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Is your health very important ? Here for you free health journal articles . Yes it is Did you know that there are amazing secrets to good health ? The doctors who really healed the body were called the hygienists . This heal tv is like a canter for matural medicine for you . We are not doctors. These videos are teachings on health and like a center for natural medicine .


This knowledge can save your life . Free health journal articles you can find on the blog page . God always meant for us to heal outselves with his remedies . Center for natural medicine helps us to understand how the body works and what to do to help our immune system get well . These videos and this health television can be like a center for natural medicine in your home . Enjoy


How to heal every diseases? Must watch How can we really treat sickness? What was hypocrates? Hypocrates was a hygienist Harvey Kellogg also Is the health of your patients important enough to take some time to study, watch few videos with open and unbiased  heart and find the truth that can save many lives? Yes It is true, medicine has become chemical since a few years . God never put medicine in the garden of eden. Why? Because his made all remedies for every sickness in nature . Free health journal articles read about natural health supplements


How can we really treat sickness ? Only 2 things mainly cause sickness 1 no elimination 2 not enough nutrients 1 no elimination is the cause of most diseases, cleaning up the body will eliminate most diseases 2 adding great amounts of nutrients, will also heal most diseases Which is the easiest way to do this ? Juicing Why does this not seem to work ? it's because when using natural remedies most people 


Free health journal remedies  that can help These are only counsels we read and heard from natural doctors such as Hygienists and naturopath ; 1 don't take enough of the remedy 2 are not disciplined to take it long enough for healing to occur Some remedies we need to be careful how much we take Who are the real doctors ? 1 hygienists 2 herbalists 3 orthomolecular medicine How can you educare yourself on real medicine and real healing  God gave us? Is it intelligent to watch all videos? Yes

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