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Esther bible study questions and answers

Esther concentrate esther ch 1 v1 Which territory did Ahasuherus reign over ? India to Ethiopia v32 when did he make a feast for all princes ? 3 Rd year of his reignv4 how long was the feast ? 180 days v17 why was Vashti behaviour wrong ? this deed shall come upon all women so that they shall despise their husband v18 there shall arise ? too much wrath and contempt Esther CH 2v1 what happened after Vashti was gone ? let there be fair young virgins sought for the kingV7 another name for Esther ? Hadassah v14 when did Esther went see Ahasuerus ? evening v17 and the king loved ? Esther above all the women

Esther CH 3V8 what was Haman s excuse to destroy Jews ? there is a certain people ..their laws are diverse neither keep they the kings laws What provoked this decree ? Mordecai not bowing down to Haman

Esther CH 4v11 what happened to someone came kings presence uncalled ? was killed unless ? king hold out golden scepter 13 Mordecai answered Esther ? think not that you shall escape in the kings house more than all the Jews

Esther CH 5v32 what did Ahasuerus say when Esther came before him ? it shall be given you to tbe half of the kingdomv 6 what kind of banquet Esther did ? banquet of wine v14 how high was gallow Haman made ? 50 cubits high or 27 meters

Esther CH 6v what happened when Ahasuerus could not sleep ? commanded to bring the book of records v2 what did Ahasuerus read ? Mordecai saved his life v4 who just entered the palace ? Haman thinking what ? to ask the king to hang Mordecai V6 what did Ahasuerus ask Haman ? what shall be done unto tbe men whom tbe king delights to honour ?What did Haman think? to whom would the king delights to honour more than to myself ? v11 who had to array Mordecai and lead the horse ? Haman Esther CH 8v2 who took the place of Haman ? Mordecai who gave him this position ?

Esther v9 how many provinces did Ahasuerus have ? 127 v17 who became Jews after decree that Jews should not be killed ? many people Why ? for the fear if the Jews fell upon them Esther ch 9v4 what happened of Mordecai ? was great in the king's house his fame went throughout all the provinces , for this men Mordecai waxed greater and greater v21 which day was to be kept as Jews victory ? 14 th adar v26 what were these days called? putim after the name of pure sther ch 10v2 where was this story also written ? book of chronicles of king of media and Persia EARTHLASTDAY.COM

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