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1 and 2 Corinthians concentrate

1 co ch 1

In what are we enriched by God ? In all utterance and in all knowledge

What will God do to us? Confirm us unto the end that we may be blessed

How should we be joined together ? Same mind and judgment

What does God do wisdom of wise?

1 co 1:19 I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

How did world know not God? By wisdom of the world

What jews and greek seek? Jews signs, greek wisdom

What is Christ crucified to them? Jews stumbling block , greek foolishness

What not many are called ? Wise,mighty, noble

What has God chosen ? The foolish weak, base, despised

What is Jesus made u to us? Wisdom, sanctification , righteousness, redemption

Im what should we glory, have pride? In the Lord

1 co ch 2 What was paul speech not? Enticing words wisdom

Why? So that faith not stand wisdom man, but power of God

What do princes of this world know not ? Wisdom of God

What would they have done knowing God s wisdom? Not crucify Lord of glory

How can we know the things of God ? By the holy Spirit

What are things of God to natural men? Foolishness

Why can t he know them? They are spiritually discerned

What does he that is spiritual ? Judges all things is judged by none

1 co ch 3 Why were Corinthians still carnal? Envying, strife, divisions

We are God s what? Husbandry, building

Husbandry ? Care, cultivation, breeding crops, animals

How will every man s work revealed ? The day shall declare it, for it shall be revealed by fire How shall we receive a reward? If any men's work abide

If we think to be wise what to do? Become a fool

How does God see thoughts of the wise? Vain

1 co ch 4 What did paul know of himself? Nothing

What will God bring ? To light hidden things darkness, make manifest counsels heart

Why should we not be proud ? What do we have that we have not received

Why what? Why do we glory as if we have not received it

What are we made? The filth , offscouring of the world

Offscouring? Someone rejected by society outcast

1 co ch 5 What do we need to purge out why? Old leaven, to be new lump , as we are unleavened How should we keep the feast? Unleavened bread sincerity and truth

With whom should we not keep company? Covetous, extortioner, idolator, railler, drunkard

1 co ch 6 Who will not inherit the kingdom! Unrighteous, fornicators, idolators, adulterers, effeminate, abusers themselves mankind, thieves, covetous, drunkards, revilers, extortioners, 1 co ch 7 What does husband render wife ? Due benevolence

What does wife and husband no power over ? Their own bodies

How can they defraud one another ? Only with consent How is this spoken? By permission not by commandment

When should people marry ? If they cannot contain

How are childrens of non christian couples? Unclean

What should we not be? Servants of men

Why they that use this world should not abuse it ? For the fashion of the world passed away When can one think he behaves uncomely toward his virgin ? When she passes the flower of her age

After whom s judgment woman is happier single ? After paul s judgment

1 co 8 What does knowledge do ? Knowledge puffery up charity edifies

What does he that think he knows anything ? He knows nothing as yet he ought to know

Id someone loves God what ? he is known of Him

What is an idol ? Nothing in the world

Why is conscience of him weak emboldened eat idols meat? By your knowledge that idols nothing

Why would weak brother perish? By your knowledge

1 co 9 Who was paul s seal of apostleship? Corinthian church

Who could forbear working ? Paul and cephas

What things people don't do at their own charge ? Go to war, plant vineyard, feed flock

What does those who plow and thresh should do ? Do so in hope

What those sow spiritual should reap? Carnal things

1 co ch 10 What did jews father's did? Went under the cloud , passed through the sea

How were they baptised? In the cloud and in the sea

How did God feel with many of them? Displeased overthrew in wilderness

What were these things? Éxamples

Why? So that we might not lust after evil things

What happened those tempted Christ? Destroyed of serpents

What happened those murmured? Destroyed by the Destroyer

Why did these things happen? As esamples for our admonition

We being many are ? One bread and one body

All things are lawful to me? All things edify not exedient

What should we seek? Another men s wealth

To whom should we not give offense! ? To

jews, the gentiles, the church of God

What did Paul not seek? His own profit but the profit of many that they may be saved

1 co ch 11 Who is the head of every woman? Men

Who is the head of Christ ? God

Why should not men cover his head? He is the image and glory of God

What is the woman? The glory of men

What is the men not of! Of the woman

What was not men created for ? For the woman

What does he that eats communion unworthily? Guilty of the body and blood of the Lord What does he that eats and drinks unworthily? Damnation to himself

Not doing what ? Not discerning the Lord s body

What is result in church ? Many weak sick and many sleep

1 co ch 12 What does the same Holy Spirit give ? Gifts

There is the same Lord but? Differences of adminisration

Why is manifestation of the Spirit given? To profit withal

What three things are given to christians? The word of wisdom. The word of knowledge, faith , gifts of healing, working of miracles. Prophecy, discerning of spirits, divers kinds of tongues, interpretation of tongues

How does the Holy Spirit divides these? As He wills

What have we been made of the Spirit ? To drink of the Holy Spirit

Which 'members of body are more necessary? Those who are feeble

Upon which members we bestow more honour? Those who are less honourable

Which of our parts have more comeliness? Out uncomely parts

What has God given to the body? More abundant honour to parts that lacked

How did God set some in the church ? Apostles, prophets, teachers , miracles, healing, helps, governments, diversity of tongues

