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Book of Genesis bible quiz

Genesis concentrate 

Ge ch 1 

V2 the earth was ? Without form and void
And darkness was ? Upon the face of the deep 
The Spirit of God ? Moved upon the face of waters 
V4 God saw the light? That it was good 
God divided ? The light from the darkness 
V6 let there be a firmament ? In the midst of the waters 
Let it divide ? The waters from the waters 

V7 God made the firmament ? And divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament V8. God called the firmament ? Heaven V19 Let the waters under the heavens ? Be gathered unto one place And let the dry? Land appear and it was so V11 God called the dry land ? Earth The gathering of the waters ? He called called He seas V11 let the earth bring ? Forth grass The herb ? Yielding seed and the fruit tree V12 the earth ? Brought forth grass V14 let there be lights ? In the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night Let them ? Be for signs seasons days years V15 let them be for lights ? In the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth V16 God made two great lights The greater light ? To rule the day The lesser light ? To' rule the night V17 God set them ? In the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth

V18 to rule ? Over the day and over the night And to divide ? The light from the darkness V20 Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that has life and fowl that light fly above the earth V24 let the earth bring forth ? The living creature after his kind cattle and the creeping thing and beasts of the earth after his kind V26 let us make men ? In our image after our likeness Let them have ? Dominion over the fish of the sea fowl of the air over the cattle V27. God created men ? After his own image V29 I have given you every herb bearing seed ? To you it shall be for meat Ge ch 2 V5 for the Lord has not caused? To Rain upon the earth And there was not ? A men to till the ground V6 but there went up ? A mist for the earth to water the whole face of the ground V6 the Lord God formed? Men out of tbe dust of the ground And breathed ? Into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul V8 God planted a garden ? Eastward in Eden There he put ? The men who he had formed V9 out of the ground God made to grow ?every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food Also the tree of ? Life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil

What we t out of Eden? A river to water the garden and from thence it was parted And? Became j to four heads V11 the name of the first is ? Pison Which compases the land of ? Havillah Where there is? Gold V12 the gold of that land is . Good there is bdellium and onyx stone V13 name second river ? Gihon Encompasses land? Etiopía V14 name third river ? Hiddekel East of ? Assyria The forth is ? Euphrates V15 God pit man garden to? Dress and keep it V19 out of ground God formed? Every beast ,fowl and brought them to Adam To see ? What he would call them Whatsoever Adam called ? Every creature that was the name V25 they were both? Naked and we're not ashamed

Ge ch 3 V1 The serpent was more ? Subtil than any beast of the field V6 When the woman saw? That the tree was good for food,pleasant to the eyes , tree desired to make one wise She took? Of fruit and ate V7 the eyes of them both? We're opened They knew ? That they were naked Sewed? Fig leaves together and made aprons V8 they heard ? The voice of the Lord walking in the garden in the cool of the day Adam and his wife? Hid themselves from the presence of the Lord Among ? Trees of the garden V10 I heard your voice ? And I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself V11

who told you ? You were naked Have you ? Eaten of the tree? V12 the woman ? That you gave me she gave me of the tree V13 what is this that you have done ? The serpent beguiled me and I did eat V14 to the serpent because you have done this ? You are cursed above all catle V16 into the woman He said ? I will greatly multiply your sorrows Your desire shall be ? to your husband and he shall rule over you V17 because you have listened voice of woman ?

Cursed is ground for your sake In sorrow ? You shall eat of it all days of your life V18 thorns and thisles ? Shall it bring forth B V19 in sweat ? Of your face you shall est bread till you return to ground V20 Adam called wife Eve ? Because she was mother of all living V21 To Adam and wife God made ? Coats skin and clothes them V22 the Lord said ? Behold men become as one of us knowing good and evil V21 so He drove out the men ? He placed at east of garden chérubins with flaming swords .which turned every way To keep ? The way of the tree of life

Ge ch 4 V1 Adam knee his wife ? Bare son called Cain Said? I have gotten men from the Lord V2 She again bare ? Called Abel Abel was? Keeper of sheep Cain was ? Tiller ground V5 but into Cain and his offering ? He had not respect And Cain was? Very wroth and his contenancw fell V7 if you do well ? Will you not be accepted ? Sin lies? At the door and unto you shall be his desire but you shall rule over him V10 What have you done ? The blood of your brother s blood cries unto me from the ground V11 you are cursed ?

