eglon king of Moab v14 how long Israel served Eglon? 14 years v15 who did God send as deliverer? Ehid son of Gera a men left handed Why? but the children of Israel cried unto the Lord v21 what did Ehid do to Eglon ? kill him v30 how long Israel was at peace after won against Moab ? 80 years

  • v31 What did Shamgar ? slew 600 philistines with as ox goad delivered Israel Jud ch 4v2 Who did God send after Israel turned again ? Janine king of Canaanv3 Why did Israel cry unto God ? because they had 900 chariots of iron How long did he mightily ppressed Israel ? 20 years V4 who judged Israel then ? Deborah prophetess of Lapidoth v5 Where did children Israel came for judgment ? under palm tree to Deborah between Ramah an'd Bethel jud ch 5v 24 why did they call Jael blessed ? because she smote sisera Israel enemy v30 what was some of Israel prey of sisera ? a Damsel or two v31 how long land had rest after sisera ? 40 years

  • Jud CH 6v1 unto whom God delivered Israel for doing evil ? Midian 7 yearsv2 what did Israel do because of Midianites? caves dens v3 who came up against Israel ? Midian Amalekites and children of the east v5 how did they come ? as grasshoppers for multitude both they and ? their camels were without number v15 who did God send to deliver Israel ? Gideon

  • v21 how did Gideoon know it was the Angel of the Lord ? He put staff on offering fire came outv25 what did God tell him to do? at night told him throw down Baal altar , cut down the grove that is by itwhat is a grove? a small wood or group of trees v30 what did men of city wanted to do Gideoon because Baal s altar? kill him v31 What did Gideon father tell those men? if he be a god let him plead for himself v37 what sign God showed Gideon would save israel? fleece of wool on floor I'f dew on fleece only Did God granted Gideon s other request ? yes dew ground fleece dry

  • jud CH 7v1 what is Gideon s other name ? jerubaal What does it mean ? let Baal plead for himself v2 what did God tell Gideon to do? the people that are with you are too many Why did God say that ? l'est Israel vaunt themselves against meSaying ? mine own hand has saved mev3 Who did God ask to return ? those who are fearful and afraid v22 how many returned ? 22000how many remained ? 10000v5 how did God divide the people further ? bring them to the water Who were not to go ? those that lapped water with his tongue as a dog V6 what did the 300 do? lapped puttlng their hands to their mouths v13 what was dream Midianites had ? a cake barley smote camp Midian , came tent , smote and overturned it

  • v15 what did Gideon say after heard dream ? arise for tbe Lord has delivered i to your hand the host of Midian v16 how did he organize army? 3 groups 100, trumpet hand, empty pitcher, lamps within pitcher jud ch 8v5 who refused to give bread to Gideon and 300'? men of Succoth v16 why? are the hands of zebah and zalmunah now in your hand that we should give bread to your army ?V7 what did Gideon answer ? when i return i will tera your flesh with the thorns of the wilderness and with briers v9 who also refused to give bread to Gideon ? men of Penuelv9 what did Gideon answer? when i return i will break down this tower

  • v23 what did Gideon answer when Israel told him to rule over them ? the Lord shall rule over you v27 what did Gideon do wrong? made ephod With earings of princes of Midian v28 how long Israel was at peace after Midian defeat ? 40 years V30 how many sons did Gideon have ? 70how many wives? many v34 what did Israel after Gideon death ? go after Baal and no show kindness to Gideon house According to ! all the goodness which he had showed unto Israel

  • jud ch 9 v1 who was the son of jerubaal ? Abimelech v5 what did Abimelech Gideon or Jerubaal s son do ? kill Gideon's 70 sons except Jotham youngest who escaped where did he kill them? upon one stone V6 what did men of Sishem do? make Abimelech king V7 what happened while they were making Abimelech king ? Jotham cried loud voice where? top of mount GerizimWho was Jotham? Gideon s son v8 what did he say ? the trees went forth to anoint a king over them v9 who said no? olive tree, fig, vine v 15 who said maybe yes ? the bramble if in rruth you anoint me ? king over you then come and put your trust in my shadow And if not ? let fire come out of the bramble and devour the cedars of Lebanon v19 if you have dealt truly with? Jerubaal ? then rejoice in Abimelech

  • V20 but if not ? let fire come from Abimelech and devour the men of Sheshemv21 and Jotham ? Ran away went to Beer and dwelt there for fear of Abimelech his brother v23 what happened after Abimelech reigned 3 years ? God sent an evil spirit Between? Abimelech and men of Sheshem Men of Sheshem dwelt ? trecherously with Abimelech v25 what did men Sheshem do ? set liers in wait for him top mountains v26 in whom men Sheshem put confidence ? Gaal son of Ebed

  • V29 who asked Abimelech to go to war ? Gaal V30 who was angry at this ? Zebul ruler of the city v45 what did Abimelech sowed on ground after he took Sheshem ? salt v46 what did men tower Sheshem do ? entered house of god Berith v49 what did Abimelech tell his army to do ? cut bought and set feet of tower What did next ? set on fire and 1000 person's died what is a bough? main branch of a tree

  • v50 which city Abimelech fought next ? thebezWhat happened when they encircled tower ? woman threw millstone v54 what did Abimelech ask whole dying ? armour bearer to slay him ?Why ? that men say not of me a woman slew him v56 was this from God? this God rendered the wickedness of Abimelech Which he did in? slaying his seventy brothers v57 all the evil of the men of Sheshem God ? did render upon their heads Upon them came the ? curse of Jotham the son of Jerubaal

