Ellen G White Last day events Quiz

Updated: Aug 18

This is a great way to learn Ellen g White stunning end time bible prophecy book called Last day events For me this end time Bible prophecy book is quite incredible This book by Ellen g White gives us incredible insight on what soon to pass on earth Enjoy

Last day events concentrate Shaking -sealing - close probation. - 4 angels - Angel mercy leaves - 7 last plagues - armageddon 

Lde ch 1 Earth s last crisis 
What is about to happen ? Something great and descisive the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis 
What is forecast ? Approaching events of the greatest magnitude What forecasts? Calamities state society alarms of war
What is soon to take place in our world .? Great changes .
What is near? The time trouble that is to increase what has almost reached fulfillment ? 11 th of daniel 

What is night upon us? The time of trouble shluch as we have never seen what are we to ask Jesus to do? Place his everlasting arms beneath us and carry us through the time of trial before us 
What is world becoming ? More and more lawless
What will soon arise among the nation's ? Great trouble that shall not cease until Jesus comes 

What are we on tbe verge of? Time of trouble What is before us? Perplexities that are scarcely dreamed of 
What will follow one another ? God's judgments in quick succession
Which? Fire flood earthquakes war

What has God always given warning for? Coming judgments 
Who before escaped judgments? Those who were obedient to commandments 
Who received the judgments? Disobedient and unbelieving 
Which warning Jesus gave jerusalem. ? Destruction 
Who escaped destruction ? Those who fled the city 

What is today's warning? 2nd coming and world destructionWho will.ne saved? Those who heed the warning 
Why were apostles unprepared for Jesus death? His words were banished from their minds 
What work has 3rd angels message said the angel? Fearful is his work terrible his mission 
Which work has 3rd angels message ? Separate the wheat from the tares And seal the wheat for the heavenly garner 

What should engross the whole mind? The shaking and sealing 
What should we study? The great waymarks pointing times in which we live
Who will catch the steady events ordained by God to take place? Those who place themselves under gods control 
What are we to see in history? Progress of events in marshalling of nation for the final conflict 

What day is at hand? The day when destiny of souls shall.be fixed forever What is to be kept before the people ? That the solemn day of God will come suddenly unexpectedly 
What many look away from? Present blessings and comforts 

Lde ch 2 Signs of Christ soon return
Who s voice we hear in times of perplexity ? God's voice saying it is I be not afraid 
How big was Ellen whites family? 10 plus 3 visitors
What is marks of evidence of soon close of earth s history? Glutony intepnerence 
What represents what modern history is fast hastening ? The antedeluvian world 
How was the overwhelming majority in times of noahj? Opposed to truth enamored with a tissue of truth 
Who are at every mob? Evil angels rousing to deeds of violence 

What will.make God to reveal himself in his majesty? Perversity and culruelty of man that will attain to such a height 
What will soon have reached it's limit? The wickedness of the world 
What will.then happen? God will pour out his judgments 
By what earth crust will be rent? By elements concealed 
What are warnings that God s Spirit will not always strive with men ? Fires floods earthquakes 

What will.be convulsed before the Son of man appears? Everything in nature What is but a faint picture of what will happen futur? Air food pestilences
What will soon be refused? God's keeping power 
To whom? Those who disregard Gods commandments 
What is already falling? God s plagues 
What are these judgments for? Bring professing christians to their senses Why does god permit judgments ? That the world take heed sinners be afraid and tremble before Him 

What is gods purpose in sending calamities? One of his means to bring men and women to their senses 
What does god express in unusual workings nature? To doubting humans what he has clearly revealed in his Word 
What are among the agencies of God ? To rouse men to a sense of their danger 
What is in the hands of God ? The program of coming events 
What does god have in his own charge? Destiny of nations, concerns of his church 
What is under divine control ? Complicated play human events as wheels like complications under hand cberubim 

Lde ch 3 when shall these things be 
What did shit israel 40 years from canaan? Murmur unbelief rebellion 
What has shut sda from entering heaven ? Murmur unbelief rebellion 
What has kept us in this world so many years ? Unbelief wordliness unconsecration strife