What should we covet? The best gifts

1 co ch 13 What am I if I have not love? Sounding brass, tinkling cymbal

What i m i nothing? Even if I have Gift prophecy, understqnd mysteries, and all knowledge all faith to remove mountains

What does profits me nothing? If I bestow all my goods feed poor, and give my body to be burned without love

What is love? Suffers long , kind, envies not, vaunteth not itself, not proud , not dishonest, not selfish, not easily provoked , thinks not evil, rejoices not in iniquity but in the truth

Vaunteth meaning? Boast, brag

What does love do? Bears, believes, hopes endures all things

What does love also do? Never fails What will fall? Prophecies, tongues cease, knowledge vanish away

How do well ow things? In part prophecy in part

What did paul do when he was a child? Spake, understood, thought as child

1 co ch 14 What should we follow after? Charity, desire spiritual gifts, rather to prophesy

Who understands who speaks unknown tongue ? No men only God

What does he do in the spirit ? He speaks mysteries

What does he that prophesies? Speaks to men to edificatiion, exhortation, comfort

What does he speaks tongues ? Edifies himself

He that prophesies? Edifies church

How did paul profit in churches ? Revelation, knowledge, prophesying, or by doctrine

How can people not prepare for battle? If uncertain sound is given

In what should we be children ? In malice

In what to be men? In inderstanding For whom are tongues? Those believe not

For whom is prophesying ? Those who believe

How should unknown tongues be spoken.? By 2 or 3

What are subject to the prophets ? The spirits of the prophets

What are the things that paul wrote? The commandments of the Lord

1 co ch 15 How many disciples saw Jesus after He rose? Above 500

What if Christ is not risen ? Our preaching and faith is vain

With wom paul flight in Ephesus? Beasts

What corrupt good manners? Evil communications

What should we awake to? Righteousness and sin not

What is the sting of death? Sin

What is the strength of sin ? The law

How should we be in God's work? Steadfast, unmovable, always abounding

1 co ch 16 Where was paul going ? Macedonia

How long did he want to stay ? Winter

Where was paul staying until pentecost ? Ephesus

Why? Because a great door and effectual is opened into me and there are many adversaries

What did Timothy do ? Work the work of the Lord

Who did not come ? Apollo's

How should all our things be done? With charity

What is the first fruits of achaia ? House of Stephanas

What have they addicted themselves ? To the ministry of the saints

Who supplied what was lacking in corinth church ? Stephanus, fortunatus, achaicus

What have they done? Refreshed my spirit and yours

2 co ch 1 Blessed be who? God the father of our Lord Jesus The father of mercies and tje God of all comfort

When does God comfort us ? In all our tribulations

Why! That we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble

What abounds in us? The sufferings and consolations of Christ

Why is our hope steadfast ? If we partake sufferings we will partake of the consolation

What happened to paul in asia ? Pressed out of measure above strength

What did paul do? Despair of life

What did paul have ? The death sentence in himself

What has God done to us ? Sealed us given earnest of the Spirit in our hearts

Why disn t paul go corinth yet ? To spare you

What was paul to corinthians? Helper of their joy

What happened in Troas? A door was opened

Why did paul have no rest? Because he found not Titus

2 co ch 2 In which state did Paul wrote to corinthians ? Much affliction and anguish of heart with many tears

What does God always do ? Always causes us to triumph and makes manifest the savour of his knowledge in every place

What are we into God? A sweet savour into Christ in them that are saved and perish

What are we to them ? Savour of life to one or death to the other

2 co ch 3 What were corinthians ? Our epistles What are we not sufficient in ourselves ? To think anything

Where is our sufficiency ? Of God How was the ministration of death ? Glorious

What shall be rather glorious ? The ministration of the Spirit

What is where the Spirit of the Lord is ? Liberty

How do we behold? With open face as in a glass

What happens to us? We are changed in same image from glory to glory

By Who ? By the Spirit of the Lord

2 co ch 4 As we received this ministry ? We faint not

What have we renounced? The hidden things of dishonesty not walking in craftiness not handling Word of God deceitfully

If gospel is hid to whom is it hid? To those who are lost

What has satan done? Blinded the minds of those believe not

Why? Lest light of glorious gospel shine into them

What do we preach not ? Ourselves has God commanded ? Light shine out of darkness shine in out hearts

Why? To give light of knowledge of the glory of God

Where do we have this treasure ? In earthen vessels

Why? That the excellency of the power may be of God

Troubled but ? Not distressed

Perplexed but? Not in despair

Persecuted but ? Not forsaken

Cast down but? Not destroyed

Always what ? Bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord

Why? That the life of Jesus might be manifest in our body

What are we which we live ? always delivered to death for Jesus sake

Why? That the life of Jesus might be manifest in our mortal bodies

Tough our outward men perish our ? The inward men is renewed day by day

The things that are seen are? Temporal

The things which are undeen are eternal

2 co ch 5 What happens if earthly house this tabernacle is disolved ?

