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How to prove that the Bible is true ?

This is a very important question. That millions of people around are asking . Here at we hope by the help of God to answer this question. How to prove that the Bible is true?

There are a few things that lake one a bible believer . Many atheists think and after talking to many of my atheists friends I find out that they think a Christian believes in the Bible for no reason.

In fact there are many reasons why I believe in the Bible and these argents and reasons are so powerful that one cannot but believe that the Bible is true

How to prove that the Bible is true ? Prophecy

If this was the only reason to believe in the Bible it would be enough . As the proof that the Bible is true from bible prophecy is overwhelming.

God says

I tell you things before they come to pass that you lay know that I am God

Here God is saying that because He knows that future it is the proof that the Bible is true . Many people ha e told me Those prophecies are very vague and not reliable and could be interpreted any way .

After they tell me that I say Explain to me the 1360 day prophecy , the 2300 day prophecy of Daniel 8:14. The two witnesses of revelation 11, the loud cry of revelation. 18 the angry horse of revelation 11

Nobody that said the Bible is not true ever have been able to explain those prophecies . I could go on in listing many more prophecies in the Bible . This shows that those who do not believe in the Bible do so because they never really studied the Bible closely .

How can one judge the. Iittle by what it seems to say ? Would it not be better to read and study the Bible closely before passing judgment? Is your eternal destiny not worth the time to investigate! If your eternal life depends on following truth rather than error is it not worth the time to read and know ? Yes 

How to prove that the Bible is true ? A few bible prophecies

So what are those bible prophecies that prove the bible true? Daniel chapter 2 is a dream that Nebuchadnezzar had about 650 bc . In this dream the king of Babylon sees an image with four metals which represent four kingdoms starting from Babylon .

This is quite interesting . It meanss here God is telling is what will happen two thousand years in advance . Can a men tell us what will happen next week with absolute accuracy ? No

Can any man tell is 100 percent of the time what will happen in one year? No as God can tell us the future what does it mean? It means that 1 God lives in be future 2 that God is divine 3 that the Bible is true

As God can do something that no man can do . This proves that the Bible is true . This denial chapter two says . Three kingdoms will follow Babylon which will be lesser in power . How could the Bible know not only the exact number of kingdoms to follow Babylon ? But also that those kingdoms would be lesser in power ?

How could the Bible know that there would be no fifth kingdom after Babylon ? How could the Bible know that there would be ten tribes and that there of the pagan tribes would disappear after Rome ? How could the Bible know that those tribes of Europe would try to become one nation and will never be able to ? How to prove that the Bible is true Daniel 2 is the proof

When denial says after you shall arrive another kingdom inferior to you . Media and Persia took over. Babylon . Then Grice followed then Rome . Batter Rome there did not come a fifth kingdom as nations of Europe took Rome and divided Europe followed .

This prophecy is incredible in its accuracy .  There is no doubt only God could write this prophecy many years in advance . Media Grice and Rome did. It yet exist yet they were written in the book of Daniel chapter two. Another Amazon Bible prophecy is Isaiah 53 also written around 660 bc .  Those prophets dare back to the deportation of Israel to Babylon .

I'm Isaiah 53 it says that Jesus would die on the cross . How could the Bible know that 650 years in advance ? In Daniel chapter 9 it even tells us the year Jesus would be baptized and crucified . Daniel 9 says from Jerusalem rebuilt to messiah anointed or baptiser is 483 years ? 483+457 Jerusalem rebuilt is 27 . This is quite incredible here too we see the Bible is very accurate .Not only that the Bible says in Daniel 9 that 7 years later or one week later the Jews would be rejected as a nation .

This happened when Stephen was stoned . Then in midst of this week or seven years Jesus would be crucified . This is very accurate Bible prophecy . Could a men decide such a prophecy ? No it is too exact and detailed . This prophecy gives us five events that have to happen at the exact time written in advance .

The rebuilding of Jerusalem, the baptism of Jesus . The death of Jesus , the rejection of Israel as a nation and the cleansing of the sanctuary . Mathematically it is impossible that a human could line up five events in the future which are in a period of 2300 years . This is quite impressive Bible prophecy . How to prove that the Bible is true ? Daniel 2 , the 2300 day prophecy events . Isaiah 53 and the death of Jesus on the cross

How to prove that the Bible is true ? The fall of the Ottoman empire Before going to other ways on how to prove that the Bible is true . Let is look at revelation chapter 9 . Her the Bible gives us a time frame . It tells us a power would come and it's teaching would obscure bible truth . It describes it's fighters who wear yellow and Jacinto clothing . They have hair like women , their teeth are like spikes. Their horses are so swift that it seems that their tails have guns . They make war as scorpions .