What would have happened if church had done her work ? Jesus would have returned 
How do angels represent their message? As very short 
What is conditional? God's promises and threatenings 
Why did Jesus did not come yet? Insubordination 
What should we not add? Charging God for not coming which is result of our sin 

When will Jesus return? When his character will be perfectly reproduced in his people 
What is in our power? To bring this scene of misery to an end
What does god kept with nations? An account with unerring accuracy 
When. Does gods ministry of wrath starts? When the figures reach a certain amount 

When will the nation's cup will.be full? When the 1st day of the week enforced
When. Will gods forbearance cease? When iniquity reached boundary
When will wrath come? When heaven s record book mark the sum transgression where can men cannot go? When limit reached offers mercy withdrawn ministry judgment commences 
What time is coming? When in fraud and insolence reach point God not permit to pass 

What will people then learn? There is a limit go Gods forbearance 
What cannot be delayed after a limit? God s judgments
What will happen when earth inhabitants have filled cup iniquity? Gods wrath long slumbered will awake
Who will drink cup unmingled wrath ? The land of light 

What is nearly filled? Cup of iniquity What is about to descend upon guilty? Retributive justice of God 
What has earth almost reached? Where God will permit destroyed to work his will 
How long did enoch walked with God? 300 yearsW
hat would Jesus have ever kept before us? Shortness of time 
What shall we see in heaven ? The shortness waiting period probation. 

Lde ch 4 Gods last day church 
What is only one church doing? Standing in the breach, making up the edge, building up the old waste places 
What is sda superior to all? Facilities teach truth, vindicate law of God Who will be safe? Those who believe that God has spoken through sister white and given her message safe many delusions 
What has God made sda? Depositaries of gods law 

What has God made sda? His representatives and ambasadors
What has been  committed to sda ? Greatest wealth truth most fearful warnings 
What have sda been set for ? Watchmen lightbearers
what has been entrusted to sda? The last warning to a perishing world
What is of no greater importance ? Preaching of the 3 angels message 
Why was organisation. Indispensable ? For support ministry, work new fields, unworthy members, church property, publication truth 

To.which city does Ellen white conpare sda? Capernaum
In which state is the sda church ? Laodicean gods presence is not in her
What is thegc becoming ? Corrupted by wrong sentiments , principles What is the voice of battle creek ? No longer the voice of God 
What does the sda church need ? To be reproved, warned, counseled 
What is sda only object? On earth God bestows his supreme regard 

What will not triumph? Bulwarks of satan 3 angels message will triumph 
Why would sentence be put on sda!? Because blessings not qualified her do work 
By what the sda will.be judged ? Blessings  bestowed, opportunities given  What sentence given sda ?  Found wanting 
What were admonitions and warnings to sda? Battle creek, review herald burned
What will happen unless sda repents and converted! Eat fruit her own doing and abhor herself 
What will heal sda church ? Resist evil, choses good, seeks God, humility reaches high calling stands platform eternal truth

Why did ancient israel suffer?  Unsanctified hearts, unsubmitted wills
Why was israel finally rejected ?  Unbelief, self confidence, impeniitence,blindness of mind , hardness of heart What is israel for sda! A danger signal lifted before us 
Who will become the church triumphant ? Members  church militant who have proved to be faithful 
What was life of Jesus charged with ? Divine message love of God 
What did Jesus want ? Longed intensely Impart this love to others rich measure 
What beamed from Jesus contenance? Compassion
What was Jesus conduct characterized  by? Grace humility truth  love Who needs same qualities ? Church triumphant 

Lde ch 5 devotional life remnant 
What kind of storm is coming? A storm that will try every men's heart Without what heart cannot be kept condition sweetness ? Daily application salt Word
For what christians should be preparing ? What is soon to break world overwhelming surprise 
Preparing doing what ? Studying bible conforming precepts
Who only will be shilded from delusions ? Those studied the bible 
What is to hand memory s hall? Precious words of christ 

How are they be valued? More than gold silver
What will God flash?knowledge bible in memory time most needed What do few realize? Control thoughts immagination
How should we be living ? In reference to the great day of God 
What will soon startle the living and dead? Trumpet archangel

Lde ch 6 lifestyle and activities of the remnant 
What has God long waited for ? Spirit service take over church 
How should we watch work and pray ? Is if it was last day granted us 
What does God desire through the sabbath? Preserve among men knowledge of himself 
Who will not be held guiltless on sabbath ? Who neglects to releive suffering sabbath 

