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Who will receive the latter rain ?

The bible says that the early rain happened when the apostles waited in Jerusalem and Jesus when He went to heaven send the Holy Spirit to them . This was the early rain Who will receive the latter rain ? This is another proof that human without God are nothing and cannot achieve anything . We live in a society where men is worshipped and people willow human reasoning . We learn here that unless God would send the Holy Spirit there would be no transformation, no salvation, no conversion, no knowledge of the bible .

Who will receive the latter rain ? Why do we need the Holy Spirit

People always forget that tha bible is not a natural book like any other book. The things in the bible are spiritual and can only be understood spiritually . This means that human reasoning and human power is totally incapable of understanding the bible correctly without the Holy Spirit . Who will receive the latter rain ? Those who give glory to God and realize there is no goodness in themselves.

The Holy Spirit is needed because humans cannot understand right and wrong apart from God . Our mind have become darkened because of sin . And unless God would have send the bible, unless God would have put enmity against sin, unless God would have send the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth and explain to us spiritual things . We would have remained in total spiritual snakiness forever. Who will receive the latter rain ? Those who understand their need of God and total helplessness .

The Holy Spirit helps us understand all truths in the bible . The Holy Spirit helps us repent. Without Him nobody would have any need of repentance and nobody would ever repent from their sins . This is a stunning fact. Without the Holy Spirit and seeing how cold and unloving the world has become there would be little comfort. The bible says PS 108 12 'Give us help from trouble for vain is the help of men'

The Holy Spirit is close to us when we suffer and are in trouble. Some people on earth today are suffering almost beyond their power to endure. Unless the Holy Spirit would come to their help they would be in total despair and hopelessness. The Holy Spirit of the comforter that we need to get on with our lives The Holy Spirit gives us wisdom to know what to do in different situations. Who will receive the latter rain ? They are the group left of the remnant in the end times who will have received the righteousness by faith message . These will have understood that our works are valueless to do Gods will

Who will receive the latter rain ? The shaking

The shaking is this time in Gods end time movement called the 3 angels message movement that will separate those who live in Gods power to do his will and those who are lukewarm, naked, blind, wrenched. This second group is in the Laodicean state. They do not advance in the truth . They believe they are saved by their works. They will have refused the new messengers God send to the fold and will have fallen in darkness.

This group in the Laodicean condition will not feel that the pioneers understanding and the pillars of the faith are of any importance. Some will have moved some truth and will have started to teach new dogmas, new books and a new order of things would have started to be taught. As the papacy was so arrogant as to think to change the sabbath to Sunday and write in Gods 1à commandments. Me the pope have the right to change what God wrote. The last church the Laodicean part will be so arrogant to think they could change the last message for planet earth .

And change things such as the daily, the sanctuary and some Seventh day adventist churches will even starts to keep Sunday . This abomination will make a separation . A message will be given the which will cause the shaking. This is called the straight testimony . This will shake the church and the sinners in Zion will leave and join Babylon . At the same time many people in Babylon Sunday churches who will have never heard about the 3 angels message will join the last movement . One of the main reason for the shaking is also that many of the remnant church will have remained legalists and would have refused the righteousness by faith . This message is necessary as those who refuse Gods righteousness claim to be holy without God and thus Pharisees .

Who will receive the latter rain ? The loud cry

What is the loud cry ? It is the message of revelation 18 which says the whole world is lightened by the glory of God . It is also the righteousness by faith message that helps the last movement to receive Gods power to do good . This is an experience more than a message . Who will receive the latter rain ? Only those who will receive the righteousness by faith message . As the others are legalists and claim to be saved by works.

Some people even if they say I am saved by grace, some other sentences say we need to to such and such to be saved . They do not understand salvation and they offend God by teaching that they are saved by what they do and not by faith only . This is such an important topic that the Pharisees that saw Jesus rejected Him and even killed him. Paul said that Hagar salvation by works always have persecuted the righteousness by faith side . It offends the legalists to find out some people are saved by grace and have more freedom then them

Because one who is proud will not recognize that they are not good, human beings want to be good and want to prove they are good ? But this is an endless search for vanity for some goodness in human beings that does not exist. There is no goodness whatsoever in any human being . No human being can do good and to seek for it is a search for something that does not exist. Only God is good, only God has righteousness. While we cling to the belief humans are good we shall be lost.

Who will receive the latter rain ? Righteousness by faith

Righteousness by faith teaches that only those who ask God everyday for his righteousness can receive the only power in the universe to do good, which is Gods righteousness . Most religions , most Christiania believe they have righteousness and thus they try to save themselves by works. This is saying that the cross of Jesus is worthless. As if we could save ourselves with our works, then there would be no need for the cross of Jesus

Those who finally accept the fact that they are sinners and devoid of goodness will ask God for help . When we try to work our way to heaven, we are still lost, we are not converted. We still do not understand that humans beings have fallen in sin so low that only a rescue from God s righteousness can release us from this terrible situation

.The Pharisees thought themselves to be good, but their works showed that they are selfish, proud, unloving, unkind, arrogant, traitors, cruel, . They were filled with Satanic attribute to their character, yet in their blindness they though themselves to be good. It was a grand deception . This is the state of things in the world today / Many Christiania and non Christians think they are good when they are totally wicked. They do not realize their worth does not depend on their works but on who they are .

Those who will receive the latter rain are those who will have receive the righteousness by faith of Jesus They will be those who will give this loud cry and the 3 angels message . They will have rejected self righteousness and understood that believing that one is saved by works is very offensive for God . Repeat after me Father God forgive my sins, give me your righteousness bless and heal me please in the name of Jesus amen

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