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1 samuel bible study questions and answers

1 samuel bible study questions and answers This is the speciality of Thos stunning bible books quizes . This is an amazing method to help you learn the bible much better, than just reading a few chapters in the morning and not remebering what you have read the next day . 1 Samuel bible study questions and answers .

How many times this has happened to you? That you have read the bible and the next day you do not remember what you have read. A Samuel bible study questions and ansers is the amazing technique to quiz yourself in a particular bible book Why not test your knowledge now? Read the other bible quiz

1 &2 Samuel concentrate 1 sa ch 1 v2 who were Elkanah s wives ? Hannah , Penninah 1 sa ch 2 v17 what is 1 reason Eli sons sin was grievous ? people abhorred the sacrifice of the Lord v21 how many children did Hannah have ? 3 sons and 2 daughters 1 sa 4 v14 how old was Samuel when received bad news ? 98 v18 how long did Eli judge Israel ? 40 years v21 What was Eli's daughters son name ? Ichabod What does it mean ? the glory is departed

1 sa ch 5 v1 where did Philistines put the ark of God ? next to Dagon V3 what happened in the morning ? dragons image was fallen to ground before the ark of God V4 what happened next day ? dagon was fallen again his feet and hands cut off What was left of dagon ? only his stump V6 what happened to men of Ashdod? the hand of the Lord was against them, He destroyed them , smote them with Emerods Ashdod and where ? Ashdod and even the coasts

V8 where did Philistines carry the ark of God ? to Gath v19 wat happened men of Gath ? the Lord was against the city with a very great desrruction And? He smote the men of the city V20 where did they bring the ark of God next ? to Ekron v11 what did men of Ekron say ? send the ark of God to Israel for ? there was deadly destruction throughout all the city the hand of the Lord ? was very heavy there v12 the men that died not ? were smitten with hemoroids the cry ? of the city went up to heaven

1 sa ch 6 v1 how long was the ark in philistine country ? 7 months v9 what did Philistines do to know it was God that cursed them? sent the ark of God on cart by itself on two roads which road would be Gods curse ? if it goes Bethshemech if the other road ? then we shall know that it was not his hand that smote us it was a chance that happened to us v12 which way did the ark of God go ? Bethshemech v17 which 5 cities golden Emerods were offered ? Adhdod , Gaza, Ashkelon, Gath , Ekron v19 why did God smote men of Bethshemech ? because they looked at the ark of God how many died ? 50070 1 sa ch 7 V3 what did Israel had to do to be delivered from philistines ? give up Baal and serve God only v10 how did God win against philistines ? thundered with a great thunder

1 sa CH 8 v1 who were judges after Samuel? his son's Joel and Abiah V3 and his sons walked? not in God's ways but turned aside after lucre and took bribe and perverted judgment v5 because Samuel s sons were wicked what did Israel ask ? a king V6 but the thing ? displeased Samuel V7 and God said to Samuel ? hearken to the voice of the people ...for they have not rejected you but they have rejected me that I? should not reign over them v11 what happens when we put kings presidents ? take sons, reap harvest, take fields ,vineyard v18 and you shall? cry out in that day because of your king which you have chosen v19 nevertheless the people ? refused to obey the voice of Samuel saying nay but ? we will have a king over us

1 sa CH 9 v16 how did God send Saul to Samuel? dad lost donkeys, Saul wanted return servant said let us see the prophet v16 God told Samuel ? i send you the new king V20 what did Samuel say about tbe Donkeys ? Samuel revealed they were found v21 what did Saul answer when told he was be king? am i not a benjamite the smallest of the tribes ?

