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Book of Psalms questions and answers bible study

Psalms concentrate ps ch 1 v1 blessed is he that ? walks not in the counsel of the ungodly nor ? stands in the way of sinners nor sits? in the sit of the scornful v2 but his delight ? is in the law of the Lord in his law? he meditates day and night v3 he shall be like a ? tree planted by the rivers of water that ? brings forth his fruit in his season

his leaf? shall not wither whatsoever he does ? prospers v4 the ungodly ? are not so but are like the ? chaff that the wind drives away v5 the ungodly shall not stand ? in judgment nor sinners ? in congregation of the righteous V6 the Lord knows the way ? of the righteous ,but the way of sinners shall perish ps ch 2 v1 against whom kings of the earth set themselves ? against the Lord and his anointed v3 what do the kings say against God ? let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us v5 how will God speak to kings? in his wrath and vex them in his sore displeasure v9 how will Jesus break them ? with rod of iron and dash them in pieces like potters vessel V12 what do kings have to do ? kiss the son lest he be angry and you perish from the way ps ch 3 v3 but you are a shield for me? my glory and the lifter of my head v5 i laid me down and slept? i awakened for you sustained me V6 i will not be afraid ? of the thousand of people who have set themselves against me round about V7 you ha e smitten ? all my enemies on the cheek bone you have broken ? the teeth of the ungodly

ps ch 4 v1 you have enlarged me? when I was in distress V6 lift up ? the light of your countenance upon us V7 you have put? gladness in my heart more then when their corn and wine increase v8 i will both ? lay me down and sleep for you Lord only ? make me dwell in safety ps ch 5 v4 you are not a God that has pleasure in ? wickedness, evil, foolish, workers of iniquity V6 you shall destroy him that speaks ? leasing leasing ? flasehood, lies, untruth v11 why should those that put trust in God rejoice ? for you defend them V12 for you will bless the ? righteous with favour you will compass him as with a shield favour ? delight, acceptance ps ch 6 v11 let all my enemies be ? ashamed and are vexed let them return and be ashamed suddently ps ch 7 v10 my defense is of ? God which saves the upright in heart v11 God is angry with the wicked ? everyday V12 if he turn not? He has wet his sword he has bent his bow and made it ready ps ch 8 v4 what is men that ? you are mindful of him and the son of men ? that you visit him ps ch 9 v9 the Lord shall be a refuge ? for the oppressed a refuge in ? times of trouble V10 for you have not forsaken ? those who in you V12 he forgets not? the cry of the humble v18 for the needy ? shall not always be forgotten the expectation of the poor ? shall not perish forever V20 put them in fear Lord ? that the nations know themselves to be but men

ps ch 10 v 14 you have seen it you behold ? mischief and spite spite ? provocation, grief of men, indignation to ? requite it v18 that the men of the earth may be no more ? oppressed ps ch 11 V7 for the righteous Lord loves ? righteousness his countenance ? beholds the upright ps ch 12 v3 the Lord shall cut off ? all flattering lips and the tongue that speaks ? proud things the words of the Lord are ? pure words V6 as silver purified in ? furnace seven times v8 the wicked walk on every side ? when the vilest men are exalted ps ch 13 V6 i will sing into the Lord ? for he has dealt bountifully with me ps ch 14 v2 the Lord looks down to see ? if there were any that did understand and seek God v3 they are all ? gone aside become filphy there is none that ? does good no not one V7 oh that the salvation of Israel were ? come out of Zion when the Lord ? brings back the captivity of Israel Jacob shall ? rejoice , Israel shall be glad ps ch 15 v1 who shall abide in God's tabernacle ? walks uprightly, works righteousness, speaks truth in heart, backbites not nor does evil to neighbour , nor takes reproach against neighbour in whose eyes ? a vile person is contemned He that swears to his own hurt and ? changes not puts not money to ?usury nor takes reward against ? innocent he that does these things ? shall never be moved

