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Test your Bible knowledge on a question answer form

1 AND 2 KINGS HOLY BIBLE This is an awsome way to learn the Bible Some of the BIble pioneers used this technique of putting a book of the Holy Bible in question and answer form thus learning the book faster and Seeing the bog picture of the 1 Kings old testament King james version


TIMELINE Bible concentrate 1 kings death david temple reign salomon  altar prophet life kings Elijah Ben Hadad Acab vineyard Micah prophecy 2 kings Elijah Elisha miracles kings of israel  israel deported assyria 1  ki ch 

1 KI CH 1
What is the name of the virgin slept king david? Abishag 
Where was she from? Shunnamite 
Who was from shunem? Women gave room elisha , woman song of solomon 
Who exalted himself above salomon? Adonijah 
Adonijah was born after who? Absalom
Who did he confer with? Joab and Abiathar the priest

Who was not with Adonijah? Zadok priest Nathan prophet and Benaiah and mighty men
Who told Bathsheba that Adonijah was reigning? Nathan 
How did Nathan reverence David? With face to the ground 
How was solomon proclaimed king? Riding on a mule and Nathan leading 
where was solomon anointed king ? Gihon 

Where was gihon? Genesis 1 of 4 rivers
How did Salomon spare Adonijah? If worthy man not a hair fall if wickedness found he shall die 

1 ki ch 2
What did david charge solomon? Keep God s commanents to prosper in wherever you turn 
What promise God made to david ? If they children walk in truth shall not fail thee a seed on the throne 
Who did david tell salomon to kill ? Joab and Shimei
Why? Joab to send blood in peace and Shimei to curse david 
Who did david say to show kindness? Barzillai 

Who was barzillai? Used wealth for good helped david time absalom rebellion 
Who did Adonijah ask for wife? Abishag
Who did Salomon send to kill Adonijah to ask Abishag? Benaiah 
Who did solomon thrust out? Abiathar

Why? Because he followed Adonijah
Where was abiathar sent? Anatoth
Where was anatoth ? One of the levetical cities town of Jeremiah and jehu
Which two persons caught horns of the altar? Adonijah and Joab

 which was was killed and spared? Adonijah spared joab killed
 Who killed joab? Benaiah 
 What was Shimei supposed to do? Not leave jerusalem 
 How long did he obeyed? 3 years  
 Where did Shimei go? Gath
 Who killed him ? Benaiah 
 Where was gath? One of the 5 philistine state
 What happened in gath? Goliath came from gath and saul fell in gath 
 1 ki ch 3
 Where did salomon go to sacrifice? Gibon
 What happened in Gibon? Gibeonites deceived israel Solomon had dream 
 What did God promise solomon of he kept his commandments? He would lengh
 ten his days What did God add to solomon's request? Riches and honour
 How did God speak to Solomon? Dream
 1 ki ch 4
 How did israel and judah dwell all days of solomon? Safely every man under his vine and fig tree 
 What did God gave Solomon? Wisdom understanding largeness of heart
 Who was Solomon wiser than ? Etan Heman Chalcol Darda
 How many proverbs and songs did Solomon write ? 3000 proverbs 1005 songs
 1 ki ch 5
 Who were best hewers of timber ? Sidonians 
 1 ki ch 6
 Which year the house of he Lord began to be built ? 408 years out Egypt 4th year solomon reign month zif 
 What was it used in building God s house ? No hammer, axe or iron 
 Which wood was used to build God s house ! Cedar and fir
 What did Solomon carved on walls of the house of God ? Palm trees cherubims and open flowers 
 How long did it took to build God s house ? 7 years 1 ki ch 7
 How long did it take build solomons house? 13 years 
 What are the names of the pilars of God s temple? Jachin Boaz 
 1 ki ch 8
 What was the prayer of Solomon about ? Asking God to forgive israel in case they sinned 
 1 ki ch 9
 What happened after Solomon made feast for temple? God appeared to him in Gibon
 What did God promise him ? That if faithful He would establish the throne of israel forever 
 If  unfaithful what wound happen. To israel? They would become a proverbs and a byword 
 What did Solomon did to Hiram tyre s king? He gave him 20 cities that he did not like and called them land of cabul 
 1 ki ch 10
 What did solomon answer queen sheba? All questions she asked 
 1 ki ch 11
 Who did God send salomon as enemy for worshiping false gods? Hadad the edomite 
 Who lifted up his hand against the king ? Jeroboam 
 Who met him and what message was given? Prophet Abijah tore his garment in 12 pieces 10 tribes given to jeroboam 
 Why? Because solomon worshipped astorerh 
 What did God promise jeroboam? If faithful he will build him a sure house what did solomon try to do? Kill jeroboam who fled in egypt 
Who reigned after solomon? Rehoboam solomon s son
What did jeroboam after returned from. Egypt ? He came to talk to rehoboam to lighten load 