From the earth which has opened her mouth to receive your brother s blood from your hand V12 When you till the ground ? It shall not give unto thee her strength A fugitive ? And a vagabond you will be on the earth V16 And Cain dwelt ? In the land of nod east of Eden V17 Cain builded city ? Called after the name of his son Enoch V19 lamech had 2 wives? Adah Zilah V20 Adah bare ? Jabal fatjer those dwell in tents and have cattle V21 brothers name? Jubal father handle harp and organ V22 Zilah bare tubal Cain ? Instructer of every artificer brass and iron V26 Seth born a son Enos? Then Mel began to call upon the name of the Lord Ge ch 5 V3 Adam lived ? 130 years and begat a son He called his name Seth V4 days of Adam after he begat Seth ? Were 800 years V5 all je days Adam lived ? 930 years

V26 Metuselah lived? 968 years V28 Lamech lived? 182 years begat Noah V32 Noah was 500 years begat? Shem Ham Japeth Ge ch 6 V4 the sons of God came? To the daughters of men The same became ? Mighty men which were of old men of renown V5 God saw that ? Wickedness of men was great in the earth and every imagination of the heart was only evil continually V6 and it repented? The Lord they he had made men on the earth and it grieved him at his heart V7 the Lord said ? I will destroy men whom I have created It repenteth me? That I have made them V19 Noah was a just men and perfect in his generations and Noah walked with God V11 the earth was ? Corrupt and the earth was filled with violence V14 make thee ? An ark of gopher wood

V15 the length ? 300 cubits Breadth? 50 cubits Haight ? 30 cubits V17 I do bring a flood of water ? To destroy all flesh Ge 7 V19 come you into the ark ? For you have I seen righteous before me in this generation V26 of every clean beast ? By seven They test are not clean ? By two V3 of fowls also ? By seven To keep? seed alive V4 yet 7 days? I will cause it to rain upon the earth 40 days and night Every loving substance ? That I have made I will destroy from off tbe face of the earth V6 Noah was ? 600 years when the flood of waters was upon the earth V10 it came to pass after? Seven days the waters of the flood were upon the earth V11 in 600 years of Noah's life ? Were all fountains of great deep broken up And? The windows of heaven were opened V12 rain was upon the earth ? 40 days and nights V20 the waters rpevailed ? 15 cubits waters prevailed mountains were covered

V23 every loving substance ? Was destroyed Which was ? upon the face of the ground V24 waters prevailed upon earth ? 150 days Ge ch 8 V19 God made a ? Wind to pass over the earth V4 the ark rested ? 7 th month 17th day upon mountains of Ararat V5 in 10tj month 1st day ? Were the top of mountains seen V6 end of 40 days ? Top of mountains seen V6 Noah opened ? Window of the ark V7 sent a ? Raven V8 also he sent ? A dove V11 the dove came in evening ? In her mouth an olive leaf Noah knew? The waters were abated from off the earth V13 the waters were dried up ? The 601 year 1 month 1 day V21 I will not again curse? the ground anymore for men's sake For? The imagination. of men's heart is evil from his youth Nother will I smite anymore every living thing as I have done

Ge ch 9 V12 this is the token of tbe covenant ? I do set 'my bow in the cloud V14 when I bring a cloud? Over the earth that the bow shall be seen in the cloud The waters ? Shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh V19 these are the three sons of Noah ? Of them was tbe whole earth overspread V20 Noah became an husbandmen ? He planted a vineyard V22 who saw the nakedness Noah? Ham father of cannan V23 Noah lived after flood ? 150 years Ge ch 10 V8 Cush begat? Nimrod he began to be a mighty one on the earth V19 he was ? A mighty hunter before the Lord V10 beginning of his kingdom? Babel Erech Acad Calneh In the land of ? Shinar