ps ch 16 v5 the Lord is the portion of ? my inheritance and of my cup ? you maintain my lot v8 because He is at my right hand ? i shall not be moved v11 in your presence is ? fullness of joy at your right hand are ? pleasures forevermore ps ch 17 v7 show me your marvelous ? loving kindness you that save by your ? right hand them that out their trust in you from ? those that rise up against against them v8 keep me ? as the apple of your eye hide me ? under the shadow of your wings ps ch 18 v2 the Lord is my rock ? and my strength and my deliverer my buckler ? and the horn of my salvation my high tower V16 he sent from above ? he took me , he drew me out of many waters v30 he is a buckler ? for all those who trust in him v35 your gentleness ? has made me great v47 it is God that avengers me ? and subdues the people under me ps ch 21 v2 you have given him his ? hearts desire and has not ? witholden the request of his lips v3 you prevented him with ? blessings of goodness ps ch 22 v4 Our fathers trusted in you and ? you delivered them V5 they cried to you and? were delivered they trusted in you and ? were not confounded v28 God is the governor ? among the nations ps CH 23 v1 the Lord is my shepherd i? shall not want v2 he makes me to ? lie down in green pastures he leads me ? besides the still waters V3 he restores? my soul he leads me ? in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake v4 though i walk ? in the valley of the shadow of death i will ? fear no evil your rod ? and your staff they comfort me

V5 you prepare a table before me? in the presence of my enemies you anoint my head? with oil my cup runs over V6 surely goodness and mercy ? shall follow me all the days of my life and I will ? dwell in the house if the Lord forever ps CH 24 v1 the earth is ? the Lord's and the fullness thereof the world and they ? that dwell therein v2 for he has founded it upon ? the seas and ? established t upon the floods V3 who shall ascend upon the hill of the Lord ? he that has ? clean hands, pure heart not lifted up ? his soul into vanity nor sworn? deceitfully V5 je shall receive ? blessing from the Lord and ? righteousness from the God of his salvation ps CH 25 v6 remember your? tender mercies and ? loving kindnesses for they have been ever of old V8 good and ? upright is the Lord v9 the meek will he ? guide in judgment and teach his way v10 all the paths of the Lord are ? mercy and truth until such as ? keep his covenant and his testimonies v12 what men is he that ? fears the Lord him shall he teach ? in the way that he shall chose v13 his soul shall? dwell at ease his seed shall ? inherit the earth v14 what is with those that fear God ? his secret he will show them ? his covenant v15 he shall pluck ? my feet out of the net ps CH 26 V3 your loving kindness is ? ever before my eyes ps CH 27 v1 the Lord is ? my light and my salvation Whom? shall i fear the Lord is the strength ? of my life of whom shall i be afraid V3 though na host ? should encamp against me i will not fear V5 for in the time of trouble he ? shall hide le in his pavillion in the secret ? of his tabernacle he shall et me up ? upon a rock

v6 my head shall be ? lifted up above my enemies v10 when my father and my mother forsake me? then the Lord will take me up v13 i had fainted ? unless i had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living v14 wait on the Lord? be of good courage and he shall strengthen your heart ps 28 V7 the Lord is my strength ? and my shield my heart trusts in him ps CH 29 V3 the voice of the Lordnn is ? upon waters the glory of God ? thunders v4 the voice of the Lord is ? powerful, full of majesty V7 the voice of the Lord ? divides the flames of fire v11 the lord sits ? upon the floods V8 the voice of the Lord shakes? the wilderness v11 the lord will give ? strength unto his people the Lord will ? bless his people with peace ps CH 30 v1 i will exalt you for? you have lifted me up and has not made my foes to rejoice over me v2 i cried unto you ? and you have healed me V5 for his anger ? endures for a moment but his favour ? is for life weeping may ? endure for a night but joy comes in the morning v10 have mercy upon me? for you are my helper v11 you have turned my ? mourning into dancing you have put off ? my sackcloth and girded me with gladness ps CH 31 v3 for you are my ? rock and my fortress V7 for you have considered ? my trouble you have known my soul ? in adversity V8 you have not shut me up ? into tbe hands of my enemy you have set my feet? in a large room v19 how great is your ? goodness which you hace laid up ? for those that fear you v21 blessed be the Lord for he has ? showed me his marvelous kindness v22 you heard the ? voice of my supplication when I cried unto you v23 o love the Lord for ? he preserves the faithful and ? plentifully rewards the proud doer v24 be of good courage and he? shall strengthen your heart

