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Which are the best natural remedies ?

We are not doctors. These are just tips we have heard from people online .These tips can really help according to them. Which is the best way for you to be healthy ? Which are the best natural remedies ? What can you do which is not taught and yet can really help your health ? Why aren't these tips taught everywhere ? Most people today follow modern alopatic medicine. But throughout history another kind of doctors were highly regarded as very successful in treating disease.

They were and are called hygienists. The founder of medicine Hypocrites was a hygienist. Harvey Kellogg the great 19 th century physician was a hygienist. Asclepiades the great Greek doctor and many others were amazing at treating the cause of the problem and helping the person recover. Let us find out which are the best natural remedies ?

Which are the best natural remedies ? Fasting

Before anything when someone is not well and is sick. I have heard that fasting is the best thing to do . Instead of adding things right away . Also try removing things and all food for a while. Giving herbs while fasting is ok and beneficial. If someone has a cold , Then while fasting, it is good to give echinacea ; vitamin c in orthomolecular dosages. Do cold and hot showers like the Wim Hoff method which can work wonders. Which are the best natural remedies ? When you fast, your body starts to eat itself, this is called autophagy.

This is an excellent way to clean the toxins and bad things in your body . So that you can work better. It is like cleaning a kitchen after three weeks of not cleaning it . Your will work much better. There will be no putrefying food laying around to contaminate the good food arriving. Fasting helps you rest a while from the overwork given to the digestive organs.

Fasting is one of the best thing you can do for your tired body . When you fast, your body starts to find out what is wrong . This is body intelligence, and your body auto eats itself, it only eats the bad cells and the toxins in your body for the first few weeks. Which are the best natural remedies ? Fasting is not a quick fix. It takes a long time to see amazing results. And after a fast some people might say . I did not heal, i did not see any result.

But the body goes to fix what is most urgent . And in some cases the body sees that something else than what you think is more urgent to fix. Plus it takes time to see results. A one day fast is great. A longer fast gives better results, as your body starts to really fast when your stomach is totally empty which is about 2 to 3 days into the fast.

Dry fasting means that you do not drink any water during the fast. This is not for everyone and it is good to fast with a pro that knows. People say that dry fasting is three times faster than regular fast. As in regular fasting your body needs to deal with the water intake and this is extra work. In dry fasting there is total peace, calm and rest for your body, the which can start to clean up the internal mess much faster. When you dry fast you still go to pee, this is because your body does metabolic water.

This is your body turning your fat into water. So yes for a few days your body still eats and drink. But this food and drink your body finds it from the inside. Fasting some people say is the great amazing thing you can do for sickness. It takes time to see results and it is not easy at first. Someone who fasts regularly will fast much easier after a few months .

Juicing is turning the food into fast absorbable nutrient for your body. Juicing is turning the food we eat which has little nutritional value into concentrated vitamins and minerals for your body Fasting is hard but amazing with results. Juicing is pleasurable and much easier. The results are also amazing . This is not a quick fix as it takes time for your body to repair and clean the cells. Which are the best natural remedies ? Juicing is one of the best long term habit you can have for your health .

We need 90 nutrients everyday to be in goodo health. Two third of these nutrients are minerals. Minerals are only found in fruits, vegetable, clay and sea water. We cook most of the food so the nutrients content of our food is very low for most people . Eating raw food is an amazing habit to have . But still our food today does not have much nutrition. How can me get enough nutrition without having to eat 20 apples, 20 tomatoes, 5 celery, 2 watermelon at each meal ? We juice it all .

Juicing is an incredible way to clean your body and send packed nutrition to your cells. When you juice at least one liter a day . Then it causes a natural crisis to your body . Not only your colon gets a good cleansing, but your lymph system gets a good cleansing . Start juicing regularly it can change your life.

Turmeric is amazing , this is one of the best herb in the world . Really it is a must take or eat daily . Turmeric it is said can repair brain cells. Turmeric is anti inflammatory . Personally i do not know why but when i take turmeric i look good. More beautiful, the skin the hair looks better. Turmeric if you leave it on your teeth will whiten your teeth .

