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Are christians allowed to date?

Amazing question very badly answered all over the internet. This is a great needed article where we wil be putting things in their right order and give the bible the voice and nor modern corrupt christianity the which we know from Jesus is in a Babylon state. Are christians allowed to date? Of course . We are living in a modern purutian christianity which is not like the bible of the old testament people were living . Is it ok to kiss, is it ok to touch someone you are not married with ? This article will be very controversial. I know that my article on Is sex out of mariage a sin in the bible has already many readers.

It all comes down to one verse most modern christians take to say that we cannot even look at a woman to lust. Question How many couples in churches today got married without looking at each others. How many christian couples married today did not say in their heart I want him or her before getting married ? No one . It cannot be done, unless it is an arranged mariage .

This thing about not looking and wanting someone before mariage is a lie, it cannot exist ? Everybody that ever got married said in their heart I want him as my husband. One time someone told me i but it is not lusting if you are contemplating mariage is it holy courtship. Something like this which was very deceptive and a lie .As this person was trying to lie themselves into their belief.

This verse of Matthew 5 that says If any men looks on a woman to lust for her, he has commited adultery already in his heart. Reading the context of who is Jesus talking about ? Married or single people ? Jesus is talking in the contect of mariage . This verse has nothing to do with single people . We caon only covet someone who is already taken . You cannot covet someone who is single .

A lone apple tree in the forest , you do not covet if you eat of the fruit . The same apple tree in a garden, you do covet. Why ? Because this appel tree is already taken . It belongs to someone elseo. It is not the taking the appel that is wrong, it is taking that which belongs to someone else. It is conveting . The same thing , it is not the mariage act that is wrong in adultery . It is taking someone who belongs to someone else. Are christians allowed to date? It cannot be wrong as the bible says that people need to leave father and mother and get to know someone with the which they will spend eternity .

It would make no sense for God to say You cannot look at someone with secual desires. But you need to find someone with the which you will want to have sex the rest of your life and you will need to make sure you like the person before you mary them . This would be a contradiction . Of course God knows that before you get married you will have a time when you will say in your heart.

I want this men as a sexual partner for the rest of my life. Jesus above was only talking about married persons. If someone is married of course we cannot look at them with lust this is adultery already in our hearts. Are christians allowed to date? Of course, how do you expect people to know each other unless they spend time together? This modern christianity thing is a hoax.

Are christians allowed to date? Sex outside mariage

Is it a sin to have sex outside mariage ? Let us understand that Gods ideal will is for each men to have their own woman . But let us also understand that often in the bible the ideal cannot be done. Because of circulstances, because of Gods absolute will . Is fornication sex out of mariage ? No the word fornication is pornea in Greek. This word never means sex out of mariage .

This word means all sexual sins found in leveticus chapter 15 to 18 . These sins are adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, incest, bestialism. The same way we look at the clean and unclean food and conclude that pork is not fit to eat. Because Leveticus list tells us do not eat pork,the which could not have been changed at the cross of Jesus .

The fact that porks eat the thrash of the earth and stil do after Jesus died . The same way leveticus has a list of sexual sins in the which it never mentions sex outside mariage . In fact thise lists in leveticus chapter 15 to 18 says. You will not have sex with a (random) woman and her sister. If if was wrong to have sex with a random woman, why does the bible mentions it ? Would it not say ? You will not have sex with any random woman .

Are christians allowed to date? Did sin change

The argument of many christians is that sin has changed. Some times ago and 1 minute before Jesus died on the cross. God would have said . Now you guys. This is your last oppistunity to have sex with many women, to have sexual orgies as once Jesus dies on the cross, this will be over. In fact this is what most christians think. Are christians allowed to date? Yes and more than that , they believe that sin changes according to the times.

It is like saying a policeman can arrest people for speeding after 5 pm, but everybody that speeds before that is it ok for them to do so.This would mean God is partial and unrighteous. Sin never changes as the cross of Jesus means Jesus payed the same price for all human beings. Sin cannot change, God cannot exsuse sin, God cannot close his eyes to lying, stealing murder. Yet chrsitians today believe God closed his eyes to sin . No it means for Solomon and David and others it was not a sin to have multiple wives.

Sin never changes as God will judge everybody the same way under the same standard the 10 commandments since Adam to the last living men on earth . God cannot excuse sin for centuries, and then say now it is no more ok to do this . It becomes forbidden. People who believe in such a God think God puts laws like human put laws according to the figment of their wills and immagination. Sin will never change, God cannot excuse sin.

Are christians allowed to date? HE 9

Here the bible tells us that without shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. It means that all sins in the old testament required shedding of blood. When soeone sinned either an animal was killed and brought to the temple , or in cases the person was killed. But no si in the old testament went witout shedding of blood .

As in new testament times no sin can be forgiven unless it goes through the blood of Jesus. We ask forgivness and Jesus forgives us. In old testament times, people had to bring the blood of animals to be forgiven . The question to ask is why everytime there is sex outside mariage there is no shedding of blood ? In Deut 22 it gives three exemples . Example 1 and 2 says the person has sex with someone already married and they are killed. But example three is very interesting .

