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Joshua bible study questions ans answers

Jos ch 1V4 what was Israel territory ? from Lebanon to river Euphrates v56 there shall not ? any men able to stand before thee all the days of your life As I was with ? Moses so shall I be with you I will not ? fail you nor forsake you Jos ch 2v1 out of where Joshua sent men spy the land? Shittim how many men sent ? 2Where did they arrive ? rahab s house Who learned about arrival spies ? king of Jericho v35 what did King Jericho asked Rahab? bring men outWhat did Rahab did ? disobeyed V4 what did she tell king? i do not know where they are v24 what did 2 spies tell Joshua ? truly the Lord has delivered into our hands all the landFor ? all the inhabitants of the country do faint because of us

Jos ch 3v35 Joshua said to the people ? sanctify yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you V7 what did God tell Joshua? this day ? I will begin to magnify you in the sight of all ISRAEL That they may know ? that as I was with Moses so I will be with youJos xh 4v3 what did Israel had to do after crossing Jordan ? take 12 stones V7 why? tell childrens that the waters of Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant v14 how many passed to Jericho for war ? 40000v24 why did God dry Jordan ? that all the people of the earth might know the hand of the Lord that it is mighty that you might fear the Lord forever Jos ch 5v1 what happened Heart cannanites amorotes when heard Jordan dried ? their heart melted , neither was there spirit in them anymore v21 what did God ask Joshua to do to the people ? circumcize them second timev56 who were not circumcised ? those who were born in the way v9 what does gilgal means ? God took off reproach Egypt from you v11 what did Israel do in gilgal ? keep Passover v12 What stopped there ? the manna v13 What happened when Joshua was by Jericho ? he met the Angel of the Lord v14 what was his other name ? captain of the host of the Lord v15 what did the Angel of the Lord ask Joshua to do ? take off his shoes Jos ch 6v1 what did jericho city ? straightly shut why? because of the children of Israel None ? went went out and none came in

v2 God told Joshua ? i have given into your hand Jericho V4 how many priests had to bear trumpets ? seven seventh day to ? compass city 7 times v5 when would wall fall down ? when long blast with ram horn v10 what had people to not do ? not make noise , no words out of tbe mouth until the day I bid you shout and you shall shout v19 what had they to do with gold? keep for treasury of the Lord v22 who did Joshua asked to spare ? the harlot s house v26 who did Joshua curse ? any that would rebuild the city he shall lay fondation in? his firstborn Jos CH 7v11 why did Israel fall against ai? they have stolen and dissembled also and they have put it even along their own stuff v12 therefore ? the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies v15 what was to do with person took accursed thing ? to be burned v25 what did people do to him ? stone and burn him Jos CH 8v25 how many fell in ai? 12000Jos CH 9v5 who made a league with îsrael? people of Gibeon v18 what did Israel did not do to them ? smite them not v27 what did Joshua make them ? hewers of wood and water Jos CH 10v1 who feared coming of Israel ? adonizedek king of Jerusalem v35 who wanted make war against Gibeon? king Jerusalem , Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish , Eglon V6 what did king Gibeon ask? Joshua to help him v12 to what Joshua talked to to win war ? to the sun to stand still

v13 is it not written in the book of ? Jasher v16 where did the 5 kings hide ? cave in MakkedahJos CH 12 V4 who was remnant of the Giants ? Og king of Bashan Jos CH 13 v13 who were not expelled from Israel ? Geshurites and MaachaitesV33 who was inheritance of Levi? the Lord was their inheritance Jos CH 14v11 who was 85 and still srtong ? Caleb v14 What was his inheritance ? Hebron v15 what was Hebron s old name ? Kirjathartba why? because Arba was a great name among the AnakimsJos CH 15v16 what did Caleb said to him would smite Kirjathseoher ? give his daughter Achsah to wife v17 who took city ? otniel who was Otniel ? Caleb s brother v63 who could'israel not drive out ? the Jebusites Jos CH 16 v1 what fell on Joseph ? lot from Jordan to Jericho ho did they cast lots ? with pebbles Jos CH 19v47 What did Dan do because land was too small for them? they fought against leshemJos CH 21v44 the Lord gave Israel ? rest round about according to all that he sware unto their fathers there ? stood not a men of all their enemies before themthe Lord ? delivered all their enemies into their hands v45 there failed not ? ought of any good thing which the Lord had spokenall? came to pass Jos CH 22V8 Joshua spake unto them saying? return with much riches, much gold , Jo CH 23 v10 one men of you shall chase a thousand for the Lord is? He that fights for you as He has promised you v11 take good heed ? that you love the Lord v14 you know in all your hearts that ? not one thing has failed of all the good things that the Lord has spake concerning you all? are come to pass unto you Not one ? has failed v29 how old was Joshua when he died ?110 V30 where was he buried ? Timna serath

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