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Hello my friend my name is Fabien i am the Earth last day missionary Graduate from black hills mission college . Along with David Assjerick, Jeffery Rosario and Pastor Louis Torres . This is one of the most correct and deepest bible study websit eonline . You can read very profound bible blog articles on articles such as evolutio,n prophecy, bible teachings, righteousness by faith ect


You can join the forum and post your articles and comments. You can watch 5 different 24/7 bible television channels . You can read the blog in many diferent languages such as Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian What would keep you from suscribing so that you can learn more about the love of Jesus for you personally  now ? You can suscribe to my youtube channel . I am a missionary  Test your bible knowledge with our bible book quiz


I would be very grateful if you donate .so that my ministry EARTHLASTDAY.COM can continue blessing people around the world . You can also buy bibles in largest bible bookstore , train in church growth, and church leader,  take powerful 8 bible natural remedies and natural remedies shop Thank you so much Fabien




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BIBLE TELEVISION Amazing 24/7 bible television channels . Stunning bible prophecy seminars. Mission trips, church livestream Audio bible live Watch amazing 24 hrs a day 


CREATION TELEVISON Most christians do not know how to answer the agruments against creation . This is an amazing place for you to watch and enjoy amazing programs , seminars about the creation of God in 6 days Learn about creation


EARTHLASTDAY BLOG Known to be one of the deepest bible blog on the internet. Read very deep yet easy to read bible articles about bible prophecy, end time events, creation  health, bible teachings and the love of Jesus for you personaly


EARTHLASTDAY FORUM Make new friends at eld forum . Share your faith, post articles and your thoughts on the bible, creation health and all spiritual topics. 


ELD PRAYER REQUEST Share your prayer requests. We will lift up your need to the loving Jesus 


ELD BOKSTORE We direct you to some of the best christian stores where you cna find amazing discounts on bibles, churchs supplies. Download the best christian books. 


ELD CREATION EBOOK Download earthlastday creation ebook The founder Fabien having spent thousands of hours discussing evolution with our atheist friends. This is an excellent ebook to read and study how to talk to atheists about your faith 


CHURCH GROWTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING Learn how to grow your church . This is an amazing church leadrship and church growth program. Leanr how to lead your church corrrectly . This is one of the most advanced church leadership program out there. Visit here


EARTHLASTDAY HEALHT SOTRE Jesus spent more time healing than preaching . This is something important to us at Earthlastday You will greatly benefit watching health television page and the health articles 


EARTHLASTDAY HEALTH Your health is important to God . We believe God wants you to be healthy You can find a lot of natural health articles along with bible articles on Earthlastday blog. This is an amazing blend of biblical herbs that have been proven to be very effective to help you remain healthy 


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Imagine this is your last day Terrible plagues and earthquakes are  happening all around you?  What can you do ? Where will you run?  You see the world in total commotion.   What will soon happen on earth?



Who made the universe? Did humans evolve from nothing, out of nowhere, for no reason? What is truth?  Where dies life come from? Can life randomly happen for no reason? 



You made it to EARTHLASTDAY.COM Here you can get Bible answers that you do not find elsewhere. In fact modern christianity seems to have become like a social gathering  for christians.


As mega preachers do not preach from the Bible truly. But they help people to feel good. Here at EARTHLASTDAY.COM our goal is to give you solid BIBLE truth


So that you can be fed by the WORD OF GOD. As the BIBLE says ‘Man shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’ MT 4:’

Browse the books, bible televisions, creation debates, prophecy pages in They contain the most amazing stunning mouth dropping truth you have ever heard in your life? 

My name is Fabien people know me as the men God uses to give deep bible teachings I often do discussion with atheist, Muslim and other faith I am a self suported misisonary  I had the biggest evolution creation debate website in France . Earth last day blog is a very deep bibel study that can really help you get the correct understanding of the bible and prophecy 

If you could kindly help me with donation To continue writing the blog, earth last day bible television is one of the largest bible televiison channels on the web . 

For travel expenses and lodging . I teach natural health to poor countries and it is incredible to see the results. I have 15 years experience in evangelism It you could donate either paypal or sending bitcoin donation I am graduate from Black hills mission colege one of the best in USA where David Asherick also went  . I would be so grateful Thank you so much

If you want update on the work done you can send me a message I mostly evangelize online Quora many Hindous and Muslims and atheists . Reacing thousands of people a month . 

Donation paypal

Donation Bitcoin 32Qf1fFZ5UpNK5sELiTN4xsz4ovjPjN94C

Creation vs evolution   In depth Bible prophecy Righteousness by faith 

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