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Which is the best book in the bible to read first ?

The best book to read in the bible first knowing how people behave today, fast, quick , impatient then it is going to be the books of the gospels such as Matthew, Mark, Luke, John as these books take you straight to the point of the bible which is , men fell, men deserves to be destroyed forever. No solution is found, only eternal destruction for all human beings who ever lived on earth.

The other option is that God Himself dies in men's place and pays his debt of sin which is life. As Hebrews says Without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin . The only solution was for Jesus do die in our place so that believing in this debt of sin payed . By faith we can be forgiven and accept the random for eternal destruction that was payed which is the death of Jesus .

This book brings you quick into the topic of God sending his son Jesus and coming on earth to save you from eternal destruction . The best book in the bible to read first because John does not take much time for fluff, even there is no fluff in the bible . Some books like Leviticus can take many chapters to describe the construction of the temple and people who would come first to Leviticus would get bored .

Some people who come to other parts of the bible where there is a lot of detail on things might not get into the real topic of the bible right away . The best book in the bible to read first is known to be John as here we can learn very fast that Jesus deeply cares for you, Jesus loves you, Jesus thinks about you all the time, Jesus loves you so much that He wants to live in your heart.

The book of John tells us that Jesus came on time in fact 650 years before the prophet Daniel tells us that from Jerusalem rebuilt in 457 Bc to Jesus baptised or anointed is 457 week or 483 years. Jesus when He was baptised said The time is fulfilled. Which time was fulfilled ? The time of the 2300 day prophecy of Daniel 8 14 . This prophecy continues in Daniel chapter 9 and says From Jerusalem rebuilt to Messiah the prince is 69 weeks . The best book in the bible to read first is John because here we learn that Jesus is God and Jesus is love.

In fact in chapter 1 we learn that God always existed. As God has always existed,Jesus who is called the Word was with the Father. Then we learn that Jesus is God as the Father is God. This is a powerful introduction to the message of God to save us . This chapter one of the book of John tells us that God sends people to help others know that they have a hell to escape and a heaven to win through the righteousness by faith of Jesus .

Why would God send people to help others know the truth if everybody has a brain and can know by themselves the truth ? It is because human reasoning cannot be trusted. We have a darkened mind since the fall of Adam . Humans we have a hard time discerning right from wrong. Sin has clouded our understanding . This is why God sent the bible it is the guide to know right and wring . The words in the bible are spiritual .

They are not like words in any other books . The words in the bible have the power to change our hearts and guide us into all truth . Once we learn about the bible and read it with prayer before opening the book of God , we learn that there was a fall and men needs to extend his hand to God to be helped. In the book of John we read this amazing parables which divinely explain spiritual truths . In John chapter 2 we learn that Jesus performs his first miracle in the which is turns water into wine.

By love for a marriage ceremony. We see here that Jesus is not untouched with the small things that happen in your life. Jesus knows what you are going through today and Jesus really cares for you . Jesus created you, and He will not leave and abandon you . In John 2 we also learn that God has all power. He can turn water into wine, heal any sickness, transport people from one place of earth to the other. Jesus can disappear and reappear in another place .

Jesus can chose 12 unlearned simple men, and change the world and turn the world upside down with them . Jesus can give more life to a dying king. Jesus can take the most powerful king on earth Nebuchadnezzar and make him eat grass for 7 years to teach him to give God the glory . Jesus can take Herod who make a speech in Acts, the bible says an Angel struck him because he gave not God the glory . Jesus can at the same time take children in his hands and take time for them when people would think taking attention for them would be a waste of time.

In John chapter 2 we have some unusual thing, Jesus gets angry, and so much so that he makes a whip and threatens people and tells them to leave the temple and clean up the merchandise in the house of God . In the temple people were selling and buying , but this was the place to worship God . The place where Gods presence was became a money making place which lowers the the truth of God into human level . Jesus we find out in the bible is loving and kind. Meek and lowly, but we learn that Jesus is also just and the one to whom all judgment is given .

In fact in the book of Hebrews it says that Jesus is in the most holy place in heaven to decide everybody s destiny . Since the start of the judgment which was in 1844 according to Daniel 8 14. Since then Jesus has been reading all the books, our thoughts, words, actions and deciding who will make it to heaven and who will have to burn in hell . We know what is right by our conscience, by nature, by the bible, by the calls of the Holy Spirit . Nobody has any excuse to not follow the truth .

Since then Jesus is reviewing our cases and when this judgment is finished then Jesus will put on the clothes of king of kings. This is a solemn time to not know if we will make it to heaven . Time will tell . Our conscience can tell us . What a terrible time when Jesus will return and people Wil find out that they will not be able to enter heaven. The best book in the bible to read first is John. Jesus says that many shall try to enter in heaven and will not be able to . Those are not atheists but Christians . Jesus says I never knew you . It means that they had the name Christian but never were like Jesus .

Their personality was like Satan , selfish, proud, unloving, unkind, a pathic, dishonest. Through the righteousness of Jesus we can overcome those evil traits of character and make it to heaven . By our own works this is impossible . Only those who realize that they are wicked and that only God has righteousness to give us can ask Him for this overcoming power.

