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1 How to debate an evolutionist

2 Is creation science or religion?

3 The end of the religion vs science argument

4 Failure of the evolution theory to be science

5 Arguments set forth by evolutionists

6 Having the answers

7 Main questions asked by evolutionists

8 Gods opinion on the theory of evolution


This creation versus evolution issue is becoming a worldwide theme of investigation worthy of research. As more and more evolution scientists leave the ranks of Darwin’s naturalistic movement and expose its fallacies the world could be coming back to a real investigation on ‘is evolution science?’ The theory of evolution, though very well presented as revealed truth, and highly worthy of respect from the great number of  highly educated proponents teaching this theory, seeing that most of the universities in this world teach that the earth come from randomness and chance, and that natural selection had  ‘made’ everything we see’


having no brain, without planning anything in advance.  Looking closer at it, the evolution theory is found to be nothing more than a false religion disguised under the robe of science who’s god seem to be a power called ‘ nothingness’ or ‘randomness’ or the power of ‘chance’ and its friend natural selection. We are not saying that everything in evolution and school books is wrong. In fact most things in science books in schoolrooms are totally accurate, but they are mixed with error.

We are not saying that all these things taught in school are one hundred percent wrong. But someone who has been deceived would have never believed a lie unless this lie would have been mixed with much truth.  No one would believe someone who would come and say ‘Hey I am going to deceive you, be ready’ Thus lies in the science school books are mixed with much truth, and it makes the lie more undetectable. As students see the astronomical unit in their school books they say: ‘


Well this is science, we can measure the distance from the earth to the sun, we can prove it, we can measure this distance , thus as thisis true and many other things are true in my science school books, then I assume that are things that are taught herein is truth. This it not so. As students see the loss of mass of the sun in their school books they can say ‘Well this is science. We can measure the loss of mass of the sun, test it and prove it.’ Thus it is science, but they did not detect the lies in the books which will bring them great shipwreck of faith in the long run and ruin their spiritual lives.

Why? Because someone cannot believe in the Bible fully and believe in evolution at the same time. Some peope make compromises, but this is just a deception. As science says all things come by randomness chance and natural selection as a thinking and powerful entity, and Christians say al things come from God. I have heard evolutionists say


‘I cannot believe in the Bible because I believe in science’ And this is exactly the point. When someone accepts evolution then this becomes their model of the universe and how we got here, and automatically they have to fully reject the creation view. If you are going on the turnpike and there are two lanes


Northbound and southbound. If you go northbound then you automatically chose not to go southbound. By default you chose not to go south, if someone believes in evolution they automatically chose chance randomness and natural selection as creating agents and automatically chose not to believe in God. As students see the loss of speed of the rotation of the earth, they say ‘Well this is science’


We can measure the loss of speed of rotation of the earth, test it and prove it. Thus many students will not investigate further on the rest of the books and will believe everything the teachers tell them. Just because the creationists put the solid base on science before Darwin and much of the science textbooks reside in finding from creationists such as Isaac Newton, Gregor Mendel, Pascal, Louis Pasteur, things that can be tested, proven and demonstrated,


does not mean that the added theory which is: millions of years, transition from specie to specie, the geologic column, pangea, big bang would be true. In fact the evolutionists are opportunists and tak advantage of solid science brought to us by creationists and they take the solid truth and give a new meaning to it saying that all these truths can now be interpreted in a new way. For kids who go to school ‘All things that the teacher says I should listen to and believe without questioning’

And after a long day in school the first thing they want to do is go play outside instead of doing some more research on the subject taught in school to find out if it is true or not. Most evolutionists believe in evolution not because of the facts of evolution because there are no facts about evolution, but because ‘my teacher told me so’ or ‘Dawkings sys so in his book’ or ‘a scientist told me’


Thus they have such strong faith in the earthly diploma and credentials that these credentials become all powerful for them and a sign of total authority on the science topic. Yes we know that the age of the earth is changed by modern evolution every year, many concepts are being changed and found wanting. Carbon 14 when it came out was taught as fact and absolute truth, now they say carbon 14 only works for young objects and only in things which have only a few thousand years old. The truth is that even then natural selection has about 40% error.

