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Leveticus questions ans answers bible study

Leveticus concentratelev ch 1v3 had Jews to offer male sacrifice or female ? male v14 if bird sacrifice which ones ? turtledove or young pigeon lev ch 2v1 what had to be added to meat offering ? flour, oil , frankincense lev ch 3v17 what were Jews not to eat ? fat nor blood lev ch 6V5 when someone steal what does he give back ? a fifth part on top of the thing he stole Lev ch 10 V1 how did Nada and Abihu died ? bringing strange fire before the Lord Lev ch 11v3 which beast can we eat ? chew the cud and divide the hoof 

v 11 allowed to eat in waters? which have fins and scales Lev ch 12V1 what happened to woman after conception ? she is unclean 7 days v27 when is flesh foreskin cut ? 8 th day V5 of she beer woman child ? unclean 2 weeks Lev ch 17v15 what were Jews animal not to eat ? animal dies of itself or thorn of beasts

Lev ch 19 v35 you shall do konu righteousness in? judgment , meteyard , weigtt and measure Lev ch 20V4 what happened to men gave seed to Molech ? had to be killed v11 12 what sexual sin was punished by death ? sex with mother , father sex with daughter in law Lev ch 26v3 what does God promise of we walk in his statutes ? rain in due season, land increase , trees yeild fruit , eat your bread to the full, dwell safely , I will give peace in the land

V7 you shall chase your enemies ? and they shall fall by the sword V8 for I will have respect ? unto you and make you fruitful and multiply youV9 you shall eat old store ? and bring forth the old because of the new v11 I will set my tabernacle ! among you my soul shall not harbour you V12 I will walk along you ? and will be your God and you shall be my people

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