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Job bible study questions and answers

This is an amazing way to study the bible Really this has changed my christian life Instead of reading a few chapters of the bible each morning I study the bible quiz page and i remember and retain a lot more of the bible than reading chapters once . Job bible study questions and answers We should be completing the whole bible in bible quiz Like job bible study questions and answers Study our bible quiz and tell your friends on how this manner of studying the bible is blessing your life

job ch 1

v1 where was Job from ? land of uz

How was Job s character ? perfect and upright one that feared God and shunned evil

v2 how many sons and daughters did he have? 7 sons and daughters

v3 this men was the? greatest men In the east

job ch 2

v11 who were job s three friends ? eliphaz, bildad , zophar

V12 what happened when job s friends came to see him ? they knew him not ,rent garments , threw dust in the air

v13 what happened for seven days ? nobody spake a word

job CH 5

V8 i will seek unto God ? and unto God will i commit my cause

v9 which does ? great things and unsearchable marvelous things without number

v11 to set up on high ? those who are low

v12 that those which mourn ? be exalted to safety

v12 he disappoints the ? devices of the crafty

v13 he takes the wise? in their own craftiness

v15 but he saves the poor from ? their sword, their mouth, from the hand of the mighty

v18 for God makes sore and ? binds up

He wounds and ? his hands make whole

v19 He shall deliver you in six troubles

in seven ? shall no evil touch you

V20 in famine ? he shall redeem you from death

in war ? from the power of the sword

v21 you shall be hid from the scourge ? of the tongue

you will not be afraid when ? destruction comes

scourge ? wip

v22 at destruction and famine ? you shall laugh

v23 you shall be in league with ? the stones of the field

the beasts of the field ? shall be at peace with you

v24 your tabernacle shall be ? in peace

job ch 8

V20 God will not cast away a ? perfect men

nor? help evil doers

v21 till he fill your mouth ? with laughing and your lips with rejoicing

v22 they that hate you ? shall be clothed with shame

the dwelling place of the wicked ? shall come to naught

job CH 9

v13 if God will not withdraw his anger ? the proud helpers do stoop under him

Job CH 15

v14 what is men that ? he should be clean

and he which is born? of a woman that he should be righteous ?

job CH 22

v21 acquaint yourself with God and? be at peace with Him thereby good shall come unto you

v23 if you return to the Almighty ? you sball be built up

v24 you shall lay gold ? as dust

v25 the Almighty shall be your ? defense and you shall have plenty of silver

job ch 32

v2 why was Elihu angry against job ? because he justified himself rather than God

job ch 39

v 10 which animal God gave total freedom ? the unicorn

v16 Why is ostrich hardened against her young ones and lay eggs forgetting foot may crush them? because God has deprived them of wisdom

job CH 40

v2 shall he that contends with the Almighty ? instruct him ?

he that reproves God ? let him answer it

V8 will you disannul my ? judgment

will you condemn me ? that you may be righteous ?

v9 do you have an ? arm like God ?

can you thunder ? with a voice like him ?

v10 deck yourself now with ? majesty and excellency

Array yourself ? with glory and beauty

v11 behold everyone that is ? proud and abase him

v12 look on everyone that is ? proud and bring him low

tread down the ? wicked in their place

v16 where is Behemoth s strength ? his loins

his force ? in the navel of his belly

v21 where does behemoth lies ? under the shady tree

job CH 42

V7 against who was God angry? eliphaz and the 2 friends

why ? for you have not spoken of me the thing that is right

v8 what had they to do ? offer seven bullocks and seven rams

lest? i deal with you according to your folly

V10 what did God do to job ? turned the captivity of Job and gave twice as much as he had before

V12 the Lord blessed ? the later end of Job more than his beginning

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