Who will not enter heaven ? Those defiled foul  blot selfishness 
What only work soon be done ? Medical missionary 
How is health message to 3 rd angels message ? As closely connected as arm and  hand to body
What will happen when depression. Of church is greatest! Little company standing in light 
What will they do ? Cry abominations land and pray for church do as world 
What are we not to do?  Confederate wordlings lest become imbued with their spirit 

What is.not objectionable? Musical instruments 
Who puts words in our lips ? Angels of God What can be known? Jesus christ is speaking through you 

Lde 7 country living 
How did God show his great love adam eve? Planting garden especially for them 
How was adam eve time spent? Dressing garden receiving visit angels instructions
Who are kings queens ? Those possess land and home 
What will n futur be very serious problem ? Buying selling 

Lde ch 8 the cities
Above whom. Cain stood? Head great class men wprship God of this world
How did noah s descendents separated? Evil annoyed by teaching example God fearing went shinar 
Who is swept away? Youth by popular current 
What are cities filled with ? Confusion violence crime 
What will come on earth ? Terrible shocks lordly palaces heaps ruin

What happens when Gods restraining hand removed?  Destroyer begins work Where greatest calamity come? Cities
What is coming as end approches? All cities turned upside down 
How will judgments be meted? According to people's wickedness and light they had
What is coming before the great destruction? Flattering monuments will.be crumbled What will be destroyed ? 
Why? Costly structured when owners passed boundary forgiveness 
What is the Word of the Lord? Prophecies of the old testament 
What will being the time of trouble ? Labor unions 

How will cities dealt with? Strictly Why does god not destroy a cities? Some souls can break away 
Where are soul winners greatest opportunities? Large cities Where do sda restaurants need to be? In cities 
What will sda enemies do? Anticipate decree assail them sword
Who will protect them? Angels swords fall as straw 
How are others defended? By angels in form of men of war 

Lde ch 9 Sunday laws
What did the papacy think? That it was not only equal to God but above God What is the child of papacy? Sunday change 
What does  the bible call change of Sunday ? Her fornication 
What has Satan done with the sabbath ? An object of special attack 
What did Satan want world to think? Sabbath was changed , obliterate memory of it , place day no credential of God, make those keep Sunday put sanctity as sabbath 

Who will be united against gods people ? All powers that have apostasize allegiance law of God 
Why is sabbath great point of issue ? God identified as lawgiver  Creator What lawmakers little realize? The result changing sabbath 
what should we do about sabbath issue ? Delay long possible threatened calamity
When will protestantism act join hands papacy?  When. Usa abjure principles government setting Sunday law 

What will protestants do? Throw their whole influence strength side papacy What will give life vigor corrupt faith of rome ?  By national act enforcing false sabbath 
What will this revive? Her tyrany and oppression conscience 
Who will be embittered against sda? Men position trust 
What is destroying love of justice and regard for truth ? Political corruption 
What will usa legislators do? Secure public favour Yield popular demand for Sunday law 

What is Sunday laws  by protestants?  Enforcement worship papacy 
What is world filled with? Storm war variance Under 
who will world unite oppose sda? Papacy 
By who is this cemented? Great apostate
What will Sunday laws bring? National apostsy principles republicanism usa founded 
What will be accepted by usa rulers? Religion of papacy

Why will legislators yield to Sunday ? Popularity patronage 
In passing Sunday law what will usa do? Disconnect herself fully from righteousness 
What is Sunday law a sign of?  Limit God s forbearance is reached 
What will God do when his  law void, apostasy becomes national sin ? God will work behalf his people  
What have americans been? Favoured people
What will happen when they restrict religious liberty, surrender protestantism , give countenance papacy ? Measure guilt full, national apostsy registered books heaven 

What will usa legislative councils  do?  Enact laws bind conscience men What will then happen ? Law God void national apostasy end national ruin What will they do time national apostasy? Acting policy Satan, rank with men of sin
How will God judge this? The measure of their guilt will be full 
What will be taken under protection and care of the state ? Catholic principles 
Where will Sunday law go? Al parts of world , foreign nations follow usa example 

