Bible archeology finds show us the the bile is true as the things in the bible are not fairy tale. We find the name of kings, cities and events with the exact same as found in the bible . Bible archeology finds proves to us that the bible indeed is true . Watch amazing seminars from Francois Du plessis or Ron Wyatt who found the Ark of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, the red sea crossing and so many other incredible bible archeology finds that shows us . Yes the bible is true .


Bible archeology was led by God as some people have not enough faith to believe what the bible says . And many do not read the bible . God sends them another way to see the truth and believe . Bible archeology finds . There are so many hours here of amazing bible archeology finds that you should share this page with your friends to help them believe in the truth. Adn those who already believe to help them spread the love of God to others . Bible archeology finds Enjoy