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Creation vs evolution movie here is an incredible wealth of information to know the truth about creation vs evolution movie . You have the Kent Hovind seminars and debates Ken Ham videos . Ray comfort amazing documentaries, the seattle creation conference and so much more . Your creation vs evolution movie is here for us to know how to find the truth . Is the earth created or did the earth make itself ? Interesting question .


The creation vs evolution movie channel is here to teach you that things cannot pop up for no reason out of nowhere from nothing . Can natural selection think, has a brain, intelligence, planning ? No then all things to exist need to be planned .


Creation vs evolution movie . A car, shoes, a plane, a phone, a pc all things before they ar emade someone has to decide the shape, form, color , function ect . Thus evolution cannot be true as natural selection cannot plan . Creation vs evolution movie Enjoy

This is my creation vs evolution article argumentative essay to present this amazing creation television page . Here you can find hundreds of hours of creation documentary . Creation vs evolution debates from the best such as Kent Hovind, Richard Dawkings, Hugh Ross, William Lane Craig, professor Lennox, professor Berlinski . First of all i invite you to our forum where you can discuss the topic and start topics and questions .

Creation vs evolution discussion forum section 


This amazing creation vs evolution article argumentative essay will give you basics of the arguments against evolution . I love atheists i am European and i think atheists sometimes are nicer than christians . But i do not believe evolution to be true . This is why i write this creation vs evolution article argumentative essay .

My first argument is that things cannot pop up from nowhere as it is taught in the atheist religion . Things do not appear from nowhere, from nothing, for no reason . M atheists friiends will then say . O that is what you believe . But no it is what they believe . It is called science but it is not . Atheists do believe things appear fro no reaon, out of nowhere, from noting . As can natural selection think ? Can natural selection feel ? Can natural selection plan ? No . Then it cannot create anything .


Let us go one step back. Modern science is a mix of fake and truth . This is how people are deceive d. To deceive the rat, Rat poison which is 99 percent good food needs to be mixed with 1 percent of poison . If you put too much poison then the rat will not eat it . The word science comes from creationists.


My creation vs evolution article argumentative essay teaches that al branches of science were started by creationists, people who were led by God. The word science was stollen from creationists and a religion was added to science called evolution . What is science ? Science is what we can test, prove, demonstrate ?


The astronomical unit is that science or evolution ? It is science Why ? Because we can test, prove demonstrate the distance between the earth and the sun . Are transition of soceies, big bang, geological column, carbon 14 science or evolution ? It is evolution Why ? Because nobody has seen an animal making something else than itself,


It is believed by faith . Same with the geological column, the big bang. It is believed by faith . Faith in who ? Atheists have a lot of faith in human beings. It is one of the core belief. Believe in human reasoning . My creation vs evolution article argumentative essay teaches that humans are corrupt, biased, dishonest and plain liars. We cannot believe in human beings. Much less human beings that are payed to teach something and get a salary from their teaching .


So atheists have faith too ? Yes they fully trust the diploma the piece of paper as absolute. And they trust and have faith in human reasoning . The which the bible says . 'He that trusts in his own heart is a fool'. And 'the heart is deceitful above all things who can know it ' . Also atheists trust much in what is established on earth by the majority of people . But does majority count ? No


Majoroty does not count to believe something . But as atheits love to believe that the strong survive and that makes new creatures. The which has never been observed ; they believe we should follow the majority as those who follow majority survive. Another great argument for my creation vs evolution article argumentative essay.


Is that atheists often say , you do not understand evolution, you are not educated. I am very well educated, in the most atheistic country in the world France . But does truth depands on education of honesty ? If truth depended on education, then all educated people would believe the truth and be honest. Are all educated people honest ? No


Then this topic has not that much to do with education but honesty . Unless you are honest you will never accept the truth . As you will love the lie and falshood rather than follow the truth . Being honest is one of the greatest thing for Giod . Honesty and humility . And besided this there is not much to know about evolution .


The main belief of evolutio, is that We see small changes. We conlcude and immagine they can become great changes . It is luke saying i seea car driving 40 miles an hour downtown Sydney , i suppose and immagine and assume this car will arrive in London in eight days driving the same speed. Assuling things always leads to errors.


Who can say the small change sin species are not made my God ? My creation vs evolution article argumentative essay explains that small changes do not mean this can produce great changess . This belief also does not mean that random changes does that. In fact nobody can prove that God is not using natural selection to preserve and adapt species.


God created natural selection to preserve species As without it first cold or change of nutriton we would die and we could not be able to adapt. God created this process to adapt to the climate and changes . This adaptation process never creates new things. Why . Because to create something one needs to plan and decide how the thing will be . Natural selection we have seen cannot plan or think or feel . Natural selection does not have a brain or intelligence. .


This blind mechanism natural selection that God created is only here to preserve species. It never creates something new. We only adapt to the climate to things that already exist. If i move from Finland to Africa i wil adapt to the climats and become darker. Will that make me a new creature ? No I will remain a human . My creation vs evolution article argumentative essay proves that to create anything one need to plan .


Can a car, plane, shoe, pants, engine, pc phone . Can they exist unless planned ? Or made without a machine who has been planed ? No . That would be magic. But this is exactly what atheist believe . They believe a piece of wood from atree can become a castle ? They believe that a piece of metal can become a ferrari over time . So time, natural selection and mutation are the trinity of atheism. This is why i call my atheist friends believers in the random certified relgion .


