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What are the benefits of juicing beets?

The other day the nurse came to my home to give a health check to my dad who is 80 years old . I always gave my dad advice for his blood pressure. I am not a doctor but these are tips i learned online such as taking orthomolecular dosage of vitamin c, Hawthorne does wonders for the heart and cayenne Peper often is great for circulation and your heart.

When the nurse came she found out his blood pressure was normal . Quite intriguing as the day before i make him a full bottle of beet juice. Could the result be related to the beet juice ? Very likely. Yet a one time beet juice will not cure your high blood pressure at once.

Juicing is one of the most powerful way you can renew your body . We need to to two main things to be in good health . This will depend a lot on many other factors, your love life, your financial life, your friends. Where you live, either in the country or in the city . But your body needs two things to function well . To eliminate regularly, to receive a massive amount of nutrients, especially minerals. Your body needs more to eliminate toxins and waste from your body than taking in things.

Before going into the benefits of juicing beets. Let us see why juicing is incredible for your health . When you juice the juice goes straight to your blood stream . It is very concentrated nutrients. Your cells and organs will love this as they will be able to have material to work with to eliminate and rebuild your body . When we eat cooked food there is almost noting when it comes to nutrients content .

When we eat raw food we have an amazing nutritional content ? When we juice this is multiplied. Believe me that today when we eat food, there is not much nutrient content in our food. I heard that for one tomato in 1950 it would require eating 20 tomatoes today to receive the same amount of nutrients ?

This cannot be done . But when we juice then these 20 tomatoes are transformed into juice and this amazing nutrient content can enter our body . Otherwise it would be impossible to eat such an amount of food at every meal .

Cleaning your body is super essential . Most sickness are from toxins and garbage found in the body that is moving from the colon to the organs . When a baby is born the colon is like the root and the other organs are all connected to the colon . If the colon is filled with waste matter you can imagine how unhealthy the other organs will be .

This is not a one time events to cleanse your body . It needs to be done regularly . As constantly we are taking in many harmful thing sin our body . Especially if you eat junk food you can imagine how much waste can be fond in your body . A great formula to cleanse your colon is Dr Schulze colon formula.

What are the benefits of juicing beets? Heart disease

One of the reason who high blood pressure is that your veins have fat deposit. As the blood tries to pas through your veins your heart has to push harder to make the blood pass through . Thus this extra work on your heart gives you high blood pressure. Then the solution would be to cleanse your veins from fat deposit. Dr Matthias Rath found out that taking orthomolecular dosages of vitamin c the fat deposit clears up . It requires a lot of vitamin c to do that .

Other amazing ways to help your heart of taking 1 gram of Hawthorne like dr Schulze berb doc says . And cayenne Peper is always amazing for your heart. What are the benefits of juicing beets? Your heart will be greatly benefited. Beet juice is known to decrease your blood pressure. But understand it is not a one time thing . Taking one gallon of beet juice one time will not clear up the issue. It requires regular intake of beet juice and a lifestyle change.

It is much better to juice raw beets than cooked beets and when you cook the good you destroy most nutrients. To improve your heart i would exercise regularly .. I would take the three things above mentioned , vitamin c , Hawthorne and cayenne pepper. I would fast often. Even a long fast would be beneficial. I would take vitamin c daily a great amount as much as 20 grams a day . I would change my diet to mostly raw food .

What are the benefits of juicing beets? Nutrients and low calorie

Beets are low calorie and filled with many nutrients . Especially minerals. Minerals is the most important thing for our health . Vitamins are important, minerals is truly what you need more to get healthy . We find minerals mostly in sea water, bentonite clay . Fruits and vegetables . This is why it is so important to eat and juice raw fruits and vegetables. This is the basis of life and health .

What are the benefits of juicing beets? Improves sport results

Beet juice can help you last longer in sport . Beet juice helps your endurance. When you eat beet or juice beet it takes longer for you to get exhausted from exercise. Beet juice helps oxygen absorption by 20 percent . Eating beet or juicing beet is better 2 to 3 hours before your exercise time as it blood nitrate takes about this time to reach full levels.

What are the benefits of juicing beets? Anti cancer

Betaine which is found in beet has been associated with lower risk of developing cancer. In general your cells do very well with a great amount of nutrients. Raw food uncooked. As the material sent to them is a great way for them to clean up the toxins and starts repairing .

What are the benefits of juicing beets? Brain health

The nitrate in beets helps brain function . This could lower the incidence of dementia. Beets and beet juice has been found to increase the blood flow in the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is the place where decisions are made. This is the thinking reasoning part of the brain .

What are the benefits of juicing beets? Digestive health

Beets are a good source of fibre. In this case juicing take away the fiber. The fibre in beets helps colonize your colon whit friendly bacteria. Knowing how important it is to have a good gut flora which can decrease anxiety depression and help you feel much better. Along with that all fermented food such as Keifir, kombucha, fermented cabbage and omega 3 are great for your colon.

What are the benefits of juicing beets? Inflammation

Inflammation is a great problem in sickness. Beet juice can reduce your inflammation . It is not an overnight thing you would need to take beet juice for a few weeks to see great improvement . As with many natural remedies it takes time and often people are not benefited because they take too little. Of course some natural remedy we cannot too much of.

I hope this gave you great insight on how to benefit your body and what are the benefits of juicing beets. Visit our health store and our spiritual natural health nutrients and our bible store .

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