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Ezra bible study questions

This is specialty to give you bible books in the which you can test your bible knowledge. Do you really know the bible? What is in Nehemiah chapter 3? What is in Job chapter 11? Ezra bible study questions is very helpful way to study the bible and remember what you have learned . Ezra bible study questions When you do a study such as this one several times you will remember much better than if you read a few chapters in the morning and forgot the same night . Read our other bible question and answers quizes here Ezra questions and answers bible study

ezra ch 1 v1 what is Ezra chapter one about ? Cyrus .making a decree to rebuilt Jerusalem temple Ezra CH 3 v12 why were the people weeping at temple foundation? because it was inferior to Solomon s temple Ezra CH 4 v1 what did Israel enemies ask them ? to help them build the temple v3 who refused? zerubabel, Jeshua and elders of Israel v4 the the people of the land? weakened the hands of the people of Judah and troubled them in building v5 and hired ? counselors against them to frustrate their purpose V6 what happened then? sent evil letter to Artaxerxes and he made city building to stop v11 what did Darius do? found Cyrus decree and made decree that ? whosoever shall alter this word let him be hanged Ezra CH 7 v24 how did God bless Israel through Darius ? sent gold and did not put tribute on Israel

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