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How to clean the colon naturally?

This is a very good question . First of all you should consult your doctor if you are sick. These are opinions from natural doctors we found on the internet. The cleansing of the colon, some people say it does not work . Some hygienists which are regarded as the true doctors talk a lot about the colon . Dr Harvey Kellog in the 1800 s who is regarded as one of the greatest medical genius of the times talked a log about the colon . How to clean the colon naturally ?

How to clean the colon naturally ? Why it is important ?

Why is it important to clean the colon ? Well it is the most important thing you can do for your health . When we think about it . We constantly add things in our bodies. Each year our stomach receives many pounds of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, many gallons of milk bread. Many pounds of processed food and so many things we cannot even name . How are those products exited from the body ? Do those product leave the body ? When we go to the toilet, do all things that we take in, go out ? No How to clean the colon naturally?

It is very important to cleanse the colon, because a bunch of things that we put in our body does not come out . Especially meat and fish do not have fiver. So it is very hard for the body to eliminate those products. Often meat stays in the colon to putrefy . How to clean the colon naturally? Because more important then taking something in your body when you are not feeling well, is it cleanse the body and remove things.

Your body retains a lot of things that we put in and the peristalsis in your body is not strong enough to remove things such all the meat and other things that enter your colon . Thos materials stay in our colon, putrefy, then become toxins and garbage in your body . This is quite dangerous as it affects all organs of your body . In fact when a baby is born the only thing is the colon . Then we see all organs are like branches that come out from the root of the colon . The heart, kidneys and all are connected to the colon . If your colon is in good health then it will feed your organs proper nutrients.

If your colon is filled with thrash and garbage and toxins. This will greatly affect your organs and body . When meat and other products are stuck in your colon for years. They continually emit toxins and very dangerous substances to your whole body . How to clean the colon naturally? The question to ask is why doesn t people talk about it? It is because it does not sell .. It is not glamorous . And it does not make money to cleanse the colon . There is no product to sell . But verily if everybody knew this, many more people would be in much better health .

When an animal is sick, they will not eat anything . As they know that the body is much more powerful when we do not eat anything . When we are sick we should let the body rest and remove the harmful things. It is easier to cleanse the colon if the colon is empty . Even the colon of a vegetarian and vegan needs to be cleansed. As many jarful things accumulate in our bodies. Try a juice cleanse and see how incredible you feel after your have cleansed your colon .

How to clean the colon naturally? Benefits of colon cleansing

Why should you cleanse your colon ? Not only because of removal of toxins which is one of the reasons people get sick . But your body will absorb nutrients much better after you do a regular colon cleanse. You do not need to cleanse your colon everyday . This would be too much . God has given us common sense and feelings of what our body needs. How to clean the colon naturally? A once in a while colon cleanse is great I would say once a week is good. If you juice regularly and enough juice is taken at least one litre a day . Then your colon will eliminate ;

When your colon is cleaner, your vitamin absorption, your food and nutrients absorption will be much improved. As your colon will not be filled with things stuck to the walls of your colon that prevent correct absorption of nutrients. We know that the enteric nervous system is found in the colon . We feel more from the stomach than from the brain . When the colon is clean you will be able to concentrate much better. You will feel much better. One of the feelings i like best is calm and tranquillity . Some people say colon cleansing decreases rick of cancer.

All the toxins of your body are processed in our colon . With a lot of toxins in your colon you risk polyps, cysts, stagnant body waste and cancerous growth could be the result of never cleansing the toxins of your body . How to clean the colon naturally? Here we will see different techniques to cleanse the colon .

This is an amazing way to cleanse the colon . Because when you juice you do the two things which are very important for health 1 cleaning the towns, garbage of the body 2 sending high amount of good nutrients in your hod . But by experience i see that juicing one glass a day is not enough to cleanse the colon or renew cells . Juicing one glass a day is OK and can help you much .

To cleanse the colon you will need at least one litre a day . Less than this and you might not get that cleansing after about one hour after drinking the juice. It depends everybody is different. If you drink only one glass once in a while . Going to the toilet will be easier. You will not have to push. The natural crisis i talk about is that when we juice or use different methods of colon cleansing . The body does something like a good crisis .

Not only the colon is cleansed, but the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the garbage centre of the body . When you juice you not only clean your colon, but you also clean your lymphatic system. How to clean the colon naturally? Juicing is massive, but you will need to work and buy a juicer and do the good work for your body .

Fasting is an amazing way to clean your body . It takes much longer. In fasting you do not need to do anything . When you do not bring food to your body . The body continues to eat, it eats food from the inside. Your body will start to eat the bad cells, to clean up your colon, your kidneys . This is an amazing way to clean your body correctly . This technique could be the most powerful health habit one could have . Yet it takes a bit a knowledge to fast correctly .

How to clean the colon naturally? Salt

Salt and water is an easy way to clean up the colon . Mix salt and water in a glass. And you will be able to clean your colon . How to clean the colon naturally? This is an easy way but maybe not as powerful as juicing as when you juice your juice will really scrub the walls of your colon .

How to clean the colon naturally? Cayenne Peper

Cayenne Peper mixed with water ? Here to another amazing technique to clean your colon . How to clean the colon naturally? Cayenne is one of the best herb. This can save your life . Cayenne Peper can stop a heart attack. Mixing water and cayenne Peper is very effective to cleanse your colon .

How to clean the colon naturally? Castor oil

This technique is more painful but works well . The result is better than salt and cayenne Peper in the colon . As castor oil is very effective as an absorber of things that your body does not like . Put castor oil in your eyes and you can say goodbye to dry eyes. . On your skin and you will have better skin. On your lungs and castor oil will make your longs work better. How to clean the colon naturally?

Overall sadly people follow what other people do . We see that the tepidly of disease means that what we are doing does not work . Cleaning the colon is super effective and helps a lot your body work better. If you work in a restaurant and you never take the thrash out. Can the workers work properly? No

After a time of not taking the thrash out the good food will start to be contaminated with the thrash that will accumulate. The the workers themselves will start to get sick from the odours of garbage all around them. How can we expect that the body will work better if we do not clean its inside. The colon ? Hope this article helped. Visit our natural health page .

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