5 Ways to heal coronavirus naturally

I am not a dovtor and we have to say that in this wicked world because the rulers of this world do not belong to Jesus . As if they did they would not have people say i am not a doctor . As everyone is responsible for their own health and to prevent diseases .

As the Bible says we are the temple of God . Thus we are responsible to take our health into our own hands and seek how the body can heal . Yet i give here five ways i believe on how to heal the coronavirus naturally

5 Ways to prevent and heal coronavirus

1 How to heal coronavirus naturally Fasting

Fasting is extremely powerful . When we eat the body uses eighty percent of its power to digest food . Can you imagine when the body is resting and not digesting . How much power the body then has to heal diseases. How to heal coronavirus naturally . If i had the coronavirus, the first thing i would do is fast .

To prevent coronavirus fasting it the number one thing i would do. It is not easy but it is very powerful. In fact i did not know many diseases that cannot be healed with fasting . To heal coronavirus i would fast because the body will do what is called autophagy .

When the body doe snot have anything to eat, it will start to eat the bad cells, the cancer cells, the body will start to cleanse the liver, the body will start to flush the kidneys. How to heal coronavirus naturally . Fasting it the power healer

2 How to heal coronavirus naturally Vitamin c

But the faster way on how to heal coronavirus naturally is to take one hundred grams of vitamin c per day . Many people say o vitamin c or garlic will not heal coronavirus . Many people that try natural remedies fail . Why ? Because they take too little a dose .

A little dose of vitamin c will never heal coronavirus . Even if you take like fifty grams of vitamin c a day which is a lot it will very likely not heal coronavirus .

So can you imagine so many peope take like five hundred miligrams of vitamin c a day and expect that to heal . No five hundred miligrams, or five grams, or twenty grams of vitamin c are not enough . I went to dentist before i had very bad gum infection .

The laughed when i said vitamin c will heal But when that happens .I put one hundred grams of vitamin c in one liiter of juice or water and i trink some every thirty minutes. Usually the infection is gone after three days . How to prevent coronavirus ? Vitamin c is very powerful when you take enough and long enough

3 How to heal coronavirus naturally Castor Oil

Castor oil will not heal coronavirus, even that is yet to be tested . But castor oil on the chest and drinking castor oil if you have coronavirus helps immensely and cleanses up your chest and lungs .

How to prevent coronavirus naturally? Castor oil is one of the most powerful oil on earth . Castor oil is the only oil when put on the skin, enters the bloodstream and starts to cleanse the body . Putting castor oil at night on the kidneys, colon, chest in amazing to give your body a good cleanse .

Castor oil is one good ingredient in to prevent coronavirus . I remember my mom had water in the lungs, she was quite sick and the doctors had no idea what to do . I told her mom put some castor oil on your chest and you will soon be much better . Three days later her lungs were perfectly healed . How to heal coronavirus ? Castor oil on the chest is one way to success

4 How to heal coronavirus naturally Neem Oil

Neem oil is the most powerful blood cleanser we have on earth . Neem oil is a spermicide, meen oil works better than condoms . Neem oil is so amazing that it can prevent most sexually transmited diseases .

Neem oil heals malaria . Neem oil heals diabetes. What an incredible herb . How to heal coronavirus naturally ? Take neem oil and your will cleanse your blood and body from impurities . How to prevent coronavirus ? Take neem oil but not too much as neem oil is so powerful it can make you vomit . How to heal coronavirus? What i do is that i put just a few drops in a small bottle of water or juice and it is ingested much easier this way

5 How to heal coronavirus naturally Win Hoff method

Do you know the Win Hoff method, this is incredibly powerful , since i watched Win Hoff videos i use it everyday . It is breathing exercises and cold showers . How to heal coronavirus naturally ? Win Hoff method

Did you know that the real doctors called the hygienists used to use cold showers for what is called the incurables ? People who were at the point of death the method is cold and hot showers . It revigorates the body and wakes up the organs .

They injected Win Hoff with a deadly bacteria E coli, he wanted to show how powerful his immune system was . And the bacteria did not kill him . They thought that because it was Win Hoff that was specially built . Win Hoff trained his brother in the breathing and cold showers .

The scientists also injected his brother with the e coli bacteria and he did not die also . Cold showers wakes up all your organs and body and gives you an amazing immune system L Of course it depends on what you ear eating and your lifestyle .

How to prevent coronavirus ? Win Hoff method is free and gives instant results .

How to heal coronavirus ? The Win Hoff method the breathing makes you immune system much more powerful

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