What parts of the science books are false and which parts are true? Science is something you can see, test, demonstrate and prove. If something cannot be tested, proven nor demonstrated, then it is not science. And science cannot discriminate from whence the facts come from. Science means knowledge. Science never means evolution. If science means knowledge then knowledge from wherever it comes from is to be accepted, even if this knowledge and truth contradicts your theory.


If a theory is found to have many errors and many findings come out in the open to prove this theory false, then what is the solution? 1 You can choose to disregard the facts that disprove your theory and continue teaching your theory to deceive minds and be happy in yourself in your petty doctrine, or 2 You face the facts, become honest and throw away the theory which has been proven wrong. In this bok we will se many things that will totally disprove the theory of evolution. You will have two choices 1 You can lie to yourself and chose to disregard the facts and chose to use false arguments as ‘ These findings do not come from peer review articles’ or ‘

These people who found this are not scientists’ ect… which in fact have nothing to do with facts. Darwin himself ws not a scientist but an observer of nature. Then if you are honest you should disregard totally his evolution theory as this theory comes from someone who was not a scientist. But rejecting the facts will make you more hardened in lie and dishonesty.


A life of unbelief and fighting your conscience and right will end up having you being very unhappy, because deep down inside you will know that creation is true, and that you would have been dishonest and you will go moe and more in lies and dishonesty in other parts of your life.


And as the Bible testifies, such a person can only end up in the flames of hell, because with all the evidence they refused to admit it, then God cannot let someone who would lie to themselves and others enter Heaven where they would continue lying. As heaven is a place for peace and love. They will be without excuse in the judgment:

Ro 1:20 ‘ For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse’

Or 2 You can be honest with yourself and say ‘Ok I realize I have been fooled, the evidence for creation is so strong that I acknowledge the truth of creation and I am happy that someone has showed me where I have been deceived’

It can be called science or some great new theory by highly regarded men in the scientific community, but the fact remains that if something is taught as truth without any proof, not any facts to back it up, this so called ‘new theory truth’ is in fact a lie. The parts which are not science are: millions of years, transition from all species on the earth to other species, the geological column, the ape man, the big bang, These things are not science.


Thus the best thing to do is to investigate these things and find out if there is solid evidence for them or just speculation and theory. Have you ever seen a video of the big bang? No. Have you ever seen a transformation from a cat to a dog or any other animal turning into something else? No.  Does anyone know where the geological column with all the layers is found anywhere on the earth? No.

Does anyone ca prove that these layers were layed up through millions of years? No. Do any bones of so called ancient man come with a stamp that says ‘I am the forerunner of human beings today’ No. Do we know of anything which would be older than 6000 years old? No. Then these things are not science.

If no one has seen the big bang then they believe in it by faith. The only proof that evolutionist have for the big bang is that they see the universe expanding. Is this enough proof for believing in the for big bang? No. They say ‘Ok we see the universe expanding, thus we can measure back in time and coming back billions of years ago the universe would have been compact and it exploded.’ This is no more a fairy tale statement than E.T. saying ‘come home’


Why then do people believe in this more than in E.T.? Because the people who teach this have a piece of paper saying ‘scientist’ . Then we can conclude that people do not believe a theory unless the theory is taught by someone who has authority to teach it or a diploma. Then we can also conclude that whatsoever comes out of the mouth of a scientist becomes the word of truth for people who do not search out for themselves what truth and for people who are dishonest and want something to be true even though there are no facts to back up the theory. This is not science but dogma and cultic thinking.

But we can ask the questions: ‘Do scientists know everything?’ No ‘Does someone receiving a science diploma becomes all knowing?’ No ‘Does someone receiving the science diploma become more honest than other people?’ No ‘Does someone who becomes a scientist receives a power that will make him to never fail? No Haven’t many things taught as truth years ago, now been found to be totally false? Yes.