It says that the person is single and has sex. The men brings to the dad pieces of silver. Only because she lves with her dad and she was virgin. Why is there not shedding of blood  in this case of sex ouf ot mariag ? We also see that God makes a big diference between adultery and sex outside mariage . In the case of adltery they are killed ? In the case of sex outside mariage , the man brings money, only becaus eshe lives with her dad and she was virgin.

Also Leveticus tells us When a woman has sex with a men they shall both wash theselvess and be unclean until the evening. This verse also proves that sex outside mariage is not a sin . There is no shedding of blood here too . When David men were at war and were hungry . They went to the priest who said . You can eat only if your men kept themselves from women. Why would the priest say that ? If he knows that war men do not bring their wifes to war. And if they could not have sex with random women ?

Here too there is no shedding of blood, but we see that sex outside mariage is an uncleanness. It is not a sin . As the priest would never had said you can eat this bread if your mean kept themselves from women . If it was a sin the priest would have said Your men sinned and they need to remept to have had sex with random women . This is not the case. Are christians allowed to date? Yes but God s ideal is that one men has only one woman .

When Samson had sex with a prostitute, he went out of the city and then the Holy Spirit fell upon him and he took the massive gates of the city and brought them on top of the hill. How can the Holy Spirit come upon a men who just had sex with a random woman ? It does not make sense if we believe that sex outside mariage is a sin . There are no many other examples in the bible tha tproves that sex oufside mariage is not a sin that this modern belief goes outside the wondiw in one second.

It is not biblical . It is true that God has an ideal. But it seem because of curcunstances that it cannot always be fulfilled. Sometimes the people of God are in a pagan country. They cannot mary a woman of the country. Sometimes other circulstances come up like the stody in the old testament of one tribe being almost extinxct.

God sees fit that the best thing to do is that for every men of that tribe is to hide in the bushes, and while the women are dancing at the fasts to grab one and bring them home . It seems that things were very different back then . When Paul says it is better to mary than to burn . Why would Paul say it is better rather than saying never burn if burning or having secual relations outside mariage was wrong ? Would not Paul say never burn and you always need to mary ? Yes

What is a concubine ? A concubine is someone with the which one has sexual relations without being married. A modern world would be a girlfriend. People in the old testament , it seems everybody had concubines. Some people like Solomon and king David had hundreds close to 1000 . The bible does not mention all the people who had concubines.

But these men has wives at home and also girlfriends of concubines. This is interesting.Why would God allow this if it was wrong ? Does not the bible say that David was a men after Gods own heart ? Yes. Does not it say that David was Gods servant ? Didn t God use David to write the psalms one of the most amazing part of the bible ? Yes

How could God and the Holy Spirit use David if he was unclean and so filled with what people call today sexual sins ? It doe snot make sense . God can never use someone who lives in sin, someone dirty and vile ? It means that David was not vile, the same with olomon who wrote the proverbs, song of solomon and ecclesiastes.

How could something be totally ok to do mike having hundreds of girlfriends 1 minute before the cross of Jesus, and it would become a great sin 1 minute after the cross ? It does not make sense. Sin is sin yesterday, today and forever. Sin can never change. Stealing, lying, adultery is still sin 4000 years ago and today .

What is what God hates ? What the pharisees did such as legalism, selfishness, lying, being unloving, unkind, proud, seeking fhr first place and all the lessons Jesus taught in the gospels.

Another amazing argument worthy of notice is let s say that a men comes to church and had dufferent wives and about ten girlfriends. Would you consider this men a holy men or wicked men ? Most christians today would consider this men a wicked men .

What if this men wanted to be a pastor . Would you chose such a men to lead the church ? Most christians who do ont know this topic would say no . Let s ask would you chose such a men to lead a whole congregation and be a president of a protestant worldaide church ? You would say no . But what if this men lived 4000 years ago like Solomon and King David. According to modrn christian babylonian interpretation they they have to be consistent with their conclusion and say

Then yes Solomon and David were wicked men . Yet Solomon and David were not wicked men . Solomon ended up having strange wives. God never rebuked Solomon for having many wives. God rebuked Solomon for having strange wives. But why then the bible says Holy men of God spake as they moved by the Holy Spirit . Can God chose wicked men and men to not only lead the church, but to write the bible ? The bible says no , that God only choses holy men .

2 PE 1 21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

Then what men says is wicked is not wicked to God . Isn t God very careful in who He choses to write the bible ? Yes . If the bible will decide the destiny of billions of people , then God is very precise and peculiar in chosing the right people . Then when the bible says God chose holy men can men in their wrong interpretation say they were wicked ? Who will we believe God or men ? These men had 1000 wives, 300 girlfriends.

They had sex with hundred of women and God said they were holy men . David was a men after Gods own heart. King David was very special to God and the friend of God . What does it mean ? It means that mens intretation is false as they do not study correctly . Those men who had hundred of girlfriends were holy and pure men , chosen by God to decide the destiny of the whole world. Does the word Holy men of God is it given for old testament people only? Or did God intend this verse of the new testament to say that these men were holy in new testament standards too?

Have you received Jesus in your heart before ? Repeat after me Father God please forgive my sins, help and bless me . Give me your righteousness. Help me to walk with you and to follow your Wordd and not society on what sin is in the name of Jesus amen . EARTHLASTDAY.COM

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