V32 there are the families of tbe sons of ? Noah By these ? Were the nations divided in tbe earth after the flood Ge ch 11 V19 the whole earth ? Was one language one speech V26 as they journeyed ? From the east they found a plain In the land ? Of Shinar they dwelt there V3 go let is make ? Brick and burn them throughoutly They had ? Brick for stone and slime for mortar V7 confound their ? Language that they may not understand one another s speech V8 the Lord scattered them? Upon the face of the whole earth V19 the name called babel ? Because the Lord did confound their language From thence ? Did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth V11 Shem lived after Arphaxad? 500 years V31 Abraham went from ur? To land of cannan came into Haran

Ge ch 12 V1 go out of ? Your'country from your kindred from your father s house unto a land which I will show you V2 I will make you a greet ? Nation I will bless you make your name great and you shall be a blessing V3 in you ? All families of earth shall be blessed V4 Abraham was when he departed from Haran ? 75 V5 Abraham tool Sarah lot substance has gotten in Haran They went forth ? Into land of Cannaan V7 God appeared to Abraham said ? Unto your seed will I give this land V17 the Lord plagued Pharaoh? Because of Sarah V20 Pharaoh commanded his men ? That they send him away Ge ch 13 V2 Abraham was very rich in ? Cattle silver and gold V11 lot chose the plain ?

Of Jordan V12 Abraham dwelt land cannan Lot? Cities of the plain V13 men of Sodom we're ? Wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly V14 the Lord said to Abraham ? Look south east west north V15 all the land ? You see I will give it thee and your seed forever V16 I will make your seed ? As the dust of the earth If a men ? Can number dust of earth then shall your seed be numbered V18 Abraham came dwelt land? Mamre which is Hebron Ge ch 14 V14 when. Abraham heard better taken captive ? Armed servants 318 Pursued them ? Unto Dan V16 he brought back ? All the goods V18 Melchizedek brought ? Forth bread and wine V21 king of sodom? Take the goods to yourself V23 I will not take ? A thread of a shoelatcher Left you say ? I have made Abraham rich

Ge ch 15 V1 Abraham fear not? I am your shield and your exceeding great reward V12 when d'un was going down ? Deep sleep fell upon Abraham an horror of great darkness fell upon him V13 your seed will be ? Stranger in. Amanda that is not theirs Shall afflict them ? 400 years V14 that nation ? I will judge after they shall come out with great substance V18 same day God made covenant ? Unto your seed have I given this land From River Egypt ? To Euphrates Ge ch 16 Sara had an handmaid ? Hagar I'm

V3 Sarah took Hagar the ? Egyptian Gave her ? To her husband Abraham to be his wife V4 when. She saw she had conceived ? Her mistress was despised in her eyes V6 when Sarah dealt Harley with her ? She fled from her face V7 the Angel of the Lord found her ? By a fountain of water By the fountain ? In the way to Shur V10 the Angel of the Lord said ? I will multiply your seed exceedingly that? It shall not be numbered for multitude V11 you shall call his name? Ishmael Because ? The Lord has heard your affliction V12 je will be a wild men ? His hand shall be against every men Every men s hand ? Shall be against him He will dwell ? In the presence of his brethren V13 she called the name of the Lord that spake to her ? You God seedy me For she said ? Have I also here looked after him that sees me V14 the well was called ? Beetlahairoi Between ? Kadesh and Bered V16 when Ishmael was born Abraham was ? 86 years old

Ge ch 17 V1 God appeared to Abraham when he was ? 99 years old Said ? I am the almighty God walk before Me and be perfect V2 I will make my covenant before ? Me and between Me and you And I will ? Multiply you exceedingly V4 you will be a ? Father of many nations V5. Your name will be called Abraham for ? A father of many nations have I made thee V6 I will make you exceeding fruitful