Then how come millions of persons on earth give their eternal destinies in the hands of frail men who do not have all knowledge and fail and coming to conclusions on the age of the universe, and fail in their conclusions on the changes that can occur between species? This topic is extremely important. Someone who believes in randomness and chance for the appearance of the universe CANNOT believe in God. The one belief in randomness automatically excludes God.

Thus expelling the person from heaven and been found wanting in the judgment. So it is better to think twice before coming to conclusions on anything and it is better to think twice before believing anything a science teacher claim to be truth. Telling God in the judgment ‘My teacher told me’ Will be of no excuse, yet there are millions of person who think ‘Well if my teacher told me that I I believed it, then as education on earth comes from God, then God will be on my side’ No.

Earthly education does not always come from God. As we saw error is always mixed with truth to deceive willfully or unconsciously. Legality or following earthly rules will not bring anyone to heaven. It does not mean that you have to break the rules, but many people believe that because they do everything the government is telling them to do, thus God will open wide the gates of heaven for them. What I say is that many people who have followed all the rules of their government all their lives will end up in hell. Incredible right? Not so. The Bible tells us to follow the rules on earth but the Bible does not say that obeying earthly rules will bring you to heaven.

Earth’s righteousness is not God’ righteousness. Someone can follow all the earthly rules and still be selfish, mean hateful, dishonest, proud, a bully and trying to intimidate others. These traits of character will never bring such a person to heaven. Yet on earth these things are not passible of judgment. Somone can ve very proud. But did you ever see someone arrested for being proud? No. Did you ever see someone arrested for intimidating others? No.


Did you ever see someone arrested for being selfish? No. So we see that we can be totally earthly acceptable yet totally rejected by God and seen by Him. As vile and rotten. If people were judged according to earthly law, then all people wold move to for example France where the laws are very laid back and easy to follow.

This is why some wise people who go to church and bring their Bible with them. Why? Because they want to check if what the preacher says is true or not. Even is they have been going to this church years, they check for themselves. Thousands of young people believe in evolution for the reason that they did not check for themselves of what is taught is true or not. So when people say ‘On one side we have science and on the other we have religion’ Then the debate can go no further that this until we define what is science and what is religion. In fact the whole court case in Dover was lost because the evolutionists did state that their side was science and the other side was religion.

If we understand that most branches of science have been started by creationists, and that evolution did not bring anything to the world of science apart from a) big bang b) millions of years c) transition from specie to specie d) pangea e) geological column, then we can see that modern science is all based on creationist teachings.  Was Isaac Newton a scientist or a religious man? Was Louis Pasteur a creationist or a religious man? Was Pascal a scientist or a religious man? Both. The how come people say science is evolution and when they use the word science they mean evolution. Thus they imply in their reasoning that Darwin would have been the inventor of science. Was it so?


No. Darwin did not invent science. Thus the word science is not synonymous of evolution. If there is science on one side and religion on the other. Then the person making the statement will need to explain how did Darwin invent science. Because when someone says that science is evolution. Then Darwin would be the inventor of science. Is that the case? No. Were there scientists before Darwin? Yes. Darwin himself wasn’t even a scientist? No .

Then is the big bang science? NO.There is not scientific proof for the big bang. Well it is like saying ‘You see a car with a California licence plate. It is driving 50 Miles per hour. The car is passing by in front of you in Michigan. You could say that it is a 2168 miles drive and that the car should has taken 32 hours to make the trip (expansion of the universe).


But this is supposing that the car 1) Started from Los Angeles. You cannot prove that 2) You suppose also that the car always drove at the same speed. You cannot know that. The car maybe slowed down, took stops along the way ect… 3) You suppose that the car did not pass by some other road and came back to Michigan.