What did rehoboam do after division? He tried to take army for war 
What prevented him ? God spake to shemiah the prophet to not go to war What did jeroboam do to prevent israel return to judah? Built 2 calves of gold

Where were these calves of gold? bethel and Dan 
Who did jeroboam set as priest ? Low people who were not levites 

1 ki ch13
What does the prophet say and to who in 1 ki ch13? To jeroboam baal prophets shall be burned and man's bones burn upon altar
What sign does that prophet give ? The altar shall be rent and it's ashes poured out 
What did jeroboam say and do? He say lay hold on him and put forth hand to catch jeroboam

What happened? Jeroboam s hand dried
What did jeroboam ask? To pray that his hand may be restored 
Who stood by the prophet s carcass? The donkey and the lion 
What did the lion not do ?  Eat the carcass or the donkey 
Did jeroboam repent after that ? No he still put anybody who asked priest 

1 ki ch 14
What did jeroboam do when Abijah his son was sick? He told his wife to disguise herself and ask the prophet Ahijah that said he would be king, ask what would happen to chil?
How did Abijah receive jeroboam s wife? God warned him told her I bring bad tidings What 

were the bad tidings? Remove he that pisseth and remove rest of jeroboam house  as a man wipes dung till none is left because he worshipped idols
What happened to those does in city and field ? Dogs and fowls ate
What happened as soon as she returned home? Son died 
What did God to to Israel? smite Israel as reed shaken water, root up israel,  scatter israel because groves

 why? Because they worshipped groves he scattered israel as reed shaken in water and as root up israel out of good land 
Who took away the treasures of jerusalem temple? Shishak egypt king

1 ki ch 15
What did asa do to his mother? He removed her because she worshiped idols in grove 

1 ki ch 16
What did God say to Basha from who? God told prophet jehu to tell Basha that jebu s house will be as jeroboam s house 
How did zimi die after war with omi israel ? He burned kings house over him  
Who bought samaria s hill for him much? Asa for 2 talents 

1 ki ch 17
What did Elijah told zareptath woman to do ? Fear not make me a cake after for you and son 
What miracle God do to that woman? barrel meal and cruise oil not fail until rain came again 
What did zareptath woman tell Elijah after son Died? Did you come to call my sin to remembrance 
 What question Elijah asked God? Hast thou brought evil upon this widow What did widow tell Elijah after son revived? Now I know you are man of God and word of the Lord in mouth is truth 
 1 ki ch 18
 Who gathered baal s prophets mount Carmel? Ahab
 How did Elijah mock baal s prophets? He s talking pursuing journey sleeping
 1 ki ch 19
 Where did Elijah flee ? Under juniper tree 
 What did the angel do ? Touch him say arise and eat
 What did Elijah see? Cake baked coals and cruse water at his head 
 What happened next ? Elijah slept the angel told him arise eat journey is too great for thee
 How long did Elijah go strength of that meet? 40 days and nights 
 Where to? Horeb the mount of God 
 What happened in mount horeb? Burning bush, water out rock, 10 commandments de 5 2
 What happened after God told Elijah stand upon mount ? There was wind, earthquake,fire
 What did God tell him to do? Go Damascus anoint Hazael king of Syria  anoint Jehu king israel and Elisha prophet in his stead
 What happens those escape Hazael? Slained by Jehu escaped slained by Elisha What was Elisha doing when Elijah found him ? Plowing with 12 yoke  oxen
 What did Elisha do before leaving ? Boil one oxen and give to the people.
1 ki ch 20
With who Ben hadad Syria s king came? 32 kings 
What did Ahab tell ben hadad? Let not him put harness boast as he that takes it off 
How many princes beat ben hadad ?  232 princes

