5 Ways to win debate against evolutionists forum article

I have done about one thousand debates with atheists from different countries , including famous research scientists in France and Aron Ra who left the debate after three days . Not being able to answer the questions . These are the five main points that you can use to have the truth to triumph . how to debate with evolutionists forum article

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We do not win debate, goal is to win a soul for Jesus . And the truth wins social darwinism apush . Only if the person is honest shall they accept As an angel could talk to a dishonest person and they shall reject the truth . Evolution theory government definition The reason for this post is when we train the church, the the truth advances .

5 Ways to win debates against evolutionists

1 how to debate with evolutionists forum article Planning

In debates going to details is a waste of time . We have to go to the origin the root of their belief .

Do things appear for no reason? No

Do things appear from nothing? No

Do thing appear out of nowhere? No

Evolution is the believe in magic . Things plants, animals, humans do not appear for no reason . All things need to be planned . This planning issue is the breaking point for evolution .All things need to be planned A car, a shoe, a plane, a phone, a computer .

A house has a shape, a color, someone planned the size of the bedroom, the size of the kitchen. They planned their use and function . Then material was found then used to make the house how to debate with evolutionists forum article

The house, unless it is planned in someone's mind will never be . Nothing that exist can exist unless it is planned. Social darwinism apush . After that the more the atheist will be brainwashed by the random cult , the longer it will be for him to get it .

I have had people who right away say Yes i understand evolution is stupid ad nothing can exist unless it is planned. Some people wiil keep on giving examples only to find out that they did believe in magic . how to debate with evolutionists forum article

Why is earth blue and not red ? Why is earth round and not square? Why is earth spinning ? Why do humans have two eyes and not four eyes ? Can natural selection and mutation chose these things ? No Why

Natural selection does not have

No brain

No thought

No intelligence

No planning

But unless something is planned it cannot exist . As believing otherwise is believing in magic . Believing otherwise is like saying a rock and a tree in the forest can become a castle evolution theory of government definition different than God's definition

For no reason

Out of nowhere

From nothing

Natural selection and mutation the two gods that atheists worship cannot make or create anything . They are only a program that God created to preserve species

Unless God had created natural selection first cold or change of food we would all die . This God given program preserves species but it does not create anything . Why?

Because it has no brain, no intelligence, no planning . how to debate with evolutionists forum article

It is a blind mechanism that God told it to preserve animals , humans when cold comes after a long summer . As natural selection or the god of evolution cannot plan, then it cannot create anything . And when evolutionist say i believe that it does.

Then they truly believe in Hudini's magic . What is more scientific evolution theory or Hudini's magic. Hudini's magic as with Hudini we know that the rabbit is real

2 how to debate with evolutionists forum article Opnions

One main reason why atheists are so is because they think

I believe something thus it is true .

Most people today think that because they believe something it becomes true . It is like saying tribe sin Africa believe they eat your brain and receive power . Truth does not depend on our feelings .

Did you create truth ? No

Did truth exist before you were born ? Yes

Will truth remain the same after you die ? Yes

By you living did you change truth ? No

Who created truth ? God

Who only can decide what truth is ? God

What is men's job ? To seek the truh

How will God judge humans ?

All honest people will accept truth

All dishonest people will reject truth