V8 I will give you and your seed after you ? All the land of cannan for an everlasting possession V10 this is my covenant? Every men child among you circumcised V12 he that is ? 8 days old shall be circumcised V19 you shall bear a son ? And call his name Isaac I will establish my covenant with him ? For an everlasting covenant V20 as for Ishmael ? I have blessed Jim and will make him fruitful I will ? Multiply him exceedingly How many princes ? 12 princes shall he beget I will make him a great nation

V22 and he left off talking with him? And God went up for Abraham V24 how old was Abraham when circumcised? 99 years old V25 Ishmael was circumcised at ? 13 years old Ge ch 18 V13 why did Sarah laugh ? Shall I of a surety bear a child which am old V14 is anything ? Too hard for the Lord At the time appointed ? I will return unto thee according to the time of life and Sarah shall have a son V19 for I know Him ? That he will command his children and his housejpmd after him And they ? Shall keep the way of the Lord and do justice and judgment V20 because the cry of Sodom? Is great a s because their sin is very grievious V21 I will go down now? And see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it which is come unto me a d if.not I will know Ge ch 19

V19 how many doughtier lot wanted to bring out ? 2 V13 for we will destroy ? This place for the cry of them is waxen great before the face of the Lord And the Lord ? Has sent us to destroy it V20 behold this city is near and? It is a little one V21 see I have? Accepted thee concerning this thing also I will not overthrow this city V21 haste thee for ? Escape tither for I cannot I cannot do anything till you be come tither Name city ? Zoar V23 the sun was risen upon the earth? When lot entered in zoar V24 and the store rained ? Upon Sodom and Gomorrah fire and brimstone fr.tje Lord out of heaven V25 He overthrew thode cities ? And all the plain and all the inhabitants of the cities and all that grew on tbe ground V28 the smoke of the country ? Was as the smoke of a furnace V36 this were daughters of Lot? With child by their father V37 firstborn called him ? Moab V38 younger called him? Bennami Father children of ? Amon

Ge ch 20 V1 Abraham journeyed dwelt ? Kadesh and Shur V2 Abraham said of wife? She is my sister Who took Sarah ? Abimelech king of Great V3 God came Abimelech dream ? Behold you are a dead men for the woman is.a mens wife V4 did Abimelech come unto her? No V11 Abraham said because I thought ? The fear of God is not in tjis place they will slay me for my wife's sake V12 who was Abraham s wife? Daughter of his father and not of his mother V18 what did God do to Abimelech? Closed up wombs of his house Ge ch 21 V4 when did Abraham circumcise his son ? The 8 th day

V5 How old Was Abraham when Isaac At born ? 100 V29 what did Ishmael become ? Archer V21 where did Ishmael dwell? Desert of paran Who did Ishmael Mary ? An Egyptian V34 how long Abraham dwelt land philistines ? Many days Ge ch 22 V1 what did God do to Abraham ? Temps Abraham V2 where did God tell Abraham to sacrifice his son ? Land Moriah Where was Abraham to sacrifice his son ? Upon one of the mountains V4 when did Abraham saw the place? The third day V13 what did Abraham see ? A ram V14 how did Abraham call that place ? Jehovahjireh As it is said? In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen V16 because you have done this thing? In blessing I will bless you in multiplying I will multiply you As? The stars of heaven and of the sand of the sea Your seed? Shall possess the gate of their enemies V18 because you have obeyed my voice .? All nations of the earth blessed V19 where did Abraham return ? Beersheba

Ge ch 23 V1 how long did Sarah lived ? 127 years V2 where did Sarah die? Kirjatjarba the same is Hebron V9 in which cave Abraham buried Sarah ? Macpelah V15 how much was it ? 400 shekels of silver V20 who sold this cave ? Sons of Heth Ge ch 24 V1 the Lord had blessed Abraham ?in all things V10 where did Abraham servant go find a wife? Mesopotamia city of Nahor V24 Who was Rebekah? Daughter of bethuel son of Milcah V29 Rebekah s brother name ? Laban Ge CH 25 V1 Abraham tpok another wife name? Keturah V7 how long Abraham lived ? 175 V9 where was Abraham buried ? Cave macpelah

