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Ecclesiastes questions and answers bible study

Ecclesiastes concentrate Ec ch 1 V3 what profit has a man ? Of all the labour which he takes under the sun V9 the thing that has been ? It is that which shall be That which is done ? Is that which shall be done There is no new ? Thing under the sun V11 there is no remembrance ? Of former things V14 I have seen all the work ? That is done under the sun and behold it is all vanity and vexation of spirit V18 with much wisdom is ? Much grief He that increases knowledge ? Increases sorrow

Ec ch 2 V1 go to now I will prove you with myrrh ? Therefore enjoy pleasure ? This is also vanity V10 whatsoever my eyes desired ? I kept not from them I witheld not my heart ? From any joy V14 wisdom excells folly as ? As far as light excells darkness V24 there is nothing bette rfor men ? Than he should eat drink That he should make his soul? Enjoy good in his labour This also I saw ? That it was from the hand of God V26 for God gives to a men who is good in his sight ? Wisdom knowledge and joy But to the sinner ? He gives travail to gather and to heap up That he may give ? To him that is good before God Ec ch 3 V1 to everything there is ? A season And a time to ? Every purpose under the heaven V2 a time to be born and ? A time to die A time to plant ? And a time to pluck V10 he has made everything beautiful ? In his time He has set the world in their hearts ? So that no men can find out the work that God makes from the beginning to the end V12 o know there is no good on them but ? That a men should rejoice and do good in his life V13. And also that a men should eat ? And drink and enjoy the good of all his labour it is the gift of God V14 I know that whatsoever God does ? It shall be forever Nothing ? Can be put to it or anything taken from it V15 God requires ? That which is past V16 I saw the place of judgment ? And wickedness is there And the place of righteousness ? That iniquity Is there V22 I perceive that there is nothing better ? That a men should rejoice in his own works For that ? Is his portion For who shall bring him ? To see what shall be after him

Ec ch 4 V1 the tears of such as we're oppresed ? And they had no conforters V2 whererore I praised the ? Dead that are already dead More than the? Living which are yet alive V3 yes better is he than ? Both they Which has ? Not yet been Who has not seen ? Then evil work that is done under the sun V6 better is. A handful ? it's quietness Than ? Both hands full with travail and vexation of spirit V8 there is one alone ? And there is not a second For whom do I labour and ? Bereave my soul of good this si also vanity and sore travail V9 2 are better than 1 for? They have a good reward for their labour V10 for if they fall ? One will lift up his fellow V11 if 2 lie together ? They have heat How can one ? Be warm alone V12 if one can prevail ? Against him Two ? Shall whistand him A threefold cord ? Is not easily broken V13 better is. A poor and a wise child than? And old and foolish king Ec ch 5 V1 be more ready to hear than ? To give the sacrifice of fools For ? They consider not that they do evil V2 be not rash? with your mouth And let not ? Your heart be hasty to utter anything before God Therefore let ? Your words be few V2 for. a dream ? Comes through the multitude of business A fools voice ? Is known through by multitude of words V8 if you see the oppression ? Of the poor And violent ? Perverting of judgment and justice in a province Marvel not at the matter V11 When goods are increased ? They are increased that eat them V12 the sleep of a labouring men ? Is sweet Whether he ? Eat little or much But the abundance of ? The rich will not suffer him to sleep V18 it is comely for one to eat ? And drink and enjoy the good of his labour For ? It is his portion V19 every men to whom God has given ? Riches and wealth And has given him ? Power to eat and to take his portion and to rejoice in his labour This is ? The gift of God V20 he shall not much remember ? The days of his life Because God answers him ? In the joy of his heart

