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How to to evangelism effectively in the bible ?

The christian world is declining in the west . This is a result of following trends and society rather than following the bible . It is also a result of people not giving to mission and not caring about lost people around the world who are dying without Jesus . How to to evangelism effectively in the bible ?

1 Have a steady spiritual life

One of the problem also of people who do not evangelize is that they themselves need to be evangelized. We live in a world like the USA where people need to be evangelized over and over . It is a waste of time as the real mission field, really needs not only finds but also many missionaries . How to to evangelism effectively in the bible ?

For this to be done one needs to have a steady spiritual life . What is spiritual life ? Spiritual life comes when one spends time with their friend Jesus . How do we do that ? We pray talk to God , we read the bible , God talks to us . We help others . What does the bible say about evangelism ? Staying active helping others makes our spiritual life stronger .

If your spiritual muscle is not activated, then you will not be a strong christian . How to succeed in evangelism in church? You need to have a loving friend connection with Jesus , praying , reading the bible helping others. These are the 3 pillars of love with Jesus .

If you do connect with a friends, you will loose the friendship.

How many people you lost contact with, and you find out that the reason why is that you stop communicating together .

Stop communicating with Jesus and you will also need evangelism. Which is sad because it wastes a lot of efforts from Gods servants to bring those who became weak in the faith to the fold again .

2 Stuck in the same place

Most Christians in the world are stuck in one place. The continent of America, south America and north America . They are all in one place and they do not see many of them the need in other parts of the world . Billions of people are dying without Jesus and few people care enough of others to tell them how to 1 Escape hell 2 Enter heaven

How to to evangelism effectively in the bible ? It is to go where God needs you . Be sure to be called first and ready . Not all people are called to be missionaries . But many can work where they are, or send money to missionaries and pray for them .

Do you know the 10 40 window ? It is the place where most of the world population lives who have no access to the bible, no access to other Christians or churches . Incredible to find that where most lost people live is where they do not know Jesus . What does the bible say about evangelism ? This is where if Christians wake up and find out there is a great need and start to love others as Jesus told us to love others , then we will be able to finish the work.

Let us remember Jesus will not return unless everybody listen to the truth . How to succeed in evangelism in church? If Christians most of them congregate in the same place then it is very offensive to God to see that they do not even love their neighbor and their Christianity is only a profession without the fruits .

Most Christians are less by default, because their mother, father are christian . The same goes for atheists, most atheists are so by defaults because in their country like in Europe people are atheists so they do as others . But if we really love Jesus and other people then we will tell them about the love of God .

3 What does the bible say about evangelism ?

The bible says that our only reason to exist and live is to tell others about Jesus . Work, jobs, family , house are blessings God gives us for a good purpose . To spread the love of God to others . Unless we do this work, our coming to Jesus is worthless

MT 28 19 'Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen. '

It is like someone receiving a job in a factory and all day this person walks around, does nothing, and talks to people and keeps them fro doing the work they need to do . This is incredible to see that some people become Christians and are cumbering the ground .

MT 7 18 ' A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. '

It would have been better for many Christians to have remained where they were , than to live and to be so selfish and not tell others about Gods love which is the main reason why God called them in the first place .

4 If they do not listen ?

This is a great problem, many people do not do evangelism because they are afraid . Are people going to say no ? Yes then expect it Are they rejecting you ? No How to to evangelism effectively in the bible ? Here is a secret who wrote the bible ? God , then if they reject anyone it is God they are rejecting , they are not rejecting you .

What does the bible say about evangelism ? Why would you care if they reject the truth ? The main point is that God did not call us to have everybody saved and say yes . When someone says no you did a very good job . This is what people don't understand . When Noah preached, the whole world said no , but what was Noah s work ?

To have people make a decision . This is your job as a christian , not to have people say yes necessarily, but to present the truth and to have people decide for Jesus or against Jesus . How to succeed in evangelism in church? O so now it gets much much easier to evangelize as

1 They are not rejecting you but they are rejecting God .

Then if they say no you still have complete 100 percent success . As your job is just to present the truth to others . Why ? Jesus will not return until everybody will have made a decision for or against Jesus .

5 Know the bible and what truth is

One thing is that when you are going to spend a lot of time telling people about the bible, you will need to know the bible well . If you know little about the bible do not worry you can still go and tell bout what you know . God will give the increase and teach you more light from the bible . How to to evangelism effectively in the bible ? But one problem would be to be dishonest and teach people lies .

That would mean that you would spend a lot of time teaching things that are not in the bible . I counsel you to study my blog, and learn the correct truth of the bible . As if someone teaches others to do the rosary or pray to Mary . It will be a waste of time as these are pagan practices . What does the bible say about evangelism ? This is a good example as many things and beliefs in the christian churches are pagan in nature . And we need to teach the bible and not paganism . How to succeed in evangelism in church? The main topic to give to others is righteousness by faith and end time prophecy .

6 End with a call

This is very important . I listen to many sermons and the Holy Spirit in the pastor lips brings people to the truth and at the end the pastor does not make a call . This is terrible . It is like salesmen who gives a presentation about a product and at the end does not make people make a decision . This salesmen will not be successful . As people need to make decisions . Like we have seen decisions is the work of the christian and the missionary .

How to to evangelism effectively in the bible ? Make people take decision . Do not have them make decision without them knowing enough about Jesus . As if they do not know Jesus they cannot love him . And they will reject Jesus . Also understanding what does the bible say about evangelism ? We can know to teach them all things Jesus has taught us .

They need to know enough about the love of Jesus before coming to Jesus . Not ending the sermon with a call, or when talking to someone , not ending with are you against accepting Jesus in your heart ? Will not bring success , because people need to be taken to Jesus for them to decide. They will rarely decide on their own .

How to succeed in evangelism in church? These steps are a good start to do evangelism . What would keep you from starting today to evangelize ? Lets pray Father God please forgive our sins, please provide for all our needs . Help the christian world to wake up and bring the truth to the world and all honest people on earth, may they hear and accept your love in the name of Jesus amen

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