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Book of proverbs questions and answers

Proverbs concentrate

pr ch 1

v2 why are proverbs for ? to know wisdom and instruction

to perceive ? the words of understanding

v3 to receive ? the instruction of wisdom justice judgment and equity

v3 to give subtily to ? the simple

to the young men? knowledge and discretion

v5 a wise men will? hear and increase learning

and a men of understanding ? will attain to wise counsels

V6 to understand a proverb? and it's interpretation

the words of the ? wise and their dark sayings

v7 the fear of the lord ? is the beggining of knowledge

but fools despise? knowledge and instruction

v8 my son hear ? the instruction of your father

and forsake not ? the law of your mother

v9 they shall be an ? ornament of grace unto your head

and chains. about your neck

V10 my son if sinners entice you ? consent you not

v17 surely in vain ? the net is spread in the sight of any bird

v30 for the turning away? of the simple shall slay them

and the prosperity of fools? shall destroy them

v31 whoso hearkens unto me ? shall dwell safely

and shall be quiet from ? fear of evil

v32 for the turning away of? the simple shall slay them

v33 but whoso hearkens ? unto me shall dwell safely

and shall be ? quiet from fear of evil

pr ch 2

v2 incline your ear to ? wisdom

apply your heart to ? understanding

v3 if you cry ? after knowledge

and lift your voice for? understandjng

v4 if you seek her as ? silver

and search for her as? hid treasures

V5 then shall you understand ? the fear of the Lord

and find ? the knowledge of God

v6 the Lord gives ? wisdom

out of his mouth ? comes

knowledge and understanding

V7 he lays ? up sound wisdom for the righteous

he is a ? buckler for those that walk uprightly

V20 that you may walk in the way ? of good men

and keep the ? path off the righteous

ps CH 3

v1 my son forget not ? my law

v2 for ? length of ? days and long life and peace shall they add to uou

v3 let not mercy and ? truth forsake you

bind them ? about your neck

with them? upon the tables of your heart

v4 so shall you find ? favour and good understanding in the sight of God and men

V7 be not wise ? in your own eyes

fear the Lord and ? depart from evil

V8 it shall be ? health to your navel

and ? marrow to your bones

v9 honour the Lord ? with your substance

v10 so shall your ? barns be filled with plenty

and your presses? burst out with new wine

v13 happy is tbe men that ? finds wisdom

v14 for the merchandise of it ? is better than the merchandise of silver

and the gain than ? fine gold

v15 she is more precious than ? rubies

and all the things you can desire ? are not to be compared unto her

v16 what is in her right hand ? length of days

and in her left ? riches and honor

v17 her ways are ? the ways of pleasantness

v18 all her paths are ? peace

she is a ? tree of life

those who retain her are ? happy

v19 the Lord by wisdom has? founded the earth

by understanding has ? established tbe heavens

V20 by his knowledge the ? depth are broken up

and tbe clouds ? drop down the dew

v26 for the Lord shall be your ? confidence and shall keep.your foot from being taken

