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What counts as a sin in christianity?

Sin is always the same thing in every religion as a good question so ask is . Did God create different religions with different beliefs? No as God is one God . Thus God has one truth . God never changes . God cannot say the moon is white and red at the same time . This means that one religion is the truth, the other ones are false . This laso means that sin ls always the same thing and cannot change. When we ask what counts as a sin in christianity?

We can say can a policemen be partial, punish someone and let another person that did the same thing go ? No this would be unjust. Can God say to someone you are going to hell and to someone else that did the same thing I let you go ? No The bible says in 1 JN 3 4 Sin is the transgression of the law. This is the definition of sin . The law of God is the 10 commandments. If there was no law there would be no sin . Let us find out what counts as a sin in christianity?

We have seen that sin is the transgression of the laxw. When was this law given ? On mount Sinai God gave the 10 commandments to Moses, yet this law was given since the garden of Eden. In fact right and wrong is just the reflection of Gods character. What counts as a sin in christianity?Breaking the law . There is the moral law the 10 commandments and the ceremonial law which was only given to the Jews.

The 10 commandments are for all human beings, even those who do not believe will be judged by the 10 commandments. Eclesiastes says So do and so speak as those who wil be judged by the law. It also says that We will all appear before the judgment seat of God . What a thought . All human beings will need to appear before God to answer for all our words, actions and thoughts.

Sin is breaking the law of God . Who ever kept the law of God ? No one except Jesus . Jesus never sinned , all his life Jesus was tempted as we are tempted yet Jesus never fell in sin . But no one on earth ever kept the law of God all his life without sinning once . What do we deserve by sinning just once ? Romans says the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. For just one sin we deserve to die forever . Only the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross can give us hope in beieving in Jesus death on the cross to receive forgiveness of our sins .

Sin is breaking the law, some of the commandments are no stealing, no killing, no adultery, no coveting, loving parents, keeping the sabbath . No lying. Loving God and no other God , no worshiping images, no cursing, It is all summed up in loving God and others. It is summed up even more when it says Love is the fulfilling of the law. How can we go deeper to find out what counts as a sin in christianity?

Legalism is found in every religion and many non religious people are legalist. A legalist is everyone who thinks that they are a good person, that they have few or no defect of character. A legalist is someone who think that even if thay made mistakes before, they are a righteouss person and God must be grateful to have them in his team/ If they are atheists.

They feel like they are perfect and they feel like each time they end their day, they have performed a round of duties, the which they feel have them perfoemed well and this proves that they are a good person . This is a deception, follwing a set of rules will never make someone a good person . Who we are and what we do are different things. We are not definied by what we do. Even if refaining to od evil is important . Just refraining to do evil will not get you to go to heaven.

What matters is who you are. What fruits do you have in your life ? Are you honest ? Are you kind ? Or do you only care about yourself and following the ceremonies society gives you and this makes you feel good about yourself and you think enough for you to go to heaven . Or if you are atheists you feel that society owes you something for being such a good citizen ?

This is all a deception. We need to obey rules on earth but these will never make you to be a good person . Only God has righteousness. You and me we have no righteousness. The only solution is a realize there is nothing good in you and me . And onlyGod is good ? How does all that relate to sin ? It relates to sin because being a legalist is a sin . When someone believes that they are a good person it is a sin .

They make the cross of Jesus of no effect. If we could save ourselves from our works, then there would be no need of Jesus dying on the cross. Our works would be enough to save ourselves. We cannot help Jesus sacrifice by our works either. We only dowork, and love God and others because we show God we love Him . Legalism is a sin because it mocks the cross of Jesus, it makes men the center of attention as if men was a god nd could save himself from his situation .

Most sin come because of pride. Let us look ot three of the worse sins that exist. This is what really defines someone to be of God or to belong to Satan . Pride, selfishness, dishonesty . People who are humble, loving and honest are often on the side of good . The proud, selfish and dishonest and on the side of evil. But there is hope in Jesus .

Pride is the root of all sin . Satan saw Himself very beautiful and wise and started to think that He got those atributes Himself. Then He ended believing that He is the creator. This is how deception starts and ends. Pride is someone truly believing that what they are and achieve are ffrom themselves. It is all a deception, the same as Satna believing that his beauty and wisdom comes from himself. It is a lie and it is robbing God of the glory that belongs to Him/

Everybody who is proud is a liar and a robber. Most people never saw it this way. Satan started sin because of Pride. Seeking to find out what counts as a sin in christianity, Then when someone is proud, they will lie to preserve their dignity. The proud do not want to be humbled. They prefer to lie and preserve their deception . They will tramble on other people because they are first and above all others. They do not love others, or by interest. The proud do things for self interest only .

If it selves them to deceive and take from others their pride will make them to rob, lie deceive . We see that pride is the root of all sin. When someone is proud they will benefit oneself and put others second to the point of benefiting themselves when it is fit for them to do so.

What counts as a sin in Christianity? Selfishness

Gods kingdom is for those who love and serve others. It says that in heaven nobody will seek to benefit oneself only . It is the kingdom of putting others first. But earth is not the same and many people here only seek to benefit oneself. You might be amazed that as the worse sins i do not list drinking, sexual sins and what most Christians always quote as sin . As this mist is much better and deeper. In fact the sins listed in this list are almost never mentioned.

Most Christians are blind to what constitutes sin . They always name the same thing, drinking, sex, abortion ect. Not understanding that in most gospels Jesus rebuked the Pharisees, for the sins never mentioned. For their pride, unbelief, legalism, selfishness, dishonesty . Unloving unkind spirit ? Apathy . In what counts as a sin in Christianity? Selfishness is one of the worse sin as one cannot love others and be selfish at the same time .

We need to love ourselves . But we need to benefit others. We need by Gods power to look unto the needs of others and not our own only . We are in a selfish world where people trample on others to get their way . We see that in line at the store, driving. At work people because of jealousy they fire someone . Women who take someone s else husband. Love your neighbour, it means we need to love without expecting anything in return . This is pretty rare . Such love is hard to find.

And this one is a big one today so many people are dishonest and do not tell the truth. So many advertising are deceitful, so many business translations are lies, either the product is not good, or the agreement is not met. God loves honest people, we need to tell the truth always . We do not need to lie and deceive people for no reason . What counts as a sin in Christianity? All those sins that made the Pharisees to be rejected of God .

They were the church of God at the time, yet God rejected them. Having the name of a religious person does not mean you will go to heaven. Jesus says that most religious people will be rejected Jesus will tell them I never knew you . Because they were proud and tried to save themselves and made the cross of Jesus of no effect. Now is the time to become like Jesus, only through His power and righteousness is this possible why not ask God now to help us.

Father God please forgive our sins, give us your righteousness, bless and heal us . Give us the desires of our hearts. Help us to have a daily relationship with you . May we be happy and protected from evil people please in the name of Jesus amen EARTHLASTDAY.COM

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