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Amazing here are incredible live 24/7 live christian tv shows . Watch bible series online . You can chose to watch praise Him which is a non stop christian music channel . You can watch proclaim which is a 24/7 a day christian tv shows with mostly sermons and bible teaching . Watch bible series online with prophecy seminars such as Doug Batchelor, Pastor Mark Finley and many other prophecy presentors great. 


You can watch Amazing facts christian tv shows which is evangelism minded and goes from mission trips to prophecy seminars . Secrets unsealed christian tv shows which are also very bible teaching and prophecy oriented . Watch bible series online enjoy the free health presentation . Also bible studies On 3 abn praise Him you can watch free 24 hours a day christian music One of the fastest way to learn about the bible is to listen to the bible . The book of revelation tells us that we are blessed when we listen to the bible . We are blessed and we can learn much faster the Word of God . 

Watch bible series online for example reading the bible from genesis to revelation can take monthes. Did you know that you can listen to the whole bible in 72 hours? This is much faster learning . It is very handy to be able to listen to bible srermons and presentations while doing something else in the house . Watch bible series online . brings ou live accurate television 24 hours a day . From some of the best bible channels in the world . 

One of the series i love in the bible television is in the footsteps of Paul . This amazing series describe the travels of the apostle Paul . We can follow the apostle Paul and find out what it was like to travel the world and being one of the first christian in the world to preach the truth . Many times the apostle Paul was persecuted . Yet he hanged on to Jesus  and by faith gained the victory . The apostle Paul went to pagan countries where there were very few christians . If we remember Jeuss had just being raised to heaven . It was only a few years later that the new tesstament was in writing . In fact the apostle Paul did not have the new testament. He having wirtten most of the new testament . 

This is an amazing legacy to us christians at the end of the world . Paul says a writter was one of the best christian that ever lived. Can you immagine living where most people are legalists and preaching that we are saved by grace through faith . That if it is by works then it is no more of faith . That all our best works are dirty rags . This was an offense to the Jewish religion of the time . The Jewish religion was the truth , but legalism and traditing entered in and crowded the truth with dirt.  The apostle Paul followed truth and gave the message Jesus told him to give . 

Many converts all over the world came to Jesus . Many of them never heard the name of Jesus . Yet when the Holy Spirit illuminated their hearts they followed the truth and believed. Thi shows that evangelism does not have to be compoicated. But most christians today do not give the truth to others. Watch bible series online and learn about the love of Jesus for you . Jesus really cares for you . Jesus prefered to die and suffer than to have you perish forever . Gods love for you is immense and true . Jesus will never let you down. Jesus is a true friend. Jesus is loyal and true . Jeuss thinks about you all the time , even at night Jesus is watching over you . Only in heaven we will realize more fully Gods love for you and me .

Even here we can have agood knowledge of how much God loves you . Did you know that it was a struggle for the Father to give Jesus for the world? An immense struggle , but Gods love is so incredibly strong that the Father did send Jesus at last after a long struggle . But His love for you and me is so strong that Jesus came on time ./ When Jesus was baptised He said The time is fulfilled.  Which time was fulfilled? The daniel 8 14 prophecy or the 2300 day prophecy that says in Daniel 9 From Jerusalem rebuilt in 457 bc to Messiah anointed or baptised is 69 weeks or 483 years. Jesus was baptised on time on 27 AD We can truly trust the bible and find out that only a loving God could gives those amazingly precise prophecies hundreds of years in advence. I hope you enjoy bible television

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