We have a building of God and house not made with hands eternal in the heavens

Why do we groan earnestly? Desiring to be clothed upon with this house which is from heaven What has God given us? The earnest of the Spirit

What do we must do? All appear before the judgment s'est of Christ

For what ? That everyone may receive the things done in his body

Which ? Whether good or bad

Knowing the terror of the Lord we? Persuade men

And that He died for all that? That they who live should not live into themselves

But into who? Unto Him who died for them

What has God given us? The ministry of reconciliation

Who has God made sin? Jesus For who ? For us

For what ? That we might be made the righteousness of God in Him

2 co ch 6 What did paul.beseech corinthians ? Not to receive God s grace in vain

How are we approved ministers of God ? Much patience, necessities, afflictions , distresses, stripes, imprisonments, tumults, labour, watchings, fastings,

How? By pureness, by knowledge, by long suffering , by kindness, by the Holy Spirit, by love unfeigned

By the Word of truth, by the power of God , by the armour of righteousness , By Honour and dishonour, by evil and good report

As deceivers and ? Yet true As unknown and? Yet well known

As dying and ? Behold we live

As chastened and? And not killed

As sorrowful and ? Always rejoicing

As poor and? Yet making many rich

As having nothing ? And yet possessing all things What part has he that believes with ? An infidel

2 co ch 7 Having these promises what should we do ? Cleanse ourselves from all filphiness of the flesh

Doing What ? Perfecting holiness in the fear of God

What happened in macedonia? No rest troubled on every side , without fightings, within fears What did God do? Comfort those that are cast down ,coming Titus

What did that selfsame thing do corinthians ? Carefulness, clearing of yourselves, indignation, fear, vehement desire, zeal, revenge,

What did they approve themselves ? To be clear in this matter

What does godly sorrow do ? Work repentance unto salvation

What does sorrow of world work? Death 2 co ch 8 In what did corinthians abounded ? Faith, utterance, knowledge , diligence, love to us

He that gathered much ? Had nothing over

He that gathered little ? Had no lack

2 co ch 9 He that. sows bountifully ? Shall reap bountifully

How should every men give ? As he has purposed in his heart

Not ? Grudgingly or out of necessity What is God able to do ? Make all grace abound towards us

Why are we enriched in everything ? To all bountifulness

What is the administration of this service ? Giving to the poor

What does it do ? Supplies wants of the saints

Also? Is abundant by many thanksgiving to God

Thanks be to God for what ? His unspeakable gift

2 co ch 10 No I paul beseech you by? The meekness and gentleness of Christ

For though we walk in the flesh we? Dot not war after the flesh

For our weapons are not ? Carnal

But ? Mighty thought God For what ? To the pulling down of strongholds Casting down? Imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God

Having in readiness ? To revenge all disobedience

Why did God give paul authority ? For edification not for destruction

How were paul leters say they ? Weighty and powerful

But his bodily presence? Weak and his speech contemptible

To whom did paul not want to compare himself ? with those who commend themselves

What is not wise? Comparing and measuring ourselves among ourselves

Who is approved? He that God commandeth

Who is not approved ? He that commandeth himself Commandeth meaning ? Presents, introduces, show, prove, establish, exhibit

2 co ch 11 How was paul towards corinthians? Jealous with godly jealousy

What did paul do? Espoused you to one husband

That paul may present. Corinthians as ? A chaste virgin unto Christ

What did paul fear? Lest your minds be corrupted from the simplicity that is in. Christ

how were those preached another gospel ? False apostles ' deceitful workers , transfoing themselves into the apostles of Christ

Who are transformed intoi ministers of righteousness ? Saran s Angels

How shall be their end ? According to their works

What did paul receive of the jews ? Forty stripes save one

Twice what ? Beaten, stoned Thrice ? Suffered shipreck

How long in the deep ? A night and a day

Who desired to apprehend paul ? The governor under Aretas the king kept city of Damascenes

How did paul escape ? Through a window In a basket, let down by the wall

2 co ch 12 When did paul receive vision ? 14 years ago

Where was he taken ? Third heaven

Yet of myself ? I will not glory

To not be ? A fool

Why did Paul receive thorn in flesh ? Lest i should be exalted above measure

How many times paul asked God to remove it ? Three times

Why should we glory in our infirmities? That the power of Christ may rest upon me

In what did Paul take glory ? Infirmities , Reproaches , necessities , persécutions, distresses How were the signs of an apostles wrought in corinthians ? Patience, signs, wonders , mighty deeds

What was paul s will to corinthians ? Spent and be spent

The more he loved them ? The less I be loved

Why did paul do all things for corinthians ? Their edifying

2 co 13 How shall every word be established ? In mouth. Of 2 or 3 witnesses

How was Jesus crucified ? Through weakness

Yet? He lives by the power of God Prove your own selves

why? Lest ye be reprobates

Reprobate? Not standing rest, not approved, unfit, unproved, spurius

What did paul pray for corinthians ? That they do no evil and be honest

What can we do against the truth ? Nothing

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