V11 where did Isaac dwell after ? By the well Lahairpi What did God do to Isaac after Abraham died ? God blessed Isaac V17 when did Ishmael die? 137 V18 where did they dwell? Havilah unto Shur before Egypt toward Assyria V20 how old was Isaac when took Rebekah? 40 V25 who came up first Esau or Jacob? Esau V27 Esau was ? Hunter Jacob was ? Plain men dwelling in tents V28 Isaac loved ? Essay Rebekah loved? Jacob V30 what was essay s name? Edom V34 what did Essau have Jacob for birthright ? Bread and potage of lentils Ge CH 26 V2 what did God tell Isaac when there was a famine ? Go not down into Egypt V3 sojourn in this land ? And I will be with you V12 Isaac sawed in land ? And received a hundredfold and the Lord blessed him V13 the man waxed great? Went forward and grew until he became very great V24 God appeared Isaac said ? Fear not I l with you I will bless you V28 what did Abimelech told Isaac? We saw certainly that the Lord is with you Let us make a covenant

V29 what did Abimelech also say? You are the blessed of the Lord V34 how old was Essau when took juddith and Basematj wife ? 40 V35 what were they ? A grief of mind to Isaac and Rebekah Ge CH 27 hi are Isaac sons ? Essau bad Jacob V23 how did Isaac bless Jacob?God give you the dew of heaven and the fatness of earth plenty corn and wine V43 where did Jacob flee? Laban Rebekah brother in Haran Ge ch 28 V1 where Jacob was not to take wife? Daughters of cannan V2 where was Jacob take wife? Padanaram house of bethuel V9 what did Essau against his parents? Take a wife of Ishmael V11 Here did Jacob use a stone for pillow? Haran V15 what did God promised Jacob ? I Will be with you and keep you in all places where you go I will? Not leave you until I ha e done that which I have spoken you of V19 how did Jacob call that place ? Bethel What was name of that place ? Luz at first

V20 what vow did Jacob do ? If God be with me, keep me, give me bread and raiment V21 then ? The Lord shall be my God V22 all you give me I will give a tenth Ge CH 29 V14 how long Jacob dwelt with laban? 1 month V24 who was Leah s handmaid? Zilpah V29 who was Rachel's handmade? Bilhah Ge CH 30 V6 who is Rachel s handmaid bimah first son ? Dan V22 what did laban tell Jacob ? For I have learned by experience that the Lord has blessed me for your sake V43 hod did God bless Jacob ? Tbe men increased exceedingly Ge CH 31 V7 how did God protect Jacob ? God suffered him not to hurt me Ge CH 32 V1 who did Jacob see? Angels of God V2 what did Jacob say? This is God's host How did Jacob call the place? Mahanaim

V3 where did Essau live ? Land of Seir country Edom V6 how many men came with Essau? 400 men V28 why was Jacob s name changed ? For as a prince you have power with God and with men and you have prevailed V30 how did Jacob call that place ? Peniel Why? For I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved Ge ch 33 V1 with how many men Essau came? 400 men V3 how many times Jacob bowed himself before Essau? 7 times V18 where did Jacob live? Shalem V19 who did he buy parcel of field from ? Children hamor for hundre pieces money V20 how did he call altar he erected ? Elheloe Israel Ge ch 34 V2 who saw Leah ? Sheshem son of Hamor prince of the country V25 who were 2 so s Jacob slew men city ? Simeon and Levi

Ge ch 35 V1 what did God tell.jacob to do ? Make altar in bethel V2. What did Jacob tell his household ? Clean garments take strange god's away V3 when did Jacob make an alter? To God who answered me In the days of my distress and was with me in the way which I went V4 where did they hide the jewelry? Oak in Sheshem V5 what happened as they journeyed ? The terror of God was upon cities they did not pursue them V8 how was called the place where Deborah Rebbekas nurse was buried?

