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Song of Solomon bible questions and answers

Song of Solomon Sos CH 1 V2 let him kiss me ? With the kisses of his mouth For ? His love is better than wine V2 because of the savour ? Of your good ointment Therefore do ? The virgins love you V4 draw me ? We will run after you The king' has brought me ? Into his chamber V5 I am black but ? Comely As ? The tents if Kedar as the curtains of Solomon V6 they made me the keeper of ? The vineyard But ? My own vineyard I have not kept V9 I have compared you my love as ? A company of horses in pharaoh s chariots

V12 while the king' sits at table ? My spikenard sends forth the smell thereof V13 a bundle of ? Myrrh is my beloved He shall lie ? All night between my breasts V14 my beloved is into me? As a cluster of campfire in the vineyards of Engedi V16 you are fair my beloved pleasant ? Also our bed is green Sos CH 2 V1 I am the rose ? Of Sharon and the lily of the valleys V2 as the lily among thorns ? So is my love among the daughters V3 I sat down under his shadow ? With great delight and his fruit was sweet to my taste V4 he brought me ? To the banqueting house V9 my beloved is like ? A roe or a young hart Roe ? Chevreuil Hart ? Cerf V11 for lo the winter is past ? The rain is over and gone V16 my beloved is mine ? And I am his he feeds among the Lillie's

Sos CH 3 V1 by night on my ? Bed I sought him whom my soul loves V4 I found him and ? I would not let him go ? Until I had brought him into my mother's house And ? Into the chamber of her that had conceived me V11 go you forth daughters of Zion ? Behold king Solomon with the crown Sos CH 4 V5 your 2 breasts are like ? 2 young roes that are twins which feed among the Lillies V6 until the daybreak ? And the shadows flee away I will get me ? To he mountain of myrrh and to the hill of frankincense V12 a garden ? Inclosed is my sister A spring ? Shut up a fountain sealed V16 awake o north wind ? Blow upon my garden That ? The spices may flow out Let my beloved ? Come into his garden and eat his pleasant fruits Sos CH 5 V1 I am come into my garden ? I have gathered my myrrh and my spice I have eaten ? My honeycomb and my honey I have drunk ? My wine and my milk O friends ? Drink yeah drink abudantly V4 my beloved put ? In his hand by the hole of the door And my ? Bowels were moved for him V5 I rose to open to my beloved and ? My hand dropped with myrrh And my fingers ? With sweet smelling myrrh upon the handles of the lock

Sos CH 6 V2 my beloved is gone down ? Into his garden To the bed of spices To feed in ? The garden and to gather lilies V8 there are threescore ? Queens And ? Fourscore concubines And ? Virgins without number Sos CH 7 V2 your navel is ? A round gobelet which wants no liquor Your belly is like ? A heap of wheat set about with Lillie's V3 your two breasts are like ? 2 young roes that are twins V8 I will go to the ? Palm trees I will take hold ? Of the bough Your breasts shall be ? As cluster of the vine Sos CH 8 V1 o that you were as a brother ? That sucked the breasts of my mother When I should find you without ? I would kiss you V2 I would cause you to drink ? Of spices wine of the juice of my pomegranate V6 for love is strong ? As death Jealousy ? As cruel as the grave V7 many waters ? Cannot quench love Neither can ? The floods drown it If.a men would give all the substance of his house ! For love he would be utterly contemned V14 be you like a roe ? Or a young hart upon the mountain of spices

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