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Who will receive the seven last plagues.?

The bible says that most people on Earth will receive the seven last plagues and will receive the mark of the beast. This is a very good motivation to know the bible much better, to study prophecy . To spend time learning about Revelation and the book of Daniel so that we can escape what is coming on earth . Who will receive the seven last plagues.? They are the ones who will not be part of Gods people in the end times . It does not mean they are non Christians as many Christians are in Babylon . Let us find out who will receive the seven last plagues.?

Who will receive the seven last plagues.? The plagues in Egypt

The plagues in Egypt fell on those who were not part of the people of God and who did not follow the truth . Some Egyptians followed the truth , they were called the mixed multitude who followed Israel in the desert . But God made a clear distinction between those who followed God and those who followed Him not . Who will receive the seven last plagues.? They are those who will have rejected the truth of the end time called the 3 angels message . They will automatically receive the mark of the beast.

The plagues in Egypt fell not for no reason . Multiple times God gave Pharaoh the space to repent and accept that He God was much more powerful that he even if the greatest king on earth, Pharaoh was much weaker that God . But in his pride Pharaoh did not went to repent . He thought himself invincible and constantly refused God s call . It came to be that God destroyed all the firstborn . As can a women leave her child be beaten without any defence ? No

parents are very jealous of their children . The same way God is very jealous of his child Israel. Today Israel is the 3 angels message church, the church of revelation 12 . Anybody that touched Israel was in big trouble when they were faithful. Who will receive the seven last plagues.? All those who dare touch Gods end time people the 3angel message children .

Is 49:15“Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.”

ZE 2 8 For thus said the LORD of hosts, after his glory sent me to the nations who plundered you, for he who touches you touches the apple of his eye

MT 18 6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

Who will receive the seven last plagues.? The people of God

Who then are the people of God ? In the times of Israel God were slaves for 430 years. God allowed it and because the Egyptians were used to have the Jews slaves they had a hard time to let them go and realize God is not someone to mess with . The people of God are those who resemble Jesus who is meek , humble, honest, sweet, gentle, kind, loving . Whether they are Christians or not, as many people follow the promptings of the Spirit of God .

In the old testament the people of God is Israel, In the new testament and the book of revelation the people of God are revelation 12 The apostolic church, then the Waldenses, then the protestant reformation, when these became the daughters of Babylon, it was the remnant church of the 3angels message group or the seventh day adventist church .

Most of the people on earth will soon accept the mark of the beast. It means they will be in rebellion against God . They will follow reason, they will follow what is accepted by society . And thus they will refuse Gods truth . It is a very sad fact but the bible is plain .

MT 7 22 22 'Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? '

The world today seems to be well, but it is in total rebellion against God . The more legalistic a society becomes the more they think to be good when in fact they are all wrong and corrupt . This is what happened to the Pharisees, they were the more urgent against what they saw sin when themselves were blind to the immense corruptness of their hearts. The world today is totally blind to its own condition . And nothing could be more dangerous that that . Than someone who think they are good when they are totally corrupt . This is why the last message for planet earth after the 3 angels message is righteousness by faith . God does the world through us .

Gods people if they never heard that Jesus entered the most holy place in Oct 22 1844 , then they are not responsible for not knowing truth . If they never heard that Saturday is the sabbath and not Sunday. If they never heard that people do not go to hell forever but will be destroyed at the end of the millennium. If they never heard that the secret rapture is a false belief, or that once saved always saved is false . Then when we resemble Jesus this is what counts.

But many people , especially the religious people do not resemble Jesus , but they sound like Satan . When we enter a church we find often people who sound more like satanist than Christians . They are arrogant, proud, dishonest, selfish, legalists, unloving, unfriendly . Only God can change our hearts. Unless our hearts are changed we will not enter heaven .

Going to heaven have little to do with our profession of bring a Christian but much more of resembling Jesus . The people of God in the end times preach the 3angels message and the sanctuary message. They keep the sabbath and have a true prophet Ellen g White the bible and Jesus tells us in revelation 14 .

Who will receive the seven last plagues.? Division in the world

Some people say this brings division . But the division is made by the bible . We would love that everybody will go to heaven and everybody will be saved . But this is not the case, we know many people will be lost and destroyed . This last message for planet earth, the 3 angels message makes a distinction . As Malachi said this is the Elijah message of separation between those who worship God and those who don t yet claim to .

Abel sacrificed as God wanted, Cain did what he wanted. Both were worshippers. One was accepted Abel, Cain was rejected. God told him, If you do good you Wil be accepted to. Being accepted by God is to not follow this world, it is to receive Gods righteousness and to not be a legalist. When Jesus comes the righteous will be taken, they will go to heaven and the wicked will be left behind destroyed. When Jesus comes at the end of the millennium they will rise only to be totally destroyed this time .

God wants everybody to be saved, but seeking to know who will receive the seven last plagues.? We find out that if someone refuses to let God make them humble , honest then they chose to not be in a place where peace and love must reign. If a proud person would be introduced in heaven they will marr everything and corrupt people again .

Who will receive the seven last plagues.? A lost world

As we continue to refuse truth, we harden our hearts. There are only so many times that we can hear the truth and refuse it before our hearts are totally hardened and God cannot impress it . This is the sin against the Holy Spirit . A world Christians and atheists alike that refuses the truth will become hardened and will only be in total rebellion against God because of dishonesty .

This is not to say all atheists are bad as most atheists live in Europe where almost nobody has heard the truth and has ever opened a bible . They are not as responsible as the Christians who know the truth and are arrogant and rude .

Sadly in this world people do as others do , like a flock who falls into the deep because one swine does so . Will we not be intelligent and not follow the crowd. Why not listen to God and do what He says and not care about this society is doing . As we follow Gods love for others and Him we are safe. The principal thing on earth is to love others and love God , once we do this and are honest and humble we are in the good path . These attributes can only be given by faith by righteousness by faith . It is impossible to work our way to heaven, or to become good in our strength .

Who will receive the seven last plagues.? The saved

If we want to make it to heaven . Then we need to understand righteousness by faith . This is the power of God in us realizing first, men cannot do good. Unless we realize this we will remain legalists. Then everyday we ask God to give us his righteousness . Then we need to be honest and follow truth . The truth is the 3 angels message, the sabbath, the sanctuary 1844 message . Ellen g White is the last prophet. This is the last message for planet earth .

Who will be saved in those 2 groups ? Only God knows in the 3 angels message or seventh day adventist church side many are legalists. The message is from God. In the other camp Babylon, many have never heard the truth . One thing we know is that those who will receive the seven last plagues are those who refuse the 3 angels message and Wil follow human tenements and traditions rather than the bible . On which side will you be ?

Read the great conservatory Ellen g White and Daniel and the revelation Uriah Smith . These 2 books are a must read Pray with me Father God help me to be on the right side when earth is divided .Everyday we take decisions that make us to be on your side or the wrong side. Help me to accept the 3 angels message and righteousness by faith , bless, prosper and heal me please in the name of Jesus amen

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