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Best herbal natural supplement remedy type 2 diabetes

This is a good question as so many people do not know anything about health and how to take care of their own bodies. The bible says that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit . The bible says that we need to take care of our bodies. We are not doctors this is just advice we heard from online natural doctors.

As God dwells in our bodies we are responsible for what comes in our mouths and how we eat and treat our bodies.This disease diabetes type 2 is very difficult Would there be herbs that could help and even reverse diabetes ? Best herbal natural supplement remedy type 2 diabetes Let us find out which they are.

Before taking herbs or anything in your body. It is important that you know that a lifestyle change can do wonders for your health . Changing your diet is important, you have heard this many times. But why do people say that? Is it important the kind of gas you put in your car? Yes Why ?

Because your car will run much better with a high quality gas, than a low quality gas. This is even more important for your body . The different between low quality and high quality food makes an even greater difference than the gas difference in your car. The choice of food you make is very important . As your body runs with food and oxygen . If you continually add bad quality food in your body , your body machine will not run well . It is not a quick fix, but in the ling run, eating and juicing the right food with make wonders for your body .

Also keep in mind that fasting is still one of the greatest thing someone with diabetes can do . Consult a doctor before fasting, but fasting according to dr Fung has shown incredible progress for almost all his diabetes patients. Consider watching Dr Fung youtube videos. Juicing is also incredible for diabetic patiences. As juicing especially vegetables can rebuild your cells and help your body eliminate toxins.

Some studies suggest that aloe vera can help protect and repair the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin . People suggest this might be due to aloe vera antioxidant effect. Best herbal natural supplement remedy type 2 diabetes. Aloe vera helps lower the fasting blood glucose .

Aloe vera might help increase insulin levels. Boost the health and related cells in pancreas known as islets. Aloe vera can boost eye health, Aloe vera can protect against kidney disease, depression, and anxiety by reducing oxidative stress. Juicing aloe vera is incredible as it is ready to e used by your cells and you can receive an instant benefit. Yet it might take a while before you see great results. But this depends from one person to the next.

Neem is one of the most incredible plant in the world . It could be that if there would be one plant to take . I would hesitate between taking neem, or turmeric, or one of the adaptogen such as reishi or aswaghanda. Neem lowers blood sugar levels. Studies suggest that neem could benefit diabetes patients. Neem could retard the onset the disease.

Besides from being an amazing help for tooth, hair, nails , skin . Neem is also amazing many people, say to cure malaria, it is a natural spermicide. Some studies say that they tested the diabetic patients every 2 months They say that after 4 month not that much result were seen . But after the 6 months mark amazing results were noticed. The blood sugar levels dropped significantly.

Known among diabetic patients cinnamon is an excellent herb for the disease. Sometimes an herb will be used to improve sometimes according to early doctors the herb will totally cure the disease. Often fasting and juicing will be found to be the most powerful ways to improve a disease.

Among the best herbal natural supplement remedy type 2 diabetes Cinnamon for diabetes does not work for everyone , but can be a great help for many diabetics. The results mostly will be affected by the type of cinnamon you use, the dosage and current medication .

Best herbal natural supplement remedy type 2 diabetes Ginger

Some of the benefits of ginger with diabetes is weight loss, reduced body mass, decreased blood sugar levels, increased insulin levels. Some people recommend 2 grams of ginger a day to reduce diabetes symptoms. Ginger can help protect from heart problems that may arise from diabetes. Ginger is anti inflammatory and helps greatly also from diabetic complications .

Best herbal natural supplement remedy type 2 diabetes Fasting

Going back to our introduction to wally help diabetics according to dr Fung, one needs to fast. Intermittent fasting . I will refer you to dr Fung videos, but it is very important that you fast the right way with diabetics. As the problem is your cell. And what better way to heal your cells and repair your cells than fasting . Fasting also helps you loose weight which is sometimes a problem with diabetics.

One reason why fasting works for diabetics is that every time we eat we stimulate insulin . If we eat all the time we become insulin resistant . The fat cells get big and it turns into leptin . If we turn on leptin all the time we become insulin resistant . To help this we need to keep insulin levels low, and that does with periods of not eating anything , and periods of eating well .

It is not a starve yourself concept as intermittent fasting means . You take a few hours a day to eat all your meal in the which you eat well and plenty . Then the rest of the day you do not eat anything . Lets say you eat from 12 to 2 pm then you do not eat anything else until 12 noon the next day . But in these 2 or 3 hours you eat as if you eat three meals . It is better in wanting to lose weight or beating diabetics to eat well when you do , and do not eat anything when you are in the rest phase.

Best herbal natural supplement remedy type 2 diabetes Dr Jason Fung

After graduating medical school dr Fung found out that few patients would get better with traditional treatments. Dr Fung went to seek older remedies and found out that fasting used to be a great method for people to get better with diabetes.

Dr such as Dr Joslin. It is said that intermittent fasting is both safe and effective in reducing blood sugar and lowering body weight .Intermittent fasting improves fasting glucose. Diabetes sassy dr Fing is a dietary disease caused by the body insulins response to overconsumption of carbs. The best and most natural way to reverse the disease is to reduce the consumption of carbs.

Best herbal natural supplement remedy type 2 diabetes Juicing

Why is juicing amazing for diabetes? Because your cells need to be healed and juicing is the power that your body need to rebuild your cells and clean your body from waste and toxins. Some of the best juices to do as a diabetic is all green juices. Bitter rmelon juice, pomegranate, tomato juice.

But all vegetables will greatly benefit your energy level, your repair power . As your body can only repair when it is resting such as night or fasting . In fact fasting gives much power to healing your cells . When eating there is little material to rebuild and heal cells . But when juicing you send a good amount of minerals and nutrients that will help your body and give it the ability to repair itself.

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