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How to stay healthy living a right diet?

This is an important question as we ass that all over the world people are getting sick and most people do not know how to get well . We are not doctors this is just information we received from natural health doctors . This is what they say we should do to stay healthy. Even tough nobody can predict one will remain healthy . And there are many factors that determine why someone remains healthy, and one becomes sick . But if this article can help you then we will be glad . How to stay healthy living a right diet?

This point about dies it not the only part of you staying healthy . But it is an important part. Like the car maintenance is not the only part of keeping your car in good working order. But it is an important part. Stress, friends, a good support system, your finances, your job. So many things come into you staying healthy . That theses are basic guidelines that can help you . Why is diet important ? How to stay healthy living a correct diet?

Diet is important is because it is the fuel of the cells. It is what keeps the body fed and the fuel of the bod is the food and drink . If we send bad fuel to the body and cells, they will respond negatively and will not works properly . The best fuel for the body will make healthy cells and healthy organs. What does the body need ? The body needs 90 nutrients everyday to be in good health . Two third of those nutrients are minerals . We find minerals in sea water, clay and vegetables and fruits. This means that if you do not eat raw food where the vegetables and fruits are, then you will depleted in minerals. How to stay healthy living a correct diet ?

The problem is that to find the nutrient content in one apple or tomato in 1950 it would require to eat 30 apples of tomatoes today . The soil is depleted and even eating right might not be enough . How can you bring an immense amount of nutrients and minerals to your body. Can you eat twenty tomatoes and twenty apples at each meal ? No Then how is that possible to be accomplished ? By juicing the fruits and vegetables. O what a good idea. How to stay healthy living a correct diet ?

The diet is a very important part of your health . Eating raw food can do wonders for your health . It seems boring, but your body , your cells will see this change as extremely exiting . Your cells get really happy when you send them raw food . Why raw food is better ? It is because when we cook the food, it becomes dead and most of the nutrients are gone . The taste is amazing when we cook food, and it is very concentrated and cooked fool fills us very well .

When we eat raw food we feel empty at first. But we get used to it . You do not have to eat one hundred percent raw food ? But it will help your health greatly. The testimonies i have heard from a French natural health expert Thierry Casasnovas are amazing M Many people who changed from a cooked to a raw diet saw immense changes in their health and energy .

Why is juicing so important ? Because it is the only way we know to bring an amazing amount of quality nutrients in the body . It requires work and money . As buying fruits and vegetables is an expense, but when we think about it . It is much cheaper and better to prevent disease than spend so much money at the hospital. Not counting the days of lost work and pain . How to stay healthy living a juicing life .Vegetables will remineralize the body as fruits will clean the body .

This is a very important habit to have to eat raw food, and juice regularly . One thing i found is that when people start juicing they do one little glass a day . This is well , but one will not heal the body from drinking one small glass of juice everyday . It requires a great amount of juice to feed and clean your body .

When you juice you not only clean your colon the which is extremely important to do . But you will create something like a crisis in the which your lymphatic system will also cleanse the toxins in your body . How to stay healthy living a juicing life. For most people when they start juicing their lives improves greatly .Your cells need nutrients to live and stay healthy . Your body needs this power boost to eliminate the toxins and feed your organs . Juicing is amazing as it does the two things your body needs to stay healthy . Elimination and bringing a massive amount of nutrients .

You can vary the fruits and vegetables according to your needs. Juicing is extremely concentrated food which is absorbed in twenty minutes by your colon . When you juice you clean your colon the which will your body a much better absorption . This means that the food you will eat after your colon has been cleansed will bring more nutrients to your body . When you juice your send much more minerals and vitamins to your body in natural form . You will feel an amazing energy as your body will not need to digest the food first.

Your mental health will be increased as you will feel much better. Understanding that the brain is connected to the stomach and we feel much more from the stomach then the brain . The enteric nervous system the which is not taught yet known , should be mainstream by now . If your colon is clean then your mind will feel much better.

Juicing Wil clean your colon and you will feel much happier and calmer when it comes connection between your brain and colon . How to stay healthy living a juicing life . Juicing will reduce inflammation in your body . Juicing can prevent disease as your body will be filled with loads of vitamins and minerals and a stronger immune system. Of course this is not the only factor in good health . If you smoke, do not exercise, and juice but eat junk food. If you do not have friends and have loads of stress in your life . You might not remain healthy . But juicing will immensely help your overall health .

How to stay healthy living a clean lifestyle

If there is one thing you need to know to keep your body healthy is . Clean your body regularly . This is extremely important . The problem is that most people do not know that . Your will need more to clean your body and send things in your body . Your body does a fantastic job at cleaning the bad cells and garbage and the toxins when we leave space for it to work . A good example is fasting . You do not need to fast for long periods. Intermittent fasting is incredible and does a good job . Longer fasts work better. How to stay healthy living a clean lifestyle

There are other methods such as juicing helps a lot . But also a plant called psyllium. Cleaning your colon regularly is very important for your health . The toxins we accumulate in our body and the garbage needs to go out regularly . This will help your organs and cells to work much better to be much cleaner. The risk of disease will be lower as your body will have less toxins . Many people say toxins is the reason why people get sick .

The toxins from the acculturated things we have put in your body attack the organs and cells.. The colon is like the root of the body . When a child is born we can see that the organs are like branches that are all connected to the colon . This is quite amazing information as what we put in our colon greatly affects the other organs as they are all connected to the colon .

How to stay healthy living a herbs life

Some herbs that work wonder to keep you in good in health are too many to name here . Psyllium is excellent for digestive health for your heart and for diabetes. If i could name only a few verbs that you relay need to take everyday it would be. Horsetail, neem , turmeric . How to stay healthy living a herbs life

horsetail not only helps your skin, hair and teeth to be healthy and beautiful . But horsetail is amazing for your bones . Horsetail is also a diuretic it flushes out the excess water from your body . Horsetail helps with weight loss, Horsetail treats urinary infections . You can decrease your high blood pressure with horsetail . For this benefit of course the best thing is to go to the root cause of your high blood pressure. High blood pressure is often caused by fatty diet, too much meat.

The veins in the body fill up with fat and your blood has a harder time to pass, thus creating high blood pressure. As your body needs to work harder to make your blood pass through fatty veins . Watching dr Mathias Rath videos helped me understand this concept. I greatly recommend his book called Why animals do not have heart disease but humans do ? How to stay healthy living a herbs life ?

Neem is one of the most important plant in the world. Some say it treats cancer, and diabetes. I gave my mother neem one day when she had a very intense cold . I mixed a few drops of neem with water . The cold went away in a few hours. Neem is amazing for your teeth and hair . Neem is amazing for low blood sugar.

Neem kills cancer cells some say . Neem is a natural spermicide it means it could work as well as a condom Neem is the cure for malaria when we see ta millions of people around the world die each year from malaria. It is sad that this information is not taught mainstream to save many lives.

Turmeric and curcuma is incredible . How to stay healthy living a herbs life Using turmeric . Get rid of inflammation . Two years ago i had intense arthritis in the fingers . I immediately took six capsule soph turmeric and nettle. The pain was gone after thee days . Turmeric amazing anti inflammation herb . Turmeric helps boost the brain with neurotrophic factor . . Turmeric is super antioxidant to protect your body .

Turmeric can lower heart disease. Turmeric can prevent cancer and heal Alzheimer. Turmeric is excellent for people with arthritis . Turmeric is incredible for depression and could prevent all age related diseases. Hope this articles helped you Visit out health store and health page for amazing health documentaries that can change your life. Leave a comment below the article . If you need help or prayer you can leave us a message .

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