ps CH 32 v7 you are my hiding place ? you shall preserve me from trouble you shall compass me? about with songs of deliverance v10 many sorrows shall be to ? the wicked but he that trusts in the Lord ? mercy shall compass him about v11 be glad in the Lord ? and rejoice you righteous and? shout for joy all you that are upright in heart ps CH 33 v10 the Lord brings the counsel ? of the heathen to naught he makes the devices of the people ? of none effect v18 the eye of the Lord is ? upon them that fear him upon them ? that hope in his mercy v19 to deliver their ? soul from death keep them ? alive in famine V20 our soul wait for the Lord ? he is our help and our shield ps CH 34 v1 i will bless the Lord ? at all times his? praise shall continually be in my mouth v4 i sought the Lord and ? he heard me and delivered me from all my fears V6 This poor men cried ? and the Lord heard him and delivered him from all his troubles V7 the angel of the lord ? encamps around them ? that fear him and delivers them v8 o taste and see ? that the Lord is good v9 o fear the Lord for? there is no want for them that fear him V10 the young lions ? do lack and suffer hunger but? they that trust in the lord shall not want any good thing V12 what men that desires life ? and loves many days that he may see good v13 keep your tongue ? from evil and your lips ? from speaking guile v14 départ from ? evil seek peace and pursue it V15 the eyes ? of the Lord are upon the righteous his ears ? are open to their cry V16 the face of the Lord ? are against them that do evil to ? cut off the rememberance of them from the earth v17 the righteous cry ? and the Lord hears and delivers them from all troubles v18 the Lord is close to? them that are of a broken heart and saves such as have a contrite spirit v19 many are the ? afflictions of the righteous but the Lord ? delivers them out of them al v21 evil shall ? slay the wicked they that hate the righteous shall be ? desolate ps ch 35 v27 let the Lord be magnified who has pleasure in the prosperity of his servant ps ch 36 v5 your mercy o God? is in the heavens your faithfulness ? reaches unto the clouds V6 your righteousness ? is like the great mountains your judgments are ? like a great deep V7 o excellent is? your loving kindness the children of men put their? trust under the shadow of your wings v8 you will make them drink ? of the river of your pleasures V10 o continue your ? loving kindness unto them ? that know you

ps ch 37 vv1 fret not yourself against ? evil doers nor be envious ? against workers of iniquity v2 for they shall soon be ? cut down like the grass and ? wither like the green herb v3 trust in the lord and do good ? and dwell in the land and verily you shall be fed v4 delight yourself in ! the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart v9 for evildoers? shall be cut off those that wait ? upon the lord shall ? inherit the earth V10 for a little while and ? the wicked shall not be v11 but the meek shall ? inherit the earth and delight themselves ? in the abundance of peace V12 the wicked plots against? the just v13 the Lord ? laughs at him for he sees his day is coming v17 the Lord upholds? the righteous v18 the Lord knows ? the days of the upright their inheritance ? shall be forever v19 they shall not be? ashamed in the evil time in the days of ? famine they shall be satisfied v23 the steps ? of a good men are ordered by the lord he delights in his way v24 tough he falls ? he shall not be utterly cast down for the Lord ? upholds him with his hand v25 i have been young i am old i have never seen ? never seen the righteous forsaken nor his ? seed begging bread v27 depart from ? evil and do good and dwell forever more v32 the wicked watches the ? righteous and seeks to slay him v33 the Lord will not? leave him in his hand nor ? condemn him when he is judged v34 when the wicked are ? cut off you shall see it v37 mark the perfect men? and behold the upright v39 the salvation of the righteous is ? of the Lord he is their ? strength in the time of trouble for the end ? of that men is peace V40 the Lord shall help them and ? deliver them he shall ? deliver them from the wicked and saves them ? because they trust in him

