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5 Reasons why nudity in the bible is not a sin bible study

This is a very important topic to my heart, same as is fornication sex out of mariage a sin . Because i see so many christians take so much energy on nudity and sex . While they are arrogant, selfish, apathic and hateful . Five reasons why why nudity in the bible is not a sin bible study

Should we follow the bile or what the accepted churches tell us ? We need to remember that five or fifty percent of the wise virgins are not entering heaven . And many churches have doctrines of devils . Let us find out what the bible says about nudity .

1 Is nudity a sin God made the body

All things that God made is god the bible tells us? By saying that the body is evil and nakedness is bad one that claims that belief is saying that God has made things that are bad and evil . God never made anything bad . Same with sex, sex is never bad when we don't cheat or use it in men women exchange .

Is nudity sin well it cannot be as all things that were created are good and perfect . Thus the body itself is one of the greatest creation of God . Nudity in the bible , there are quite a few examples we shall see of why nudity in the bible is not a sin bible study that proves that nudity is not a sin . For nudity to be a sin it would mean it could come from satan , as sin is a mystery and is an invention of satan .

2 Is nudity a sin Old testament examples

In Isaiah 20 verse 1 to 3 God tells Isaiah to get naked and wake three years totally naked . Incredible right . Why no preacher ever preached on this topic? Because it doe snot fit the modern agenda .

Yesterday i was in church, they were talking about repentence and the consequences of sin . I talked about the story of nudity in the bible and how David danced literally naked with a piece of cloth .why nudity in the bible is not a sin bible study no because Micah David's wife went to rebuke David .

So we know David was exposing himself, and when she did God instead of rebuking David told Micah that she could not have childrens the rest of her life . Because she rebuked her husband in what she thought was bad, instead of seeking the Bible to find out what the bible says no because we see men of God in the bible getting naked .

Bathsheba was bathing naked .

Was it an incident or was it a custom for women to bath naked? Very likely it was a custom, as no one ever told Bathsheba, don't you see that you are bathing naked and you should bathe in a closed environment? why nudity in the bible is not a sin bible study no because today's christianity comes from puritans who were too strict on this issue, When we compare with iold testament jews who were much more open on the topic .

3 Is nudity a sin New testament examples

In John twenty one peter is fishing naked . The Bile says that he sees Jesus on the shore and he puts on his clothes For he was naked . What was peter doing naked at the beach on a boat ? There were people there, didn't peter know after spending three years with Jesus that it was wrong to be naked ?

Well apparently no because if it was not because it nudity in the bible was a sin peter would have known it after spending three years with Jesus . And Jesus would have told him

What are you doing naked on a boat?

is nudity sin ? It is sin for this societty yet God does not see it the same . Of course we need to be clothed yet there are many examples of why nudity in the bible is not a sin bible study that prove other wise? Common sense also tells is is nudity a sin well no because what would be wrong with the body? Nothing

Christians who believe in this take mt 5 that says you shall not look at a woman to lust for her . Yet in context it talks about adultery or married people read my post on is fornication sex out of mariage a sin . So if looking sexually at single people is not a sin, then nudity cannot be a sin also .

4 Is nudity a sin God commands nudity

King Saul started to prophecy the bible says and the bible says than when Saul received the Holy Spirit he got himself naked . Incredible to see that a natural reaction to receiving the Holy Spirit in this example was to get naked

God made Adam and Eve naked did God sin ? No God cannot sin, thus it was a good thing. Can we say Adam was running and hit penis and testicles were in the air , and Eve's breasts and vagina were bare ? Yes

The 7th day adventist church will say that it was a robe of light . The 7th day adventist church is right , yet if you go to modeling defile women wear a robe and they are naked underneath and all her parts can be seen . Thus when the bible says Adam and Eve were naked it is so. And it cannot be a sin as God cannot make someone to sin . Is nudity a sin no because God cannot make someone to sin .

why nudity in the bible is not a sin bible study is found already in Genesis , is nudity sin no because Adam and Eve walked naked and they did sin in taking the fruit, yet if nudity was a sin they would have fallen also . And greater than that, the fall of men would have happened before they even took the fruit . God would have said Adam and Eve you are naked you sinned .

5 Is nudity a sin Recappitulation

We have seen that David danced naked and when rebuked his wife got a punishment for rebuking that which was not a sin . Bathsheba was bathing naked surely a common practice for women in Israel

Is nudity sin no because we have seen that puritans gave a stricter gospel than is taught in the bible on this topic . why nudity in the bible is not a sin bible study we see Isaiah walking naked three years in isaiah 20 We see king saul getting naked when receiving the Holy Spirit

Is nudity sin no because we see peter fishing naked in john 20 In Luke we see that one apostle came to hear Jesus naked only wearing a linen . We see that when the bible says naked it means naked . As otherwise God gives the detail that when are hearing something . In this case luke flees the garden naked and leave the line sheet behind.

Is nudidy sin no because what is this apostle doing going to church naked ? Nudity in the bible did you know tha tone of the gospel was written by someone who went to church naked ? Apostle Luke Is nudity sin no because we see that sin is

1 Not loving God

1 Not loving others

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Do you love Jesus? Do you want to be in heaven ? Why not repeat after me

Father God please forgive my sins help me to have the righteousness of Jesus and walk with you . Please take me to heaven in the name of Jesus amen why nudity in the bible is not a sin bible study

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