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Are Christians supposed to judge ?

If this so this is so then why do many people judge today? It is because the human reason seems to have replaced God in the minds . People go by what is highly esteemed in our society and they act accordingly .

Not knowing that there is a true judge who is God who will bring to light the thoughts actions and words of everyone. Let us find out Are Christians supposed to judge ? Should we judge others thus ass condemnation on individuals ?

Are Christians supposed to judge ? Judging by the world

There are two kinds of judgments in the Bible . The Bible does say that we need to judge correct or righteous judgment. It says that the saints or Christians will judge the world in the millennium.

Then there is the judgments according to society . What is esteemed or not in society . Should someone be accepted or rejected for example judging from the invisible standards of society ? This is the judgments the Bible tells us not to do .

We can judge by the fruits of someone . But we are not God and only God can judge . If you are a messenger of God, then we are only here to tell others about the end time message and the decision is between them and God .

Are Christians supposed to judge ? As when someone judges someone else they condemn and exclude them. I never understood why would someone exclude or judge someone else who is not evil or violent .

People exclude other people all the time from their lives . But how can a Christian who expects to love forever with people block someone on earth they do not want to see any more ? How can they expect to spend eternity with them in heaven ?

Judging by the world when asking the question are Christians supposed to judge ? Is when people pass quick judgment on someone else . I still remember the days when someone would wait to at least talk to someone before judging them .

Way before people would even wait to spend some time with the person to pass judgment . Today people look at you and they already categorized and rejected and excluded you from their lives. Are Christians supposed to judge ? According to their fruits we shall know them. We cannot judge according to this world standards which is corrupt and fallen .

This is fantastic lack of wisdom. Wise people are very slow to pass judgment on something . We see in the book of acts it says about the apostles preaching in Jerusalem .

A wise men come who takes time to see the situation before passing judgment and says If this work of the apostles is of God then you cannot overthrow it . If this is fr Satan it will die of itself .

An excellent example of wisdom and slow judgment on individuals and a situation . Wisdom comes from God but it is sad to live in a world where so many people are very quick to judge , not understanding that this is a sure way to come to wrong conclusions . are Christians supposed to judge ? According to the bible and not judging according to this world standards.

When we conclude something in a false light then we will act accordingly . We behave as we believe . Se people do things hours everyday all their lives , and one day they realize it was a lie . They spent years doing things they thought was required which was a lie .

A this was based on passing quick judgment on something or someone . How many times you heard a band or a singer and judged quick saying I do not like their music .

Only to find out years later they are pretty good .the quick judgment often means we will be wrong . That gut feeling is nonsense .

Are Christians supposed to judge ? Gut feeling

It does not mean to say God can give a sense of things before events come to pass. But very often in my experience I find out that people who judge fast get to wrong conclusions .

This is because they do not have enough information on the person event or whatever to pass a correct judgment  The Pharisees saw Jesus as a poor men, giving some Bible verses to others . are Christians supposed to judge ? If you judge according to this wicked world standards you sin .

They judged fast they thought He was a deceiver and because they did not take the time to examine him, they came to wrong conclusions . It even cost them their lives as they were destroyed and some who were still love also died in the Titus siege of Jerusalem of ad 70 

We also cannot judge by the impressions, thoughts, feelings, opinions we receive . People do not in now ,but these are often the fruit of Satan talking to your heart . People do not know that Satan can talk to them and make them believe it is them speaking.

I want this, I want that . Not knowing that evil angels are influencing them in feeling a certain way , thinking a certain way and believing certain things but the thoughts that comes in their minds which comes directly from Satan .

It does not mean that all your thoughts, feelings impressions and opinions come from Satan . But trained  Christians understand that it is a better for the mind and they know that some of the thoughts ,feelings, impressions that come to them are from Satan . are Christians supposed to judge ? No but by peoples fruits we can know them . Are they humble, kind, honest like Jesus?

Satan has the right to influence whom He wills even all the inhabitants of earth . I see so many people who are not aware of this become the servants of Satan following his will, intentions ,and  thoughts .

Are Christians supposed to judge ?contention

Contentions often comes from someone receiving such impressions from Satan, believing them to be from their own mind and judging someone else too quick . How many people meet movie stars or music stars and treat them bad, understanding later on that it was so and so .

Judging by feelings means we do have enough information. to judge. And we should not judge people why? Because there is no people who deserve more love than others . This is one great problem that our society and the Bible says is wrong

Are Christians supposed to judge ? Love everybody

The Bible says we should love everybody . Society says you can chose who to love and who you can reject . But when you reject and disapprove of someone then you reject them . Society says you can judge people and chose to have only a few person's you interact with . Jesus interested with everybody Jesus loved everybody .

It does not mean that we will get along with everybody and we cannot have some people we fit well with, better than with others . But the Bible clearly says that we are here to serve and love everybody . are Christians supposed to judge ? We shall judge all things, but only according to the bible . We cannot judge according to this world which is fallen .

This is where society is wrong also and says love only a certain class of people . Jesus never taught that one reason is that we are all brothers and sisters. And if we are going to spend eternity in heaven then we need to get along here.

The church is like a family , a family loves each other and are close together and helping each other .This is the great problem with judging in the sense of our society gives it as rejecting and hating someone .

Are Christians supposed to judge ? Judging by the Bible

What is judging according to the bible ? It says that we can know someone according to their fruits .in this sense we can judge someone . This does not mean that we can condemn them as this can only belong to God who is even now studying the books in heaven and deciding who will go and not go to heaven .

By their fruits means that Christians are known by certain traits . In the Bible it says that Christians were known by the way they talk . No cursing loving others forgiving and other such traits talking about Jesus . Christians are known by their fruits such as love. Honesty. Kindness, gentleness , humility .

The evil fruits are pride, arrogance, selfishness , unloving , unkind , apathy , dishonesty , lying , stealing . Traitor . When someone has such traits of character you can know they are not Christians even if they claim to be Christians .

Because to go to heaven you will need to overcome those evil fruits . Now is the time of testing time and cleaning time.  Only God can remove those sins in our lives . We cannot clean ourselves, we cannot take away our defects . 

Claiming to believe in Jesus is not enough . The name Christians will not grant you an entrance to heaven , it is the similitude of Jesus character that will .how was Jesus ? Meek and lowly , gentle and kind .sincere and honest  Things that the world hate is exactly what will have you live with Jesus in heaven forever . What would keep you to accept Jesus in your heart now ? Repeat after me Father God please forgive my sins give me your righteousness , heal and bless me give me the desires of my heart in the name of Jesus amen EARTHLASTDAY.COM

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