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Which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible?

Which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible?
the two biggest religions in the world are Islam and Christianity . You know from our blog that we love atheists . We also believe atheist is a religion masked as science . As atheism as i call it is the random certified religion . It has a trinity time, natural selection and mutations . It has a prophet that claims to make prophetic interpretations suck as the bird will become a fish . 

But what about Islam ? which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible?first of all I have met many Muslims and as i remember they are some of the sweetest and kindest , loving people i have ever met .Jesus said by their fruits you shall know them .it means we recognize a follower of God not do much by their profession, but by who they are. Who should be be in the question ?

we should be like Jesus . Who was Jesus ? Jesus the bible says was meek and lowly . Does it mean Jesus did not value himself? no It means Jesus gave all glory to his father in our exemple on earth

.Jesus created all the universe, Jesus won the victory for sin for all humanity. People think that humble people do not value themselves . This is because people think like the world And we know the bible says the world is in opposition to God. so the followers of Islam often resemble God who is humble, meek, lowly, gentle , kind honest, loving, just, forgiving, loyal, partial in judgment , giving no favouritism for selfish lucre .

We see one commonality here as Muslims resemble Jesus more often than Christians which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible? but does it mean they have the truth ? how can we know who has the truth ? we need to examine both books , the bible and the Quran to find out .often people do not examine their own book and most Chriistians and Muslims have never read the Bible it goes the same for Muslims . most of them have never read the Quran

this is a strong point and very important as Islam says if you believe God has sons then you will not go to heaven . In fact the Muslim is not sure of his salvation.

Jesus says in the bible Unless you believe that I am He you I'll not enter life . The bible also says He that believes shall be saved and he that believes not shall be condemned .So let us find out which is the most plausible answer and solution .The koran came after the bible . The bible came around 100 ad the whole bible was written . The Quran came 500 years after .

The Koran has many stories found in the bible changed . Already we ha e a suspicion on which one is the true. If someone comes after and says i have the truth they have to prove why the first book should be false .But no Muslims has ever been able to prove the bible is wrong or changed . But let us go back to the point of the divinity of Jesus .The bible says in genesis chapter one, God says let us make men in our image .

Could God be speaking to himself ? no why? because he speaks in plural ? Let us ,it means that it is more than one person . Already we suspect that God is not one person . What does one mean in the bible ? this is where all Muslims have it wrong . They suppose that one means one person .

in Hebrew is two different words. EHAD and YAHID yahid means one shoe yahid shoe , one car, yahid car . It always means one in number .Ehad does not mean one in number it means one in unity, one in purpose, one in action . Examples such as one government , one family, one couple .

This is always the word used when the bible says God is one or God is united as one in purpose, God is united as one in action .One God never means God is one person. It means God is united as one person .Then it means that to make Islam true ,it would mean that the Hebrew language would need to be changed . 

But the Hebrew language is proof that the bible is true . And it means that the Koran writers cannot be inspired of God   Or it would be a God that does not know Hebrew.  But can God know Hebrew , yes as the real God knows everything . Then we conclude that the God of the Quran cannot be the real God 

Which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible ? the name Allah 
the father of Mohamed name was Abdullah which means servant of Allah . But we have a great problem as Allah at that time was not the only God , Allah was the moon God . One God among many others.  Muslims say that this Allah is the same Allah today .But how can the moon God that people worshipped back then be the same God as the all powerful Hod that made the universe . Did the moon God transform himself into the true God? 

This reminds le of atheism when they say All things be from nothing , out of nowhere , for no reason . Then we ask so you believe in magic . And they are blind of the fact that yes  they believe in magic. As things are either planned or come from magic.  How could the moon God that was worshipped for many centuries transform himself into the true God? it does not make sense . When Mohamed was young Allah the moon God was one of the gods worshipped at the Kabbalah .

This causes a serious problem of authenticity as the true God would be so from the beginning . Then could it be that the Angel that appeared to Mohamed was not Gabriel but an impostor ? very likely .   which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible ? how can God change his mind and contradict what He wrote in the bible ? it cannot be possible .

Which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible ? The Angel Gabriel 
this is another stunning proof and a big problem for Islam as Gabriel is seen in Daniel chapter 9 to say that Jesus is God three times . The supposedly same Gabriel appears to Mohamed and says that Jesus is not God and Jesus did not die on the cross .Then was have only two solutions to this . Either the bible was changed. or the Gabriel that Mohamed saw was not Gabriel . 