Ec ch 6 V3 if a men beget ? A 100 children and live many years so that the days of his years be many And his soul? Be not filled with good I say that an ? Untimely birth is better than he V4 for he comes in ? Vanity And departs ? In darkness And his name ? shall be covered in darkness V9 better is the sight of the eyes ? Than the wandering of desire V12 for who knows what is good ? For men in his life All the days of his vain ? Life which he spends as a shadow For who can tell a men ? What shall be after him under the sun Ec ch 7 V1 a good name is better ? Than a precious ointment The day of death ? Than the day of one's birth V3 sorrow is better than laughter for ? By the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better V4 the heart of the wise is ? In the house of mourning The heart of the fool? In the house of myrrh V4 it is better to hear the ? Rebuke of the wise Than to hear the ? Song of fools V8 better is the end ? Of a thing than the beginning V9 be not hasty ? To be angry For anger ? Rests in the blossom of fools V12 for wisdom ? Is a defense and money is a defense V13 consider the work of God ? Who can make straight that which he has made crooked V14 in the day of prosperity ? Be joyful In the day of adversity ? Consider God has also set the one ? Over against the other To the end ? That men shall find nothing after him V16 be not righteous ? Over much Neither make yourself ? Overwise Why ? Should you destroy yourself V17 be not over much ? Wicked Neither be you ? Foolish Why ? Would you die before your time

V19 wisdom strengthens the wise More than ? Ten mighty men which are in the city V20 for there is no ? Just men that does good and sins not V21 take no heed to all words that are spoken lest ? You hear your servant curse you V22 for oftentimes ? You yourself know that you have cursed others V24 that which is far off ? And exceeding deep who can find out V26 I find more bitter than death ? The woman whose heart is snares and nets and her hands are bands Whoso pleases God ? Shall escape from her V27 this I have found ? Counting one in one V28 which yet my soul seeks but ? I find not One men along a thousand ? Have I found But a women ? Among all those have I not found V29 this only have i found ? That God has made men upright but they have sought out many inventions Ec ch 8 V.6 Because to every purpose ? There is a time and judgment Therefore ? The misery of men is great upon him V9 there is a time that one rules ? Over another to his own hurt V11 because sentence against an evil ? Work is not executed speedily Therefore ? The heart of the son of men is fully set in them to do evil V12 though a sinner does evil ? A hundred times And ? His days be prolonged I know ? That it shall be well with them that fear God V15 then I commanded myrrh ? For a men has no better thing under the sun Than ? To eat drink and be merry For? That shall abide with him of his labour V16 for there is that ? Neither day or night sees sleep with his eyes Ec ch 9 V1 the righteous and the wise ? And their works are in the hands of God V4 to him that is joined ? To the living there is hope For a living dog ? Is better than a dead lion V11 the race is not ? To the swift nor the battle to the strong Nor bread ? To the wise Nor riches ? To men of underdtanding Nor favour ? To the men of skill But ? Time and chance happens to them all V12 for men knows not ? His time As ? The fishes that are taken in an evil net As the birds? That are caught in the snare in av evil time when it falls suddenly upon them V16 wisdom is better ? Than strength V17 the words of wise men ? Are heard in quiet More ? Than the cry of him that rules along fools V16 wisdom is better ? Than weapons of war But one sinner ? Destroys much good

Ec ch 10 V1 dead flies ? Cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour So does ? Little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour V4 if the spirit of the ruler ruse up ? Leave not your place For ? Yielding pacifies great offenses V6 folly is set ? In great dignity And the rich sit? In low place V8 he that digs.a pit ? Shall fall into it whoso breaks an edge? A serpent shall bite him V11 surely the serpent will bite ? Without enchantment V18 by much slothfulness ? The building decays Through indelness ? The house drops through V19 a feast is made ? For laughter Wine makes ? Merry But ? Money answers all things Ec ch 11 V1 cast your bread ? Upon the waters you shall find it after many days V2 give a portion to seven ? To eight for you know not what evil shall be upon the earth V3 if the clouds be full of rain ? They empty themselves upon the earth If a tree falls ? Where the tree falls there it shall be V4 he that observes the wind ? Shall not sow He that regards the clouds ? Shall not reap V5 as you know not ? What is the way of the spirit Nor ? How the bones growing the womb Even so ? You know not the works of God who makes all V6 in the morning sow? Your seed In the evening ? Withold not your hand For ? You know not what shall prosper this or that Or ? Whether botb shall be alike good V9 rejoice young men? in your youth For all these things ? God will bring you in judgment V10 therefore ? Remove sorrow from your heart And put away evil ? Front your flesh for childhood and youth are vanity Ec ch 12 V1 remember the creator in the days of your youth. While ? Evil days cone not Nor years when you shall say ? I have no pleasure in them V13 fear God and ? Keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of men V14 for God shall bring ? Every work into judgment With every secret thing ? Whether it be good or evil

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