ps CH 40 v1 i waited patiently for the Lord and ? he inclined unto me and heard my cry v2 he brought me up ? out of an horrible pit out of ? the miry clay set my feet ? upon a rock and established my goings V3 he has put a new? song in my mouth even ? praise to our God v4 blessed is the men that ? makes the Lord his trust and ? respects not the proud nor such !? as turn aside to lies v11 Withold not ? your tender mercies from me let your ? loving kindnes and your truth ever preserve me v17 the Lord thinks? upon me you are my ? help and deliverer ps CH 41 v1 blessed is he that ? considers the poor the Lord shall ? deliver him in times of trouble v2 the Lord will ? preserve him and keep him alive he shall be? blessed upon the earth God will not? deliver him unto the will of his enemies V3 the Lord will ? strengthen him upon the bed of languishing you will make all ? his bed in his sickness v11 this i know that you favour me ? that my enemies do not triumph over me ps CH 42 V5 why are you cast down ! o my soul why are you disquieted within me hope you in God? for i shall yet praise him V8 the Lord will command his ? lovingkindnes in the daytime ps CH 44 V5 through you we will ? push down our enemies we will ? tread them under that rise up against us V7 but you saved us from ? our enemies you have put them ? to shame that hate us ps CH 45 v11 the king shall greatly desire ? your beauty ps CH 46 v1 the Lord is our refuge and ? strength a very present help in trouble v2 therefore will not we ? fear though the ? earth be removed the mountains ? be carried in the midst of the sea V3 though the waters? roar and be troubled V7 the Lord of hosts is ? with us the God of ? jacob is our refuge v10 be still and know ? that I am God i will be ? exalted along the heathens v11 the lord of hosts is ? with us the God of ? jacob is our refuge ps CH 47 v8 God reigns over ? the heathen ps ch 48 v1 Great is our God and ? greatly to be praised in the city of our God in the mountain of his holiness v3 God is known in her ? palaces for a refuge v9 we have thought of your ? loving kindness in the midst of your temple v14 for this God is our God forever he will? be our guide even until death ps ch 49 v5 why should I fear ? in the days of evil V10 men that is in honour and ? understands not is like the ? beasts that perish ps ch 50 v3 our God shall come and shall ? not keep silence a? fire shall devour before him and it shall be ? very tempestuous round about him V12 if i was hungry i would not tell you for? the earth is mine and the fullness thereof v15 call upon me in the ? day of trouble i will deliver you and you shall glorify me v22 consider this you that forget God ? lest i tear in pieces and there is none to deliver v23 who's offers praise ? glorifies me to him that orders his conversation aright ? i will show the salvation of God ps ch 52 v1 the goodness of God ? endures forever ps ch 53 v1 God looks down ? from heaven upon the children of men to see ? if there were any that did understand that did seek God v3 everyone of them ? is gone back they are all? together become filthy there is none ? that does good no not one v4 have the workers of iniquity no knowledge who? eat up my people like bread v5 there were they in great ? when no fear was ps ch 54 v4 behold God is my ? helper the Lord is with them that ? uphold my soul v5 he will reward evil ? to my enemies , cut them off in your truth V7 for he has delivered me ? out of trouble my eye has seen his ? desire upon my enemies ps ch 55 v18 for he has delivered my soul ? in peace from the battle that was against me for there were many with me v19 God shall hear and ? afflict them v22 cast your burden ? upon the lord and he shall sustain you he shall ? never suffer the righteous to be moved

ps ch 56 v3 what time i am ? afraid i will trust in you v11 in God i put ? my trust i will not be afraid what men can do unto me ps ch 57 v1 in the shadow of your ? wings will i make my refuge till these calamities be overpassed v2 i will cry unto God most high ? who performs all things for me v3 he shall send from heaven ? and save me from the reproach of him that would swallow me up God shall send forth ? his mercy and his truth V10 for your mercy is great ? unto the heavens and your truth ? unto the clouds ps ch 58 V10 the righteous shall rejoice ? when he sees the vengence he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked v11 so shall a men say ? verily there is a reward for the righteous verily ? there is a God that judges on the earth ps ch 59 v4 they run and prepare themselves ? without my fault awake ? to help me and behold V9 i will wait upon thee ? for God is my defense V10 the God of my ? mercy shall prevent me God shall let me ? see my desire upon my enemies V16 i will.sing of your power for? i will sing aloud of your mercy in the morning for you have been ? my defense and refuge in the day of my trouble v17 unto you o my strength will? i sing for God is ? my defense and the God of myercy ps ch 60 v7 Ephraim is the? strength of my head Judah is ? my lawgiver v8 Moab is my ? wash pot over Edom ? will i cast out my shoe Philistia ? triumph you because of me v11 give us help from? trouble for vain is the help of men V12 through God we? shall do valíantly for he ? it is that shall tread down our enemies ps ch 61 v2 when my heart is overwhelmed ? lead me to the rock that is higher than i v3 for you have been a ? shelter for me and a strong tower from the enemy ps ch 62 v2 he only is my ? rock and my salvation he is my defense i shall not be greatly be moved V7 in God is my ? salvation and my glory the rock ? of my strength and my refuge V12 also to you belong ? mercy you render ? to every men according to their works ps ch 63 v3 because your loving kindness is ? better than life my lips shall praise you V7 because you have been my help ? therefore in the shadow of your wings will i rejoice psych 66 v9 which holds our souls in ? life and suffers not out feet to me moved v19 verify God has heard me ? he has attended to the voice of my prayer V20 blessed be God who has not ? turned away my prayer nor his mercy from me

