5 Reasons why the secret rapture monologue is false

Did you ever wonder why christians for two thousands years knew that the second coming was visible literal and audible for all people . And why suddenly the truth would change and God would have lied to millions of people to believe that

Jesus would return visibly, when in fact Jesus would return invisibly and snatch away millions of people? All that after the judgment is finished then Jesus would let people live on earth for no reason without any judgment ? Find out the 5 Reasons why the secret rapture monologue cannot be true

5 Reasons why the secret rapture monologue is false

1 Secret rapture monologue false Judgment over when Jesus returns

Did you know that when Jesus returns the judgment will be over ? The bible says that Jesus will close the books and return on earth. The secret rapture cannot be true, as there will be no point in leaving people live on earth for a few years as all judgment have been closes and the destiny of all people decided .

The secret rapture movie is false as we know that Jesus will change his judge robes to put on his ing of kings robe . Nowhere does the bible say that Life will go on after Jesus returns . In fact revelation 20 says that satan is bound as when Jesus returns

All righteous are in heaven

All wicked will have been slained by the coming of Jesus

The wicked only resurect RE 20 After the end of the millenium

After Jesus returns earth is empty, satan is here for one thousand years by himself with no one to tempt . Life will not go on on earth after Jesus returns, the return of Jesus means the judgment and cases of all will have been decided for eternity . The secret rapture is not biblical

2 Secret rapture monologue false All eyes ears shall see hear Jesus

Every eye shall see Him

Jesus returns With the trumpet of God

All people will see Jesus returns

All ears hear the sound of the trumpet signailng the end of the world and the doom for all wicked, all proud, all arrogant, all selfish, all self righteous, all apathetic, all unloving, all unkind, all rude people . They all will know that their doom is fixed forever .

Does any bible verse say that Jesus will come invisibly ? NO

The verse As a thief in the night doe snot mean Jesus will come invisibly, it means that Jesus will come in the manner, in the fashion of a thief . A thief does not warn people, he just enters the house and robs . Jesus will return suddently unexpectedly .

And most human beings will be terribly shocked how sudden Jesus will appear The secret rapture monologue is false As all eye shall see Jesus . Al ears shall hear Jesus When they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them and they shall not escape .

3 Secret rapture monologue false 7 Years of Daniel end in Jesus crucifiction

The seven years in daniel seven have nothing to do with the second coming . Daniel nine Gabriel explains that this refers to Jerusalem being rebuilt goes to Jesus being baptised and the crucifiction of Messiah . Then it says those 2300 years end when the sanctuary shall be cleansed .

This is talking about Jesus entering the most holy place and starting to decide people's destiny . The secret rapture could not be more false, Those seven years are from Messiah being anointed or baptised in 27 AD to the rejection of the jewish nation in 34

The secret rapture movie is totally non biblical When Jesus was baptised He said the time is fulfilled . Which time ? The 2300 days of Daniel 8 14 which are explained in daniel 9

The seven years start with Messiah being anointed in 27 + 7 Is AD 34 It says in the midst of the 7 years Messiah shall be cut off or crucified . Jesus was crucified in AD 31 This proves the bible is incredible and accurate and the secret rapture monologue is totally false.

4 Secret rapture monologue false Probation ends before Jesus returns

The probation of all humans ends before Jesus returns . Then there shall be a few days and Jesus will be seen in the sky , when probation ends nobody will know it ;

When probation ends nobody will pay attention as the churches will continue their round of fake worship filled with demons the

governments will continue to enact laws knowing that their doom is sure . The secret rapture is exposed as false, Jesus will come visibly, when Jesus returns the judgment will have been finished . The seven years if daniel 9 are for the baptism and crucifiction of Jesus . The secret rapture monologue is a false belief .

5 Secret rapture monologue false One left one taken

One shall be taken one shall be left

Who is taken who is left ?

Jesus says where you see the eagles there shall the dead bodies of the wicked be .

Revelation twenty says that when Jesus returns the wicked areslained by his brightness . Then all the birds eat the bodies of the wicked people .

If means that those who are taken they are taken to be killed and eaten by the birds and those who are left and remain shall be caught up to meet the Lord in the air .

1 Jesus returns kills wicked

2 RE 20 Birds eat bodies of the wicked

3 Those who are left behind those who remain are caught up in the aid

The secret rapture is not in the bible it is a doctrine of devils. Would have God lied to millions of christians for two thousand years saying Jesus will return visibly, then now to say it is invisible . Is God a liar ? No

The secret rapture monologue is not in the bible ans is dangerous as millions of christians think they will have a second chance, when in fact probation ends before Jesus returns and you need to have your life ready now as Jesus could return at any moment .

If you have not given your life to Jesus know that Jesus loves you Why not repeat after me

Father God forgive my sins, help me to live close to you and take me to heaven at the right time in the name of Jesus amen

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