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Exodus bible questions and answers

Exodus concentrate

Exodus ch 1

V5 how many souls came out of Jacob? 70 souls V8 who arose in Egypt? a new king that knew not Joseph v11 which cities Egyptians made Jews built? Pithon and Ramses v16 names of Hebrew midwives? Shiprah and Puah exodus chapter 2 V2 of which tribe is Moses ? Levi V3 how long was he hid ? 3 months v15 where did Moses flee after killing Egyptian ? Midian v16 how many daughters had priest Midian ! 7 v16 what was his name ? Reuel v21 who did Moses Mary ? Zipporah v22 name Moses son? Gershom why? i have been a stranger in a strange land v25 what did God do to children of Israel ? God looked upon the children of Israel and God had respect unto them Exodus ch 3 V7 which message Jesus gave Moses at burning bush ? I have surely seen the affliction of my people .. for I know their sorrows V8 and I am come down ? ro deliver them out of the hand of tbe Egyptians

V8 where did God want to send them? unto a good land and a large a land flowing with milk and honey v11 what did Moses answer God went sent? who am I that i should go unto Pharaoh and that I should.bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt V12 what is God's token that He would be with Moses ? you shall serve God upon this mountain v18 how long was Moses to tell Pharaoh they would go to desert? 3 days with whom Moses was to ask Pharaoh ? with the elders of Israel

v22 what were the Jews to take from Egyptians ? jewels of gold and silver and raiment and you shall spoil the Egyptians Exodus chapter 4 V4 from which part did Moses picked up the serpent ? the tail V6 what happened to Moses hand ? became white as snow v22 what would Moses had to say to Pharaoh? Israel is my son my firstborn v23 but if you refuse to let him go ? i will slay your son even your firstborn v23 Moses wife name ? Zipporah Exodus chapter 7 v23 what was Moses to speak ? all that God commanded him V7 how old were Moses and Aaron when spake to Pharaoh ? 80 and 83 years pld v19 first plague ? waters turned into blood v25 how many days after God smote waters ? 7 days

Exodus chapter 8

v3 plague number 2 ? frogs v17 plague number 3 ? lices v24 plagié number 4? flies Exodus chapter 9 V3 agie number 5? cattle V8 what did Moses had to for next plague ? spread sprinkle ashes of furnace to heavens to turn into boils v17 what did God tell Pharaoh after he hardened heart ? as yet you exalt yourself against my people that you will not let them go v18 plague number 5 ? hail Exodus chapter 10 v3 which question God asked apharaoh ? how long will you refuse to humble yourself before Me v5 plague number 5 ? locusts v21 plague number 6 ? darkness v22 how long was darkness ! 3 days v28 what did Pharaoh tell Moses? if take heed to yourself see my face no more for in tbe day you see my face you shall die

Exodus chapter 11 V5 plague number 7 ? firstborn Exodus chapter 12 V30 how many houses had dead ? every house V33 what did Egyptians wanted Jews to do? we're urgent upon the people that they might send them out of the land in haste v37 wjere did Jews journey first ? Rameses to Succoth how many people ? 600000 men v40 how long Israel dwelt in Egypt ? 430 years Exodus chapter 14 v2 where did Israel enca'p before the sea ? phihahiroth, migdol and the sea V3 what would Pharaoh say ? they are entangled in the land the wilderness has shut them in V7 how many chariots Pharaoh took follow Israel ? 700 chariots v15 what did God answer when straitened before the sea ? the Lord will fight for you and you will hold your peace v15 speak unto the children of Israel ? that they go forward

v25 what did Egypt say when wheels off ? let us flee from the face of Israel for the Lord fights for them against the Egyptians Exodus chapter 15 v27 what was in Elim? 12 wells of water 70 palm trees Exodus chapter 16 V4 why did God send mana? that i may prove them whether they will walk in my law or no V8 against who did Israel murmur? Moses what did Moses say ? what are we that you murmur against us ? V8 your murmurings ? are not against us but against the Lord v14 what was manna line ? hoar frost v22 how much were they to gather ? 1 homer and 2 homer friday v31 what was manna like also ? coriander seed white like wafer made with honey Exodus chapter 17 V7 what was water of rock place called ? Massah Meribah V12 who stayed up Moses hands ? Aron and Hur v15 what was Amalek fight altar called ? Jehovahnissit

Exodus chapter 18 v3 Moses son Gershom meaning ? i have been an alien in a strange land V4 Elezer? for the God of my father delivered le from the sword of Pharaoh Exodus chapter 24 v16 which day did God call Moses u to mount Sinai ? the seventh day what happened for 6 days? there were clouds v18 how long was Moses on the mount ? 40 days

Exodus chapter 25 V8 what did God ask Moses ? make me a sanctuary V40 where did God show sanctuary to Moses ? on the mount

Exodus chapter 28 V1 who are Aaron sons ? nadab abihu Eleazar Tamar V30 what does the breastplate mean ? Aaron shall bear the judgment of children of Israel upon his heart Exodus chapter 30 v34 what did God forbid to reproduce ? perfume what was the composition ? stacte onycha galbanum frankincense

Exodus chapter 31 V1 who had skill in all workmanship ? bezallel who gave him the skill ? God

Exodus chapter 34 v23 how many times had Jews to appear before God ? 3 times

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