1 sa CH 10 vho did Samuel make Saul king ? anoont oil, kiss is it not ? because the Lord has anointed you to be captain over his inheritance ? V3 what would Saul see in plains of Tabor? men carrying 3 kids, 3 loaves, a bottle of wine V4 what would he have to receive at their hand? two loaves of bread v5 what would happen when Saul gets to the hill of God ? meet a company of prophets V6 and the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you and you shall prophesy with them And you shall be ? turned into another men V8 where had Saul to go? gilgal how long ? 7 days for sacrifices v17 where did Samuel call Israel ? in Mizpeh v21 when they sought for Saul what happened ? he could 'not be found v22 who did they ask where was Saul? to God What did God answer ? he has hiding himself along the stuff

1 sa ch 11 v1 who came to battle against Israel ? Nahash the amonite v5 who fought him ? Saul 1 sa ch 12 v17 I will call the Lord and He shall send ? thunder and rain that you may perceive and see that your wickedess is great asking you a king v18 Samuel called unto the Lord ? and the Lord sent thunder and rain v19 all the people said ? pray for your servants that we die not for we have added unto all our sins this evil to ask is a king

1 sa CH 14 v49 who were Saul's children's ? Jonathan, ishui, Melchishua daughters ? Merab, Michal v50 wbo was Saul's wife ? Ahinoam 1 sa CH 15 v9 which people Saul did not desrroy all things ? Amalekites v17 What did Samuel tell Saul ? when you were little in your own eyes were you not made the head of the tribes of Israel ?! v22 to obey is better ? than sacrifice and to hearken than the fat of rams v23 fle rebellion is ? as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry v29 the strength of Israel ? will not lie or repent for He is not a men that He should repent v35 and Samuel came no more ? to see Saul until the day of his death And the Lord ? repented that he had made Saul king

1 sa CH 16 v1 and the Lord said unto Samuel how long ? will you mourn for Saul seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel v13 when did the Spirit of God fell upon David ? when he was anointed king v14 but the Spirit of the Lord departed ? from Saul and an evil spirit ? from God troubled him

1 sa CH 17 v1 how tall was Goliath ? 6 cubits and a span v13 who were the 3 eldest sons of Jesse ? Eliab, Abinadab, Shammah v26 what did David say about Goliath ? for who is this uncircumcised philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God v32 David said to Saul let no men s ? heart fail because of him your servant will go ? and fight with this philistine v46 what did David tell Goliath ? this day will the Lord deliver thee into my hand and I will smite you and take your head from you v47 and all this assembly shall know ? that the Lord saves not by sword and spear for the battle is the Lord's and He will give you into our hand v5-7 what did David had in his hand when Saul called to appear before him? the head of Goliath

1 sa CH 18 v12 why was Saul afraid of David ? because it he Lord was with him and was departed from Saul 1 sa CH 19 v24 what happened to Saul when he sought David in Naioth ? he stripped off his clothes and prophecied 1 sa CH 20 V4 what did Jonathan say to David ? whatsoever your soul desires I will even do it for you 1 sa CH 21 v10 where did David go in fear of Saul ? Achish in gath v13 what did David do there ? feigned to be mad

1 sa CH 22 v1 where did David hide then ? cave of Abullam v2 who came to David ? everyone who was distressed in debt,, discontented v3 who did David ask refuge ? king of Moab v13 who did Saul slew because they did David ? Abimelech and 85 priests who slew them ? Does the Edomite 1 sa CH 23 v27 how did God protect David when Saul compassed him ? a Messenger said unto Saul haste thee and come for the philistines have invaded the land

1 sa ch 25 v1 where was Samuel buried ? ramah v38 who killed nabal? about ten days after that the Lord smote nabal and he died v39 what did David say after that ? blessed be the Lord ...who has returned the wickedness of nabal upon his own head

1 sa ch 28 v1 who went with philistines to fight Israel ? David who was philistine king ? Achish V6 what did GOD answer Saul about going to war? nothing who did Saul went to see ? a wizard in endor v25 what else did Saul do in witch s house ? eat 1 sa CH 29 v9 who did Ashich say David was? good as an angel of God 1 sa CH 31 v4 how did Saul die ? killed himself lest philistines abuse him 2 Samuel CH 1 v18 where does it say David taught Judah to use the bow? in book of Jasher 2 sa ch 2 v4 what David did after Saul's death ? was anointed king in Judah v8 who reigned over Israel ? ishbosheth Saul s son V10 how long did he reign over Israel ? 2 years when he was 40 years v11 how long David reigned over Judah? 7 years and 6 months

