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5 Reasons why the modern health system is wrong Natural health news

Do you love truth ? It seems like in this world people do not like truth. Yes God commands us to love and to tell the truth . Even it this truth is not loved by our society we need to tell it . I am not a doctor. God is not a doctor

God does not have a diploma from earth. Yet God is our healer and knows better than we do how to heal ourselves. Natural health is the answer to the game. This is where you will find healing . I am only telling your my experience and what i have heard . Find out the five reasons why the modern health system is wrong .

To know how to heal from diseases natural health news and to learn true health to go the health page

1 Natural health news The cause of sickness

What is the cause of sickness? Well we do not know all we know is that medicine is what makes symptoms go away . This is how modern medicine talks and this is why millions of people are stayings sick for years and never getting better.

It is a dangerous game they play with God as to learn how to treat sickness is not to be able to treat sickness . It is like a mechanic learning only how to make your engine look good would be given cars to repair .

This mechanic is not able to repair cars as the only thing he knows is to make your engine look good . But this is what people are doing . Natural health news let us understand clearly that treating symptoms will never heal disease. Never finding the cause of the disease will never heal any disease .

The modern health system is very lucky because the body heals itself all the time . It is a luck game for them as they sell medicine yet medicine never heals disease . When the body has healed it is always the body making the healing .

Natural health is where healing is as we can only help the body to heal itself . Most of the time medicine hinders the body from healing itself . Unless we know the cause of sickness we can never heal . Doctor why do i have cancer why do i have heart disease why do i have arthritis ? I do not know . Then as your doctor answers this question he cannot heal you .

2 Natural health news Organ is not the body

Treating one organ is not treating the body . As heart disease it not found in the heart only but in all veins in your body . If you are sick your whole body should be treated as your sick organ is the feeble one . Natural health is where healing is found . It is like amputations which sometimes are necessary , but sad i was in Mexico and i saw a taxi driver that stopped me on the street.

He said can you help me as my client here has no legs i need someone to help me take him out of the car. I pulled this poor men onto his wheel chair . It was sad to see someone who fell for the take away organs and amputate where there are much simpler solutions such as fasting for diabetes .

Natural health store near me can help you . Can you imagine Dr Fung explains that fasting for a few weeks for diabetes cleans up the liver and you do not have diabetes anymore because diabetes is an excess sickness . Take away the excess fast and your body is healed . Modern medicine are certified butchers. Why did this happen ?

Because the doctors do you seek to know what caused diabetes or any sickness they are only trained on allopathy . Doctors are sickness managers . Why would you want to manage disease ? Because they do not know that there are ways to heal disease with natural health

3 Natural health news Selling medicine

Modern medicine is a business an hospital is a real estate investment when we think about it . They need to have so many beds filled to make money . Unless there are enough beds filled in hospitals they loose their investment. If you can make someone buy your product for thirty years you have an incredible clientele . Natural health news that can save your life

When we think about it a busines sonly has about ten percent of clients who are regulars and if these can come back for one year it is a good thing . Can you immagine having clients who are regulars for thirty years it is an incredible business model . Natural health store neam me can save you and your family lots of sufferings but knowledge is key .

Selling products that do not heal is not a very ethical thing to do . But most pharma companies do not know that their products do not heal Why ? Because they do not know any other was their training is in allopathy the management of disease .

And as modern medicine and science forbids any other research and bans true healing then the real solution to heal disease stays like a secret to most people . Natural health store near me there you surely can find what can heal your body .

4 Natural health news Treating the symptom

If modern medicine treats the symptoms they never treat disease. In fact they have to make a choice do they want to heal disease or treat symptoms ? A symptom is the effect of the disease the pain the discomfort the rashes ect that are only the result of the problem . Treating these will never make the sickness go away .

Natural health is the answer . It is like you have a hole in a boat and you keep flushing out water from the boat . How long will you have to do this ? Forever . Is the water coming inside the boat the problem ? No it is a symptom of the problem . You can eliminate the water yet the water will still pour in the boat . Natural health news gives you the answers.

Yet if you fix the problem

The hole in the boat then you have fixed the problem . Putting a stent in the heart will never fix the problem that the person is eating too much fat and enlarging the heart veins will not eliminate the cause . Natural health news incredible answers for your health problems .

5 Natural health news Avoiding all natural treatments

In modern science as in the theory of evolution they refuse to hear other mindsets . The modern medicine system is not the answer as the body does not work with medicine . The body works with nutrients. Then wouldn't the body heal with nutrients or cleansing the body from excess nutrients. Most of the time cleansing the sickness is two things



Eliminating the things that cause the sickness such as colon cleansing

Absorbing The body which is sick is not eating the right food such as raw food or in juice form made from machine not store juices .

If when there is a problem you eliminate the solution they the solution will not be found . It is like saying I want you to go into the store and only see anything but oranges . Then when the persons comes out of the store you say Did you see oranges . The person will say not .

You modern medicine do you see true healing ? No Why because true healing is already eliminated in the mindset and the modern medical education system. No wonder people never get well, they never heal they stay on medicine for thirty years without any improvement .

Natural health store near me could have your answer .Then why not think differently and see how the body works and give the body what it needs ? Cleansing , nutrients and rest. Are we not going to be responsible to God in the judgement for all we have done, thought and said?

Will not God ask you to give account of your stewardship. Did people get better ? No Then why did you not seek another way to heal ? Did people get worse ? Then why did you not give them the teaching and treatment they needed ? Natural health news

Repeat after me Father God i ask you forgiveness on how i made people not to heal help me learn and understand how to truly heal the body and make people well forgive my sins and help me walk with You in the name of Jesus amen

To learn how to truly heal the body go to the health page

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