The same is true of the big bang. 1) No one can prove the universe started from an explosion some day 2) No one can say the universe has always been expanding at the same speed 3) No one can prove that the universe did not start expanding from a certain point like at Gods creation 6000 years ago, the universe being already in place. No one can say that God did not make the universe already in expansion at creation 6000 years ago. In fact Isaiah says  Is 40:22 ‘


It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in’ Even the Bible says that God started expanding the universe from a certain point at creation. If evolutionists would only read the Bible they would know what truth is. The God of the Bible tells us that He started to spread and expand the universe at the time of creation.

Who are we going to believe God or a frail human being? The eternal destiny of everyone is in question here. There is no proof that the universe was expanding before 6000 years ago. God put the light already in place at creation ready to go all over the universe. Adam and Eve were created already grown and ready to talk and function. 


The big bang never happened. There is no proof. The fact that the universe is in expansion is not enough to tell us it has always been expanding before creation. Never was there a time where everything was compact and exploded.

Kent Hovind tells a good story to disprove the big bang.


Lets say you have a football team at a merry go round. And kids playing on the merry go round. And the kids tell the football team. ;Come on make us turn faster and faster and faster…Lets say the kids would turn so fast that the childrens would fly off the merry go round. In which direction would they turn? The same direction than the merry go round.


This is called the law of angular momentum. Any object leaving a spinning object will fly in the same direction. It is a law we cannot go around it. Another good question to ask is ‘Where does this law come from if evolution is true? Laws do not fall from the sky right? Someone had to make this law of angular momentum as all other laws. (but we will take a look at laws further)

Then the kids spinning very fast from the merry go round would fly in the same direction than when they left the merry go round. The same is true of the big bang. If the big bang is true, then all planets should be spinning in the same direction. Sadly for the big bang theory. 3 of the plants of the solar system are turning in the wrong direction. 9 of the 91 known moons are spinning in the wrong direction. Whole galaxies are spinning in the so called wrong direction.


Why would you think this is so? Really if the big bang is true, then all planets should be spinning in the same direction. Why are there planets , even 3 in our solar system spinning in the wrong direction? If the big bang is true, then all planets should be spinning in the same direction. Why are they spinning in the wrong direction? It is very simple, it is because the big bang never happened. And God created the universe from nothing. ‘He spoke and it was done.

He commanded and it stood fast.’ PS 33 6,9

Some people will say ‘Are you a scientist?’ ‘Then how can you decide if a scientist is wrong or not?’ Was not the world of science wrong just 50 years ago when they taught that people with mental disorders needed to have lobotomies, and have part of their brains removed so that they can function normally? Yes this was taught just 50 years ago.


Not only that but the people who found the lobotomy theory Egas Moniz, and Almeida Lima from received a nobel prize because of it! We now know that this is a dangerous procedure, yet is was widely taught all over the world as a beneficial surgery on people who had mental disorders. One hundred years ago the whole world of science belived that taking blood from people helped them have their sickness out from their bodies. This is how Georges Washington died.  The world of science believed that, making a small cut in one of the veins of the patient would help the sickness to be eliminated from the body and him to recover. We now know that this is false.

Yet the world of science believed this just one hundred years ago.The same goes for believing that big rocks would fall faster than small rocks if thrown from a height. We now know this is not true. And we can find many more things that were taught by science that we know today are false.

Just having a scientist teach something does not mean it is true.


Like just having a preacher teach something does not mean that what he is teaching is true. Then we need to check for ourselves. This is where people fail. Most people will take a scientist’s word without checking for themselves. This world is taken captive by an evil power, God restrains evil powers on earth, but in a great majority the media, science, education is not from God but deceives millions.

We need to know that scientists are paid to teach evolution and naturalism, they have a paycheck at the end of the month and they have to teach this evolution theory less they lose their job. More on this in the movie ‘Expelled’

Such a claim insinuates that: Only those who have diplomas can think. Other people can only believe their claims, even if they do not give any proof, their word becomes law! Science is the voice of the god of chance and should not be confronted.