v29 devise not evil ? against your neighbour

seeing he? dwells securely with you

V30 strive not with a men? without a cause

if he has? done you no harm

v31 envy not ? the oppressor

chose none ? of his ways

v32 for the froward is ? abomination to the Lord

forward ? perverse, devious, crooked

Gods secret is with ? the righteous

v33 the curse of ? the Lord is in the house of the wicked

but he blesses? the habitation of the just

v34 surely God scorns the ? scorners

but he ? gives grace to the lowly

v35 the wise shall inherit ? glory

but shame ? shall be the promotion of fools

pr CH 4

V7 widsom is the ? principal thing

v9 she shall give to your head ? an ornament of grace

a crown of glory ? shall she deliver to you

v10 receive my sayings and ? the years of your life shall be many

v12 when you go your steps ? shall not be straightened

and when you run? you shall not stumble

v14 enter not in the ? path of the wicked

go not in the way ? of evil men

v15 avoid it ? pass not by it

turn from it and ? pass away

V16 for they sleep not? except they have done mischief

and their sleep? is taken away ? unless they cause some to fall

v19 the way of the wicked is as ? darkness they know not at what they stumble

v23 keep your heart with all ? diligence for out of it are the issues of life

v24 put away from you a ? forward mouth and perverse lips

v25 let your eyes ? look right on

let your eyelid ? look straight before you

v25 ponder the ? path of the feet

and let ? all your ways be established

v27 remove your ? foot from evil

pr ch 5

v1 my son attend? to my wisdom

bow ? your ear to my understanding

v3 lips of a strange woman ? drop as honeycomb

hee mouth is ? sweeter than oil

v4 but her end is ? bitter as wormwood

sharp as ? 2 edged sword

v5 her feet go ? Down to death

her steps ? take hold on hell

v8 remove your way? far from her

come not close ? to the door of her house

v9 lest you give? your honour to others

and your years ? unto the cruel

V10 lest strangers be ? filled with your wealth

and your labours ? be in the house of a stranger

v11 and you mourn ? at the last when your flesh and body are consumed

V12 and say ? how have i hated instruction

and my heart ? despised reproof

v15 drink waters out ? of your own cistern

running waters ? out of your own well

v17 let them me ? only your own and not strangers with you

pr ch 6

v1 if you be surety ? for a friend

if you have stricken ? your hand with a a stranger

v2 you are snared by? the words of your mouth

v5 deliver yourself as ? roe from the hand of the hunter

roe ? gazelle roebuck

as a bird? from the hand of the Fowler

V12 a naughty person? a wicked men walk with a froward mouth

speaks with ? his feet

v13 he ? winks with his eyes

teaches ? with his fingers

V16 6 things the Lord hate ? proud look, lying tongue , hands shed innocent blood ,

heart devises ? wicked imaginations

feet swift ? running mischief

mischief ? bad , evil, malignant, displeasing, hurtfull

v26 by the means of a whorish woman ? a men is brought to a piece of bread

the adulteress will ? hunt for be precious life

v30 men do not despise a thief ? if he steal

v31 but if he be found ? he will restore seven fold

he shall give ? all the substance of his house

v32 whoso commits adultery ? lacks understanding

he that does it ? destroys his own soul

v33 a wound and ? dishonour shall

he get

his reproach shall ? not we wiped away

v34 for jealousy ? is the rage of a men

therefore he ? will not spare in tbe day of vengeance

v35 he will not regard ? any ransom

neither will he rest content ? though you give many gifs

pr CH 7

v2 keep my commandnents and? live

V3 bind them upon ? your fingers

write them ? upon the tables of your heart

pr CH 8

v13 the fear of the Lord is ? to hate evil

pride ? arrogancy and tbe evil way and tbe froward mouth do i hate

pr CH 9

v7 he that reproves a scorner ? gets to himself shame

he that rebukes a wicked ? gets himself a blot

pr CH 10

v2 treasures of wickedness ? profit nothing

V3 the Lord will not suffer the soul? of the righteous to famish

but he casts away ? the substance of the wicked

v4 he becomes poor ? that deals with a slack hand

the hand of the diligent ? makes rich

V5 he that gathers in ? summer is a wise son

he that sleeps in ? harvest causes shame

v6 blessings are upon the ? head of the just

V7 the memory of the just ? Is blessed

but the name of the wicked ? shall rot

v10 he that winks with the eye ? causes sorrow

but a prating fool ? shall fall

prating ? vain

v11 the mouth of the righteous ? is a well of life

but violence ? covers tbe mouth of the wicked

v12 hatred stirs up ? strife

but ? loves covers all sins

v13 in the lips of him that has understanding ? wisdom is found

but a rod is ? for tbe back of him that is void of understanding

v14 wise men ? lay up knowledge

but the mouth of the foolish ? is near destruction

v15 the rich men s wealth is his ? strong city

the destruction if the poor ? is their poverty

v15 tbe labour of the righteous tends ? to life

v19 in the multitude of words ? there wanteth not sin

he that refrains his lips ? is wise

V20 tbe heart of tbe wicked ? is little worth

v21 fools die for want ? of wisdom

v24 tbe fear of tbe wicked ? it shall come upon him

the desire of the righteous ? it shall be granted

v25 as the whirlwind passes ? so is the wicked no more

v26 as vinegar to the teeth as smoke to tbe eyes ? so is tbe sluggard to them than send him