What did prophet tell Ahab? Benhadad shall return next year Where did syrians come to fight? Aphek 
What did israel look like? 2 flocks of kids goats Syria filled the country Why did God deliver Syria into israel s hands? Because they said God is a god of the hills 

How many syrians israel slew one day? 100000 
Where did syrians fled? Aphek wall fell on 27000 
What did benhadad do? Put sackcloth as israel kings are merciful
 What covenant benhadad do? Restore cities father taken and streets for israel in damascus
 What did a son of prophet ask a man? Smite him he refused and lion slew him
 Who disguised himself to the king? Son of prophet israel king let go fugitive What did son of  prophet say? His life for his life How was king s face? Heavy and displeased 
 1 ki ch 21
 What did Ahab asked naboth? Give thy vineyard because it is next to palace 
 What did jezabel do to get vineyard? She sent letters to elders and nobles of the city make feast set 2 men of belial say naboth blasphemed God and king
 What did Elijah say to abah where? At the vineyard where dogs licked naboth blood his blood shall be licked Dogs shall eat jezabel by wall of jezzrel
 What did Ahab do? Fast and sackcloth
 What did God do? Not being evil in his days in his sons days
 1 ki ch 22
 What did Jehosaphat say? Ramoth Gilead is ours take from syrians 
 Who he asked counsel? 400 Prophets 
 Who did Jehosaphat ask for? A prophet of God
 What did false prophet say ? Made horns iron say with these you shall push Syria until consumed
 What did Micah say? I saw israel scattered as sheep having no shepherd
 What did Micah see? God asking who shall go deceive Jehosaphat and go and fall  A spirit said I will go and be a lying spirit in prophets mouths 
What did zedekiah do!? Smite Micah say from where did spirit came to smite thee
What did Micah answered? You shall see it when you will hide in inner chamber
 What did ahab say? Put Micah in prison until I return
 What did micah say? If you return the Lord has not spoken by me
 How did ahab die? Arrow join harness 
 Where did they brought ahab s body? Pool samaria dogs licked his blood
 2 ki ch 1
 Who is azaiah? Ahab s son What did azaiah ahab s son ask? Enquire baalzebub for his sickness Fell latice upper chamber 
 What message Elijah have from whom? The Angel of the Lord said tell samaria s king is there not a prophet in israel to inquire baalzebub?
 2 ki ch 2
 Where did God take up Elijah? Jordan
 Who stood afar off? 50 men of the sons of the prophets 
 How did Elijah cross jordan? Wrapped mantel smote waters both passed
 What parted both prophets? Chariots and horses of fire 
 What did the sons of prophets say when Elisha smote waters and opened ? The Spirit of Elijah rests upon him
 What did the people jerico tell Elisha? City pleasant but water is naught and ground barren 
 What did Elisha do? Throw salt upon spring What did Elisha do to children who mocked him ? He cursed them 2 she bears smote 42 of them 
 2 ki ch 3
 Who went to fix moab s king rebellion what happened to them ? King israel edom judah they lacked water 
 What did Elisha say when called? Were it not for Jehosapath  I would not regard thee jehoram son of abab king of israel
 What did Elisha say? Bring minstrel to sing What did minstrel sang ? As Word of the Lord came upon him he said make valley full ditches
 What did moab see?  Ditches red as with blood thinking they killed each other 
 What did king moab do when see loosing battle? Took 700 men with sword against king edom failed 
 2 ki ch 4
 What did a widow tell Elisha? Husband is dead creditors want take 2 sons What did Elisha say? Borrow vessels not a few
   How did widow live ? From sale of the vessels 
   How did God reward woman prepared room? Next next year same time shall have a son Where was Elisha? 
   What did he do? Mount Carmel God awakened the child 
   What happened to sons of prophets eating? Death in pot in Gilgal
   What did Elisha do? Put meal in the pot 
   What did man Baalshalisha ask? 20 loaves corn for 100 man
