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Who will receive the seal of God?

This is a life and death question because we know that those who will receive the seal of God will not enter heaven.   The bible says that  these people will be worshipping it talks about all people on earth will be confronted with this issue . including all Christians of the which many will receive the mark of the beast

Once saved always saved ?

How can most Christians receive the mark and refuse the seal of God if they are Christians ?  it is because a false belief among Christians is that as long as they believe in Jesus they will be saved this is not true Who will receive the seal of God ? those who live by the bible only

Many people go by traditions, or they follow what others do, or they follow family members beliefs. We can only find truth from God . the Bible is truth . . Many Christians believe that once they are saved they will make it to heaven .

the bible says that we are always free to chose selfishness, pride, and to be unkind and rude. Or to follow Jesus and ask for His righteousness to do right . Those woo believe that we can never lose our salvations so not understand that we can fall away . That being a Christian is not the name only but the character . Being a Christian is who we are .

Enquiring who will. receive tbe seal of God, we find out that many Christians will receive the mark of the beast at the same time claiming to be Christians . said

Many will say Lord Lord and i will tell them I do not know you .Also

Depart from Me you who work lawlessness .

Also Not all who say Lord Lord shall enter in be kingdom but he only who does the will of my Father which is in heaven. 

Who is the beast ?

sad to say and as God loves all people we find out that God has to tell us what will happen in the future. God loves  people of all religions , but God has to tell us if there is a system who rejected the truth and made war with Him . This power is called be beast .

The beast we find in Daniel 8 is the power that lasted 1260 years that thought to change the sabbath to Sunday  , the power that killed many Christians during the middle ages, the power that is in the city with 7 hills Rome, the power who has prelates who wear purple and scarlet who is this beast ?

The beast can be fulfilled by no other power than the papacy .Many proving Catholics ,often better people than protestants , but we need to teach what the bible teaches

What is the seal of God ?

to understand who will receive the seal of God we need to understand what the seal of God is.  In the catechism it says . The change from Saturday to Sunday is the  mark of our authority.  A mark as the name, title, and territory 

where do we find the seal of mark of God in the bible ? We find it in the sabbath commandment which says

Name God

But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord your God.  

Title Creator

For in 6 days He made

Territory Universe

Heaven, earth and the sea

The seal of God is the sabbath , the  the mark of the beast is that someone thought to change the seal of God and in blasphemy claimed that they had the right to change the bible and the 10 commandments 

The issue is that Are we going to follow God or shot society ? The apostles said we eater obey Hid than men  We should follow human laws, but we are not saved by human laws .  But the time comes when God will send a test either following the bible sabbath sent by God, or follow Sunday a human precept that is in rebellion against God. On which side do you want to stand by brother and sister?  

only a few people sadly will receive the deal of God as Jesus said

As it was in the says of Noah so shall it be when Jesus will returns. Only a few entered i to the ark , the whole world even if religious was filled with unbelief , selfishness pride and disloyalty .

the same thing is happening today most people today are in unbelief  . It is fashionable to not believe and to worship human reasoning and human ideas   What one believes has become absolute truth. The sad thing is that most people do not think twice i to following wing this new fashion .

Even Christians do not believe someone is lead by God in his words . All words most Christians today believe come from human reasoning . Most people today believe that men can explain the  bible  They believe men has the power to decide what truth is and to invent truth .

If this was the case then why do we need bibles, why would we need the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth if human reasoning could not only explain truth but also  create truth without God?  No wonder that revelation 14 says that Hod will be very angry . This time of the mark of the beast it says re 14

if any men worship the beast and his image he will receive the wrath of God poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation .

When asking who will receive the seal of God the issue will not be so much keeping be wrong day that will anger such a loving and kind God. But it will .be that, in face of plain truth men worldwide will chose to follow human reasoning.

it will be the deeply deceitful and dishonest spirit of men that will bring God s judgments on earth.  Because when the seal of God and the mark of the beast issue comes it will not be a mystery. The bible says that it will be a worldwide theme is study.

All nations , people, tribes and tongues will know what this will be about. Men will then wilfully sin and reject the truth, knowing full well that Sunday is just a pagan day a human and reasoning power enactment that has nothing to do with the bible . We read this in revelation 14 

Then Romans chapter 1 says that there will be no excuse ,in the context it talks about atheists looking at creation have no excuse to believe evolution. We can take the cl text i tu who well receive the seal of God .. As this message will be preached to all nations   It will be on national television.

Most people all over the world will decide from understanding that what they will obey is not found in tbe bible . But as now and in the soon future many people will not care about the bible, as all that will matter will be following human reasoning and human precepts . Many will be in utmost rebellion against God and will will justly receive the 7 last plagues .

As the bible says that we need to be honest . Re 21 8 all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire . God is merciful and wants us to follow the truth and be honest. The Holy Spirit is pleasing with our hearts. Will we follow the truth  , or will you follow the crowds and multitudes ?

Who will receive the seal of God . They are those who will have come out of Babylon . They will be those who have accepted the last message for planet earth. The 3 angels  message    Two classes will then live in earth . The distinction will .be very clear on who are on Hods side and who are on Satans side . The sabbath will be the issue to separate the children of God the children of the wicked one . On which side will you be? Which side do you chose not to be a part of !

repeat after me Father God please help me to follow Truro. Help me to be honest and accept the 3 angels message and  the righteousness by faith message , please forgive my sins , bless and heal me in the name of Jesus amen

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