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Righteousness by faith bible study articles pastor

The third angel's message of righteousness by faith and its present rejection righteousness by faith bible study articles pastor

1 Looking like a christian Working for self

Many christians love to sound and look like christians . Well there are two sides. But often the side that looks very christian is not so , or only in apparence . What are some of the reasons some christians really want to be seen as christians ? This is the righteousness by faith message.

Does doing everything that sound and looks christian makes us a christian ? No Doing things and seemingly doing everything Jesus wants us to do does not make us a christian . Righteouness by faith tells us that christianity is not what we do but what we are . As long as we are caught up in the appearence part we are still lost as the pharisees .

2 Looking like a christian For people s applause

It seems so hard for people to understand that nothing we can do can make us go to heaven . One another thing is that none of our works we do ourselves . Our works come automatically once we spend time and have a daily connection with Jesus . This is righteousness by faith . Once someone continues to think that what they do makes them a christian they are still lost .

Connection with Jesus has nothing to do with what we do . Connection with Jesus has all to do with who we are . The works are done by faith by Jesus through us . The works of God in us are never done for us to be saved or to be approved or to have our cinscience appeased . Righteousness by faith starts here . Why do many christians still think that their christianity is all based on what they do. Because they have believed the lie that there is anything good in them .

3 Looking like a christian For self gratification

Once this christian believes and undetstands that there is nothing good in him . He will stop working and doing things to appear good to others and for his own conscience . Christianity has nothing to do with what you do . What you do is a natural ourworking of who you are . This is righteousness by faith .

When a christian still goes by what they do to measure how good they are doing they are still lost. Paul said GA 5 4 You are separated from Christ you who are trying to be justified by law . You are fallen from grace . Looks like the bible says this is a serious matter

1 Not only such a christian does not have Jesus

2 This christian is separated from Jesus it means they cannot have eternal life

3 This christian is fallen from grace The which is the only thing that saves us from our fallen contition .

4 Looking like a christian For peace of mind

In fact it is a very sad condition when such a christian measures their christian life by what they do . They have not undersood that who they are and what they do are opposite things . Someone can do always the right thing and be very evil deep down inside . Someone can do good deeds all their lives yet to be found selfish proud and uncaring .

Righteousness byfait tells us that true conversion comes from God through faith . Righteousness by faith transforms the heart so that this person s power from God does the work inside them without them thinking about it . They do not have to worry about their works as it is automatic.

The christian that bases all things from his own performance still believes there something good in him . He is lost and does not understand the fallen nature of humans . He is going to be very strics and will think that christianity will depend on how strict someone is about details and outward performance .

He thus apeases his own mind and in a good day when his obedience to details performance is good he will delude himself into thinking that he did good . When in fact God did not approce any of his so called good performance and all his works are dirty rags as they are done in a self judtifying spirit .

5 Looking like a christian Because of pride

The self performance christianity is a very proud and selfish christianity . It wants one self to feel good about their own soul . Their self worth as a christian does not depend on what Jesus did but it all depends on what they do and perform . Deep down inside they can be be very selfish, proud, uncaring, unloving and apathic . Looking and sounding like Satan .

But their knowledge as to what constitutes a christian has nothing to do with resembling Jesus . It has all to do with following rules . Satan follow rules, in fact Satan s army is very organised and orderly . Does it means Satan and his army are good and holy ? No Now is the time brothers and sisters to repent from this dirty self justifying spirit that is opposite to righteousness by faith message . Those who cannot understand that Jesus died for them and continue to believe that their works have something to do with their salvation from their own effort will finally be lost .

They will not receive the seal of God and are separated from Christ being and serving in the church Repeat after me father God help me to understand righteousness by faith, help me understand that i am lose and separated from you as a legalist . Help me understand that there is nothing good in me . Give me daily your robe of righteousness please in the name of Jesus amen

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Jul 14, 2022

this is a fantastic article this is the most important bible message i have ever heard this is incredible If every christians knew this they would be converted

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