What is last act in drama ? Sunday for sabbath What will God then do? Reveal himself What will it then be time for ? God to work 
How will God reveal himself ? To shake terribly the earth 
Who will be stired enemty against sda? The whole world for not following papacy 
What will the christian world be ? Theatre great descisove actions 
Who will unite? Secular religious powers 
For what ? Enforce observance Sunday 
What's a good way spend Sunday after Sunday law? Medical missionary , hold meetings 
What does opposition, persecution to truth does? Make truth more beautiful and strong 

Lde ch 10 little time of trouble 
What did sda do start time trouble ? Filled with Holy Spirit  Preached sabbath more fuly 
What does this start time trouble mean? A little time before 
What will happen then ? Just before plagues poured out , work salvation closing , trouble earth, nations angry held check
What will come in usa ? Boasted land freedom come to an end 
What will sda fight? Fight battle for sabbath 

How will nations rise up? In their pride and power make laws restrict religious liberty 
Where do protestants and papist unite ? Strong arm civil power 
What will last day people know? 
What it means persecuted for truth
What will be nothing to non sda? Gods law our law is everything 
What will prevail in courts ? Injustice , refuse to hear truth 

What will.be pleading in courts? Not our right but God s right to our service 
Who will combine? For what? Wealth fenious education to cover sda with contempt
How will sda be treated? As traitors Enemies of law and order, breaking down moral restrain society, causing anarchy , corruption, calling down God s judgments
What will their conscientiousness be called? Obstinacy, stubbornness, contempt of authority 

For what sda will be accused? Disaffection toward government 
How will they try o erxome sda faith ?voice, pen, boasta, threats, ridicule , 
What will.be more than rivalled ? When popery joins protestantism 
When will hoarded wealth become worthless ? Sunday law 
What will those loyal God see ? Every earthly support cut off
What will Satan say? For dear of wanting food and clothing they ll join world 
How will sda be treated after Sunday law? prison, exiles, slaves 

What will happen when gods restraining power withdrawn?  Men be under control Satan , strange developments 
How heart can be? Very cruel without God
How many sda be after Sunday law ? Prison, martyrs , flee towns
Aa enemty against sda rises what to do? Move to places not so bitterly opposed 
What does god not require of us? Remain where influence none effect, lives endangered 
What is our positive duty ? Go to places where people willing hear truth

When will God interpose ? When defience law universal, sda persecuted, What will God do? Answer fervent prayers 
What does God love to have us do? Seek him with all heart and depend Him as deliverer 
What will be permitted for a time? Oppressors triumph 
What will soon be all over world ? Trouble
How is God s love for his church ? Infinite, his care unceasing 

How will He purify his church ? As purified temple
What are God s workmen? Afflictions, crosses , temptations , adversity 
For what ? Fit us heavenly garner 

Lde ch 11 satan's last day deception 
How is Satan working ? With intensity that is marvelous working with lying wonders 
What does Satan hide ? His deformity under christian garb Assumes atributes of a Christian claims to be Christian 
Who will profess faith in bible ? Spirits 
What will happen. ? Their work be accepted as manifestation divine power What is strongest bulwark of vice ? Not abandonment sinner or degraded outcast but the life appears virtuous 
What can they become ? Decoys of satan to entice  souls precipice ruin What do unbelievers have right to expect? Will do more to promote God s honour consistent life

What do saints need? Throughout understanding present truth Who does god have in nominal churches ? Honest childrens
When will they be called out? Before plagues fall 
What happens before God a judgments on earth? Revival primitive godliness not seen since apostolic times 
What will Satan do? Try hinder it 
How ?  Counterfeit fallen churches

What will Satan use? Every opportunity to seduce allegiance to God How will satan and his angels appear ? As men Who will also appear as men ? God's angels 
What will evil angels do? Talk those know truth 
Who will bring in strong spirit unbelief? Evil angels form men in sda ranks
Who is beinging last scenes drama ? Power from.beneath 
To whom will satan appear? Binding themselves secret societies 
Who will satan deceive appearing as Jesus ? None but like pharaoh resist truth
Will satan s miracles be real ? Yes

