Jesus says RE 12 My church keeps the sabbath, has the Testimony of Jesus. RE 19 10 says 'the Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy'

Peter in ACTS says when 'sun is dark, moon blood, stars fall' then 'your daughters shall prophesy'. Angel Gabriel said in DA 8 14 2300 years and the judgment or 'sanctuary shall be cleansed'


Gabriel said the judgment shall start 2300 years after Jerusalem rebuilt? When was Jerusalem rebuilt? IN 457 BC Gabriel said From Jerusalem rebuilt to Messiah baptised or anointed is 483 years or 69 Weeks

457 + 383 = 27 AD

Jesus when He was baptised what did He say? 'The time is fulfilled' Which time? The time of his baptism and the fulfilment of the 2300 year prophecy  Adding the full 2300 years we arrive at 1844      457 + 2300 = 1844 What happened then? God called William Millier to preach the 1st angels message RE 14 Reads 'For the hour of his judgment is come'

What happened after that? All churches refused the 1 st angels message and became babylon   RE 14  'Babylon has fallen' We are living now in the 3rd angels message 

God sent at that time his true prophet Ellen G White Fulfilling bible prophecy That Jesus true end time church will 1 Have true proohet RE 12 17  RE 19 10 2 Keep the sabbath   RE 12 17

3 Preach the 3 Angels message RE 14  4 Will preach the sanctuary judgment message

Listen watch Ellen G White books