Muslims sometimes do not want to accept that the Gabriel that gave the message for the Quran is an impostor . Then they resort to saying the bible as changed . Argument for the which there is not proof . Gabriel comes in Daniel 8 14 giving him the stunning 2300 day prophecy . Daniel faints . Gabriel returns in Daniel 9 and explains to him the vision .Here Gabriel gives the exact date for the baptism of Jesus, the death of Jesus, the rejection of the Jews as a nation . 

Gabriel says 2300 years to Jesus entering the most holy place . These 2300 years start when Jerusalem is rebuilt in 457 bc. Then Gabriel divided the prophecy i  parts he says 69 weeks or 483 years until Messiah is anointed or baptised.

This is very easy 457 Jerusalem rebuilt + 483 is 27 ad . How incredible this is the exact year Jesus was baptised . Then Gabriel says 7 years then the Jews would be rejected as a nation . In 34 ad Stephen was stoned to death . And the gospel went to the gentiles .Then Gabriel says that in the midst of the 7 years which is 31 ad Messiah will be cut off , or crucified . Here the bible is clear and history confirms the same . Jesus was baptised k  27, died on the cross in 31 . 

The Jews as a nations were rejected in 34 ad . This prophecy is stunning in accuracy . It proves without a doubt that the Gabriel that Mohammed saw cannot be Gabriel but an impostor . the bible says that angels of Satan will appear saying they are from God . For they are spirits of devil's Working miracles.  They appear as angels of light the bible says and many people will be deceived. 

This is a stunning argument that has no answer as this 2300  prophecy can be proven by history and the bible . Could Gabriel come 1200 years later in 500 ad and tell Mohammed the exact opposite he told Daniel  in 650 bc? no which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible ? the 2300 day prophecy is absolute proof the bible is true which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible ? Was the bible changed ? 

this is a very important argument in Islam as they say the bible was changed . The questions to ask is when was the bible changed ? Who changed the bible ? not one Muslim can answer these questions .Then it means that only when someone can prove the date of the changes, and who did the changed can be believe such a boldclaim.  

The bible that God promised to preserve is the king James bible .This is the same bible Jesus had and the prophets as old testament . This king James bible is the same as the Christians of the first centuries had .it is true that later versions were a bit changed , only a few words here and there . The whole meaning is still there and not changed .

These newer versions Wescott and Hort are not the king James bible . God only promised in psalms to preserve the king James bible or the texts receptus . The dead sea scrolls found in 200 bc ar the same bible we find today . You can read those dead sea scrolls by yourself online . 200 bc and today it is the same bible .iIn the first century Christians wrote boons . In these books they quoted bible verses . In fact we can find the whole bible quoted in there books.Take bible of the first century is the same as we have today . This was before Mohamed came around in 500 ad . Which means the bible today can be compared to the bible 2000 years ago and it is exactly identical . which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible ? saying the bible is corrupt is not honest and not true . Which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible ? revelation chapter 9 This is a stunning argument as in 1838 a men called Josiah Litch was part of the Adventist movement of the first angels message . He studied revelation 9 and found out that august 11 1840 the Ottoman empire would fall . which are the errors of Islam compared to the bible ? the revelation 9 study is proof .But when Josiah Litch made this claim it was 1838, so he was prophesying about an event to happen 2 years later to the very day.

In fact the bible predicted this event 2000 years earlier . How stunningly accurate is the bible .This revelation 9 chapter days that thee is a time prophecy 391 years and 15 days . Counting the bible principle that one day is a year . it starts with Otman forces and ends 391 years later and 15 days when in August 11 1840 the Ottoman empire fell . We do not give details here but the book Daniel and the revelation from Josiah Litch in revelation 9 and the great controversy Ellen g white gives more details .This chapter says that q power and religion would come that would darken the earth with false beliefs . This power would come from the deep . it's army would be like horses who shoot from the tail . Muslims soldiers used to shoot from the back . They have hair as women , they have tooth as spades, their armour was yellow and violet . Just Google Ottoman empire soldiers you will be stunned to find out that this is exactly what the bible is describing in revelation 9 . Written 2000 years ago before there As any Muslim walking the earth .I think we could add many more true arguments .

But for all honest seekers this enough to find out that the bible is true and the Quran cannot possibly from God .God help me to follow the truth , help me to study more direct me into the truth of the bible . I believe that Jesus died on the cross . I ask forgiveness for my sins, in the name of Jesus amen

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