   What did Elisha do? Multiply the food
   2 ki ch 5
   What did israel king say when Naaman sent letter? He seeks quarel
   Which river more beautiful than jordan? abana pharpar
   How long did leprosy stick to Gehezi ? To his seed forever 
   2ki ch 6
   How did Elisha make axe float? With a stick in water
   What did syria king say when moving his camp? Who is for Israel as each time camp moved israel is warned
   Where was Elisha? Dothan
   What did God do to win Syria? BlindnessW
   here did Elisha sent them? Midst samaria
   What happened when benhadad syria's king deseiged samaria? Great famine woman ready to eat her son
    What did israel king want do when he heard that? Sent to kill Elisha What did Elisha say? Tomorow measure flour 1 shekel 2 measures barley 1 shekel 
   How many lepers saved city? 4 went out to camp found all syrians gone What did the syrians hear? Noise of a great host
      2 ki ch 8
      Who visited Ben hadad why? Sick Elisha said Hazael will reign but do evil to israel Who was king of israel and judah? Joram jehoram
      2 ki ch 9 
      What did Elisha ask son of prophet ? To anoint  Jehu king 
      Why? You shall smite house ahab avenge the blood of the prophets  and blood of all servants of the Lord at jezabel s hand
      What did jehu said when asked what crazy person talked to him? You know the men and his communication 
      Who came to see joram healed from wounds? Jehu riding chariot furiously
     What did jehu answer when asked is it peace? What peace as long as the whoredoms of your mother jezabel are so many? 
     What did jehu do? Drew bow smote jehoram 
     What did ahaziah king juda do when he saw this ? He fled meghido died there
     What did jehu do in jezzrel? Jezebel was thrown and died dogs ate her
     Who was jehoram  Ahaziah ? Jehoram or Joram king judah Ahaziah or jehohaz king judah son jehoram and athaliah daughter ahab
     2 ki ch 10
     To whom did jehu send letters? 70 sons of ahab said we are with you What did jehu ask them to do? Set the best sons and fight
     What did elders samaria do? We're afraid said we are with you How did jehu told them prove they were with him? Send him heads of the sons 
     What did jehu say? Even if they slew 70 sons there shall fall nothing to the earth of the word of the Lord 
     What did jehu do? Slew all that remained in jezrel of house of ahab
     Who came to city ? Brothers of ahaziah
     What did jehu do? Slew the 42 of them 
     Who did jehu see on the way ? Jehonadab son of rechab
     who was rechab? Rechabites midianite tribe came cannan w israel retained nomadic  habits 
     What did jehu told him? See my zeal for the Lord and slew remained samaria 
     What feast did jehu do in samaria? Feast for baal to trap baal s prophets 
     What sin jehu did not depart? The golden calves in dan and bethel
     What did God tell jehu? Because you have done right to ahab s house  according to all that is in mine heart your son's shall stand to the 4 the generation Israel s throne 
     2 ki ch 11
     What did athaliah mother of ahaziah? Destroyed all the seed royalWho hid one son! Jehosheba daughter Joram hid joash 
     How long was joash or jehoash hid? 6 years
     Who did reign ?  Athaliah 
     What happened the 7 the year of Joash? Fetched ruler make joash king
   what did athaliah say when she saw joash was king? Treason treason
   What did they do to athaliah? Kill her
   What covenant did they make? To be the Lord's How did jehoash die? Conspiracy against him What is other name for joash? Jehoash 
   2 ki ch 13
   What did Elisha say before he died! Told the king to show arrow which would be deliverance from assyria 
   How many times the king smote the ground with arrow? 3 tines
     What would have happened if he struck ground 6 tines ? Smitten Syria till consumed
     What happened when moabites hurried a man? It was in elisha grave he revived touching elisha s bones 
     2 ki ch 14 
     What did jehoash king israel to Amaziah king judah ? Broke down walls took vessels samaria  