v28 the hope of the righteous ? shall be gladness

v30 the wicked shall not ? inhabit the earth

ps CH 11

v1 a false balance is ? abomination to the Lord

but a just weight ? is his delight

2 when pride comes? then comes shame

but with the lowly ? is wisdom

v4 riches profit not ? in tbe day of wrath

V8 the righteous is delivered ? out of trouble

and the ? wicked cones in his stead

v12 he that is void of wisdom ? despises his neighbour

but a men of understanding ? holds his peace

v17 a merciful men ? does good to his own soul

he that is cruel ? troubles his own flesh

v19 as righteousness tends ? to life

so he that pursued evil ? to his own death

V20 they that have a froward heart? are abomination to the Lord

such as are upright in tbeir way ? are his delight

v22 as a jewel of gold in ? a swines snout

so is a ? fair woman without discrétion

v24 there is that scatters and ? increases

there is that witholds more ? than is meet but it tends to poverty

v25 the liberal soul ? shall be made fat

he that waters ? shall be watered

v26 he that witholds corn ? the people shall curse him

the blessing shall be upon the ? head of him that sells it

v29 the fool shall be ? servant of the wise of heart

v31 the righteous shall be ? recompensed in the earth

much more? the wicked and the sinner

pr CH 12

v9 he that is despised and? has a servant is better that he that honours himself and lacks bread

V10 a righteous men regards ? the life of the beast

the tender mercies of the wicked? are cruel

v13 the wicked is snared by? the transgression of his lips

but the just ? shall come out of trouble

v14 a men shall be satisfied with good ? by the fruit of his mouth

the recompense of a men's hands ? shall be rendered unto him

v15 the way of a fool? is right in his own eyes

he that listens to counsel ? is wise

v19 the lips of truth ? shall be established forever

but a lying tongue is but for a moment

v21 there shall no evil ? happen to the just

but the wicked shall be filled ? with mischief

v22 lying líos are ? abomination to the Lord

they that deal truly ? are bis delight

v23 a prudent men ? conceals knowledge

but the heart of fools ? proclaims foolishness

v24 the hand of the diligent ? shall bear rule

but the slothful ? under tribute

v25 heaviness in the heart of men? makes it stoop

but a good word ? makes it glad

pr ch 13

v2 a men shall eat good ? by the fruit of his mouth

v3 he that keeps his mouth ? keeps his life

v4 the soul of the sluggard ? desires but has nothing

the soul of the diligent ? shall be made fat

v8 the ransom of a men's life ? are his riches

V10 only by pride ? comes contention

v11 wealth gotten by vanity ? shall disminish

he that gathers by labour ? shall increase

v15 the way of transgressors ? is hard

v19 the desire accomplished ? is sweet to tbe soul

v21 evil pursues sinners but ? to the righteous good shall be repayed

v21 a good men leaves ? an inheritance to his children's children's

the wealth of the sinner ? is laid up for the just

v23 the righteous eats to ? the satisfying of his soul

but the belly ? of the wicked shall want

pr ch 14

v1 a foolish woman? plucks her house with her own hands

v9 fools make a mock at ? sin

v19 the evil bow? before the good

and the wicked ? at the gate of the righteous

v21 he that despises his neighbour ? sins

v23 in all labour ? there is profit

but the talk of the lips ? tends only to penury

v29 he that is slow to wrath ? is of great understanding

v30 envy? is rotteness of the bones

pr ch 15

v1 a soft answer ? turns away wrath

but grievous words ? stir up anger

v3 the eyes of the Lord are everywhere ? beholding the evil and the good

V6 in the house of the righteous is ? much treasure

but in the revenue of the wicked is ? trouble

v17 better is a dinner of ? herbs

where love is

than a stalled ox ? and hatred therewith

v25 the Lord will ? destroy the house of the proud

v29 the Lord is far? from the wicked

but he hears ? the prayer of the righteous

v33 before honour ? is humility

pr ch 16

v1 the preparation of the heart in men ? and the answer of the tongue is from the Lord

v2 all the ways of men ? are clean in his own eyes

but ? the Lord weights the spirits

v4 the Lord has made all things for ? himself

even the wicked ? for the day of evil

v5 everyone that is proud ? of heart is abomination to the Lord

tough hand join in hand ? he shall not be unpunished

v7 when a men's ways please the Lord ? he makes even his enemies To be at peace with him