ps ch 68 v5 a father of the ? fatherless and a judge of the ? widows is God in his holy habitation V6 God sets the ? solitary in families he brings out those ? that are bound with chains but the rebellious ? dwell in a dry land V10 God has prepared of your goodness for ? the poor v19 blessed be the Lord who daily ? loads us with benefits v35 O God you are terrible ? out of your holy places the God of Israel is he that gives? strength and power unto his people blessed be God ps ch 69 v16 hear me o Lord for ? your loving kindness is good turn into me ? according to the multitude of your tender mercies v33 for the Lord hears the ? poor and despises not ? his prisoners ps ch 71 v3 be thou my ? strong habitation where to i may ? continually resort you have given commandment to ? save me for? you are my rock and fortress V7 i am a wonder for ? many but you are ? my strong refuge v21 you shall increase ? my greatness you will ? comfort me on every side ps ch 72 v12 for he shall deliver the ? needy when he cries the ? poor also and he that has no helper v18 blessed be the God of Israel who only ? does wondrous things ps ch 73 v1 truly God is good to Israel ? even to such as have a clean heart ps ch 75 V7 for God is the judge he ? puts down one he sets up another v8 for in the hand of the Lord ? there is a cup and the wine ? is red it is full of mixture and he pours out ? of the same but the dregs all the wicked ? shall wing them out and drink them ps ch 76 V7 you and only you are to be ? feared who may stand in your sight ? once you are angry ? v9 when God arose in judgment to ? save all the meek of the earth ps ch 77 v1 i cried unto God ? with my voice and he gave ear unto me ps ch 78 19 they spake against God saying? can God furnish a table in the wilderness v20 behold he smote ? the rock that the waters gushed out and the streams overflowed can he give? bread also , can he provide flesh for his people v20 the Lord heard this ? and was worth so a ? fire was kindled against Jacob and anger? also came up against Israel v22 because they believed not ? in God and trusted not in his salvation v23 tough he had commanded ? the clouds from above and opened the doors of heaven v24 and had rained down ? manna upon them to eat and had given ? them the corn of heaven

v25 men did eat ? angels food he sent them ? meat to the full v32 for all this ? they sinned still and believed not for his wondrous works v38 but he being full of ? compassion forgave their iniquity and destroyed them not Many a time ? turned he his anger away And did not ? stir up all his wrath v39 for he remembered that ? they were but flesh A ? wind that passes away and comes not again v49 how often ?did they provoke him in the wilderness and grieve him in the desert ps ch 81 V7 you called in trouble and i delivered you i answered you ? in the secret place of thunder i proved you at ? the waters of meribah v13 other my people had ? hearkened unto me v14 i would have? soon subdued their enemies and turned ? my hand against their adversaries V16 he should have fed them ? with the finest of the wheat and with? honey out of the rock should i have satisfied you ps ch 82 v2 how long will you judge ? unjustly and accept ? the person of the wicked v3 defend the ? poor and fatherless do justice to ? the afflicted and needy ps ch 84 v11 for the Lord is a ? sun and shield the Lord will give ? grace and glory no good ? thing will he withold from those who walk uprightly ps ch 85 v8 for he will speak ? peace to his people but let them not ? turn again to folly V12 our land shall give ? that which is good and our land ? shall yield her increase ps ch 86 v5 for you Lord are ? good and ready to forgive and ? plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon you V7 in the day of trouble i will call upon you for ? you will answer me v13 for great is your mercy ? toward me and you have delivered me from tbe lowest hell v15 but you Lord are a God full of ? compassion and gracious long-suffering and plenteous ? in mercy and Truth v17 show me a token? for good ? that they which hate me may see it and be ashamed because you? have helped me and comforted me ps ch 88 v18 lover and friend you ? have put far from me and my acquaintance ? far from me ps ch 89 v1 i will sing of? the mercies of the Lord forever with my mouth ? i will make known your faithfulness to all generations V7 God is greatly to ? be feared in the assembly of the saints and to be had ? in reverence of all them that are about him v8 o Lord who is ? a strong Lord like unto thee or to your ? faithfulness round about you v9 you rule that raging ? of the sea when the ? waves arise you still them v18 for the Lord is our ? defense the holy one of Israel our ? king