Lde ch 12 the shaking
Who will receive the plagues ? Sda who not have more consecration than nominal churches 
What will come in sda church ? Division two parties developed , wheat tares 
What must be separated? Chaff from wheat 
What will be repeated? Rebellion dathan abiram 

Who is among sda ? Wicked men who love not God or the truth
Who will yield powers that be? Steps by step yielded wordly demands , conformed wordly customs 
Why will they yield ? Rather suffer derision, insult, prison,death
Who will give heed seducing spirits doctrines devil's ? Larger class than we anticipated 
What will church have to do? Preach in terrible crisisW

hat will Satan bring sda?fanatism ,  Cold formalism 
What will cause shaking? Straight testimony called forth by the True Witness to laodiceans 
How will shaking cone ? Some rise up against it 
What will some sda want ? Those give staighr  Testimony silenced 
What will sda stand satan's banner give up? Faith Testimony of Jesus 
What is satan's last deception? make no effect  Testimonies of Spirit of God  

How will satan work among sda? Unsettle confidence true Testimony 
What also Satan has done? Masterly efforts unsettle faith Testimonies 
Who will pattern after ancient israel? Men god has highly honored 
What will they do ? Human projects 
What will be frequent ? Apostasies men responsible positions 
What does shaking God does? Blow away multitudes  like dry leaves 

Who will appear be base metal? Great proportion appear genuine 
What happens when church appears fall? Sinners sifted out 
Who will abandon positions ? Large class who professed 3 angels 
Who does god have ? Faithful servants hidden to view
How are they like ? Stars hidden daytime 

Who makes decisions when persecution happens ? Witnesses 

Who have been shaken out? Careless and indifferent With whom God s Spirit is striving. ? Many
What is time God s destructive judgments ? Time mercy those  no opportunity know  truth. 
Who will be admitted in ?  Large numbers hear truth fort time 
Who joins foe? Company after company and tribes join Jesus 

Lde ch 13 the latter rain
What happens under the latter rain ? Under influence fertilizing showers  tender shoot spring up 
When does latter rain falls?  Close season, ripens grain , prepares for sickle 
What first given seed germinate?  Dew and rain 
What does dew rain do after ?  Ripen to harvest 
What does it symbolizes? How the Holy Spirit one stage to another carry spiritual growth 
What does ripening train represents? Completion work God s grace in soul What does power Holy Spirit does? Moral image God perfected character 
What are we to be?  Wholly transformed into Jesus likeness 
What is latter rain ? Rippening earth s harvest 

What does latter rain represent ?spiritual grace prepares church second coming 
Unless later rain falls what happens ? No life, no green blade, no seed brought to perfection 
What did disciples do waiting Holy Spirit fall? Humbled hearts, confessed unbelief, putting away all differences. desire for supremacy
When was the Holy Spirit poured out ? When they came perfect unity, not striving highest place 

Until when the holy Spirit presence abide with true church? Until the end What happened then ? Thousands were converted one day 
What did the holy Spirit do for them ? Speak foreign languages ,for them not accomplish lifetime 
What were the apostles hearts surcharges with ? Benevolence so full compelled them go ends earth 
What was result outpouring holy Spirit pentecost? Glad tidings carried uttermost parts earth 

What is promised near close earth s harvest?  Bestowal spiritual grace prepare church coming  Jesus 
When will.be the revival primitive godliness? Before final visitation God s judgments 
Not seen since when ? Apostolic times 
What is another name for latter rain? Refreshing from the presence of the Lord 
What will latter rain come to give? Power loud voice third angel ,prepare saints stand time  7 last plagues
What change does latter rain cause?  Those with armor speak with great power 

What is the latter rain. Also? Refreshing from God s presence, loud cry of 3 rd angel 
What will latter rain work in us ? Meekness, humbleness, conscious dependence on God 
What happens if we do not progress. seek former, latter rain? Lose our souls 
Who s responsability will it be? Ours 
What are opportunities receive early , latter rain ? Camp meetings, home church, labour souls 
What can Satan not do ? Hinder showers blessing fall God s people 
What will measure holy Spirit proportionate to? Desire faith exercised for it 

