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Ruth question and answerd bible study

Ruth concentrate Ruth ch 1v1 why Elimemech left Israel ? there was famine Where did he go with family ? Edomv2 what was wife name ? Naomi name 2 sons ? Mahlon ChillionV4 what was their wives names ? Orphan and Ruth how long did they live in Moab ? 10 years v5 who died ? Elimemech and 2 sons

V8 what did Naomi tell two daughters in law ? each return to your mother's house v14 What did daughters in law ? Orphan left Ruth stayed with Naomi V20 what did Naomi tell people? Bethlehem when she arrived ? call me not Naomi but Mara because ? for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me Ruth ch 2v1 who did Naomi know ? Kingsman of her husband mighty men of wealth What was his name ? Boaz V4 what did Boaz say to reapers ? the Lord be with you What did reapers answer ? the Lord bless thee Ruth ch 3V4 where did Ruth lay entering Boaz room? at his feet Ruth ch 4V7 what was the manner of changing and confirming things in Israel ? taking out shoe and gave to neighbour v15 what was Ruth better than ? 7 sons v17 what was Ruth s son name ? Obed the father of David EARTHLASTDAY.COM

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