ps ch 90 v1 Lord you have been ? our dwelling place in all generations v11 who knows the power ? of your anger even according to your ? fear so is your wrath V12 teach us to number our days ? so that we may apply our hearts to wisdom v14 satisfy us early with ? your mercy that we may rejoice and be glad all our days ps ch 91 v1 he that dwells in? the secret place of the most high shall abides under the ? shadow of the almighty v2 i will say of the Lord ? my refuge and my fortress my God ? in him will i trust v3 surely he shall ? deliver you from the snare of the fowler fowler? trapper and from the ? noisome pestilence v4 he shall cover you with ? his feathers and under ? his wings you shall trust his truth shall be ? your shield and buckler v5 you shall not be afraid of ? the terror by night nor of the arrow that ? flies by day V6 nor of the pestilence that ? walks in darkness nor for the? destruction that wasteth at noonday V7 a thousand ? may fall at your side and ? the thousand at your right hand but it shall ? not come near you v8 only with ? your eyes will you behold and see the reward of the wicked v9 because you have made the Lord ? which is my refuge even the most high ? your habitation V10 there shall no ? evil befall you nor shall ? any plague come near your dwelling v11 for he shall gjve his angels? charge over you to keep you ? in all your ways V12 they shall ? bear you up in their hands lest ? at any time you dash your foot against a stone v13 you shall tread on? the lion and adder the young lion and ? the Drago shall you tread under foot v14 because he has set ? his love upon me i will ? deliver him i will set ? him in high because he has known my name v15 he shall call upon me ? and I will answer him i will be with ? him in trouble i will ? deliver him and honour him V16 with ? long life will i satisfy him and show him my salvation ps ch 92. v2 to show forth your lovingkindness in the morning and your faithfulness ? every night v15 to show that the Lord is upright ? there is no unrighteousness in him ps ch 93 v1 the Lord reigns he is ? clothed with majesty the Lord is clothed with ? strength the works is established that ? it cannot be moved v2 your throne is established of ? old you are from? everlasting v4 the Lord is mightier than ? the noice of many waters

ps ch 94 v1 o Lord to whom? vegence belongs show yourself v2 lift up yourself ? o judge of the earth render a reward to? the proud V10 he that chastises the ? heathen shall he not correct he that teaches men? knowledge shall he not know v11 the Lord knows the thoughts of men ? that they are vanity v14 for the Lord will not ? cast off his people nor ? forsake his inheritance v17 unless the Lord has been ? my help my soul had almost dwelt in silence v18 when I said my foot ? slips, your mercy held me up V10 in the multitude of my thoughts? your comforts delight my soul v22 but the Lord is my ? defense my God is the rock ? of my refuge ps ch 96 v4 for the Lord is great ? and greatly to be praised he is to be feared ? above all gods v5 for all the gods of the nations are ? idols but the Lord made ? the heavens V6 honour and ? majesty are before him strength and ? beauty are in his sanctuary . v13 for he comes to ? judge the earth he shall judge the world with ? righteousness and the people with ? his truth ps ch 97 v2 clouds and ? darkness are round about him righteousness and ? judgment are the habitation of his throne v3 a fire goes before him that ? burns up his enemies round about V7 confounded are they that ? serve graven images that boast themselves ? of idols v19 you that love the Lord ? hate evil he preserves ? the soul of his saints and delivers them ? out of the hand if the wicked v11 light is sown ? for the righteous and ? gladness for the upright in heart ps ch 99 v1 he sits between! the cherubims ps ch 100 v4 enter his gates with ? thanksgiving and into his courts with ? praise be? thankful unto him and? bless his name V5 for the Lord is ? good his mercy is ? everlasting and bis truth ? endures to all generations ps CH 101 v5 whoso privily ? slanders his neighbour i will cut off him that has a high? look and a proud heart will not i suffer V7 he that works deceit? shall not dwell in my house he that tells lies ? shall not tarry in my sight V8 i will early destroy ? all the wicked of the land