What does the Lord wants us to do? Trouble Hhim with our petitions, latter rain 
What is most urgent need? Revival primitive godliness 
what is our 1st work? To seek revival primitive godliness 
What is revival? Renewal spiritual life, resurrection spiritual death 
What is reformation ? Reorganisation ideas theories ,habits,  practices When will showers holy Spirit come?  When abiding Christ soul, selfishness dead, no rivalry, strife supremacy oneness exist, love seen and felt 

When can God not bless church? Work others discounted seek supremacy 
What we need stand second coming ? Envy, strife supremacy 
What must we to do? Utterly destroy roots of these unholy things 
What must Christians do? Put away dissension
What is christianity ? The revealing tenderest  affection one for another
What is Christ to receive ? Supreme love from us
How will every soul be saved? Through love What is true conversion? Change from selfishness to sanctified affection for God and others 
What atributes God cherishes most? Love, purity 
What is strongest argument for gospel? Loving, lovable  christian 
Who can never enter heaven? Half hearted, sinful  christians 

Who only received latter rain ? Those overcome every besetment, pride, selfishness, love world, victory every wrong word and action
What is for us to do? Remedy defects in our characters 
When will latter rain. Fall? Indolence slothfulness wiped away
Who will. Unite with third angel? Re 18 angel
What is this ? Latter rain. 

How will sda be found wanting? Of remove not wrongs , correct their errors What time will never come ? When whole church revived 
Who will receive greater light ? Those live light they have 
What can we not recognize? Outpouring holy Spirit 

Lde ch 14 the loud cry 
What does God have? Jewels and representatives in every church 
How are they not rejected by God ? Rejecting light unfavourable circumstances 
What is among catholics? Many are consciencious 
Where are greater part of sda? Sunday  p
rotestant churches When do Babylon sins reach unto heaven ? When. Gods law made void
When does 3 angels work finish? End earth s history 
What is last message given world? Re 18 and 3 rd angel 
What is 3 angels? Righteousness by faith 

What is most precious message ? Righteousness by faith What is last message mercy given? Revelation of His character of love 
What revives strengthens sda pass time trouble? Latter rain. 
What happens as end draws near? Testimonies God s servants more decided and powerful 
How will God work? Out usual order things , contrary human planning
What will be seen? God taking reins own hands 

What will workers do? Surprised simple means God uses perfect his work What will soon happen to sda? Awakening  surprise many 
Who will God use? Common people Who are last men trained by? Unction of His Spirit rather training scientific institutions 
What will God show in sending simple people to work? He is not dependent on learned self important people 

By whom will earth lightened with glory ? By those who accept every day of light
What will even u learned be able to do? Withstand doubts , questions infidelity can produce , put blush sophistries scorners 
Where will loud cry each ? Every city and town 
Why do we need study the Bible ? Not to be confused when called testify in court 
How will nominal sda seen loud cry? Something dangerous, arouse dears, brace themselves against it 
How will 3rd angel received? Not comprehended called false light 
What will many do? Not believe the 3 angels , disregarded by vast majority What will popular ministry do? Filled with anger authority questioned say message from sstan , stir multitudes persecute those give message 

What do many sounds come out rank world? Zeal far excess sda 
What will multitudes do? Receive truth join armies of the Lord 
Who will come light truth? Every honest soul 
From where most trace back convictions ? Publications Who largely makes work of 4th angel ? Publishing houses 

Lde ch 15 seal God and mark of the beast

Who will.be seen as enemies of christ? Those don't take side on seal of God issue