We see that the inventor of this Evolution theory, even though, the doctrine of evolution has been around many thousands of years before, but was popularised by Charles Darwin. Was Darwin a scientist? No. But he as a non scientist can invent modern science and other people cannot? This is incredible dishonesty. For evolution to be part of science it would need to be  something we can:




Evolution in the which I will include: Big bang, millions of years, transition from specie to specie, pangea ect… cannot be tested, proven, nor demonstrated.

First of all we need to define that all believers in the world believe in science. There is a false teaching which has been going around in the media that ‘The Christians and believers in God do not believe in science but only in faith and in things which cannot be proven. We scientist believe in things that can be seen and proven.‘


This is false. If you believe this teaching from the world media then you have been brainwashed and deceived. Every Christian in the world believes in science.

Science was not invented by Darwin. Many times evolutionists will say the word SCIENCE, in this word they mean EVOLUTION. Is science synonymous with evolution? No. Who says that science means evolution? If this is so then Darwin would have been the inventor of science. Was Darwin the inventor of science? No

The Bible says that  Romans 8:28 ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.’

In a way if the theory of evolution had never existed then the world’s masses would have never been able to see clearly the truth about God’s creation. Now places like the institute for creation research: http://www.icr.org/

Kent Hovind’s creation evangelism: http://www.creationtoday.org/

Ken Ham’s : http://www.answersingenesis.org

Would never had been created and the research done would have never found the light of day and the truth about God’s creation and how blatant the fallacies of the theory of evolution are. All things are turning out for the good as the theory of evolution is strongly exposed, so much so that this theory could be erased from the science books one day soon and only taught in some evolution cultic circles.

Many christians are afraid to tell others about the truth because: ‘i am afraid they will reject me’ Well first of all if you tell someone about Jesus or the story of creation and they reject it, it means that they are rejecting Jesus and not you. Was Jesus always accepted when He taught the people ? No. In fact Jesus was rejected many times. If the Master and the one from whom intelligence and wisdom come from was rejected, what makes


you think that you as a fail human being you will be able to devise manners in which all will receive the truth? When you tell someone about creation and they do not accept it, i found out that these people will know the facts, maybe refuse to follow the truth openly, or plainly reject it, but deep down inside this truth will restrain them from much evil in their lives, haven’t they heard it before.

Many people of the earth know the truth, they have not made the decision, but the knowledge of the truth makes you and i to have the knowledge to seek God for this spiritual power to check evil in our hearts. Mt 24:14 ‘And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.’ . What you do with the truth afterwards rejecting it is none of your business, it will be between them and God. But woe unto you if you do not tell others about the truth. They will tell you ‘I do not want someone to preach to me’

Well in atheist nations we can see the atheists evangelising secular truth everywhere, bringing an atheist gospel so strong that most Muslims and christians who live in these countries have totally lost their faith in God?’ Yes atheism preaches strong, but as it is presented as science, people do not see i as preaching. One place i applied for a job to rent a massage room told me. ‘


You have the name Jesus and christian on your website, we do not want you to proselytize others in our center’ As if evolutionists were not preaching a message and proselytizing others abd bringing in converts to the faith of ‘god randomnes and god chance’. So skillfully that it has become law in most countries on earth to have evolution in schools, in the media, in the news, and in our medicine!

It is very interesting to see that in all the places of the world where people have a choice between creation and evolution, most people will choose creation. In the Usa, Mexico, Colombia, Brasil, Argentina, Haiti, Cuba, in fact all America from Canada to tierra de fuego people have a few hours of Darwin in school during the week and a few hours of creation on sunday or Sabbath for the 7th day Adventists and the jews. What do most people choose ? God and creation

In Europe the setting is very different. In fact this is where most atheists in the world live and are concentrated. A young European for example, growing up, will never have any teaching about Jesus, except if the parents choose for him to go to catechism, which is only a few hours in a lifetime and almost no one does anymore.