ps CH 102 v17 he shall regard the prayer of the ? destitute and not despise their prayer V20 to hear the groaning of the ? prisoner to lose those that are? appointed to death ps CH 103 v2 bless the lord o my soul and forget ? not all his benefits V3 who forgives your? iniquities who ? heals all your diseases v4 who redeems your life from ? destruction Who crowns you with ? lovingkindnes and tender mercy lovingkindnes ? mercy,goodness, favour,good deed ,kindness, pity tender mercies ? compassion, pity, tender love , the womb as cherishing tbe fetus v5 who satisfied your ? mouth with good things so that your? youth ks renewed like the eagle v6 the Lord executes righteousness and ? judgment for all that are oppressed V8 the Lord is ? merciful and gracious slow to ? anger and plenteous in mercy v9 he will not always ? chide nor ? keep his anger forever chide ? strive, complain, contend, quarell v10 he has not dealt ? with us after our sins nor ? rewarded us according to our iniquities v11 for as the heaven is high ? above the earth so great is his ? mercy toward them that fear him v12 as far is the east from? the west so far as he ? removed our transgressions from us v13 like as a father ? pitteh his children so the Lord ? pitties them that fear him v14 for he knows ? our frame he remembers that ? we are dust v15 as for men his days are? as grass as a ? flower of the field so he flourishes v16 for the wind ? passes over it and it is gone And the place ? shall know it no more v17 but the mercy ? of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him and his righteousness unto? children's childrens v18 to such as ? keep his covenant and remember ? his commandments to do them ps CH 104 v1 oh Lord you are very ? great you are clothed with ? honour and majesty v2 who covers yourself with ? light as a garment v3 who lays the beams of his chambers in? water who makes the clouds ? his chariots who walks upon ? the wings of the wind v4 who makes his angels ! spirits and his ministers a ? flaming fire ps ch 105 v14 he suffered no men ? to do them wrong he reproved? kings for their sakes v15 saying ? touch not my anointed and do my ? prophets no harm v24 he increased his people ? greatly and made them ? stronger than their enemies v44 he gave them the lands of? the heathen they inherited the ? labour of the people

ps ch 106 v43 many times did he? deliver them v44 nevertheless he regarded? their affliction when he heard ? their cry v45 he remembered them for ? his covenant and repented according ? to the multitude of his mercies v46 he lade them to be ? pitied of all those who carried them captive ps ch 107 V6 the they cried unto the lord in ? their trouble and he delivered ? them out of their distresses v8 o that me would praise the Lord for ? for his goodness and ? for his wonderful works to the children of men v9 for he satisfies the longing soul and fills the hungry soul? with goodness . v35 he turns the wilderness into? standing water and dry ground into ? water springs v38 he blesses them so? that they are multiplied greatly suffers not their ? cattle to decrease v43 whosoever is wise and ? will observe these things even they shall ? understand the lovingkindness of the Lord ps ch 108 v4 for your mercy is great above? the heavens and your truth reaches ? unto the clouds V12 give us help from ? trouble for vain ? is the help of men through God we shall do valiantly for he it is that ? shall tread down our enemies ps ch 109 v19 for he shall stand at the right hand of ? the poor to save him from ? those who condemn his soul ps ch 110 v5 the Lord at your right hand shall strike ? through kings in the day of his wrath V6 he shall judge among ? the heathen he shall fill the ? places with the dead bodies he shall wound the heads ? over many countries V7 he shall drink of the ? brook in the way therefore shall ? he lift up the head ps ch 111 v4 he has made his wonderful ? works to be remembered the Lord is ? gracious and ful of compassion v5 he has given ? meat unto them that fear him he will ever be mindful of ? his covenant V6 he has showed his people the ? power of his works that he may give them? the inheritance of the heathen V7 the works of your hands are ? verity and judgment all his commandments are ? sure V10 good understanding have all they that ? so his commandments ps ch 112 v1 blessed is that me that ? fears the Lord and ? delights greatly in his commandments v2 his seed ? shall be mighty upon the earth the generation of the upright shall ? be blessed wealth and ? riches shall be in his house v4 to the upright arises ? light in darkness V7 he shall not be afraid of ? evil tidings his heart is fixed ? trusting in the lord ps ch 113 v5 who is like the ? Lord who M humbles himself to behold the things that are in heaven and in the earth V7 he raises the ? poor out of the dust and lifts the needy out? of the dunghill v8 that he may set him? with princes v9 he makes the barren woman to ? keep house ps ch 114 v7 tremble you earth at ? the presence of the lord v8 which turns the rock intp? a standing water the flint into ? a fountain of waters flnt? rock ps ch 115 v9 o Israel trust in the Lord he ? is their help and their shield v12 the Lord has been mindful of ? us he will bless us v14 the Lord shall increase ? you more and more ps CH 116 v1 i love the Lord because ? he has heard the voice of my supplication v2 because he has? inclined his ear unto me V5 gracious is the Lord and ? righteous our lord is merciful v6 the Lord preserves the ? Simple i was brought low and ? he helped me V7 return unto your ? rest o my soul for the Lord has ? dealt bountifully with you ps CH 117 v2 for his merciful ? kindness is great toward us ps CH 118 v22 o give thanks unto ? the Lord for he is good for his mercy endures forever ps CH 119 v76 let your merciful ? kindness be for my comfort v77 let your tender ? mercies come unto me that may live v125 it is time for you to work? for they have made void your law v149 hear my voice according ? to your lovingkindness v156 great are your ? tender mercies ps ch 121 v3 he will not suffer your ? foot to be moved he that keeps you ? will not slumber v5 the Lord is your ? keeper the Lord is the ? shade at your right hand v7 the Lord shall préserve ? you from all evil ps ch 125 v1 they that trust ? in the lord shall be as mount Zion which cannot be moved v2 as the mountains are? round about Jerusalem so the Lord is ? round about his people v3 for the rod of the ? wicked shall not rest on the lot of the righteous lest the righteous ? put forth their hand unto iniquity