Who will be more at variance? Children light and darkness Who can enter heaven first? Those who lived up light they hadHow will.we be judged? According to the light we hadWhat judgment descisions depend on ? Our benevolence How does jesus see every actHow benevolence ? As done to Jesus Himself How will eternal destiny be determined ? Dome for poor suffering Who worship God ignorantly? Some heathen Where did they hear God s voice ? Nature What is evidence holy Spirit touched their hearts? Their works Who will.be surprised?Jesus followers at approval of pagans in Heaven Some people with good works are refused why? Motives defiled selfishness not acceptable What gives character acceptance to our acts? Motives What will come when sda are sealed? The shakingWhat is the sealing? Settling into truthIntelectually, spiritually What has already begun? The shakingUpon whom seal placed? Those keep sabbath consciously ,and reassemble Jesus What is true sign loyalty to god? The sabbathWho will be protected time trouble ? Those who ressemble Jesus fully Upon whom seal will not be placed? World loving, deceiitful, false tonguesWho receives the seal ? Those overcome world, flesh, devil Until when sabbath test cannot come ? Mediation Jesus holy place finished Lde ch 16 the close of probation What e white said time end probation ? It's time work as night come no one can workWhen will.omahe beast be formed ? Before probation closes Who makes image of beast ? 2 horned power , image to and of the beast To who 2 horned power makes image to? Papacy What does image to beast represents? Form apostate protestantism when seek civil power When will we receive seal of God ? Before tine troubleWhat happens then ? 4 angels cease hold winds What happens then? Famine , pestilences , wars ,sword , world in confusion What happens when 4 winds released? Powers earth gather forces last great battle How will close probation come? sudendly unexpextedly, short time before Jesus appears in clouds What will people of earth know not? Irrevocable decision sanctuary pronounced What will continue ? Forms religion spirit of God withdrawn sstanic zealWhat undermined faith in the bible ? Skepticism called science what happens when men are at ease ? Jesus returns How will world be when sudden destruction comes ? Philosophy banishes fear of God, ministers pointing lot ages of peace world absorbed round pleasure and business Lde ch 17 the 7 last agues and the wickedBy whom world soon to be left? Angel of mercy then 7 plagues fallWhat is soon to fall? The bolts of God s wrath What happens when god starts to punish ? There will.be no respite until the end Who will.unite with satanic agencies ? All those have not spirit truth What comes after 4 angels loose winds ? Battle armageddon Why aren't 4 angels loosing winds? warned of coming doomWhat is gathering ? A storm gathering ready burst What happens when angels loose winds? Scene strife no pen can picture What was destruction jerusalem ? Faint shadow destruction doomed world rejected his mercy, trampled commandments What happens after angels let lose winds? Satan plunges world one great final trouble What will the. happen? All elents strife let loose What kind ruin will happen? More terrible that destruction jerusalem What is God s glory? Be merciful, full forbearance, kindness, goodness , truth What is also the glory of god? His justice in punishing the sinner How will God spoil the whole land ? Fire flood plagues earthquakes How does jesus stand? As hearing every preyer, confession, represented rainbow around his head What does rainbow signify? Grace and loveWhat will take place of grace and mercy? Justice What right will jesus then assume ? Supreme judge How does the bible represents God? Being of mercy, benevolence ,also God strict , impartial justice What are 2 titles of God ? Moral governor and Father What can God do that men cannot do ? Infinite justice What does god do to bring people back ? Warn corrects reprove points only path safety Who can God use to punish those follow their own way? His enemies as instrumentsHow do people treat the holy Spirit ? Insulted refused Abused What is the holy Spirit doing ? Being withdrawn from earth What happens in consequence? Satan's cruel work on land and sea Why is the holy Spirit at last withdrawn? Wicked passed boundary probation no protection from Satan How many assyrians died under 1 angel? 185 000What can evil angels do ? Same destructive power as when God commands holy angels to destroyWhat is poured out when Jesus finishes intercession? Unmingled wrath against beast worshipers What happened when plagues were falling? Some begged to be taught how to escape What did saints have ? Nothing for them last warning had been given What did plagues do? Enrage wicked against righteous rid us plagues stop What are 7 last plagues? Most awful scourges known to mortals When and what happens when god delivers his people ? Midnight signs wonders follow quick succession Who first feels stroke God s wrath? God s church What did sda ancient men do? Betray their trust What is the Angel of mercy doing ? Folding wings leaving earth to satan How are warth principalities and powers? Bitter revolt against God , filled hatred against those who serve HimHow are battles good vs evil angels ? As real as real armies What is outcome ? Eternal destinyHow will satan's enmity manifest? More and more against goodWhat will all inhabitants earth soon do? Have taken side for or against government of heaven What will happen when re 18 angel is manifest? Good and evil will awake slumber , armies living God take field Lde ch 13 seven last plagues and righteous What will happen when jesus ceases meditiorial work ? Case of all will have been decidedWhat happens when 3 angel closed ? Mercy no longer pleads for allHow is the cominf crisis? Most vivid imagination cannot reach the magnitude of the ordeal What happens when jeuss leaves the most holy? Rulers left control evil angels pass laws under direction of satan unless time short no one saved What is satan's principal concern? Silence sabbath keepers What will Satan do when. Angel mercy folds wings? Deeds long wished to do What happens in time of trouble ? Every case is decided What is then upon God s people ? Seal of God Where will God s people be time trouble? All over the earth , tried singly not in groupsHow will we need stand the test? By oneself As if there was none other What will happen those store food? Taken away violent hands How wi his feed us? As Elijah and send mannaHow many will work time trouble ? None suffering mental What is promised remnant time trouble ? Bread and water How will saints be preserved time trouble ? Ministration angels How will saints stand time trouble ? Unmoved angels wxxell strength protect them Who will know who are the 144000? Those who are What happens when protection human laws withdrawn? Silmutaneous movement for their destruction. Lde ch 19 Christ returns What happens when jesus returns ? Clouds clash against each other , atmosphere rolled back , open space orion opens hear God s voice What is heard before Jesus returns ? The voice of God heard repeteadly immediately preceding What do the wicked think god's voice giving day and hour is ? Thunder earthquakeWhat happens just after day and hour is given? Jesus returns What happens when jesus returns? Terrible awakening those lost all conflict life They lament but? Do not repent What does jesus note ? Every difficulty and danger What is 1st impression of Christians when jesus returns ? Terror stricken at his majesty What does he feels? That he cannot live in his holy presence How will wicked fall? Mad strife own fierce passions , awful outpouring God s wrath What is glory of Jesus s contenance? Life righteous, consuming fire to wicked Who cannot endure return of Jesus ? Those willed hatred What was granted them? Years probation form characters for heaven What will be glorious ? To see Him and be welcomed as his redeemed ones What will we be to meet Jesus ? Happiest of beings What will be to be home at last ? Where wicked cease their troublings and weary find rest How is the glory of Jesus ? Exceeding lovely , countenance brighter than the sun,How can heaven be described ? Human language inadequate describe What would happen if we had one view of heaven ? Never wish dwell Earth again What happens to babies who have no mother saved? Angels conduct them to tree of life What is insignificant compared to heavens rewars? Human praise in comparison to infinite rewards Who will not be in heaven? Those who are rough and unkind What all seek in heaven ? Interest and happiness of others Who also will not be in heaven ? Those who are selfish