The knowledge of the Bible and creation is completely out of people’s minds and inexistant, yet they think that they know it all and that the creationists are very stupid people and who believe fairy tales. And it is not for not beliving the truth, but becaue that by default if you have been taught all your life that God does not exist and all things come fro randomness and you have never had a Bible education, and most people around you in school at work in the family your friends believe in evolution, by default you will believe in evolution too. Not because it is true, but because this is the only thing you have been taught.

As these people do not have any knowledge of creation and have many hundreds of hours of Darwin every year of their life growing up. Guess what side will they choose? In fact for them creation is not even an option as they have never studied it at all and have heard thousands of times that it is fake and a fairy tale.

1-      Is creation science or religion ?

So we come to the first chapter, the part about the masses trusting scientists because they have a diploma. This is an extremely important point because what made the creationists loose the courtcase in Dover Pennsylvania is the fact that the evolution side said that creation was not science. And the creationists did not win this point, thus the judge thought that that creation was not science and evolution was. Let us examine this point in detail.

First let us see who gives the diplomas to the scientists. Is God giving the diplomas or are some man giving diplomas to other man ? Other man. This issue of creation or evolution includes the possibility of a Divine being having created all things. Thus being the case, and humans giving diplomas to other man, if God has created the universe, then has God approved these science diplomas? No. Are these science graduate granted all knowledge as soon as they become scientists ?


No. Is a scientist infallible as soon as he becomes scientist ? No. Then we need to find out who on the earth chooses what science going to be and not to be and what is going to be taught, as God does not give diplomas, then mortal man to gives out these diplomas.But mortal man are biased, full of mistakes and very limited in their knowledge.

Scientists are not infallible, thus how can the theory of evolution be taught as revealed truth and absolute truth if mortal man came up with this theory for the which there is no proof?

‘But they are scientists you should trust them’


‘But they have a piece of paper granting them to teach whatever they please’

‘But what if they have no proof for their theory and science ? ‘

‘It does not matter they are scientists and we should listen to them blindly tusting all their teachings.’

Even if they cannot prove their theory ?’

‘Yes even if they cannot prove their theory’

Then this is no more science but a cult who teaches its followers the gurus teachings and they cannot check for themselves if what is taught is truth or not. If science is the research of truth, then someone who searches for truth can only come to find truth if he is honest and truthful. Lying and deception cannot by any means male the searcher to arrive at truth, as truth is the opposite of lie and deception.

The majority of people on earth who believe in the theory of evolution do so only ‘because my teacher told me’ I was on the plane the other day flying from Dublin to New York and the young lady next to me said:

‘But my teacher told me that animals have gill slits, remains of their ancestors.’

‘It this a belief or can your teacher prove that these gill slits came from some other animal?’

No it cannot be proven it is just a belief, and a religious belief, as there is no video, no picture no proof of something turning into something else. If it cannot be proven, demonstrated nor tested, then it is a religion. Why ? Because it is believed by faith. What is religion ? Something you cannot see and believe anyway.

The big bang

Millions of years,

The geological column

Transition from specie to specie


Are these teachings are all taught as science, but there is no science behind all these things as there is no scientific proof for them, these beliefs: big bang, millions of years, pangea, transition from specie to specie, the geological column are only religious beliefs! They only exist in the imagination of artists who are paid by the evolution community to make believe something for the which there is no reality.

Yes the majority of people believe in the theory of evolution just because their teachers said so or some scientist said so. We can now ask the question: ‘How do these people know, wouldn’t they have to have all knowledge to come to such conclusions?’

