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EARTHLASTDAY ABOUT PAGE a your place, where you can watch bible television 24 hours a day With 3 abn Amaing facts live Where you can listen to the audio bible 24 hours a day you can find here your holy bible question answer In the forum page you can post comments and start discussions . The forum page is new . You can post articles about bible studies, creation versus evolution, bible prophecy, righteousness by faith. In your holy bible question answer you can post any bible question you have .


Holy bible question answer pages


We should be adding more topics in the forum such as Islam and the bible . In you can read our amazing blog . This blog is very deep bible studies . More than your average bible blog . In here you can also post your holy bible question answer . At the end of each article you can add your comments. The topics are very broads in blog such as creation vs evolution . We write a lot about bible prophecy, righteousness by faith we believe this is the most important message in the bible .


Holy bible question answer The question and answer technique


In your holy bible question answer website you can study in our blog also topics which are unique with Earthlastday called holy bible question answer . We are going to cover if God is willing each book of the bible in a question answer form . This is an amazing idea. We have been studying the bible for many years and God gave us the way to study and remember the bible faster and deeper. It is the holy bible question answer . Quite unique . Instead of reading a chapter and not remembering the next day what you have read.


God showed us that using holy bible question answer is the amazing way to study and remember the bible . As we turn a chapter or a book of the bible into a question answer form . This makes us to remember what we have read. It is like a test in school. We ask the question then we hide the answer. And thus we make ourselves work to find out if we know the bible . And truly we do not know the bible well my friend . Have you tried it ? Here is a post about holy bible question answer of the book of Acts.


You can test yourself . Because it is harder to study the bible this way we find out it is the way to learn much more of the bible when a question about a verse is asked. In you can spend the say listening to the audio bible, watching some of the best bible television channels. You can make friends in forum . You can read our hundreds of articles about bible prophecy, creation vs evolution, righteousness by faith .


Holy bible question answer Bible documentaries


You can watch our specialized page sin the which you can go very deep on a topic such a righteousness by faith television . Creation television, bible archaeology television . These pages have hundreds of hours of watch time . Here too you could spend months learning about a topic . In your holy bible question answer you can go to the bible documentaries and find out how the King James version was started. You can watch documentaries about the Waldenses the early Christians . And the Huguenots or the protestant reformation .


The Waldenses were the early Christians since the first century . A fascinating study to understand that Paul as he passed away his converts fled to north Italy and they remained there all throughout the middle ages. This is why the bible ssays the women went into the wilderness for 1260 years. The torch then pass on to the protestant reformation . You can learn from bible documentary television about the Huguenots that went on to proclaim the truth of the bible from the 16th century. In bible documentary you can learn about how the king James came about and how much sacrifice was done to preserve the book of God.


Holy bible question answer Creation and evolution topic


In creation television we have stunning documentaries about the origins of the universe. About how things needed to be planned to exist. That nothing can exist unless planned. And that natural selection could not create anything as it cannot think or plan . In fact God made natural selection for a reason . To preserve species. Preservation is not creation . You can go to holy bible question answer in the forum and ask your evolution and creation questions . This is the great argument . If all things require planning to exist such as a car, a building, a shoe, a telephone, a pc. One has to decide the colour, shape, size, function of the shoe to exist.


In holy bible question answer you can find the topic about creation and post your comments. A shoe cannot exist unless planned. A shoe could be leather, plastic ect . One has to decide the way the shoe will be . Evolution really is the belief that things become one way for no reason . This is deep down the belief in magic . I think many evolutionists do not understand what they teach and the deception behind it . But unless something is planned it cannot exist.


In holy bible question answer we understand that the only way something could appear without being planned is by magic. This is a fantastic topic the which few know and have heard. This message needs to be given to the world . I fold out that this argument cannot be answered. If we are honest we will follow the truth . All things need to be planned. Can anything exist unless it is planned ? No Then if evolution believes that things appear for no reason out of nowhere, then we can conclude it is not scientific than Houdini s magic.


It would mean that a piece of wood could make a castle and a piece of metal could make a Ferrari. But this could never happen even given millions of years. Thre is even a better chance for a piece of wood to make a castle than a cell to make a human being . Cells do not turn into human beings. As cells are much more complex than wood is .


Can evolution explain how things appeared for no reason out of nowhere from outing scientifically ? No It is a belief . That the small changes that God created to preserve species is the agent evolution believes to create all things. The observation is good but the conclusion involves a lot of imagination and wishful thinking . We sere finches with small bics and bigger bics there. We conclude, imagine, invoke, presuppose than they can turn into elephants given millions of years.


There is nothing scientific here. If you are one of our atheist friends you can welcome on this website. You can ask any question, start discussion in the creation vs evolution forum . You can add all the comments you want in the evolution blog articles. Your Holy bible question answer is her eto have a friendly kind discussion . We can accept our differences and accept the fact that everybody is different . There are no two persons on earth who believe the same always .


In your holy bible question answer we can end the conversation knowing that we learned something from the other person and that we do not have to make the other person believe as we do . It is k to have other people believe different things. Even if we really believe we have the truth and unless they accept the truth they can be lost forever. Enjoy my friend You can read our books such as Evolution knock out or Time of the end by Jeff Pippenger . You can read the website in your own language . Pass it on to others Let others know they can find the love of God here . Such love that God chose to send his son to die for the world . It was a tremendous struggle for the Father ? Yet Jesus came to die because He loves you so much . What would keep you from accepting this love in your heart now ? Repeat after me Father God forgive my sins, give me your righteousness please. Heal and bless me . Take me to heaven in the name of Jesus amen

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