  • Jud ch 10v1 who arose to defend Israel after Abimelech ? Tola son of Puah v2 how long did he judge Israel ? 23 years V3 who rose after him ? Jair judged 22 years V4 how many sons did he have ? 30 sons rode on 30 ass colt They had 30 cities called? HavothjairV7 who did God send because Israel worshipped Baal again ? philistines and Aamonv8 how long were they oppressed ? 18 years v13 what did God tell them ? you have forsaken Me and worshipped other gods therefore I will deliver you no more v14 go and ? cry unto the gods which you have chosen let ? them deliver you in the time of your tribulationv15 what did Israel tell God ? we have sinned do ? To us whatsoever seems good to you deliver us only ? we pray thee this day

  • v16 and they put away ? the strange gods among them and served the Lord And Gods soul was ? grieved for the misery of Israel grieved Greek translation ? to be short,discouraged straightened , discouraged, be vexed jud CH 11 v1 who was Jephthah ? son of harlot thrust out of family v3 He dwelt in ? land of tobv5 what happened when Amon made war with Israel ? they sought Jephthah in tob V7 what did Jephthah answer ? did you not hate me and expell me out of my father's house ?Why are you ? Come to me now that you are in distress ?

  • V30 what vow did Jephthah ? to offer the first things that comes out of the doors if my house if he wins the war v40 how many times a year daughters Israel lament daughter of Jephteh ? 4 days a year Jud ch 12v1 what said men of Ephraim to Jhephteh ? we will burn your house because you did not call us to go to war v5 what did Gileadited to Ephraimites !? slay all those who could not say Shibboleth V6 how many died like this ? 42000v7 how long did Jephthah judge Israel ? 6 years

  • V8 who followed Jhephtah judging ? Ibzanv9 how many sons did he have ? 30 sons what did he go to find ? 30 daughters for his son's v9 how long did he judge Israel ? 7 years v11 who followed ibzan ? Elonhow long did he judge Israel ? 10 years v13 who followed him ? Abdonv14 how many sons did he have? 40 sons Jud ch 13v1 Israel did evil again to whom God delivered them ? philistines 40 years 8 what did Manoah Samson s father ask God ? to send the Angel of the Lord again what did God do ? listen v18 what did the Angel of the Lord answer when asked His name ? why do you ask after my name seeing it is secret ?What did the Angel of the Lord as they were offering sacrifice ? He did wondrously Wondrously Greek? extraordinary, beyond ones power, too difficult to do, difficult to understand , V20 what did Manoah and wife saw? flame going to heaven and the Angel of the Lord going in the flame

  • v25 where did the spirit of the Lord start to move Samson? in the camp between Dan, Zorah , Eshtaol Jud CH 14V4 what was of the Lord in Samson's life ? getting wife from philistines that He? sought an occasion against the philistines v12 how long has philistines to answer riddle ? 7 days what was the price ? 30 sheets and 30 change of raiment v15 What did they tell Samson s wife ? declare unto us the riddle lest we burn thee and your father's house v18 what was answer of riddle? What is sweeter than honey , and what is stronger than a lion v19 what did Samson do for raiment ? went Askslon slew 30 men Jud ch 15v2 what did Samson s wife father do when wife given to his friend ? proposed his sister

  • V4 what did Samson because of this ? take 300 foxes and burn corn V6 what did philistines ? burn wife and father alive v11 what did men of Israel wanted do to Samson when philistines came to war? give over Samson v15 What did Samson when delivered to philistines ? slew 1000 men with jawbone of an ass v19 what did God do when Samson was thirsty ? God clave an hollow place that was in jaw and there came Water V20 how long did Samson judge Israel ? 20 years Jud CH 16v1-4 who did Samson love ? a prostitute and Delilah V4 Where was she from ? valley of Sorek

  • v11 what did philistines proposed Delilah to discover Samson s strength ? 11000 pieces of silver each v28 what did Samson ask God at feast ? remember me and strengthen me i pray thee only this once That i may? be avenged of tbe philistines for my 2 eyes V30 what did Samson say while he was pulling the pillars ? let me die with rhe philistines v31 Where is Samson buried ? between Zorah and EshtaolHe judged Israel how long ? 20 years Jud CH 17 v5 what did Micah have ? an house of gods he consecrated ? 1 of his sons who became a priest

  • V6 in those days there were no priests in Israel ? but every men did what was right in his own eyesv10 what did Micah tell levite ? dwell with me and be for me a father and a priest how much was he payed ? 10 shekels silver a year v13 what then Micah said ? now I know that the Lord will do me good seeing I have a levite to my priest Jud CH 18v19 who took the Levite ? 600 armed men of Dan v26 what did Micah when they took gods and priest ? ran after they with household What did he do saw they were stronger ? returned to his house

  • Jud CH 20v15 how many of Benjamin went war against Israel ? 26000how many could use sling ? 700 at hair breadth and not miss v17 how many of Israel went war after benjamin abused concubine ? 400000v18 who God said would go war first? Judah What happened 1st day ? Benjamin killed 22000 of Israel v23 What did Israel asked God ? shall we go to battel against Benjamin ? What did God answer ? Go up against him v25 What happened second day ? Benjamin killed 18000 of Israel v28 what did they ask God again ? shall we go up to battle God answered yes jud CH 21V7 why could not israel gives wives to Benjamin ? we have sworn we will not give our daughters v21 in those days there was no king ? everyone did what was right in his own eyes

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