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Incredible benefits of dry fast for health

We are not doctors this is just insight we received from online doctors and people who talk about health . Dry fast is not for everyone see your physician before fasting . We got great tips from Dr Fung who has incredible results with fasting or diabetes and obesity . As when we fast the cells gets cleansed and autophagy cleans up the bass cells from your body . Let us find out what are the benefits of dry fast for health . Learn about fasting before starting to try fast as this is more intense fasting.

Dry fast for health Do not do sport

While fasting doing exercise is fine especially when someone knows and has experience with fasting . Fasting is like sport we do not run a marathon right away . We take one step at a time . Many people think that fasting is not good when you exercise. But fasting is excellent for athletes, in fact some athletes say their performance increase when they fast as they are lighter and their stomach empty . Their muscles can concentrate on the task at hand.

But if you dry fast for health it is much better to not exercise while dry fasting, the reason is that your body does not have water and if you sweat that could be dangerous . A note of caution dry fast for health is excellent but do not exercise especially where it is hot and humid and where you will sweat. In this case you will need to drink water. But for regular fasting, exercise is amazing . People who to sport sometimes have a bad diet filled with meta and processed food..They seem in good health with muscles but their cells are not fed and their bodies are exhausted from eating too many times a day .

One of the great thing about fasting is that we let the body rest a while . When we eat many times a day the body does not rest for one moment . It is constantly digesting food and we do not realise this but it tires the stomach and the whole body who has to constantly process all that food. In fact digestion takes 80 percent of the body s energy. What could your body do if it did not spend those 80 percent of energy digesting ? Your body would use that power to heal.

Yes and this is exactly what your body does when you fast. Your body starts to look for things to repair in your body and it has an incredible intelligence to seek what is wrong and to go fix it . This is not a fast for speed as it can take weeks and months before your body repairs itself. Sometimes people fast and say This fast did not heal my disease and it did nothing for me. Well when we fast the body goes to fix the most urgent, you could have an issue in your wrist, but your body think your a liver cleansing would be the most urgent thing to do .

Also when you dry fast for health the benefits continue after you end the fast. It is like you run a marathon and the heart continues to pound, your body continues to lose weight and the circulation benefits continue after your run . When you dry fast for health the rest you give your body is an immense benefit. Let your body rest a while and see how happy your body will be to not work for a little bit . Do you enjoy a day off from work ? Imagine how happy your body Wil be when you let is rest a while . Your stomach is not digesting any more, your kidneys do not have to filer. Your body is at peace. This is an incredible health benefit.

Dry fast for health Autophagy

This really starts after 2 or 3 days of fasting . But autophagy really starts once you stop eating . This is one other immense benefit to fasting . It is that when you do not eat, people think that you will starve, if you fast too long yes. But for a few weeks your body will not eat outside food, but it will eat food inside . The bad cells, the liver will be cleansed of the excess. Your kidneys will be cleansed .

Your whole body will eat itself and it will only eat the bad cells the toxins the things that harm your body. Do you know of any other way to cleanse your inner body in such a deep way other than fasting ? Studies show that fasting and autophagy protects the body against chronic and degenerative diseases. Fasting also protects against neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer.

Like all natural remedies it is not 100 percent the case. All people are different and their circumstances different . It is like saying buy a big truck and you will not die in a car accident . But it all depends on the person and the circumstances. In a general manner fasting yes Wil make your body stronger, your immune system stronger .

Day fasting for health

What is the difference between fasting and dry fasting?

In dry fasting the person doe snot drink any water. Some people even chose to not take a shower or be in any contact with water. It is generally said that people without die after 3 days . It seems like some people have experienced dry fasting for 12 days without any issue . This is a good study to do . Personally i have dry fasted for 5 days and felt amazing .

Why do people dry fast ? Because the benefits are 3 times faster. When you fast and drink water, your body needs to eliminate that water and it keeps the body from doing the autophagy faster. When you do not drink any water the body has full control of cleaning up the bad cells and toxins from your body . Did you know that even after a few days fast you still go to the bathroom to pee and poo ? This is because your body takes the water from the fat, this is called metabolic water.

Some people say that dry fasting is easier as the person does not feel so hungry . Yet many people experience the worse hunger the first three days . After that it goes away for most people . Not totally but you feel a sense of ease and freedom after fasting a few days . Your endorphins are released so people even feel elated after fasting a few days. This is called bdnf

What is bdnf ? This is the same thing as for the body when it does autophagy, but this time the body does it with the brain The body repairs the brain cells. It is said that a psychiatrist in Russia saw a patient not eat for a few days. He told him to eat. But while this patient continued to not eat after 20 days of fasting the psychiatrist discharged him as totally healed.

They did an experiment after that with 20000 persons who had mental illness. Ninety percent of them were totally healed after 20 days of continual fasting. Dry fast for health decreases inflammation . Dry fasting creates more brain cells. Dry fast or fast in general makes your brain more resilient to stress and which is called the miracle grow for your brain .

Dry fast for health Weight loss

helps you lose weight for good. In fact this is the real secret to losing weight . Many of the diets do not work to lose weight. Why is that ? It is because when we diet we lose weight for a while, then our body adapts and e regain the weight . In fact it is much better to eat 1 or 3 big meals a day close together , and the rest of the day to not eat anything . This is called intermittent fasting . Eating your meals in a 2 or 3 hour span and to not eat anything until the next day .

Fasting works to lose weight because the body really takes the weight off and your body eats itself and transforms your fat into water and cleans up your fat. Fasting is amazing for athletes at it boosts growth hormones. People take high supplement, but in fasting you could do something similar naturally . Boosting your high .

When you dry fast for health you will be filled with energy as all the 80 percent of energy that iitsnot wasted on digesting is used to repair and give power to your brain and muscles. Dry fast for health is an incredible way for you to regain your health . Come visit our health store the 8 bible herb blend is amazing also visit our health herb store.

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