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Which are the benefits of bentonite clay

?This is an amazing creation and substance . Bentonite clay is one of those things that can save our lives . There are four things i believe that can help us get well fasting, juicing, eating raw food, herbs . This is not medical advice check with your doctor . These are tips and information taken from the best natural experts on earth. 

I would add to that bouncing as the NASA studies show this exercise to be superior to running . This is for immune system, losing weight , energy, better bones , and many more benefits. Which are the benefits of bentonite clay ? Why would anyone drink earth? let us find out . Which are the benefits of bentonite clay ? minerals

First of all talk g bentonite clay internally and externally is very safe . You need to see which brand it is . i know some countries differentiate between bentonite clay you can take internally and externally . Ask the store clerk and study first if this is something you want to take . Which are the benefits of bentonite clay ? the minerals is what you need to be healthy . This is one important point .Minerals is what the body needs . We need 90 nutrients per day to be healthy Two third of them are minerals .vitamins are very important but the media forgets the most important part minerals . We find minerals only in fruits vegetables, sea water and bentonite clay .

This is why cooking is so deleterious to the body as it kills what the body needs the nutrients, bacteria enzymes are gone with cooking . The exact thing that keeps in us good health . To remineralize the body , the hair nails, teeth need minerals to be healthy .Your organs function also on minerals , your whole body . You can remineralize your body doing juicing, taking multi mineral supplement , or taking bentonite clay which is very affordable and easy to do . Just take one spoon of powder bentonite clay and mix with water .Which are the benefits of bentonite clay ? Experiences One lady came to my house and she had a spot on the skin . We tried bentonite clay , after five minutes the spot that was on her leg for years disappeared . That was incredible to see the power of bentonite clay .Bentonite clay take out from your body toxins, viruses, it removes impurities from your body . Bentonite clay works by absorbing bad things from your body and eliminating it . It has the power to take 50 tiles it's weight and excrete it from your body . All the unwanted things . They are eliminated from the digestive tract . There are so many testimonies of people who has dog, spider bites who recovered fast. Many people with bone issue who recovered much faster with much less pain . People with acid reflux, eye problem, skin care, recovering from burns, parasites, hives, skin issues, weight loss , detox, cleanse, autism, colon cleansing , people who have q hard time going to the toilet .Which are the benefits of bentonite clay ? these and so many along wonderful applications . If you have a hard time going to the toilet then psyllium of bentonite clay could do the trick . As with all natural remedies it depends on the person which product will be best for them . Also sometimes natural remedies do not work because the person does not take enough 2 stops before it stets to be effective .

Natural remedies in general take whole to work . Sometimes you would need to take some for years before seeing total improvement Which are the benefits of bentonite clay ? bones The benefit of bentonite clay for bones is very powerful

if bones are too frail ,clay can make bones strong again . If you have arthritis, then clay can expel the toxins and remineralize your bones for much better health .Bentonite clay is so cheap and so effective for bones . But some people might be reluctant to eat dirt. After doing a little study on the topic you will find out that you cannot pass bentonite clay . I have seen a video of a person who could not walk for a long time Just after a few weeks taking one glass of'clay , he could walk, even run .

This is such an important part of health and about 90 percent of the population does not know about . This is one of tbe great reason why people are sick . They do not cleanse their colon regularly . They think that going to the toilet is-enough cleansing .

It is not . AS going to the toilet only cleans up part of your waste . The rest stays in the colon, or is not excited by the lymph system This system needs peristalsis from action, moving . When taking bentonite clay .This removes part of dirt from your colon Do not think that doing this one time will be enough to remove all your toxins . This is a practice we need to learn to do all our lives . There are different ways to cleanse your colon . Bentonite clay is one way, or psyllium husks, water and salt, cayenne pepper and water, castor oil .Clay will also heal diarrhoea , this is not colon cleansing . When you ha e diarrhoea you could have a virus, or food poisoning .Which are the benefits of bentonite clay ? juicing alternative Bentonite clay is not total juicing alternative . But it does the main job of cleansing and remineralizing the body. With juicing there is also the aspect of giving your body amazing powerful cl concentrated nutrients to your cells which makes you feel amazing .

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