What will people in heaven never do ? Wrong to each other

In what do people in heaven will rival ? Rival in good

Who is the greatest in heaven ? The most humble

What do people in heaven will never know ? Sorrow griefs tears

Why will angels, redeemed saints, people other worlds shout ? Because no more anoyed by satan

What will there be between Jesus and redeemed saints? Close communion

What is heaven s greatest joy ? Look upon fade of God, see him as father

Who will be first to greet resurrection morning ? The angel

Why was Satan s existence cut short ? universe convinced God s justice

What will Jesus explain to us ? The dark providences to perfect christian character

Who ordered earth s experiences ? Infinite love

Why will we rejoice with unspeakable joy? Realise tender care of Jesus

What is to angels subject continual amazment? Humiliation if Jesus , wonderful love of the father giving his son ,

What will be studied through eternal ages? Humiliation of Jesus , love of the Father giving his son

What will continually unfold? New truths

Why will our minds constantly expand and joy continually increase ? As we learn more of the wisdom , love, power of God

What will years of eternity bring ? Richer and more glorious revelations of God

What is progressive ? Knowledge ,love , reference, happiness

What happens the more we learn of God ? The greater our admiration for his character be What will happen when Jesus opens before all riches of redemption and amazing achievements in great controversy ? Hearts ransomed thrill more fervent devotion

There in an infinity beyond what ? Howewer far we may advance in knowledge God s wisdom , power

What is a tiny drill compared to the boundless ocean of God s love ? All paternal love came through human hearts

How is God love? Boundless ,exhaustless

To what there is an infinity beyond ? All our search to understand God s love

What does eternity itself cannot reveal? God s love

What happens when great controversy is ended? Sin and sinners see no more, universe clean, one pulse harmony gladness all creation ,

What does flow from God ? Life, light, gladness

Who declares that God is love ? From minutest atom to greater star all things animate and inanimate

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