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book of numbers quiz questions and answers

Numbers concentrate 
Nu ch 1 v1 when did God spoke to Moses? first day second month second year
v35 take all the males above ? 20 able to go to war  
nu ch 3v2 naked of Aron children ? Nada Abihu Eleazar Ithamar nu 
ch 5v22 what was woman people thought slept with another men to do ? drink water that would make belly swell and leg to rot 
nu ch 6v3 what was Nazarite to not do ? drink wine , vinegar,  eat moist grapes or dried grapes 
v4 eat nothing that? is made of vine

v35 all days of his separation? no razor come upon his head

V6 Come at no ? dead body

v9 if any men die suddebtly by him ? he has defiled the head of his consecration

nu ch 11 v1 what happened when the people murmured ? a fire came out from the Lord who did it consume ? those who were in uttermost part of the camp v27 how was the fire quenched ? Moses prayed into God

V4 who asked meat ? the mixed multitudes they fell a lusting

V7 how was mana ? as coriander seed which color ? as bdellium

V20 how long were Jews to eat meat? a hoke month

until what ? until it came out from their nostrils

v25 upon whom Moses spirit rested ? upon the 70

who else prophesied ? Eldad Medad

v34 what was name place people lusted for meat ? kibeothhattavah

nu ch 12v1 why did people speak against Moses ? for the Ethiopian woman he married

v2 what did they start to say ? did the Lord speak through Moses Has He not spoken through us also v35 how was Moses ? the meekest men on earth

V7 how was Moses before God ? faithful in all his house

V8 what question God asked according to the murmuring ? why were they not afraid to speak against my servant Moses

v9 how did God feel? the anger of the Lord was kindled

v10 what happened to Myriam ? she became leprous as snow

v14 what happened to Myriam ? shut from the camp 7 days

NU CH 13 v21 where did spies search the land? wilderness of zin unto rehob as men come to Hamath

v21 which people children did they see in cities ? children of Anak

nu ch 14 v11 which question did God ask to Israel ? how long will this people provoke me? how long will it be ere they believe me ? for all the signs which I shewed among them ? v23 which blessing did God remove because of unbelief ? they shall not see the land which I sware unto their fathers , neither shall any that provoked me see it

v39 what does keeping commandments do ? to seek not after our own heart and our own eyes after which you use to go a whoring

nu ch 16v2 how many of the princes rose up against Moses ? 150

v35 what did they tell Moses ? you take too much upon yourself all the congregation they are holy everyone of them and the Lord is among them

why? then lift ye up yourselves above the congregation of the Lord ?

v35 What did Moses answer Norah ? tomorrow the Lord will show who are his

V7 what had they to do ? take their censer

what else Moses told them ? you take too much upon you

seemeth it a small tbing ? unto you that the God os Israel has separated you from the congregation of Israel to bring you near to himself to do the service of the Tabernacle ?V10 and yes seek? the priesthood also

v17 how many genders did they bring ? 250

v21 what did God say when they arrived ? separate yourself from among this congregation that I may consume them in a moment

v26 what did Moses tell the congregation Separate from these wicked men? and touch none of their things left he be consumed in all their sins

v26 Moses said hereby you shall know that the Lord has sent me to do these works for i have not done them of my own mind v35 what happened after the 250 were swalloded up ? and there came up a fire from the Lord ?v41 what did congregation say on morrow ? murmured saying you have killed the people of the Lord

v49 how did God react ? God killed 14700 by plague

nu ch 20 V12 How did God tell Moses when struck the rock ? because you believed me not to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel

v18 who did forbid Israel pass through their land ? Edom v27 Here did Aaron die ? mount hor

v28 who received Aaron garments? his son Eleazar

v29 how long did they mourn Aaron? 7 days

nu ch 21v2 which vow did Israel do to God? if you will deliver this people into my hand then I will utterly destroy their cities

v3 what did God do ? heard the voice

v3 what was the places name ? Hormah

v4 what did the people do ? complain

saying what ? why did you bring us out of Egypt there is no bread no water and we detest this miserable food

v5 what did God do ? send venomous serpents many died

nu ch 22 who is Balam and Balak? Balam prophet of God Balak king Moab

v9 what was the snake Moses did made of ? bronze

v22 who also refused let Israel pass ? king of Sihon

v26 which was the city of Sihon? Heshbon

v32 what did angel say to Balam when beat donkey ? i have come to oppose you because your path is a reckless one before me NUch 23 v28 how many places Balak brought Balam to curse Israel ? 3 places

v29 what did they do before Gods word came to Balam ? build 7 altar sacrifice 7 bullocks and 7 rams

nu ch 24 v10 what did Balak do when Balam blessed Israel ? he smote his hands together and was angry

v17 what did Balam prophesy about Israel ? Jesus birth the fall of Moab

NU CH 25 v3 why was Gods anger kindled against Israel ? they joined themselves against baalpeor

v24 how many died of the plague ? 24000

nu ch 2 7V7 who asked possession land canaan? daughters of zelophehad

V12 which mount God told Moses to go ? Abarim

v14 where did Moses rebel ? desert of sin

nu ch 30 V4 if woman makes vow who can break vow? the father or husband

nu ch 31 v2 what last work God told Moses to do ? avenge Israel from the Midianites

V8 who was killed with the Midianites ? balam son of Beor

v49 what did Israel take from Midian ? women children and all spoil

v17 what was commanded to do ? kill every male child and every woman that has known men

v35 how many women had not known men ? 35000

nu ch 33 v39 how old war Aaron when he died ? 123 years old

where did he die ? mount Hor

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