Yes. Do scientists have all knowledge? No. Lets say we have 1% of all knowledge in the universe. Is it possible that God exists in the 99% of knowledge we do not have? Yes. Lets say we have a court case and the judge knows only 1% of the case. The persons prosecuted enter. And the judge says You on the right you are going to jail 10 years. ‘Why?’ ‘Because I say so’ ‘What proof do you have?’ ‘I have no proof but I am licenced to sentence you’


How long this judge would remain a judge? How come this reasoning is accepted in the scientific community? For someone to come t conclusions on something he would need to know the topic very well and have equality and justice in his mind to come to a conclusion. No man knows everything, then the only reasonable thing to do is let God tell us what truth is and what our duty is.

Will someone give away their eternal life just because some frail, mortal human being said something to them and they believed them because they have a diploma ? What a grand deception!

What a sad thing to have trusted in some evolution scientist and find out at the end they they were wrong and lead millions in hell because of their words, and were only doing the Devil’s job!


What a fearful account will the leaders in the evolution movement will have to gove to God in that day. I will not want to be in their place. Explaining why they would have brought millions of young kids to hell with them. Incredible!

So the only authority humans have for the theory of evolution is man’s opinion. This is a very weak point to have on the evolutionist’ side of things.

Let us ask the question: ‘Was Darwin a scientist? ‘ No. Darwin was a naturalist and even went to Bible school, got onboard of the Beaggle, took the book ‘principles of geology’ by Lyell on the boat, and totally lost his faith in God ‘gradually’. Thus the evolution theory does not come from a scientist but an observator of nature!


Next time someone tells you : ‘you are not a scientist and you cannot think for yourself on these matters’ Tell them that ‘neither was Darwin a scientist.’

Was Isaac Newton the founder of calculus, dynamics the law of gravity and telescopes a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Pascal the founder of hydrostatics and the barometer a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Louis Pasteur the founder of bacteriology and biogenesis law a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Gregor Mendel the founder of genetics a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Rudolpf Virchow the founder of pathology a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Sir Georges Stroke the founder of fluid mechanic a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Sir James simpson the founder of gynecology and chloroform a religious man o a scientist? Both

Was Bernhard Reimann the founder of non eucledian geometry a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was John Rayleigh the founder of dimentional analysis a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was John Ray the founder of natural history and classification of animals and plants of religious man or a scientist? Both

Was Sir William Ramsey the founder of inert gases and isotropic chemistry a religious man or a scientific? Both

Was Samuel Morse the founder of the telegraph a religious man or a scientist? Both

Was James Maxwell the founder of electrical dynamics and stastitical thermodynamics a religious man or a scientist? Both

The same goes for

Matthew Maury (hydrograpgy, oceanography)

Joseph Lister (antiseptic, surgery)

Carolus Linnaeus (classification system and systematic biology)

Johannes Kepler (celestial mechanics, physical astronomy)

Lord William kelvin (thermodynamics, absolute temperature scale)

James Joule (reversible thermodynamics)

Sir William Herschel (galactic astronomy, double stars)

Joseph Henry (electric motor, galvanometer)

Sir John Fleming (electronics, thermic valve)

Michael Faraday (electric generator, electromagnetics)

Jean Henry Fabre (entomology of living insects)

Sir Humphry davy (thermokinetics)

Georges Cuvier (comparative anatomy, vertebrate paleontology)

Sir david Brewster (optical mineralogy, kaleidoscope)

Robert Boyle (chemistry, gas dynamics)

Francis Bacon (scientific method of research)

Charles Babbage (actuaries tables, calculating machine, fondations of computer science)

Louis Agassiz (glacial geology, ichthyology

So we see that most branches of science were founded by people who were creationists and believed in a young earth as he Bible teaches. In fact we can ask, what advancement in science did the theory of evolution give science, the theory of evolution being: millions of years, big bang, transition from specie to specie, geological column ect? No advancement in science whatsoever!

The only reason some people on earth believe these things to be part of science is because some persons with earthly diplomas said so. And we need to stress that all Christians believe in science. Some people I debate with say that ‘Well you Christians do not believe in science so you are dumb’ There is no such thing as a Christian who does not believe in science as the Bible says that God created all things. Many things in science books are true and real science.