1 and 2 Corinthians concentrate

1 and 2 Corinthians questions and answzers

1 co ch 1

In what are we enriched by God ? In all utterance and in all knowledge

What will God do to us? Confirm us unto the end that we may be blessed

How should we be joined together ? Same mind and judgment

What does God do wisdom of wise?

1 co 1:19 I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

How did world know not God? By wisdom of the world

What jews and greek seek? Jews signs, greek wisdom

What is Christ crucified to them? Jews stumbling block , greek foolishness

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What not many are called ? Wise,mighty, noble

What has God chosen ? The foolish weak, base, despised

What is Jesus made u to us? Wisdom, sanctification , righteousness, redemption

Im what should we glory, have pride? In the Lord

1 co ch 2 What was paul speech not? Enticing words wisdom

Why? So that faith not stand wisdom man, but power of God

What do princes of this world know not ? Wisdom of God

What would they have done knowing God s wisdom? Not crucify Lord of glory

How can we know the things of God ? By the holy Spirit

What are things of God to natural men? Foolishness

Why can t he know them? They are spiritually discerned

What does he that is spiritual ? Judges all things is judged by none

1 co ch 3 Why were Corinthians still carnal? Envying, strife, divisions

We are God s what? Husbandry, building

Husbandry ? Care, cultivation, breeding crops, animals

How will every man s work revealed ? The day shall declare it, for it shall be revealed by fire How shall we receive a reward? If any men's work abide

If we think to be wise what to do? Become a fool

How does God see thoughts of the wise? Vain

1 co ch 4 What did paul know of himself? Nothing

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What will God bring ? To light hidden things darkness, make manifest counsels heart

Why should we not be proud ? What do we have that we have not received

Why what? Why do we glory as if we have not received it

What are we made? The filth , offscouring of the world

Offscouring? Someone rejected by society outcast

1 co ch 5 What do we need to purge out why? Old leaven, to be new lump , as we are unleavened How should we keep the feast? Unleavened bread sincerity and truth

With whom should we not keep company? Covetous, extortioner, idolator, railler, drunkard

1 co ch 6 Who will not inherit the kingdom! Unrighteous, fornicators, idolators, adulterers, effeminate, abusers themselves mankind, thieves, covetous, drunkards, revilers, extortioners, 1 co ch 7 What does husband render wife ? Due benevolence

What does wife and husband no power over ? Their own bodies

How can they defraud one another ? Only with consent How is this spoken? By permission not by commandment

When should people marry ? If they cannot contain

How are childrens of non christian couples? Unclean

What should we not be? Servants of men

Why they that use this world should not abuse it ? For the fashion of the world passed away When can one think he behaves uncomely toward his virgin ? When she passes the flower of her age

After whom s judgment woman is happier single ? After paul s judgment

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1 co 8 What does knowledge do ? Knowledge puffery up charity edifies

What does he that think he knows anything ? He knows nothing as yet he ought to know

Id someone loves God what ? he is known of Him

What is an idol ? Nothing in the world

Why is conscience of him weak emboldened eat idols meat? By your knowledge that idols nothing

Why would weak brother perish? By your knowledge

1 co 9 Who was paul s seal of apostleship? Corinthian church

Who could forbear working ? Paul and cephas

What things people don't do at their own charge ? Go to war, plant vineyard, feed flock

What does those who plow and thresh should do ? Do so in hope

What those sow spiritual should reap? Carnal things