     Amaziah good or bad? Good
     Who reigned after him judah ? Azariah 
     Was azariah good ? Yes
     2 ki ch 15
     What did God so because judah still sacrificed ? resin king Syria 
     2 ki ch 16
     Resin took elath what happened there? David fought goliath 
     Who did ahaz king judah ask for help against who? Ahaz asked help tiglathpilezer assyria king against resin Syria and remaliah israel king
     2 ki ch 17
     Whom did assyrians put in samaria instead of jews? 
  Where were they? Deported  assyrians out people from   Babylon cuthah ava hamath sepharvaim 
  Who did God send because pagans lived samaria? Lions h
  what assyria s king say ? Send priest to learn to worship God of israel Who did God say not to worship ! False Gods
  But to do what? Fear God and worship him and to him do sacrifices 
  What did God ask not to forget? Not to worship other gods and not to forget this covenant 
  If the were faithful what would God do? Deliver them from all enemies
     2 ki ch 18
     Who was good king as no one before or after him? Hezekiah 
     What did God to him? God was with him and prospered him 
     Who took samaria captive? Salamanezer king assyria 
     What did hezekiah do when salmanezer came judah? He gave him gold and silver tribute 
     2 ki ch 19
     What did assyria king tell israel inside city ? Surrender yourself Hezekiah was afraid 
     who did he went to see? IsaiahWhat did isaiah say? Do not be afraid How did God answer hezekiah s prayer? That which you have prayed to me I have heard
     What was God s message to salmanezer? I know your rage against me I will put hook in nose return where came from 
     How did God win against assyria? The Angel of the Lord smote 185000 
     2 ki ch 20
     What did hezekiah ask God when about to die? Remember I was good and he wept
     What did God do? He told isaiah return and tell hezekiah you shall be healed 3rd day will add 15 years to your life and deliver thee from assyria 
     How did isaiah say to heal hezekiah? Lump figs on boilsWhat did hezekiah ask? A signWhich sign isaiah told him he had? Shall shadow go forward or back 10 degrees?
     What did hezekiah answer? Forward easy let shadow go back 10 degreesWho sent presents to hezehiak? Berodashbaladan of Babylon 
     What mistake hezekiah do? Show him all treasures israel 
     What did isaiah tell  hezekiah? All in his house shall be taken
     2 ki ch 21
     What did manasseh seduce israel to do? More evil that the nation that God has destroyed before them
     What did God say through his prophets? I will wipe jerusalem as a men wipeth a dish and turneth it upside down I will forsake them and become a prey and a spoil 
     What other sin did manassteth do? Shed innocent blood very much till he had filled jerusalem from one end to other
     2 ki ch 22
     What did hilkijah the high priest find? The book of the law What did king josiah do when shaphan the scribe  read of the book of the law? Rent his clothes 
     What did josiah ask to do? Great is the wrath of God because we have not done according to what is written Who they inquired unto? Huldah
     What did God say through huldah? I will bring evil unto this place because burned incense other gods 
     What did God say to king josiah? Because your heart was tender and humbled yourself you will not see the evil 
     2 ki ch 23
     What did king josiah do? Gathered all inhabitants and read the book of the law to them 
     What did king josiah say? To make covenant with God all people agreed 
     2 ki ch 25
     Who and how besieged jerusalem ? Nebuchadnezzar building forts all around 
     What did nebuchadnezzar do to king zedekiah? Killed sons front of him and took out his eyes 
     Who did nebuchadnezzar leave in jerusalem? Poor do be vinedressers and husbandmen 
     Which  king of israel did good? JehuW
     hich king of judah do good? Asa uzzah jotham josiah jehosaphat hezekiah 
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