v8 better is little with ? righteousness

than great revenues ? without right

v9 a men's heart devises ? his way

but ? the Lord directs bis steps

V12 it is an abomination for kings ? to commit wickedness

for the throne is established ? by righteousness

v14 the wrath of a king is as? messengers of death

but a wise men? will pacify it

v19 better it is to be of ? a humble spirit

than ? to divide the spoil with the proud

v21 the wise in heart ? shall be called prudent

v24 pleasant words are ? as honeycomb

sweet to the soul and ? health to the bones

v29 a whisperer separates ? chief friends

v31 the hoary head ? is a crown of glory

hoary ? gray, aged

v32 he that is slow to anger ? is better than the mighty

he that rules his spirit that ? he that takes a city

v33 the lot is cast i to the lap ? but the whole disposing is of the Lord

pr ch 17

v1 better is a dry morsel ? and quietness

than an house ? full of sacrifices with strifes

v2 a wise servant ? shall have rule over a son that causes shame

v5 whoso mocks the poor ? reproaches his maker

he that is glad at calamities ? shall not be unpunished

v9 he that covers a transgression ? seeks love

he that repeats a matter ? separates friends

v14 the begining of strife ? is as one let's out water

leave off contention ? before it be meddled with

v15 he that justifies the ? wicked and

condemns ? the just are abomination to the Lord

v17 a friend? loves at all times

a brother ? is born for adversity

v18 a men void of understanding ? strikes hands

and becomes surety ? in tbe présence of his friends

v19 he loves transgression that ? love strife

V20 he that has a froward heart ? finds no good

v21 he that begets a fool ? does it to his sorrow

a father of fool? has no joy

v22 a merry heart ? does good like a medicine

a broken spirit ? dries up the bones

v24 wisdom is before him ? that has understanding

the eyes of a fool ? are in the ends of the earth

v28 even a fool when he holds his peace ? is counted wise

he that shuts his lips? is esteemed a men of understanding

pr ch 18

v2 a fool has no delight in ? understanding

v3 when the wicked comes ? then comes contempt

v4 the words of a men s mouth are ? as deep waters

v5 it is not good to ? accept the person of the wicked

to overthrow the righteous ? in judgment

V6 a fools lips ? enter into contention

v7 a fools mouth ? is his destruction

and his lips are ? the snare of his soul

v8 the words of a talebearer ? are as wounds

they go down ? to the innermost part of the belly

v9 he also that is slothful in his work ? is brother to him that is a great waster

V10 the name of the Lord ? is a strong tower

the righteous ? runs into it and is safe

v11 the rich men's wealth is ? his strong city

V12 before destruction ? men's heart is haughty

before honour ? is humility

v13 he that answers a matter ? before he hears it

it is ? folly and shame into him

v14 the spirit of a men ? will sustain his infirmity

but a wounded ? spirit who can bear

v17 he that is first in his own cause ? seems just

but his neighbour comes ? and searches him

v19 a brother offended is ? harder to be won

than ? a strong city

their contentions are ? like bars of a castle

v20 a men's belly shall be satisfied ? with the fruit of his mouth

with the increase ? of his lips shall he be filled

v21 death and life ? are in tbe power of the tongue

v22 who's finds a wife ? finds a good thing

and ? favour of the Lord

v23 the poor uses ? intreaties

but the rich ? answers roughly

v24 a men that has friends ? must show himself friendly

there is a friend that ? sticks closer than a brother

pr ch 19

v4 wealth makes ? many friends

the poor is ? separated from his neighbour

v5 a false witness shall ? not be unpunished

he that speaks lies ? shall not escape

V6 every men is a friend ? of him that gives gifts

v7 all the brethren ? of the poor do hate him

v8 he that gets wisdom ? loves his own soul

he that keeps understanding? shall find good

v11 the discretion of a man ? defers his anger

it is bis glory to ? pass over a transgression

V12 the king s wrath is ? as the roaring of a lion

but his favour is ? as the dew upon the grass

v14 a prudent wife ? is from the Lord

v17 he that has pity upon the poor ? lends to the Lord

that which he has given ? will he pay him again

v18 chasten your son ? while there is hope

let not your spare ? for his crying

v21 there are many devices i men's heart nevertheless ? it is the counsel of the Lord that shall stand

v22 the desire of a man is ? his kindness

a poor men is ? better than a liar

pr ch 20

v3 it is an honour for a men ? to cease from strife

but every fool ? will be medling

medling ? exposed, disclosed

V6 most men everyone will proclaim ? his own goodness

but a faithful men ? who can find

v9 who can say ? i have made my heart clean

i am pure ? from my sin

v13 love not sleep lest ? you come to poverty

open your eyes and ? you shall be satisfied with bread

v17 bread of deceit is sweet? but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel

v18 every purpose is ? established by counsel

with good advice ? make war

v22 say not i will recompense evil ? wait on the Lord and he shall save you

v24 men's goings are of ? the Lord

who can understand his own way

v29 the glory of young men? is their strength

the beauty of old men ? is the grey head

pr ch 21

v1 the kings heart is ? in the hands of the Lord

as the rivers of water ? he turns it wheresoever he wills

v2 every way of men? is right in his own eyes

but the Lord ? ponders the hearts

v3 to do justice and judgment is ? more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice

v4 a high look and ? a proud heart and the plowing of the wicked is sin

v5 the thoughts of the diligent ? tend only to plenteousness

but of everyone that is ? hasty only to want

V6 the getting of treasures by ? a lying tongue is vanity

tossed ? to and fro of them that seek death

v9 it is better to dwell in a corner of a housetop

than ? with a brawling women in a wide house

v13 who's stoops his ears ? at the cry of the poor

he also shall cry ? himself and not be heard

v17 he that loves wine and oil? shall not be rich

v18 the wicked shall be a ransom? for the righteous

v19 it is better to dwell in the wilderness ? than with a contentious and angry woman

v20 there is treasure to be desired ? and oil in the dwelling of the wise

but a foolish men ? spends it up

v21 he that follows after righteousness and mercy ? finds life righteousness honour

v22 a wise men scale the city of the mighty ? and casts down the strength of the confidence

v23 whom keeps his mouth and his tongue ? keeps his soul from troubles

v25 the desire of the slothful ? kills him

for his hands ? refuse to labour

v28 a false witness shall ? perish

he that hears shall ? speak constantly

v31 the horse is prepared ? for the day of battle

but safety is ? of the Lord

pr ch 22

v2 the rich and the poor meet ? the Lord is the maker of them all

v3 a prudent men? foresees the evil and hide himself

the simple ? pass on and are punished

v4 by humility and ? the fear of the Lord are riches honour life

v5 thorns and snares are ? in the way of the froward

he that does keep his soul ? shall be far from them

V6 train up a child ? in the way that ? he should go

and when ? he is old he will not départ from it

v7 the rich rules ? over the poor

and the borrower is ? servant to the lender

v9 he that has a bountiful eye ? shall be blessed

for he ? gives his bread to the poor

V10 cast out the ? scorner and contention shall go out

strife and ? reproach shall cease

v13 the slothful men says ? there is a lion without i shall be slain in the streets

v14 the mouth of a strange woman ? is a deep pit

he that is arbored of the Lord ? shall fall therein

v15 foolishness is bound in the heart of a child but ? the rod of correction shall drive it far from him

v22 rob not the poor ? because he is poor

neither ? oppress the afflicted at the gate

v23 for the Lord will ? plead their cause

and spoil the ? soul of those that spoiled them

v24 make no friendship ? with an angry men

with a furious men ? you shall not go

v25 lest you? learn his ways and get a snare to your soul

v26 be not you one of them that ? strike hands

and one of them ? that are surety for debts

v28 remove not the ? ancient landmarks that your father's have set

pr ch 23

v6 eat not the bread of him ? That has an evil eye

V7 for as he think in his heart ? So is he

Eat and drink says he to you but ? His heart is not with you

V9 speak not in ears of a ? Fool for he will despise the wisdom of your words

V13 withold not correction from ? A child

If you beat him ? With a rod he shall not die

V14 you will beat him ? With a rod

And ? Deliver his soul from hell

C15 my son if your heart be wise ? My heart shall rejoice

V17 let not your heart envy ? Sinners

But be you ? In the fear of the lord all the day long

V18 for surely ? There is an end

And ? Your expectation shall not be cut off

V10 be not among winebibbers? Among rioters eaters of flesh

V21 for the drunkard and the ? Glutton shall come to poverty

V24 the father of the righteous ? Shall greatly rejoice

He that begat a wise child ? Shall have joy of him

Pr ch 24

V13 be not envious of ? Evil men

Neither desire ? To be with them

V21 for their heart ? Studies destruction

And rheir lips ? Talk of mischief

V13 through wisdom ? An house is builded

V13 and by knowledge the chambers ? Be filled with all pleasant and precious riches