Nothing can exist unless planned . Some atheists have told me You do not need planning . Then i say is that scienctific ? No when someone says that they left science and talk about a religious belief. Nothing can exist unless planned. Believing otherwise is not scientific. And the belief that atheism teaches , that things appear for no reason , out of nowhere, from nothing has exactly like Hudini s magic. . I think my creation vs evolution article argumentative essay gives strong reason to not believe in evolution .

The reason why this is so important is that if the theory of evolution is all based on a lie and deception then it could be the greatest deception ever given to mankind. All calculations and scientific diplomas. And research to end up understanding that it all come sdown to Do things appear for no reason and can developp out of nowhere from nothing ? No can we call this science ? No can anyone explain this in a scientifi way. ? No How do i know ? I have given this question to 3000 atheists, some relsearch scientists with diplomas. How many could answer this question in a scientific way ? No one


Ye sit seems like because there are small changes one can assume that all creatures can developp to anything . But assuming is not science it is just immagining things. It is a belief projecting things in the futur that do not exist. Thing never and cannot developp from nothing fro no reason. Natural selection has been created by God and does make changes in the specie. Does it do that itself ? No it cannot because it has no brain thought or planning . My creation vs evolution article argumentative essay proves that if natural selection could by itself create things then magic would exist and a piece of wood on the side of the street could make castles. But it cannot .


As all things to exist need to be planned. Randomness cannot create anything and even randomness and chance who created it ? Who made it evolve ? If it did evolve whob chose the rate of evolving? Why didnn t change evolve so far as to be able ot make things instanty ? Why didn t natural selection evolve so far as to make things instantly too? It cannot make something , natural selection is guided by God .


Nobody can prove otherwise scientifically . Many atheists will say i believe it is not guidd by God . Can you prove it scientifically ? No then it remains a religious belief. A car a shoe, a place all need to be planned to exist. A song needs to be planned to exist. My creation vs evolution article argumentative essay proves that a song needs to have a start, an end. Someone has to chose the instruments. The notes and scales of the music. Someone has to design the melody line .


All these things cannot come randomly . They need to be planned. A building needs to be planned. Someone needs to decide the siwe of the balcony, the color of the building. The size of the appartments. And so many more things need to be planned . Unless they are planned and decided in advance, the builkding will neved become a reality .


But one wll say evolution does not need planning . Then explain to me scientifically how this can be done ? No one can explain . It only can be believed by faith . That things can apear for no reason . It is like saying there is a honda civic and a honda prelude . I suppode that it wil become a ferrari . The conclusion os wrong . As there are variation in a car. Does that mean that it can make a car that does not belong to the make ? No


The same is true for evolution . Variations in a specie cannot make a different specie. The only thing observed is variation of big cats and small cats. Nobody has ever seena cat make a non cat. Supposing otherwise is not scientific but religious . In my creation vs evolution article argumentative essay Some will say well animals are not cars.


This is avoiding the argument as an analogy is not the real thing , but it is a story to prove a point. An analogy is explaining another way for someone to understand what is meant. The anaolgy of the car means . As a dead thing cannot make itself by chance given billions of years . Hhow much less a living organism such as a cat or a huamn cannot come by chance given billions of years. Why ? Because cats and humans are much more complex than a car.

The problem is that mistake of believing in evolution is a costly mistake that cna cost one their eternal life. This is why one needs to be sure they are right . As in my experience most atheists do not know the bible and the reason why one believes the bible . It is true that most christians believe the bible because their family and friends do so. The same is true for atheists most believe atheism because most people in their country believe in atheism .


The reasons why i believe the bible is because of bible prophecy . I ralize often athrists think we believe the bible for no reason. That would be terrible. There are veru good reason why we believe the bible . The main one of bible prophecy . God said

I tell you things before they come to pass that you may know that I am God .

The proof for believing the bible is bible prophecy . For the weak in faith as the things in creation is enough for one to believe that there is a God . My creation vs evolution article argumentative essay proves also that faith is like a muscle. Unless you exercise your faith my friends it will be weak. No wonder you do not believe , you do not read the bible everyday and you do not exervise your faith muscle .


It is too weak to believe . This would be the case for all who do not exervice their faith muscle. In the judgment will it be Gods fault that your faith muscle is too weak ? No we are responsible to developp our faith muscle. Faith becomes strong by use. But listening to the bible,, by reading the bible, by trusting in God . My creation vs evolution article argumentative essay proves that everybody has faith . If it is not faith in God people put faith in human reasoning .


O that is a dangerous ground to trust in human beings and their reasoning . Understnding that reasoning can be lef by evil spirits to destruction . We have learn in this creation vs evolution article argumentative essay that . Often atheists do not believe the bible because they have never read it . How many can explain bible prophecies like the 1260 days the 2300 days . The 2 witnesses, the angry horse ? I never met one out of 3000 atheists i talked to .


We found out that things cannot appear by chance out of nowhere, for no reason out of nothing . This is not scientific, yet the whole theory of evolution is based on those non scientific suppositions . We found out that atheists trust a lot on human reasoning and diplomas . And as these fall they will fall also in the ditch .

Should you believe something just because most believe in it ? No Also just because you see varations it doe snot mean that they become something else. Also it does not mean that it caomes by chance for no reason out of nowhere from nothing . This is not scientific . This proves that atheism is a religion and is not based on science . Even if it uses scientific date to explain details and they avoid altogether the root of the problem. Things appearing by chance like in Hudinins magic tricks . creation vs evolution article argumentative essay .

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