Turmeric is anti inflammatory . If you have pain anywhere in your body, turmeric is an amazing help . One time i had arthritis for the first and only time in my life. I think it is because i ate raw eggs for a long time and they have salmonella. I took turmeric and nestle 9 capsules a day . In three days the amazing pain went away . Which are the best natural remedies ? Turmeric is fantastic as inflammation is one of the cause of disease, then turmeric is one of the great anti inflammation agent we have.

As fasting as neurotrophic factors turmeric also . BNF which repair and builds new brain cells. So it is anti ageing, this is why you look better when you take turmeric. Turmeric lowers heart disease . Turmeric improves the function of the endothelium, the lining of the blood vessels. This is a major cause of heart disease, the weak lining of the blood vessels. Also high dosage of vitamin c can really help rebuild and make blood vessels strong. This is called orthomolecular medicine. Read articles on about heart disease.

Turmeric also helps with inflammation and oxidation which is one of the problem in heart disease. By pass surgery is not the answer as in this surgery the entry size of the blood vessel is increased. But if you eat the same fatty diet, then the veins will again clog up and the blood will not be able to pass easily and this could end up in heart attack. Orthomolecular dosage of vitamin c cleans up the blood vessels.

They say turmeric can prevent cancer. Turmeric kills cancer cells, reduces the growth of new cancer cells, turmeric reduces metastasis. Turmeric can help Alzheimer, inflammation is play a great rôle in Alzheimer. Turmeric reduces inflammation

This is one of the greatest plan on earth . But almost nobody knows about neem . This plants helps so many diseases, like tooth problems. Indians who chew neem leaves do not have any tooth problem. Neem is powerful to heal malaria. So many people die every year from malaria. If the health organisation would only give neem which is very cheap instead of giving things that do not heal .

Neem heals diabetes. Amazing neem can prevent you to have babies and not only that, but neem helps prevent sexually transmuted diseases. Neem is incredible for the garden as it keeps pests away . I had mosuqitoes in my room and you cannot slepp corectly hearing mosquitoes turning around me all night .

A little neem in a bowl cleared up the problem. Sometimes some mosquitoes are more aggressive, in this case i put neem oil on me and they do not come again . Neem helps kill cancer cells. When cancer cells gather together, then it becomes a health problem. Eating or drinking neem oil can keep the cancer cells population down at a level so that cancer does not become a problem.

Neem kills bacteria. In fact neem is the most powerful blood cleanser in the world. For these results, neem need to be taken on a daily basis. Thus you will have your colon clean from infections . Even if many people eat meat and animal food the which does not have fibre.

It means that the food sometimes stays stuck in the colon causing diseases, sores, and putrefies and becomes a great problem which transmits disease to other parts of the body . As the organs are connected to the colon . For my skin, i personally use castor oil, neem is amazing for your skin also. Neem is a great anti bacterial.

Which are the best natural remedies ? Castor oil

Castor oil is one of my favourite herb to use, i use it especially for chest problems. Sometime sit does not do the trick so i use others with it . Castor oil is very powerful as it can enter the skin and enter the cells to do cleansing work . Castor oil i use for dry eyes. I heard of someone who had dry eyes and who went all over the world to see the best doctors for dry eyes and nothing worked.

Until he used castor oil and the oil worked right away and his problem was gone in a few seconds. Castor oil is amazing to use for wrinkles. People say that coconut oil is amazing for wrinkles it is true. I like castor oil better as i see more results. Castor oil also makes your hair grow faster and thicker. Castor oil is amazing to use as a pack during the night .

If you have kidney or any organ trouble, i am not saying it will heal serious issues. But castor oil is powerful at entering the cells and cleansing the body . Over the kidneys, the liver, over the colon castor oil works wonders. Castor oil is one of the most powerful healing herb . One day a lady came to my house, the had some spots on the skin that were not going away .

We out castor oil and these spots went away in a few minutes. The incredible power of castor oil . We could go on explaining the power of different natural treatment methods. Visit our 8 natural herbs store and our natural supplement store . EARTHLASTDAY.COM

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