V6 in the multitude of counselors ? There is safety

V17 rejoice not when ? Your enemy falls

Let not your heart be glad ? When he stumbles

V18 lest the lord see it ? And it displease him

And he turn away ? His wrath from him

V20 for there shall be no reward? For the evil men

V24 he that says to the wicked ? You are righteous

Him shall ? The people curse

Nations ? Shall abhor him

V25 but to then that rebuke him? Shall be delight

A good ? Blessing shall cone upon them

V29 say not I I'll do to him ? As he has done unto me

I will render to the men ? According to his works

Pr ch 25

V2 it is the glory of God ? To conceal a thing

The honour of a king ? Is to search out the matter

V11 a word fitly spoken ? Is like apples of gold in pictures of silver

V21 if your enemy is hungry ? Give him bread to eat

If he be thirsty ? Give him water to drink

V22 for you shall heap ? Coals of fire upon his head

And the Lord ? Shall reward you

V23 the north wind ? Drives away rain

So does ? An angry contenance a backbiting tongue

V24 it is better to dwell ? In the corner of a housetop

Than ? With a brawling woman in a wide house

V25 as cold water to ? A thirsty soul

So is ? Good news from a far country

V26 a righteous men falling down ? Before the wicked

Is as a ? Troubled fountain and a corrupt spring

V27 it is not good eat much ? Honey

So ? For men to search their own glory is not glory

V28 he that has no rule over ? His own spirit

Is like ? A city broken down and without walls

Pr ch 26

V1 as snow in ? Summer and rain in harvest

So. ? Honour is not seemly for a fool

V11 as a dog returns to his ? Vomit so a fool returns to his foly

V14 as a door turns ? On its hinges

So ? Does the slothful upon his bed

V16 the sluggard is ? Wiser in his own conceit

Than ? 7. Men that can render a reason

V17 he that passes by ? And meddles with strife not belonging to him

Is like one ? That takes dogs by the ears

V22 the words of q talebearer are as ? Wounds

They go down ? To the innermost part of the belly

V27 who's digs a pit ? Shall fall

Whoso rolls a stone ? Will return upon him

V28 a lying tongue hates ? Those who are afflicted by it

A flatering mouth ? Works ruin

Pr ch 27

V1 boast not of ? Tomorrow

For ? You know not what a day may bring

V2 let another men praise ? You and not your own mouth

A stranger and ? Not your own lips

V13 a stone is heavy and ? The sand weighty

But ? A fools wrath is heavier than them both

V14 wrath is cruel and ? Anger outrageous

But ? Who can stand before envy

B15 open rebuke is better than. ? Secret love

V6 faithful are the ? Wounds of a friend

But ? The kisses of an enemy are deceitful

V7 the full soul loathes ? An honeycomb

But ? To the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet

V9 ointment and perfume ? Rejoice the heart

So does the sweetness of ? A men's friend by hearty counsel

V10 your own friend and your father's friend ? Forsake not

V12 a prudent men ? Forsees the evil and hides himself

But ? The simple pass on and are punished

C15 a continual dropping ? In a rainy day

And ? A contentious woman are alike

V17 iron sharpens iron so ? So a men sharpens the countenance of his friend

V19 as in water face ? Answers to face

So ? The heart of men to men

V20 hell and destruction ? Are never full

So ? The eyes of men are never satisfied

Pr ch 28

V1 the wicked flee ? When no men pursues

But the righteous are ? Bold as lion

V4 they that forsake the law ? Praise the wicked

But such as keep the law ? Contend with them

V5 evil men understand not ? Judgment

But they that seek the Lord ? Understand all things

V8 he that by usury and unjust gain ? Increased his substance

He shall ? Gather it for him that pities the poor

V9 he that turns his heart from hearing the law ? Even his prayer shall be abomination

V10 whoso causes the righteous ? To fall astray in an evil way

He shall fall ? Himself in his own pit

But the upright shall ? Have good things in possession

V11 the rich men is ? Wise in his own conceit

But ? The poor that has underdtanding searches him out

V13 he that covers his sin ? Shall not prosper

But whoso ? Confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy

V15 as a roaring lion and a ranging bear ? So is a wicked ruler over a poor people