ps ch 126 v5 they that saw in tears? shall reap in joy V6 he that goes forth weeping ? bearing precious seed shall doubtless come ? again with rejoicing bringing his sheaves with him sheaf? something bound ps ch 127 v2 it is vain for you to ? rise up early to sit up late to ear the bread of sorrows for so ? he gives his beloved sleep v3 children are the ? heritage of the Lord the fruit of the womb? his reward v4 as ? arrows are in the hands of a mighty men so are ? children of the youth v5 happy is the men that ? has his quiver full of them they shall not ? be ashamed but they shall speak with the enemy in the gate ps ch 128 v1 blessed is everyone that ? fears the Lord and walks in his ways v2 for you shall ? Lest the labor of your hands Happy shall? you be and it shall be well with you v3 your wife shall be ? a fruitful vine by the sides of your house your children ? like olive plants round about your table v4 this shall the men be ? blessed that fears the Lord ps ch 130 v7 let Israel hope in the lord for ? with the Lord is mercy and with him is ? plenteous redemption ps ch 137 v1 by the rivers of Babylon? there we sat down we wept when we remembered Zion ps ch 138 V6 though the Lord be high? yet he has respect unto the lowly but the ? proud he knows afar off ps ch 139 v17 how great are your thoughts ? towards me o God o great is? the sun of them if i should count them they are more in number that the sand when I awake ? i am still with you ps ch 140 V12 i know that the Lord will maintain ? the cause of the afflicted and the right of the poor ps ch 144 v2 my goodness and ? my fortress my high tower and my deliverer my shield and he ? in whom i trust who subdues my people under me ps ch 145 v6 men shall speak of the ? might of your terrible acts and i will declare? your greatness v7 they shall abundantly ? utter the memory of your great goodness v8 the Lord is ? gracious and full of compassion slow to anger and of great mercy v9 the Lord is good to all and ? and his tender mercies s over all his works v14 the Lord upholds ? all that fall and raises ? all that be bowed down v18 the Lord is nigh ? unto all them that call upon him v19 he will fulfill ? the desire of them that fear him he also will hear ? their cry and will save them V20 the Lord preserves ? them that love him but all the wicked ? will.he destroy ps ch 146 v7 which executes judgment ? for the oppressed which gives food ? to the hungry the Lord looseth ? the prisoners v8 the Lord opens ? the eyes of the blind the Lord raises them ? that are bowed down v9 the Lord preserves ? the strangers he rlieves the ? fatherless ans widows but the way of the wicked ? he turns upside down ps ch 147 v3 he heals the ? broken in heart he binds up ? their wounds v5 great is our lord and? of great power his understanding is ? infinite v6 the Lord lifts up ? the meek he casts the ? wicked down to the ground v11 the Lord takes pleasure ? in them that fear him in those ? that hope in his mercy ps ch 149 v4 he will.beautify the meek ? with salvation v7 to execute vengence ? upon the heathen v8 to bind up their ? kings with chains their nobles with ? fetters of iron v9 to execute upon them ? the judgment written

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