The best book in the bible to read first Revelation

This book should not be the first to be read, but it is one of the most important book in the bible . As the book of revelation tells us what will soon happen on earth. It says it is the revelation of Jesus . The same Jesus in John is the one that reveals the book of revelation . It says that those who listen, read, hears the words of revelation are blessed . Chapter 1 of revelation tells us that Jesus loved us and freed us from our sins .

The death and sacrifice of Jesus is your deliverance from sin . Even if we might have to fall often, Jesus spayed the price, but more than that Jesus died so that you could overcome sins and not be dishonest, proud, arrogant or unloving any more . Revelation chapter 1 says that Jesus is coming soon again to finish the story of this world of sin, suffering, death, loneliness, sickness When is Jesus coming ? Nobody knows but we know that Jesus is waiting for the whole world to hear the truth.

Jesus is also waiting for the church to be ready as if Jesus would come back now many would not be found ready and would perish in the flames of hell .The love of Jesus lingers so that we can be ready . The church is lukewarm/ Many have the traits of character above mentioned and they claim to be Christians . This is a deception. We cannot have the name Christian only and behave like Satan .

This is because so many are afraid to stand out and be different . If you are humble the world will reject you, if you are honest, the world will reject you . But you need to decide please the world or to be a friend of Jesus ? On which side will you be ? Chose now as time is passing and soon it will be too late to chose, too late to pass to the other side. The best book in the bible to read first IS John

but the book of revelation could be the most important and eye opening book in the bible . It is not so much about what you do but who you are/ Many people avoid doing certain things which is good, but they think that holiness is only avoiding to do things. Not only this is not that it is also doing the right thing by Gods grace. But much more than that, it is being like Jesus . A wicked person can do good deeds all the time and yet remain selfish, proud and unloving .

This is the great thing most Christians and people on earth are missing. They think that their works is what will bring them to heaven . Yet the character is not changed. They need to become meek and lowly like Jesus . It says in revelation 1 to 3 in fact seven times Jesus says To him that overcomes. Overcome what ? Overcome sin. This can only be done by Gods righteousness by faith . This is also the great secret. Many try to work themselves to heaven .

They think that there is some good thing in them to bring to God for approval . But this is not so . Our best works are only to show God we love Him and others. Our works cannot save us , our works are to say Jesus i love you .

Revelation chapter 1 to 3 say that there are seven churches , we live in the times of Laodicea. It is a lukewarm church, it claims to be good when in fact it has only the name . Laodicea is blind, naked, wrenched, poor. It is the condition of those who claim the name of Jesus and are truly evil in heart.

The best book in the bible to read first Psalms

If you are going through a rough time, the best book in the bible to read first is Psalms. This book is filled with may of the promises of God . This book is incredible in Gods love and loving promises to us. When someone loves, they promise things. God promises that He will provide for us, that He will protect us, that He will give us the desires of our hearts. That an army can encamp against us and in this we can be at peace.

The book of Psalms says that angels of God encamp around us, that we will not lack any good thing, the book of psalms says that God is good and we can come and see and taste Gods goodness When we taste something we experience this thing. It is amazing to see that God s goodness can be so real that we can even taste it . When we cry God promises that He will hear. Hear does not mean that God only hears for forgets. It means hearing in the sense of answering our prayers. God can take time to answer our prayers. Be patient and persevere in prayer .

The book of Galatians says that Gods righteousness is the great experience of the bible . In the book of Galatians we learn that nobody will be saved by their own works. We are only saved by faith . The book of Galatians says that those who try to save themselves by their works are separated from Christ. It says that the death of Jesus is of none effect for them .

GA 2 4 And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage:

Here it says that those who are of works, the legalists, the Pharisees always persecuted those who are of faith . As it angers someone to see people who are Christians enjoy life when they believe they need to follow many rules and regulations to be saved. In fact the bible is much simpler. We recognize that we are wicked, this is the hardest part, as so many people still believe that they are good when they do not see their own character. Then we see that only God is good and has righteousness and we ask Him everyday to give us his righteousness.

The best book in the bible to read first Romans

The book of Romans is another of those amazing books in the bible that teach the same topic is righteousness by faith . The 10 commandments the law is still binding. Many churches teach that the 10 commandments are done away with, this is false. They teach that we are only under grace not understanding that under grace means we do not have to do animal sacrifices and ceremonies.

We only come to Jesus . Grace for what ? Grace to keep the law and be obedient to Jesus . Not to be saved but because we are saved and we love God and other people . If we are saved by works the bible says , then it is not more of grace . We are either saved by grace or works. So why does the bible also says we are saved by works also ? Ah ah this is Gods testing time for us . The so called apparent contradictions .

God tests us as this helps us to really read and study a topic as too many people are surface readers and they read a few verses and come to a conclusion too quick and end up believing a lie . This church take 5 verses on a topic and they come to a conclusion . This other church takes 5 other verses on a topic and come to a different conclusion who has the truth ? He that studies all verses on a topic and can have a broad idea of what the bible teaches.

It is a sin to teach or believe something that is false as we are all responsible for our beliefs and teachings. There are bibles and we can all read them and study correctly . I hope you were motivated to read the bible everyday . Repeat after me Father God please forgive my sins, help me read the bible everyday . Heal and bless me . Give me your righteousness. Help me to walk with you in the name of Jesus amen

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