Allonbachuth B15 what is name place God spake to Jacob? Bethel V28 how old Isaac loved? 180 years Ge ch 36 V7 why did Jacob and Essau separate? Their riches were more than they could dwell together . V8 Essau is Edom Ge ch 37 V2 how old was Joseph when he was feeding flock ? 17 V7 what was Joseph dream ? Brothers sheaves made obéissance to him V9 what was Joseph other dream ? the sun moon 11 stars made obéissance to him V12 where did his brothers went feed flock? Sechem V17 where did Joseph find his brethren? In Dothan. V21 who saved Joseph? Ruben elder brother V23 how much Joseph was sold for ? 20 pieces silver V36 who did the midi it's sell jopeth to ? Potiphar

Ge ch 38 Why did God kill Onan? Because he did not have sex Ge ch 39 V2 who was with Joseph? The Lord What was Joseph? A prosperous men V3 what did Joseph master see ? That the Lord was with him and and made all that he did to prosper in his hand V4 what did Joseph master do? Made him overseer over all his house V5 what did God do to Joseph master ? Blessed his house for Joseph s sake The. blessing of the Lord was over ? All that he had in the house and in the field Ge ch 40 V13 what happened to butler ?3 branches are 3 days He was restore Ge ch 41 V2 what did pharaoh dream? 7 cows

V8 who could not interpret the dream? The magicians V42 what did pharaoh put on Joseph? Ring linen garment and gold.chain V43 where did Joseph rode ? In 2nd chariot in Egypt V45 what was Joseph new name ? Zaphtnatapaaneah Who was given Joseph as wife ? Asenath Potiphar s daughter priest of on V46 how old was Joseph then? 30 years old Whomever Joseph 2 first sons? Manasseh meaning? God has made me forget all the toil of my father's house V52 Ephraim meaning ? God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.

Ge ch 42 V5 which is Joseph son did not go Egypt ? Benjamin V9 what did Joseph said his brothers were ? Spies Ge ch 43 V3 what did Joseph tell his brothers ? You shall not see my face unless your brother be with you V11 what did Israel sons bring to Egypt ? Balm, honey , spices, myrrh, nuts, almonds V33 what did the Egyptians did not do ? Eat bread with Jews V34 how bigger was Benjamin plate ? Five times bigger Ge ch 45 V5 why did God send Joseph ? To preserve life V6 how many years left of famine was there ? 5 years Ge 46 V3 what did God tell Jacob?! Fear not to go Egypt for I will.make you a great nation.

V34 what is abomination for Egyptians ? Shepherds Ge ch 47 V3 what did pharaoh ask Ijacob s family ? What is your occupation What did they answer? Shepherds V6 where did pharaoh tell them to go ? In the best place of the land Goshen V9 how old was Jacob ? 130 years V11 where did Joseph s family dwell? In Rameses V16 how did people buy food when no more money ? With cattle V20 how did people buy food when cattle failed ? With lands V22 which land pharaoh did not buy ? Land of the priests V28 how long Joseph lived in Goshen ? 17 years Ge ch 48 V3 where did God appear to Jacob? Luz

V17 upok whole Joseph put right hand? Eprahim Ge ch 49 V1 what does Jacob tell his son's in this chapter ? What shall befall.them in later days V3 how was Ruben ? Unstable as water V5 Simeón and Levi ? Instruments of cruelty V8 Judah ? Your brothers shall praise V13 Zebulun ? Shall see in haven of the sea V14 Issachar Is a strong ass V16 Dan Shall judge his people V19 Gad is ? A troop V20 out of Asher ? His bread fat

V21 Naphtali ? Is a hind let loose V22 Joseph is a ? Fruitful bough V27 Benjamin ? Shall ravel as a wolf Ge ch 50 V3 how many days Joseph mourned his father ? 40 days v10 where did they went to mourn Joseph s father ? threshingfloor of Atad beyond Jordan v10 how many days did they mourn Joseph s father there ? 7 days v11 what did Cannanite say when saw mourning ? this is a grievous mourning v11 how was the mourning called ? Abelmieaim v13 where was Joseph s father buried ? field of Macpelah v14 from whom did Abraham buy the field ? from Ephron the Hittite v22 how many years did Joseph live ? 110 years v26 where was Joseph buried ? in a codon in Egypt

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