2 sa ch 3 v1 there was a long war between who ? Israel and Judah who became stronger ? David v27 who killed Abner army general of Israel ? Joab army general of Judah why? because Abner killed Joab s brother Asahel 2 sa ch 4 v4 what was Jonathan s lame son name ? Mepjibosheth 2 sa ch 5 v1 what happened when ishbosheth was dead ? all the tribes of Israel came to Hebron to say we are your bone and your flesh v4 what happened then ? David was anointed king over Israel he reigned ? 40 years

v9 which city David took ? Jerusalem What did Jebubistes say before being taken ? the blind and the lame shall not come in here Talking about who ? David V10 and David went on? and grew great and the Lord was with him v23 what did God say when philistines came against David ? 1st time go 2 don t go But ? fetch a compass behind them mulberry tree what does fetch a compass mean ? encircle them v24 what would God do in mulberry tree ? make a sound of a going on top of mulberry tree Then ? you shall bestir yourself for the Lord will go before you

2 sa ch 6 v23 how did God curse David's wife ? she had no child until day of her death 2 sa CH 9 v1 who did David wanted to show favour? saul s house who did they find ? ziba V6 who was Jonathan son ? Mephicbosech v10 how many sons ziba had ? 15 sons 20 servants 2 sa CH 10 v1 what happened when David sent servants to comfort Hanun king of ammon? v4 they shaved ? beards and cut off garments

2 sa CH 12 v32 what story Samuel told David about uriah? poor men only had one lamb V6 how much David said men had to restore ? 4 fold V7 how did God bless David ? anointed you king, delivered you from Saul, Gave you masters ? house and wives if it had been too little ? i would have given you such and such a thing V10 what was Gods punishment? the sword shall not depart from your house why ? because you have despised Me and have taken Uriah s wife v11 which other punishment God gave ? i will take your wives before your eyes and give to.uour neighboor he shall lie ? with your wives in the sight of the sun 2 sa ch 13 v22 who forced Tamar ? Amon

2 sa ch 14 v1 who feigned to have Absalom return Jerusalem ? Joab What did Absalom do ? burned Joab s field ? why ? because he was not sent to David 2 sa ch 15 v2 what did Absalom do after seeing the king ? had 50 men run before him where did he stay ? by the way of the gate v2 who did he talk to ? any that had a controversy V6 what did Absalom steal ? stole the hearts of the men of Israel V12 how was this conspiracy ? strong for the people increased continually with Absalom V16 who did David leave in Jerusalem after fleeing Absalom? 10 concubines

2 sa 16 v5 who cursed David ? Shimei V12 what did David say after shimei curse ? it may be that the Lord will look on my affliction and the Lord will require me good for his cursing v23 what was Ahithophel s counsel ? was as if a men had enquired an oracle of God 2 sa CH 17 v1 what did Ahithophel propose Absalom? to pursue David With 12000 men and only kill David V4 what did Absalom answer ? and the saying pleased Absalom v14 what was Hushai counsel ? to bring all Israel against David and his men front whom came this counsel ? God why ? to tbe intent that God might bring evil against Absalom v27 who brought food to david army? shobi

2 sa CH 18 v8 what did devour more than the sword in David vs Absalom battle ? the wood v10 where was Absalom stuck when was killed ? in a tree v18 What did Absalom do because he had no kids ? make a pillar 2 sa CH 19 v2 in what victory was turned ? into mourning why ? how the king was grieved for his son 2 sa CH 20 v1 who was sheba? men belial said we have no part in David how did Sheba died ? cut head threw over the wall of city

2 sa CH 24 v13 which punishment did God offer David for numbering Israel ? 7 years famine, 3 days flee before enemies, 3 days pestilence in the land 14 what did David say? let us fall into the hands of the Lord for his mercies are great and let me not fall into the hands of men V16 how many died of the plague ? 70000 what did the angel of the Lord was about to destroy ? Jerusalem but? the Lord repented Him of the evil v18 what did God tell David to do to stop plague ? build altar threshing floor Araunah jebusite What did David did to offer sacrifices ? pay Araunah 50 shekels of silver EARTHLASTDAY.COM

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