V16 the prince that wanteth underdtanding ? Is also a great opressor

V20 a faithful man shall ? Abound in blessings

V25 he that is proud of heart ? Stirs up strife

He that puts his trust in the Lord ? Shall be made fat

V26 he that trusts on his own heart ? Is a fool

V27 he that gives to the poor ? Shall not lack

He that hides bis eyes ? Shall have many a curse

Pr ch 29

V1 he that being often reproved ? Hardens his neck

Shall suddently ? Be destroyed and that without remedy

V4 the king' by ? Judgment establishes the land

But he that received gifts ? Overthrows it

V5 a men that flatters his ? Neighbour spreads a net for his feet

V7 the righteous considers ? The cause of the poor

But the wicked ? Regards it not to know it

V9 if a wise men contends with a ? Foolish men

Whether he ? Rage or laughs there is no rest

V10 the blood thirsty ? Hate the upright

But the just shall ? Seek his soul

V11 a fool utters all ? His mind

But a wise men ? Keeps it in till afterwards

V13 the poor and the deceitful men meet ? The lord lightens both their eyes

V14 the king' that faithfully judges the poor ? His throne shall be established forever

C15 the rod and reproof ? Give wisdom

But a child left to himself ? Brings his mother to shame

V16 When the wicked are multiplied ? Transgression increases

But the ? Righteous shall see their fall

V18 where there is no vision ? The people perish

V20 see you a men hasty in his words ? There is more hope of a fool than of him

V22 an angry men stirs up ? Strife

And a furious men? Abounds in transgression

V23 a men's pride shall bring him low ? But honour shall uphold the humble in spirit

V24 whoso is partner with a thief ? Hates his own soul

V25 the fear of men ? Brings a snare

But ? Whoso puts their trust in the lord shall be safe

V27 an unjust men ? Is an abomination to the just

He that is upright in the way? Is abomination to the wicked

Pr ch 30

V1 who is this proverb from ? Agur

V5 every word of God is pure ? He is. shield to them that trust in him

V5 add not to his words ? Lest he reproved you and you be found a liar

V9 lest I be full ? And deny thee and say who is the Lord

Or lest I be poor ? And steal and take the name of my God in vain

V12 there is a generation that is ? Pure in their own eyes

And is not washed ? From their filthiness

V13 there is a generation o how lofty? Are their eyes

And their eyelids ? Are lifted up

C15 there are three things that are never satisfied ? Four say not it is enough

V16 the ? Grave , The barren womb

The ? Earth rhat is not filled with water

And the ? Fire that says not it is enough

V18 there are 3 things? That are too wonderful for me

Four ? Which I know not

V19 the way of ? The eagle in the air

The way of the ? Serpent upon the rock

The way of ? The ship in the midst of the sea

The way of ? Men with a maid

V21 for three things the ? Earth is disquieted

For four ? Which it cannot bear

V22 for a servant when ? He reigns

For a fool ? When he is filled with meat

V23 for an odious woman when she is married

An handmaid ? Heir to her mistress

There are 4 things ? That are little upon the Earth

But are ? Exceedingly wise

V25 the ants , Connie , locusts , spiders

The ants are a people ? Not strong yet they prepare their meat in summer

V26 the Connie are but ? Agreable folk ? Yet make they their house in the rock

V27 the locusts have ? No king yet go they forth all of them by bands

V28 the spider takes ? Hold with her hand and is in kings palaces

V29 three things that go well ? Four are comely in going

V30 a lion which is ? Strongest among beasts

And ? Turns not away for any

V31 a greyhound and ? He goat also

And a king ? Against whom there is no rising up

V32 if you have done ? Foolishly on lifting up yourself

Or if you have thought evil ? May your hand upon your mouth

V32 surely the churning of ?milk brings forth butter

The wringing of the nose ? Brings forth blood

So the forcing of wrath ? Brings forth strife

Pr ch 31

V1 the words of king ? Lemuel

V4 it is not for kings ? To drink wine

V5 lest they drink and ? Forget the law and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted

V6 give strong drink ? To him that is ready to perish

And wine ? To them that are of heavy hearts

V7 let him drink? And forget his poverty and remember his misery no more

V10 who can find a virtuous ? Woman for her price is above rubies

V11 the heart of her husband ? Safely trust in her

So that ? He shall have no need of spoil

V12 she will do him good ? And not evil all the days of her life

V16 she considers a field ? And buys it with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard

V23 her husband is known ? At the gates when he sits among the elders of the land

V26 she opened her mouth ? With wisdom

And in her tongue ? Is the law of kindness

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