Which paper on earth had amazing horses and such warrior in their army? Well the Muslims of the ottoman empire .the Bible gives is a time frame . A year, month, day and hour . Calculating this from the one day one year principle we find out we arrive at 456 year and 90 says . This time prophecy ends in August 11 1840 . This is quite incredible and how to prove that the Bible is true ? Revelation chapter 9 is one

amazing way as this prophecy gives the exact day when the Ottoman empire would fall . Two thousand years in advance to the every day . How could the Bible not be from God when such incredibly exact and precise prophecies are found in the Bible ? In fact Josiah Litch said in 1838 two years before the event If my calculations are true from revelation chapter 9 then the Ottoman empire should fall august 11 1840 How to prove that the Bible is true ? The French revolution Keep in mind my friend that we are you giving you very few of the prophecies in the. Bible in this article . Understanding that just about the life of Jesus the Bible has 300 prophecies written often 600 years in advance . None of the Bible prophecies ever failed . Some Bible prophecies were conditional . It means God said something would happen and it did not happen because of people's behaviours . For example Jonas said Nineveh would be destroyed in a few days and it did not happen .This prophecy was conditional . The fulfilment of this prophecy depended on people in Nineveh raining wicked . All people in Nineveh repented and God did not destroy the city . But all Bible prophecies came to pass . This is why we can trust the Bible to be inspired of God .How to prove that the Bible is true ?The Bible gives us this time frame 1260 years . It starts from the papacy set up I'm 538 and ends 1260 years later when the papacy lost it's power in 1708 when Berthier came to Rome . The Bible tells us in revelation.

11 that a power would arise right after this time frame .This power would make war against the Bible for three years and a half. Which power came around 1798 that waged war against the Bible . It is the French revolution. . how could the Bible know that 1260 years in advance ? We pass now to archaeology How to prove that the Bible is true ? Archaeology Ron Wyatt is an amazing finder of God . The findings of Ron Wyatt are stunning . Ron Wyatt found the ark of Noah, The crossing of the red sea, mount Sinai the ark of the covenant , where Moses struck the rock . Du Plessis videos are amazing and give absolute proof from archaeology that the Bible is true . If one wants to know that the Bible is true one only needs to have an honest heart, to seek without prejudice for what is truth . A few of the archaeology find that prove the bible true is 1 The Nag Hammadi Library found by Scholar James Brashler 2 Tel Dan (“David”) Stela3 Ain Dara Temple found by Scholar John Monson 4. Babylonian Siege Tower and Arrowheads5. Stepped Stone Structure6 Ashkelon’s Arched Gate7. Mona Lisa of the Galilee8. St. Peter’s House found by James F. Strange and Biblical Archaeology Review editor Hershel Shank9. The Siloam Pool in Jesus’ Times 10. Yahweh and His Asherah”How to prove that the Bible is true ?Creation There is no about that God created the universe . Go to our forum to the creation and evolution. Discussion panel and you will be able to discuss and post your thoughts .

Creation itself does not prove the bible as other religions believe In creation . But the Bible does teach the earth is 6000 years . Other religions believe in creation but say it took millions of years .In this we can prove the bible from creation proving that the earth is no more than 6000 years. The fest trees on earth are 4000 years . Even atheists confirm that . Of the earth is billions of years old why don't we have trees that are millions of years old . The oldest coral reef on earth is 4000 years old. The Australian governor went to date the great barrier reef and found out that at the rate the reef is growing the reed cannot be more than 4000 years old .The rate of deposit of deltas prove that the earth is not millions of years old. Every year deltas deposit sediment . Then it is quite easy to see how old the delta is by how much sediment is deposited each year . The oldest deltas cannot be more than 4000 years . If the earth is billions of years old and deltas grow from the sediment deposit . Why don t we have deltas that are thousands of miles long . It is because the earth cannot be more than 6000 years old . How to prove that the Bible is true ?The moon is leaving the earth slowly . Going back in time the moon was closer to earth . If evolution is true than going back to one million years ago the moon would ha e been touching the earth . Then no life would ha e been possible . And evolution teaches that men appeared 150 million years ago . This cannot be as of the moon was touching the earth then no life would have been possible . Hole you enjoyed this article visit our best Bible product recommendation page if you ha e not accepted Jesus in your heart before repeat after me . Father God please forgive my sins, come into my heart . Give me your righteousness heal and bless me in the name of Jesus amen

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