5 Sins that will have you burn in hell

What is the worse sin ? Here we give you five of the worse sins that society thinks it is ok to do . Bible sin separates us from God because when we love not be are agents of Satan claiming to be christians .

These sins society thinks it is ok to do yet they are very offensive to God . Bible sin unto death as people today do not have a tender conscience or they will think twice into doing things that are contrary to God . Yet most people are so weak they follow whatever society throws at them

5 Sins that will have you burn in hell

1 Not listening

Almost everybody today is doing this sin and this is why almost everybody on earth will end up in hell . It seems something innocent Not listening to others in a conversation but see how offensive it is to God .

When you enter in a conversation it is a silent agreement that you speak i listen i speak you listen. After a few minutes when you do not listen you are deceiving the person, you lied to them into saying we will have a conversation and you don't.

what is the worse sin pride is the worse sin it is the cause of Satan's fall The bible sin separates us from God are here explained The bible sin unto death are those practices in not loving others and God

It is 4 sins

A Deception

You enter a silent agrement that say we will communicate and you change the agrement, this is called deception. All people who do such things i know that in their life they are dishonest and deceptive and dangerous people .

B Lying

When you say you do something and you don's you are lying . As it is better not to enter a conversation than to be wishy washy either you vhave a conversation or you don's God does not like double minded people .

Your silent agreement that you will enter the conversation is broken and now you enter the lie phase of deceiving the other person .

C Unloving

It is unloving the bible says we need t love others . When you deceive and lie to the other person, you are also not loving them, If you do not love someone what do you do ? You hate them . There is no middle ground. It is disrecpectful and unkind .

So many christians are doing that they have an unloving spirit and byt deceiving the person in not listneing when you ar ealso wasting their time ; you ar ehating them . It would be better not to enter a conversation if you do not want to listen .

As it shows also a double spirit the which will burn in hell . Love is the fulfilling of the law. All people who enter conversations and do not listen have a hate unloving spirit that wil burn in hell

What is the worse sin,? All liars robbers and all sin comes from pride, a liar does not tell the truth because they are not humble enough to tell the truth . The bible sin separates us from God is not loving God and others The bible sin unto death having that lying spirit and mind

D Time talent

By entering conversation and not listening you are wasting other people's time. Did you know that time is a talent it means that God will ask you dividends on your time. You will have to answer to God how

A You used your time

B How you used other people's time

By not listening you are wasting other people's time and as other persons time belongs to God you are wasting God's talents . You wil be found wanting in the judgment and not enter heaven . Nobody who wastes other people's time can enter heaven . They are selfish, proud, deceivers, liars,

can such ple enter heaven ? Never

2 Opinions above Bible

Sometimes when debating on a bible topic I give bbible verses as arguments than the other person avoids those agruments and keeps on saying i believe this and that . Right away i know one thing. This person is dishonest and a liar . How do i know they are liars ? Because all honest persons when given arguments they will seek to know if that argument is true or false .

If a person avoids the argument to push their opinion i know they are in big trouble and spiritual darkness . They have gone in the way of Balam . I f i say this shoe is red and you say it is white . A liar will say i believe it is a white shoe . An honest person will enquire before passing judgment

They will call experts, take pictures, ask the maker of the shoe and only after clean examination will they come to a conclusion. When people pass swift conclusion i know that

1 Truth is not important to them, they value what they want over truth

2 They lack wisdom as a wise person takes time before coming to conclisions

Truth comes from God Can a human create truth ? No

Did truth exist before you were born ? Yes

Will truth remain the same after you die, ? Yes

thus by you living you did not change the truth however strong your opinions may have been

Corrupt people mix truth with their opinions

There are topics about opinions like food colors music tastes

When we talk about the bible of judgment we are talking about absolutes

An absolute is either true or false .

If i say most men have two legs it is either true or false . Does opinion have anything to do with it ? No It is absolute

When someone adds their opinions to absolute topics they think they are god as

Nobody can create truth or decide what truth is . And look at how corrupt human beings have become many of them think they can decide truth . Isn't that crazy .

Society today has gone so far into sin that they think they play God and decide truth . When someone gives their opinion they are saying i am god . It is so offensive that i do not understand how God is not destroying those who do such an ofense. Giving your opinion will never change the truth .

Paul said he knew nothing of himself When humans say they know things of themselves without God they are lying, they are making themselves divinity, they are stealing God's glory they are arrogant and deceivers . Such persons cannot enter in heaven as no deceiver no liar no proud person shall enter heaven

What is the worse sin it is to follow the world and not truth and God The bible sin separates us from God is the one when someone is so dishonest that they follow the fashions of the day rather than the Bible The bible sin unto death is refusing the calls of the Holy Spirit and accepting all the traditions of society knowing it goes against God

3 Judging

4 Following society trends

You can be a christian but if it is just to please society you are not pleasing God If you believe certain things like sex is bad because society says so then you are not pleasing to God

Only those who follow the bible before society please God Only those who do not follow a multitude to do evil please God If you follow society it means that you are fearful of not being loved by society

Can you be a friend of the world and a friend of God at the same time ? No he that is a friend of the world having the name christian on top of that is an enemy of God You have to chose your side .

What is the worse sin it is to reject the Holy Spirit when that still small voice calls you and rather following what other humans are doing like a sheep The bible sin separates us from God is rejecting God so many times that you do not hear his voice yet still claiming to be a christian The bible sin unto death is not believing and following the bible

5 No rude or unkind

Prophet Ellen g White said Nobody rude or unkind shall enter heaven . Incredible to see that this behaviour but everywhere in our society we see rude and unkind people . One thing you can know , that unless they reform they will never enter heaven.

As nobody unlike Jesus will enter heaven . If you are unlike Jesus who do you resemble ? You resemble satan Jesus is humble kind, loving, honest, sincere . You can claim to be a christian all you want . But being a christian in name only makes you a satanist .

Nobody rude or unkind shall enter heaven .

You have seen five of the sins that will make people birn in hell this is not a game as these are serious sins yet people think it is a game to abuse others, and waste their time,

people think that it is ok to lie to people to deceive them not understanding that God is nothing all words, actions and thoughts and they will have to give account in the judgment . Why not ask Jesus now to give you his robe of righteousness

it is the only way you can become righteouss through Jesus power the righteousness by faith . In yourself there is nothing good . It is imposible for you to do good Unless you receive righteousness by faith you will never overcome sin . Do you see your condition ? Just because the world and most people do that do you think it is ok ? No

Do not follow the world What is highly esteemed in the eyes of the world is abomination to God Unless you repent you are an abomination to God repeat after me Father God forgive my sins help me to have your righteousness , help me not to be evil and give me your righteousness and take me to heaven in the right time in the name of Jesus amen

what is the worse sin, it is pride as Satan fell because of pride, very interesting that in our siciety women love proud men, yet God hates pride, which will you have Jesus or satan All women who love proud men hate God . If Jesus appeared before them they would hate Him

As Jesus is humble honest sincere Jesus is everything that society hates and most women would be ashamed of Jesus The bible sin separates us from God is to be fearful of following the bible The bible sin unto death unbelief lying spirit dishonest proud selfish Receive Jesus righteousness to flee these things

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